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I've been using the permadevout pelt for a long time as my deer "Atticus" but for some reason it doesn't seem to want to work now. (And yes I have the right game version) Is there something else that's changed that I should be doing or does it not work anymore?

These are the steps I've always done to make it work-

1. Go to the twin gods and pray until you turn white.
2. Go to your menu screen, to network, uncheck the 'connect automatically' box and hit disconnect.
3. When you are disconnected, then hit connect
4. Go back to the forest, stand up as your deer, run around a little, or air-jump, and when your game connects again you should have the permadevout pelt.
5. Make sure you are not wearing a pelt when doing this- naked

Please help if you have an answer, thank you ♥
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Has the BZD come yet? I really don't want to miss getting the skull mask. TuT And is there any time I'll be most likely to find him? Or is there a specific day he will be there for sure?

Thanks! (:
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Skull mask question!

Can you get the skull mask any time during October? Or is it only on Halloween night? Or... (:

Thank you!
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Permadevout Steps?

I stopped playing the old version for a bit, and played the newer one. But now I'm going back to it because I miss having the white pelt. I tried remembering what to do, and these are the steps I've been doing, but they don't work. lol I'm doing something wrong.

1. Go to the twin gods and pray until I turn white.
2. Go to the menu screen, to network, uncheck the 'connect automatically' box and hit disconnect.
3. When I'm disconnected, I then hit connect
4. Go back to the forest, stand up as my deer, run around a little, and when the game connects again I should have the permadevout pelt.

But that hasn't been working and I'd be so happy if anyone would refresh my memory. x'D

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Signiture Help lol

I was trying to make these two pictures to be links to their biographies, to go as my signiture. But... I'm a fail with codes. xD Could anyone help me with this? Thank you. <333 ;u;



Elodie Bio -

Atticus Bio -
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Silver Bells~ My Biography

A biography of my persona, Élodie. She's basically me, just in another form. She is the main character in my story in progress. I don't play her deer version in-forest, but I always play as her husband, Atticus. ♥
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King and Country

This is where I will be moving all of the information on Atticus' race, instead of having it crowding up his biography. It will be updated constantly as I develop their culture more, so keep watching! (: ♥

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Siggies Help

How would I make an image in my siggy a link? This is the sketchy thing I wanted to be a link. And also I can't seem to make it small enough. :C

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3 freebies~ CLOSED

Because I have nothing to do and I haven't done this in a while. lol So yes, I'll do a simple color sketch of your TEF character. I don't care if it's deer form or human form or what. (: Only three, right now. Later on when I get back I'll prolly post another and do this again. (:

1) -taken Moonsoverwater- DONE
2) -taken Scythe- DONE
3) -taken Wetterhound

Look for these in the "Fan" section. (:

When it's closed the numbers will be filled and it'll say at the top. ♥

EDIT- I'm so sorry, but things have come up, and I may not be able to finish Wetterhounds's request in time before I leave. ;n; But, if I can't, I'll be sure to have it up as soon as I get back. In several days. :')

QUAD- I have not forgotten! xD I've just been taking a break to so some me art, and plus I can't seem to draw anything right at the moment. Major block going on. -___- I think I'm coming out of it though. lol The sketch is done, I just have to clean it up and color it. ;u;
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Leaving, will be back (:

I'll be in the hospital Monday (The 11th) and prolly for a few days. I dunno how long. I'll just be there for tests and so I can be monitored or some such. lol X-rays and blood stuff, and whatever else they need to do to -hopefully- figure out what's going on with meh. :B Just giving you guys a heads up, so if I don't reply to something, or... Something. You know why. xD ♥

I shall see you when I return. ;u; ... So, I won't be able to reply to any posts that are posted on Monday. Have to get there VERY early, and it's a long drive. -__- Wish me luck! ♥

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