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If my deer acts weirdly, just stands around, reacts slowly or not at all
or sits still a lot, I´m probably having a bad lag in the game...
My framerate isn´t larger that 6-8 fps in average, and it likes to freeze
the game when there´s lot of players.. So my deer is NOT ignoring you
on purpose.... <_<

I also often do other stuff while in forest like write, read or watch videos so sitting
down a lot won´t always mean I´m having problems... If I´m just writing, my deer
will probably wake up soon if I notice something going on in the game.
Just moo on her face, or something. ^^

And Sorry for possibly clumsy writing, english isn´t my original language...

(picture by Saosin <3 )

*Recent happenings/Doing/Feeling*
A shadow crept slowly through the long grass, to the towering stone idol and its endless tears. The massive, red creature rested by it, among the sprays of glittering water. The tiny deer stood beside him, silently. Moment felt like frozen in time, until she finally lowered her head.
"You didn´t have to go alone. Wait for me" she whispered. She never was any kind of a poet. Just blunt, even simple truths and feelings. She didn´t need more. The voice was gentle, but there was something else too. Weariness. Like something faded.
The tiny deer nuzzled her face against the red mane, then settled among the grasses beside the moist rocks and his gleaming-white skull. Her small frame shrunk even more next to it all. For a long, silent moment she gazed the clouds drifting behind the treetops, before she let out a sigh and her green eyes closed.
Where he went, she was never going to be far behind. Not even now.

Status notes:

Basic info:


-Genderless (more feminine, usually spoken of as a female)

-Small, not very strong built
-Quite small, dark-coloured antlers, sometimes wears flowers in them
-The skull is just a mask. Has a regular TEF-deer-face, not actually looking too human
-Likes wearing other masks too, or none at all
-Large green eyes, otherwise not looking very girly girl in her main-appearance
-Short, a bit rough fur, with some longer hair on chest, belly and tail
-Pretty large, puffy (but still deer-like) tail for her size
-Dark legs and hooves, light coloured belly and face
-Large ears, with slightly tattered edges
-No un-usual markings

A size-reference compared to Saosin, clearly smaller than a normal deer.
Note that Saosin is clearly bigger than a normal deer, though.
(picture by Saosin)

*Set 1
-skull mask
-red pelt
-default antlers&poppies/beluga antlers
*Set 2
-magpie mask
-magpie pelt
-default antlers&poppies/beluga antlers

(Wearing different sets won´t necessary mean anything special.
May also appear without her mask from time to time.)

In-game appearance:

+flowers, especially poppies
+playing, jumping and dancing
+causing mischief
+"flower-sparring" & play-fights, even though she´s not very good at them
+The birch wood and blue bowl
+Idols, especially the fountain
+Helping the deer in need
+Slow walks, even though she gets side-tracked easily

-deep water
-the noh-mask (atleast pretends to be afraid of it)
-being ignored
-rude deer
-real fighting
-wearing the "doe-antlers"
-other deer being sad

-Joker who rarely takes things seriously
-Will play with anybody, unless she´s tired or not in the mood
-Playful, but in companion of calm deer can tune herself down
-Bit shy with unknown deer, if they don´t greet or play with her, she gets unsure what to do with them
-Rarely gets annoyed, sometimes shows off
-Friendly, but cautious under the surface
-Innocent in personality, but not stupid
-Does not understand things like flirting
-Not the leader-type, but can be stubborn
-Copycat, a sign that she looks up to you... or finds mimicing you a funny game
-Energetic and helpful
-Can get moody when tired
-Can also be a bit impatient
-Lives in the moment
-Quiet, won´t roar much
-Doesn´t talk very much if she doesn´t have something to say, prefers actions and body-language
-Can converse with others though, but isn´t very sophisticated in her speech or thoughts, rather down-to-earth
-Thinks more than says out loud
-Runs easily away when ignored or being rude at
-Usually stays away from fighting if she´s not sure what´s going on
-Never aggressive unless forced into defensive position of herself or someone else she wants to protect
-Might playfully mimic of territorial behavior by marking trees and such, but does not really try to claim a territory for herself
-A slow runner and bit clumsy
-Bit impish, but never malicious
-Beware, sleeping with a piece of peacock-set on you might get you a whole set if she feels mischievous
-Loves giving flowers to deer with bare antlers, especially to Nameless
-Sometimes hides when feeling sick or bad otherwise, but can cheer up quickly
-Can leave a group of deer for someone who she thinks needs company, and dislikes leaving someone alone
-Likes company but isn´t dependent of it, can stand of being on her own too
-Not very pushy with her company, if ignored or treated rudely might not approach again very soon
-Not always really as optimistic as she seems like, though she intentionally does her best to see the better side of things
-Is not very romantic or even interested of romance or mates, but loves her friends on her own way
-Might be a bit more cautious with giant animals or weird creatures, but when approached friendly warms up to them quickly

