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[bio wip]

watch this space for a good boy with morals
art & design (c) wake

name: tba
aliases: tba
pronouns: tba
sexuality: generally disinterested, but not always
voice: tba
set: tba


+ trait trait trait
- trait trait trait

further personality nonsense will go here. all i know so far is they have morals.


insert compelling backstory here

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Necromancer [VOX]

Biography for Vox, dabbler in necromancy and other heinous arts. Heavy WIP in terms of design, personality, history, and so on. Mature themes will likely be present; caution is advised. This is an excellent fellow to approach if your character has very recently lost a loved one, pet, familiar, etc - or if your character is willing to trade some of their magical knowledge for some of his.

WARNING: Necromancy / discussions of death and such, mature language, pet death, probably other things.

Art (c) me, with the exception of the main lineart, which can be found here.
CSS (c) littlesinner & Unplugged/Hraeth.

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[smash cut to me crashing back into the forest]

HELLO i doubt many folks will recognise me given that i haven't been around here for ... literal years, whoops, but once again i am... attempting to return here!! i used to be MoonlitStar and had a whole bunch of characters including Rutilus and Keith, and i've popped up here and there on various other accounts since, but hopefully this is the one I'll actually settle on

anyway the point is I have no idea who anyone is anymore, I can't see pictograms on the site (??? no idea if it's just my browser or not) and I know the site isn't the most active these days, BUT I am here to have FUN and also probably to make like 20 characters I'll use for maybe five minutes. listen, there's nothing else to do in quarantine let me live.

squeezes the dash like a python and scuttles out again
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honey, don't feed me [KEITH] i will come back

Biography for one stubborn, excitable mess of a fella, Keith. This biography is still a work in progress, and Keith himself is of course under constant development as his life continues.

WARNING: This character has a history of abuse and as a result suffers from PTSD and C-PTSD. He's not a dark character by any means, but there may be mentions of triggering content in his backstory section, albeit very brief. Further CW for alcohol addiction, (former) drug addiction, child death and Stockholm Syndrome.

Art (c) Trinket & Draak.
CSS (c) littlesinner & Unplugged/Hraeth.

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css testing

putting this here because i will inevitably need to make a bunch of biographies rip rip rip

WARNING: Necromancy, I guess.

Art (c) me
CSS (c) littlesinner & Unplugged/Hraeth.



Watch this space. His design is VERY much a WIP and I don't really have the artistic skills to uh, do what I'd like ksdjfnsdjfn.

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updates/info. [ 07/06/2020 ]

may contain mature language!

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