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A biography of my persona, Élodie. She's basically me, just in another form. She is the main character in my story in progress. I don't play her deer version in-forest, but I always play as her husband, Atticus. ♥

Name : Élodie (eh-low-dee)
Deer Name : Silver Bells
Gender : Female
Age : 17
Height : 5'5"
Weight : 114 when healthy. (Is often sick so it sometimes drops)
Relationship status : Married to Atticus
Language : English and French
Ancestory : She is the same rabbit/human race as Atticus. Her parents are unknown.

Physical health- 94%
Mental health- 95%

In forest set- No mask, Orca pelt, default orca antlers, red poppies, mini Picture
Voice- 2nd soprano? xD

This is an old deer version that I lazily edited hahaha- PICTURE
A sheet of expressions- PICTURE
Full body, long and lanky- PICTURE
Her and Atticus!- PICTURE
Standing in a field, ceremony dress.- PICTURE

  • -Height 5'5"
  • -Weight 114 when healthy. Is sick often and so it's sometimes more like 98.
  • -She doesn't really smile, it's more like grinning from ear to ear.
  • -Short black hair, pixie cut. Coarse and very thick, glossy.
  • -When hair is long, it's very heavy with loose waves
  • -Big dark, dark brown eyes
  • -High arched eyebrows, thin and black
  • -Very pale fair skin
  • -Small round face
  • -Tends to look much younger than she actually is (age 17)
  • -Long slender arms, legs, fingers and feet
  • -Long neck, but not too long
  • -Small slightly up-turned nose
  • -She has three cheek dimples when smiling, two on the left side
  • -White faint scar on right wrist from accidentally breaking a glass box
  • -Light brown scar on right arm from a horse falling on her
  • -Small black rabbit ears
  • -Short poofy rabbit tail- black fur
  • -Two earring peircings. (This is not me in the example) PHOTO

  • -Spontaneous
  • -Confident
  • -Smart
  • -Friendly
  • -Bright
  • -Creative
  • -Polite
  • -Determined
  • -Adventurous
  • -Comical
  • -Playful
  • -Lively
  • -Temper
  • -Uncertain
  • -Self pitying
  • -Possessive
  • -Clingy
  • -Moody
  • -Fearful
  • -Nervous
  • -Sensitive
  • -Opinionated
  • -High strung
  • -Stubborn
  • -Reclusive
  • -Unrealistic

Various other things to describe her~
  • -
  • -History junkie
  • -Helpless romantic

  • -Art, sketching, painting etc...
  • -Adapting to new places.
  • -Ability to mimic voices and accents.
  • -Impersonating specific people. Male and female.
  • -Enjoys writing, and poetry.
  • -Singing, though no one really knows about it. Keeps this to herself. 2nd Soprano.
  • -Tells a great story
  • -Running long distances- stamina. A mile in roughly 7 minutes without trainig.
  • -Saying the alphabet... Backwards
  • -Can wiggle her ears
  • -Jump rope tricks
  • -Archery
  • -Jumping ditches
  • -Climbing trees

  • -Spelling
  • -Remembering things like names and numbers
  • -Mathematics
  • -Most sports. Except jump rope and Badminton.

  • -Afraid of fire
  • -Favorite time of year is winter
  • -Loves thunderstorms
  • -Likes sticking her head out of cairrage windows
  • -Can crack her toes without touching them (lol)
  • -Favorite color is red
  • -Talks to herself
  • -Crazy laugh
  • -Has eaten earthworms ... (Yes. I have. TnT)

  • -Affectionsly called "darlin" "lass/lassie" by her adopted Scottish father. (Charles)
  • -In her culture, black hair is practically unheard of. Most all of the rabbit people have some form of blonde hair. (Tail and ear color matches hair) So throughout her life she's had to endure mocking names such as: Blackie, Crow, Soot-tail, dirt-ears, etc...

All of these are memories I have from when I was from ages seven and younger.
  • -Playing with her adopted cousin James
  • -Pretending she was flying while on the swings
  • -Her adopted father Charles (She calles him Papa) singing to her
  • -Waking up to barn in flames, and hearing the trapped animals crying in fear

HOMES- These are the homes she has lived in.
  • -The Bed and Breakfast she runs with Atticus- PHOTO