*Can be more or less In-character/Out-of-Character depending of her company or my mood*

What she means by:

-bow+head tilt= Hi, what´s going on?/Can I come too?
-scratch ground+nod+lie down= I´ll sit down for a moment/ Got to go, be right back
-scratch ground+nod+head tilt= Let´s sit here/Come sit with me?
-scared+headtilt= unsure of the situation/"Why are you scared?"
-scared+nod= "That´s scary", can be also a joke if done at something silly as a rock, tree, small animal or expressing (mostly humorous) distaste for pelt/mask/antlers just cast
-scared+shake head= "Don´t be afraid", being compassionate to someone who is covering
-nod+lower antlers+scared+fall down= play-fighting, usually with fawns or friends. She lowers antlers and can rear, but tries to show by laughing and falling down that she´s only joking.
-nuzzle+nod+laugh= "Cheer up!" or just simply being happy to run into a friend
-sad+head tilt= Showing compassion, or asking why someone is sad
-sad+nod+bow+sad+lie down= Sorry, I have to leave.
-stomp+head shake= "Stop it and behave!"
-stomp+nod= showing playfully off, used also when being exited of something.
-scared+stomp= Nervous
-rear+nod/stomp= Playful rear, usually while hopping around or dancing, exited
-sneezes off her flowers+taunt on a flower patch+nod(+laugh)= She wants to spar/playfight with you. Showing off, but only playfully.
-collect flowers/lower antlers+any other emote (on flower patch)= Playfighting/"flower-sparring". She might be doing this with trees and stumps also if she doesn´t have a spar-partner. She does this only for fun (or more rarely to let out frustation by sparring trees), not to be aggressive.
-listen+listen= Shaking, usually a sign of relaxation or used when waking up. Used also for shaking water from wet fur (in the rain or pond) or waking herself from "daydreams" (if my actions get jammed and don´t work, I use this to fix them)
-nod+shake head on another deer= Grooming (copied from Saosin)
-nuzzle+nod= Very friendly greeting, grooming
-nod+head tilt= Slightly confused, agreeing about something, "what was that about?"
-running in circles= Playing, trying to get your attention or feeling agitated about something, depending of the situation

Those are the most common more complex emotes. And of course the regular ones, that are what they usually mean.

(Picture by Saosin)

Forest relations:


-"mystery deer"

Curious of/ likes:

-The Collector
-Smiling Jack
-Mr. Sanguine

Unsure of/Avoids:


Names on the list are in random order, and might be moved around according how my deer gets along with them in the Forest. I will add names when I learn to remember pictos my deer meets and gets familiar with, or by request if I have forgotten to add someone. Please tell me if there´s someone missing or you want to be added/removed, I have a brain of goldfish sometime. <_< Might be adding pictos or links to bios on these later.












































(Picture by Pegasicorn)

Gift-art received:

From Abina: O

From ChickenWhite: OOO

From Corg: O

From Doe: OO

From Edmund: O

From Eyestrain: OO

From Fjording: O

From Kita: O

From Konohahiiragi: OOO

From Moogie: O

From Narina: O

From Nopje: OOO

From Pegasicorn: OOO

From Ravynn: OO


From Serpanther: O

From Sithrim: O

From Snowbell: OOO

From Solaya: O

From Starling: OO

From TriggerMortis: OO

From Yobi: O

From z.m123: O

Writings received:

