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Hey everyone itsame, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in some portrait requests of their characters, descriptions only. (they can have photo refs too but I'd rather draw from imagination, so just describe the face claims) just to clarify I am talking about a human version of your char.

Examples on my da https://www.deviantart.com/alice-ruby

Right click for full view.
1) Chizzu

Sorry it's a little poor, it was fun though and good practice Smiling Might redo it sometime.

2) Vessan

Aside from a few mistakes quite happy with this one since it started out with a bad sketch and was looking awful at first. Hope you like it Vess
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Oh wow thats awesome Thank

Oh wow thats awesome Shocked Thank you for the kindness and chance.
May I can try my luck with this here

A young and healthy Man. His nearly black Hair hangs in long, unkept Curl-like waves around his Head, nearly long enough that they could tickle his nose. Often loosly hold togheter by a ribbon into a Pigtail.
His narrow and often nearly grumpy looking eyes giving him a look of which one would hold distance, more so since his reddish pupils give him a even more bad vibe.
His overall angular face doesnt help it. But one can see, when he smiles, he means no harm.

Hoping that was ok? I am bad at descriptions T-T

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Awesome I love it! I'll start

Awesome I love it! I'll start on that when I have some free time!

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this is really cool. your art

this is really cool. your art is wonderful. to bad i am bad at try to explain or i would give it a try.
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Ooof! interesting! I can

Ooof! interesting!
I can offer up my Cannibriel since I think ehr description would be interesting. None art of her is ever consistant either hue.

She is a woman in her prime, her face without a blemish and coloured of a dark, reddish violet colour, almost cola. The shape is overall roundish and gentle, warm and welcoming, appearing more like a mother than a supermodel. Her eyes are narrow, almond shaped and coloured bright yellow with a large irish and a dark gray sclera. Her hair and eyebrows are snow white, the hair particularly is extremely massive and very wavy, parted in the middle, often trailing down to her back. Her ears are those like a doe, placed at the side of her ears. Black rimmed.
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Vessan beautiful desc I'll

Vessan beautiful desc I'll add you to the list. I wasn't expecting such lovely writing guys!
arksy, it can be very simple and blunt as well, no problem with that. Please go ahead!

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a young girl (kid) with blues

a young girl (kid) with blues eyes and medium white hair. she has red flower clip in her hair to pull it back out of her face.she has small smile all the time.is bright and healthy.
(yeah that the best i could do : ( sorry, arsky is so hard to explain.)
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Thank you arksy! I will try

Thank you arksy! I will try get onto that once the other two are done Smiling

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Going to try c: a young boy

Going to try c:

a young boy of about 20 years, his hair is red like fire and smooth, not a short hair but not long either.

His face is radiant, shows a cheerful and friendly smile that does not accompany his sad red eyes. His complexion is white as snow.
A laughing boy who keeps all the pain for himself. But he has a Big heart and doesn't want to worry others.

Hope it's okay :'3
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OMG! That looks awesome

OMG! That looks awesome Evern!!! Thank you sooo much <3 He is on point seriously, just perfect. Love the Hair, like I pictured it, the eyes and overall face just on point aaaa. Once again, amazing Artwork and Thank you so much
Cant wait to see the other Portraits, gonna stalk!
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Lovely render of Chizzu's

Lovely render of Chizzu's boi!

Oh honestly I think taking a different approach to character descriptions is quite fun still, especially when you get to see how it translates in other people's minds hehe! I can hardly wait.
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Chizzu, thank you so much for

Chizzu, thank you so much for your kind words! I may remake it soon as I said cause I'm not 100% happy with the outcome. But I'm still so glad you like it, thank you.

Vessan, agreed! It can be cool to see some variances and see something you wouldn't normally have put in the character yourself


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Love your work. &hearts;

Love your work. ♥
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Thank you so much, it means

Thank you so much, it means so much to me!

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The 3D on these holds up very

The 3D on these holds up very well, despite this soft, soft, smooth shading. I'm impressed.
And you caught that natural skin 'glow'.
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Thank you uit, that means a

Thank you uit, that means a great deal coming from a great artist like yourself. It's wonderful to hear encouragement like that.

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Off, It's a very unique

Off, It's a very unique rendition of her! Looks very real on top of it and genuinely i don't know what i like more, the nose or the hair.
The hair has a very definite feel to it! Noses are quick to appear very flat but looks very voluminous here.

I love it!
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That sounds interesting,

That sounds interesting, thanks for making it possible and thanks for sharing the artworks!

Here is my request:

General: an adult man, looking younger than his actual age.
Nature: timid, letting life pass him by.
Face: diamond shape, with strong feminine features, resembling Daenerys Targaryen but not quite, thinner eyebrows.
Skin: pale and smooth.
Hair: cared for, long Nordic white hair with grey highlights, a fringe to the left side, loose locks on each side of his face, one long thick braid that can fall down his shoulder.
Eyes: big, azure, giving away that his body is there but mind is wandering.
Accessories: White gold iceflake earrings.