    She can be nurturing and caring, but with deep mood swings and a sharp tongue when provoked. She loses patience and is easily frustrated. Ultimately, she just wants something secure, and has serious doubts about herself underneath her happy-go-lucky brazen mask. She feels most comfortable around people who are stable and loyal, gentle and slow to anger. People who create a warm atmosphere and make you feel like part of the family. When meeting new people, she might study them for a few moments, before she gives in to her outgoing nature and lively character, skipping over to introduce herself. Thus, making friends is certainly no problem, and she has few people who don't like her. She collects things, (not to the point of being fanatic) antiques such as photographs, glass, beads, small mechanical things, typewriters, ornate boxes... She has deep emotional ties to the past, often not even her own. Just the past, anyone's past. She gets attached to people she doesn't really know, it doesn't take much. She may just like the person's presence. She sometimes beats herself up about how strange and silly it is, how easily she grows fond of others. Still, it always happens, even though she tries to be distant. She seems to get emotionally tangled in with the lives of other people, whether they know her or not. She has the best intentions, and wants to help if you are in need, but she doesn't seem to know how and then she just rambles. She can explain her feelings better in writing than by talking. But don't let that fool you, she's a talker, and an engaing storyteller... Sometimes. lol Her two famous words- "I feel." Her emotions usually overrule her more sensible side. She tends to be contact oriented, desiring a strong hug over any words when upset. But she is hesitant about returning the gesture, fearing the other person will draw back, or be startled, uncomfortable. She wants to spill out her feeling for the person, but is afraid to. And when she doesn't she regrets it afterwards. Her eyes are very betraying, round and dark. Can't hide emotion to save her skin. Some might find her a bit smothering. If she doesn't feel desired, or appreciated, she quietly slips away. The same goes for being scolded or reprimanded. She can be a handful, she stubbornly sticks to her opinions, yet can change her mind and pretend it never happened in a moment. But confronting her about it, being rough with her, and storming off, will only drive her away, and it's hard to reverse that once she feels detached. If you're going to tell her she's wrong, which she hates to admit even when she often is, it's best to do it firmly, but gently, and reassure her of your love afterwards. She can't just shrug things off, it takes time. She may seem difficult, her emotions are confusing and one moment she's demanding privacy and to be alone, and the next sobbing because she's lonely. She contradicts herself constantly, and it takes a special person to understand her.

    FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS ♥ (going be added to)
    • -Papa: her adopted father Charles
    • -James: childhood friend, her adopted cousin
    • -Atticus: husband

    • -Scarves, her favorite is a long bright red one
    • -Short shorts, mainly khakis and earth tones
    • -Sweaters
    • -Dresses: never long, or too short, always about three inches above the knee
    • -Loves lace and patterns PICTURE
    • -Puffed sleeves with slashes
    • -Button-down shirts with the sleeves rolled up PICTURE
    • -Sweatshirts
    • -Flats, never wears heels except this sort- PICTURE
    • -Bootcut-ish Jeans, not quite skinny jeans, but sort of... xD PICTURE
    • -Wears funky knee socks
    • -Hates bathing suits. They feel disgusting.
    • -Wears toboggan hats
    • -A red beret hat
    • -Likes wearing other people's coats, like Uncle Charlie's

    • -Mostly silver
    • -Pearls- her birthstone
    • -Feathers
    • -Locket given to her by Uncle Charlie
    • -Beads
    • -Opal ring she got for 16th birthday
    • -Moonstone
    • -Unusual things like airplanes moths and norse gods
    • -Favorite necklace in of a luna moth-Which I have- PICTURE

    THIS IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION! ♥ If things don't seem to quite match up with the story, or make any sense, it's because I don't even know what I'm exactly doing with it yet. xD

    PLEASE READ! - Sooooooo okay, Uncle Charlie is who you've known as my moustache deer Brehach up until now. (: Sometime I'm going to just make a new biography for him because the one I have now is old and bleh. xD So, here's a really old sketch (out of the bajillions) I threw some color on, just so you'd at least know what Uncle Charlie looks like. SKETCH And I want some help with this... He's an older Scottish gentleman, a very fatherly person, gentle, strong, loving, full of energy though. He has that nice deep accent~ ♥ ;u; Tell me what you think!
  • All this information..

    All this information.. *drool*
    Fantastic information and beautiful colors! They make my eyes feel really happy ^u^
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    lol It's not too bright?

    lol It's not too bright? Good, I was hoping it wouldn't hurt people's eyes! xD hahahaha Thanks! <3

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    These two are the cutest deer

    These two are the cutest deer ever seen !<3<3
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    This is just plain cute!

    This is just plain cute! Everything! xD
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    I am so jealous of this CSS skill!!!

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    Thanks everybody! And

    Thanks everybody!

    And yeah... This needs serious info updating also. xD So I think I'll go ahead and work on that. hahaha

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    Hope one day you will be back

    Hope one day you will be back ....
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