A short story by Gingernut (scroll down to find it)

"Poppies of Red: Fur the colour of Blood" by ShadowsofLight

My siggy-deer collection:

Thank you! <3



My deer-art collection

2009 screenie-collection

"Sharing some animation" -blog

Iaurdagnire's picture

I enjoy spending time with

I enjoy spending time with you even when we're just sitting/sleeping, and it was nice while it lasted; I don't approach Spyrre when Saosin is there because Dag/I aren't friends with Saosin. Although it would have been nice for Saosin to have the same respect, he came and mooed in Dag's face anyway*.
I wasn't going to stay out of spite. Spyrre is his friend first.

Haha, new page *claimed*

*Told that he mooed to wake Spyrre up, but it doesn't change the reason (:
Spyrre's picture

Saosin, It fits there quite

Saosin, It fits there quite well, I think. <3 And I love your art, and since our deer are so close, you know her well too so your drawings of her are especially lovely. I still adore the one of both of them at the Idol, even though Sao has still his old design on it. It´s the meaning that counts in it, and it´s still a lovely picture. I´m honored to HAVE all these. =)

Dag, Oh... I understand. It was fun with you and everyone though, thanks for hanging out with her. <3
Omg, a new page! =O
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Awh, makes me want to draw

Awh, makes me want to draw her more. <3
I agree, I still adore the older drawings you've made of him, even if his looks have changed. I've still got them all, that reminds me, do you still have the screenshot manip of S in the birch forest? I don't know why I don't have it, but if I remember correctly it no longer exists on your photobucket.
Spyrre's picture

(No subject)

I´m happy that you do, even though I still haven´t managed to get a very accurate picture of him...
the skull-design is kind of difficult without reference. ^^;
That´s weird.... maybe I have moved it in some point..? Here.
Almost everything I have done is listed on my drawing blog in case you don´t have something. =)
J!n's picture

Even so, I think your

Even so, I think your drawings has a certain style that I can immediately identify as yours, and that's a good thing to me since in your case it always looks so well. Skulls are a bitch anyway, I always have trouble drawing S's in particular.

Yeah, I know. Thanks a lot. <3
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The scarlet bull laughed

The scarlet bull laughed aloud as the two ran through the thin foliage of the birch forest. 'Spyrre, chase the sparrows with me!' he challenged as he dove after the small birds in the high grass around them. With fluttering wings, they flew into the windy sky to make way for his ivory hooves that shook the earth beneath them. Yet they did not move away far enough to get out of sight, but instead returned as if enjoying the chase as much as he.
Spyrre's picture

The golden grass where they

The golden grass where they took chase was taller than her, but still Spyrre could easily see where the red stag was because his huge shape rose above the foliage even when he was farther away.
“I´ll catch you a whole flock of them!” The mini boasted, and darted giggling after him. The birds took flight before them and the small deer gave a determined leap up at them… of course not catching even one. Sparrows were such a tricky prey, with a sense of humor, as they seemed to settle back down only a bit farther away as if to tease the "hunters" on purpose.
Small deer snorted in disappointment, and took chase as soon as she had recovered her balance. Her high jumping movements were nothing less than obvious to spot even among the grass and so her unsuccessful technique in bird-hunting failed to let her touch even a single feather, as the birds got chirping on their wings, again. Actually catching them wasn´t the point of the game though, but trying amused her greatly as the mini deer charged after them again.
J!n's picture

He threw his head back in

He threw his head back in laughter at her failed hunting attempts, then quickly went serious. 'Watch this!!' Saosin demanded and suddenly took off like a rocket, leaping into the air after an unsuspecting sparrow. As his hooves touched back down, he held his muzzle high and his icicle antlers in a towering gesture, showing off his imprisoned prey. Inside his mouth, between the jaws and rows of razor teeth, feathers could be seen. Although he knew the little bird was unharmed, feeling its cold feet and beak clawing in vain at his gums, he had been hoping to fool the smaller deer, perhaps make her think the worst case imaginable, before revealing the truth. The bull had never attempted to actually harm the critters, but still had a twisted sense of humor. Turquoise eyes glanced down at Spyrre, cautiously awaiting her reaction.
Spyrre's picture

