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WARNING: Potential mature language and themes.

Art (c) me
CSS (c) littlesinner & Unplugged/Hraeth.

A TEF oldie that's usually played semi-OOC unless interacting with other characters. He's My Special Little Meow Meow and he would hate me for saying that. I really need to redraw him because that art is from like 2012 but Who Has The Time. Anyway this is a WIP for now.

Basic Information

Name: Rutilus Phoebus
Known as: Rutilus, Rut
Birthday: September 1st 1986
Pronouns: He/him
Sexuality: Bisexual
Romance: None
Voice: Orange. Extremely Americanized English accent, to the point where other English people think he's American, and Americans think he's English.
Set: Golden butterfly pelt; various masks but favours the realdeer; default antlers with poppies

More information can be found on Rutilus' Toyhou.se profile.

This character may be a mix of OOC and IC when inforest, though I'm unlikely to have him behave extremely out of character regardless.
If there's a problem inforest or otherwise, please feel free to contact me.
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Bard (they/he/she/xe) | Updates
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claiming lucky comment number

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Oi! I saw you like yesterday?

Oi! I saw you like yesterday? Hello! Nice to meet you ;w;

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