She gasped and almost

She gasped and almost stumbled as the stag leaped by, bouncing then after him with laughter.
“Good jump!” Spyrre exclaimed, then suddenly fell silent and flattened her ears in a horrified stare at the feathers. She was no predator, and as snapped out of her playful hunting, the mini almost panicked quite easily.
“Did you… eat it?” She gasped. A thought of eating an animal was absolutely unthinkable to her, no matter that she liked to chase them sometimes for fun. The mini wasn´t very hard one to fool, and her ears drooped in sadness for the supposedly unfortunate little sparrow.

(Sorry, got to go to sleep, feels like I can´t write anymore without making terrible typos all the time, haha.
Thanks for company an see you next time! I´ll try to write an answer tomorrow if you write more tonigt. =) )
J!n's picture

The deer's ears flicked

The deer's ears flicked nervously and, behind the mask, his smile fell upon seeing her suddenly horrified and heartbreakingly sad expression. Facing the smaller deer, he lowered his skull to her level and slowly opened his almost crocodile resembling jaws. The bird inside then fluttered out before her, soon disappearing out of sight while whistling about its frightening encounter. 'I did though, once.. It was already hurt so.' He proclaimed, bluntly. In his opinion, he had merely saved it from an even more painful death, and instead of letting its carcass go to waste, he had swallowed it himself for vitamins. Surprisingly, the most moral and human part of him despised acts of violence towards the pure and defenseless without need to, and in that sense Saosin was not as dark as he was made out to be by most.

/Ah, g'night then. Likewise and don't worry about it, pretty tired myself.. Hope this sounds alright anyway, heheh. <3/
Spyrre's picture

It felt like a magic-trick

It felt like a magic-trick when the dead-assumed bird suddenly flew out of his jaws disappearing to the sky. Spyrre followed it with wide eyes and a surprised expression, but soon her gaze turned back to bull´s face above her as he spoke his confession. Her ears twitched as she listened giving then a small sigh.
"Good thing that you didn´t eat that one." The mini pondered with a relieved nod and a wiggle of fluffy tail. Apparently she wasn´t very interested of deeds of the past as they weren´t something you could do anything anymore to change them. The recent moment was the important one. Small deer smiled and nudged his front leg with her head as comforting the giant bull from his seemingly quilty feelings. He had chosen not to hurt the bird this time, so there wasn´t anything to worry about, was there?

J!n's picture

Ugh, sorry for neglecting

Ugh, sorry for neglecting this.

Rays of sunlight broke through the milky clouds that covered the sky, they hit the bull's silky hairs, lit up his turquoise eyes. As the little deer touched him, he glanced down at her, irises like crystals, electric bright. A hidden smirk behind his skull, he appreciated her comforting act. The smile suddenly disappeared and he tensed up as pain shot through his leg, like a tine. Their activeness had started to affect his old battle wound. He scanned his surrounding territory for a decent place to sit. 'I need repose..' He spoke calmly but with jaws clenched, and started walking towards a sand spot nearby, the limp more apparent than usual.
Spyrre's picture

No problem, you can write

No problem, you can write when you feel like it, I don´t mind. =)

She looked up to him noticing the bull´s sudden tensing, flattening her ears a bit. The mini deer was aware of that he had some occasional pain in his leg that had injured badly some time ago, so she only nodded to his words with a serious expression and trotted after him. Spyrre used a moment to circling worriedly around his legs among the grasses as if the tiny thing would be for some use for a limping giant (managing probably to be mostly in the way), but as soon as she spotted where he was heading to she took the lead and bounded ahead to check the chosen spot of warm sandy terrain. After a moment of sniffing and curious pawing of the sand the mini seemed to decide that the place was good enough, rubbed a nearby tree as a sign of acceptance and turned to wait for the larger deer with a wiggle of her tail. It was unclear if she knew the meaning of marking the trees, but as the tiny deer did not have any need or want to even try to claim a territory of her own, it was probably only a habit she had picked up.
J!n's picture

S'good to see you in game

S'good to see you in game again. S got so happy when he woke up with spyrre next to him, theehee. Normally he hates being woken up anyway, hah. I adore the drawing of her at the bottom, by the way.. It's so realistic.
Spyrre's picture

Aww, that´s so adorable,

Aww, that´s so adorable, Spyrre was very happy to see him too... she can be quiet when she wants, so she tried not to disturb him. She did go a bit wild after he woke up though, but I guess that´s nothing new. ^^;
Sorry I haven´t been on-line much, I was a bit busy with some IRL-stuff for few days. And thank you, I´m a bit proud of that picture too even though it´s just a sketch. =)
J!n's picture

I figured, hope things are

I figured, hope things are going alright.. I think her scent would be enough to wake him though, hm. I imagine that it's rather special anyway. And S loves her wildness, hahahh.
You're very welcome, you should be proud.

S: -smiles-
Spyrre's picture

Yeah, nothing to worry about,

Yeah, nothing to worry about, really. =)
Could be, atleast he did wake up pretty soon she arrived, hehe. I guess she can be a bit rough unintentionally, good thing that she´s pretty small... especially compared to him. Hope that playing with someone she really can´t hurt won´t give her bad habits when playing with smaller deer, hehe. =D

Spyrre: *grins happily and gives him a playful headbutt.*
J!n's picture

Never thought of it, but

Never thought of it, but that's hilarious, hahahahh. I wonder what her reaction would be to accidentally harm someone like that.. Also, S might be inactive for a few hours so I don't expect Spyrre to stick around.

S: -nips teasingly-
Spyrre's picture

I bet she´d just simply

I bet she´d just simply panic, and be miserable rest of the day... She´s just playing after all, and doesn´t want to hurt anyone. Poor thing, haha. At least anything like that hasn´t happened so far... ^^;
No matter, I´ve been pretty inactive too, went to store to buy me some caffeine and chocolate, so no matter. =)

Spyrre: *Snorts and headbutts again, trying to look ferocious... not being very convincing, though.*
J!n's picture

Ah, seems logical. ^^ Awh,

Ah, seems logical. ^^
Awh, you're still around. Hn, caffeine and chocolate is an epic combination.

S: -acts as if injured, seems serious, then soon bursts into laughter-
Spyrre's picture

Yeah, been watching some

Yeah, been watching some videos almost the whole day and being lazy in general. =)
Going to sleep soon though, thanks for company again.

Spyrre: *Stomps hooves triumphantly, but soon reaching to sniff him worriedly... relaxing again when he laughs.
She grins again and snuggles beside him with amused chuckle.*
J!n's picture

Sounds good. Anytime, g'night

Sounds good. Anytime, g'night and sweet dreams.

S: -nuzzles affectionately, always smiling-
Chickenwhite's picture

Got your chibi done~ Hope

Got your chibi done~
Hope you like it >w<
Spyrre's picture

Agh, I love her! Thank you so

Agh, I love her! Thank you so much! <3
Chickenwhite's picture

You're very welcome! ^w^

You're very welcome! ^w^
Iaurdagnire's picture

I always seem to bump into

I always seem to bump into you when I have time off work XD

I need to take care of a thing or two, be back in about 15 mins <3
Spyrre's picture

Haha, good timing then! I

Haha, good timing then! I don´t mind, I´ll be watching some videos too for a moment.
Happy to run into you anyway, it´s been a while. =)
Iaurdagnire's picture

Hehe, I've got loads of shows

Hehe, I've got loads of shows I need to catch up on at some point. You watch movies and things a lot when you're playing tef don't you?

Also, do have msn? (:
Spyrre's picture

Yeah sometime, and other

Yeah sometime, and other stuff like Nostalgia critic-reviews. Or lurk at the forum. So as you probably know that´s why I´m a bit unactive sometime, usually making some noise will wake Spyrre up though. It´s just nice to have TEF running in the backround.
I haven´t used msn for years for now, sorry. Not sure if I even have it on my computer. ^^;

Oh, this is already a quite old one but not sure if I ever showed it to you:
Spyrre's picture

Agh, I can´t edit my post for

Agh, I can´t edit my post for some reason and it didn´t show the url so let´s try again:
Iaurdagnire's picture

Omg that is such a sweet

Omg that is such a sweet image! I remember that in forest! Aww... I love your drawings <333 Cry and Spyrre look so sleepy c:

And it's okay, I always ask (;

When I play tef I sometimes surf reddit for entertainment or youtube for music. That's about it really XD

Oh, and sorry about disconnecting, my internet isn't great today.

Edit: lol Dag is dizzy.
Spyrre's picture

Hehe thanks, I probably drew

Hehe thanks, I probably drew it after that happened in forest, can´t remember how long it has been... oh well. It was fun, anyways. =)
I try to do stuff I can stop for a moment to check on TEF if needed, kind of feel quilty for being un-active so much...
And that´s ok, I figured something like that... Spyrre was just distracted by a naked Dag-clone that appeared suddenly when you disappeared. XD
Haha poor Dag... no wonder with what he fooled around in the Drink plaats though, that would make anyone dizzy! Or just insane running...
Spyrre is such a pest when she´s playing. ^^;
Iaurdagnire's picture

Ha! I think that's great, it

Ha! I think that's great, it happens whenever anyone logs off from the first gen for some reason. The moment they do, one of the nameless in forest at that time get your picto.

Dag is ultra-playful since I got my faster computer; I make myself dizzy playing xD I have to go now though. It was nice spending time with Spyrre as always (:
Spyrre's picture

It is actually kind of

It is actually kind of amusing when you realize that it´s a clone... I´ve gotten used to seeing lots of my own picto running around, on copies of other people´s pictos not so much.. ^^;
OK, thank for your company then! Spyrre enjoyed playing, she was a bit lonely before you came.
See you! =)
Xemi's picture

Hello, miss.~ You're sitting

Hello, miss.~ You're sitting next to my scary, scary Eighteen right now. lD

Track. <3
Spyrre's picture

Hehe, I was just looking at

Hehe, I was just looking at his bio... ^^;
Scary or not, he didn´t feel like threatening (though a bit weird =D ) and Spyrre felt that he wasn´t quite all right so she didn´t mind...
She should be a bit more careful sometime I guess, hehe.
He seems like a interesting creature, though.
Xemi's picture

No, he's got a soft spot for

No, he's got a soft spot for minis and he was a little confused when she greeted him so warmly. Though.. interesting or not, most would agree he's not good company, especially anyone who's had a tangle with him before 8D;

Regardless snuggling up with Spyrre's helping to calm him down a little. <3
Spyrre's picture

Heh, she´s quite naive with

Heh, she´s quite naive with other deer, atleast those who don´t plain look like some monsters... and those who don´t give her a reason to be afraid she´ll probably accept anyway, so... ^^;
Now she´s mostly worried of him and the grey deer, who don´t look like feeling well.
Those two have some disagreement, it seems?
Xemi's picture

Somewhat.. Eighteen's in the

Somewhat.. Eighteen's in the middle of a psychotic break, and he feels it necessary to "guard" Spyrre from the grey doe, Soot even though Soot doesn't pose a threat at all. He's extremely bitter and possessive, and doesn't want Soot near Spyrre. Not right now anyway. xD;

It's not unreasonable to call Eighteen insane. He really is crazy.

Ah yeah, that is my Soot

Ah yeah, that is my Soot under a temp picto sitting with Spyrre and Eighteen. She is just very curious, but nervous as can be. n_n
Spyrre's picture

Oh dear... a psychotic break?

Oh dear... a psychotic break? Poor 18 (I guess?)... and Soot... and Spyrre, for what she´s might gotten herself into. Well, atleast for now it´s been quite calm. She´s been a bit puzzled of what´s going on as the grey one has been very polite to them. ^^;

@Soot; Haha, I was a bit puzzled with her picto as there was a different one listed on her bio...
Nice to meet you too. =)
J!n's picture

So sorry for the awkwardness,

So sorry for the awkwardness, S didn't want to hurt her feelings. Still, he just got angry when Cry's behavior upset her, that wasn't out of jealousy at all. Although he knows he upset her too. Anyway, have to go. See you when I get back, maybe.
Spyrre's picture

She pretty much got more

She pretty much got more upset when everyone else was, but I guess that was pretty much her fault, eh. ^^;
Ok, see you, I´ll probably be still around later.
J!n's picture

She just didn't want to

She just didn't want to exclude anyone, S knows that and wouldn't blame her for it. Alright, later then. <3
J!n's picture

Ugh, sis' wants to go out..

Ugh, sis' wants to go out.. I'll be gone for a few hours, hopefully you'll still be around then, especially now when there's a weather change and all.. See you later.
Spyrre's picture

Ok, no problem... I´ll

Ok, no problem... I´ll probably be around or come back later.
Have fun! =)
J!n's picture

Happy you were.. I like

Happy you were.. I like little moments like this. Hope you won't mind this simple rp post, keheh.

Under the deep night sky, the scarlet bull and his little friend were surrounded by the fireflies. In a flash he'd repeatedly leap into the air, quick jaws striking after the burning insects and sharp hooves slashing in the warm summer breeze. He stopped, at the time many already buzzed within his ivory skull. They illuminated the spaces between the rows of its jagged teeth, while also lighting up its sockets. It glowed in front of the indigo deer's large eyes as he shook his head victoriously.
Spyrre's picture

Yeah, me too. Awh, Sao´s been

Yeah, me too. Awh, Sao´s been so sweet today... it´s adorable how he´s sitting surrounded by minis, hehe. <3
And of course I don´t mind. =)

Again the bull was more successfull with his chase than the small deer, with his huge bony jaws. She darted after the buzzing insects kicking up grass and flowers from the foliage they were frolicking, not managing to catch quick, shiningh animals with her teeth or hooves. The small dark deer stopped for a moment to catch her breath and glanced at his skull, which already shone with many little lights inside.
"No fair, your mouth is so much bigger!" she exlaimed with a small snort, never the less amusement in her voice. Though not succesful with the chase, as she stood a moment still breathing cool air, suddenly one brave (or mischievous) firefly flew by to sit on one of her antlers, crawling lazily around. She looked up in surprize, a wide grin then spreading on her face.
"Oh, I got one!" Not in the way she was trying to though, but half of success was always better than none.
J!n's picture

He tries, he thinks she's

He tries, he thinks she's worth it anyway. Yeah, s'great to be around so many fun players as well. <3

As always he laughed at her many feisty attempts, although understanding the unfairness in it all. When she stopped, he parted his two jaws to let the firebugs out. However, their wings had turned wet from his saliva and so kept them from flying away just yet. He leaned closer to her and rested his bottom gums upon the tip of her antlers, then they lazily climbed off and up along her tines to join the lone one. Her small crown were soon adorned with little lights. 'Pretty.' He said as a crease at the corned of his mouth revealed a grin behind his cranium helmet, spreading into his rasp voice and turquoise eyes as well. His heavy breathing and unwillingness to support his weight on his right front leg suggested that he was tired and hurting already.
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Hehe, he´s doing pretty good

Hehe, he´s doing pretty good job at it, Spyrre´s very happy right now. So sweet. <3
And yeah it is, also the strolling around the territory before was fun.

This new "hunting-technique" seemed to work so much better. She gasped and watched in exitement as dozens of shining insects crawled from his jaws on her head and antlers. The mini tried to tilt her head to see those small creatures better but unfortunately it was a bit hard as the short tines they sat upon were attached to top of her head, so she mostly just ended up looking silly trying to stand as still as possible at the same time. Not that she seemed to mind.
"They look like stars." She agreed sighing happily, glancing then at the stag soon noticing his discomfort. It was obviously time to rest for a while, after a unexpectedly succesfull "hunt". Slowly the mini begun to sit down on the messed up flowerpatch, careful to not shake off her new shiny adornment.
"Let´s see if they sit on you too!" She suggested smiling and big ears flicking, as some of the curious bugs wandered to climb on them before buzzing on their wings again.