Heart of gold


male, adult, #29
smilodon x tiger features
scent of dry leaves, tree bark, musk
x ' x (by Jala)

Impressive physical capabilities. Sturdy and strong, possesses brute strength and great amounts of endurance. Hardly knocked out of balance. Has an immense amount of will, which allows him to endure as much as his body is capable of, but suffers heavy damage as a result if not persuaded to back down.

Has a jaw gape of 120 degrees which is necessary if he wants to use his elongated canines. Despite how neat the canines may seem, they're rather fragile and are used only for precise killing only. In most cases, Hector will rather use his massive paws which, combined with a set of fine, sharp claws, can inflict large amounts of damage and cause a lot of bleeding as he will tear his opponent with unrelenting force. In addition, claws allow him to grapple onto larger enemies and position himself on them where he could be hardly reached(on their back, for example), allowing Hector to inflict more damage without taking any until he's thrown off. Should a good opportunity occur, he may attempt to ground his opponent and then use his canines for a fatal bite(snap neck or other vital body part) if a kill is what he's going for.

Fast, though not than most smaller and more agile species or creatures.

Regal . Stoic . Prideful . Confident . Strict . Self-reliant . Diligent
Persistent . Patient . Approachable . Laid back . Honest . Kind
Physical . Gentle . Affectionate . Passionate . Compassionate
Protective . Fierce . Brutal . Relenting . ...

A being of pride, utterly confident in himself and his ability to accomplish almost anything he dreams of. Does not expect others to be as great as he is, but never looks down on anyone and instead treats each individual with respect and radiates warmth that welcomes anyone. There's almost nothing (besides himself) that can bring down his confidence or mood for he refuses to willingly grant such power to anyone. Driven by a sense of leadership and purpose, diligent and persistent in achieving his goals. Self-reliant and often helpful should anyone reach out to him, but rarely seeks the help of others himself.

Very physical, prefers to express himself through actions rather than words. A cuddle ball with teeth and claws, but very gentle.

Very patient and difficult to rile up. Will walk away from any quarrel or a possible fight if he sees no good reason for it to proceed. Refuses to invest precious energy where it isn't absolutely necessary. Would only jump in to protect a loved one or stop unjustified threats towards someone. A fierce and brutal fighter, but almost never intends to kill and is willing to relent should he be given a good reason.

Adores children and it's the only weakness he would ever admit to having.


Vittani; - Biological daughter. Do not share any physical similarities due to the Forest's magic shaping them the way they are, but loves his daughter nonetheless and seeks to ensure her well-being. Missed.[/]

Vithara & Garai; - Grandchildren via Vittani.


'Lady' - Once infatuated by. Loved dearly and thought of each day even during her absence. Was joyous to reunite with at some point and the old flame was kindled once more, but it didn't last for very long. Has moved on since then, but the memories of her and their time together will always hold a special place in his heart.

Pay-Pay - A friendly acquaintance from the past. Presumed gone.

'God-kissed' - A dorable lil' thing. Presumed gone.


Karana - Murdered Lady in the past. Sought to kill without success. Now but an unpleasant memory, would avoid should their paths cross again.


Greitai, Leila, Nadezdha, Tavis, Umay, Rin.


haha no, i prefer to neglect my characters

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Mine♥ Oh yeah, btw,


Oh yeah, btw, knew who played this guy almost instantly. At first, the name of the picto when I checked the map sounded like something you would choose, and the style, too. But the thing that gave the game away was his way of moving around/behaving LOL♥

Oh man. Awesome concept, woman... Your skills :k

LOL.. Srsly? Never thought

LOL.. Srsly? Never thought that it would be my way of playing that you would recognize me by. ._.
Thank you. My skills suck, though. And I'm so lazy to color him. |c

Yap. I'm a professional

Yap. I'm a professional stalker, I make a living of this, you know. :k
Oh please, you've improved so much. Bleh, know the feeling... But that doesn't mean I approve of it. I demand a colored reference sheet >:{|

Srsly, what actions in

Srsly, what actions in particular made you think it was me? o.o
I'll have to get it done soon. Otherwise I'll never do it. BC

Humm... Let's see... I think

Humm... Let's see... I think it was the 'proud', Anti way of walking and staring, mostly.

Pff, never thought I make it

Pff, never thought I make it look that way. |D But yeah, I tend to make my characters stare a lot. *shrug*
You have a great stalker eye. B|

I'm a professional stalker, I

I'm a professional stalker, I make a living of this, you know.

Excuse me while I park my

Excuse me while I park my butt here, but this is amazing. ♥
- eee wrong account. I'm on my phone. Cool

Thank you. ♥

Thank you. ♥
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Oooh ♥O:

Oooh ♥O:

By Leuvr

Tiny fawn track of love :3

Tiny fawn track of love :3



-Bounces past- hi c:

-Bounces past- hi c:
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Hello sexy.

Hello sexy.

i'd love to see him and ming

i'd love to see him and ming interact one day c:
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Tracking~ c: I believe Faye

Tracking~ c:

I believe Faye would like to meet this interesting individual one day c:

Icon by Aihnna! ♥

Thanks guys, that would be

Thanks guys, that would be awesome. c:

Tracking this, I've seen him

Tracking this, I've seen him around. <3 Alice is kinda curious of him. I'm sorry if she goes and snoops around him. : p

She's welcome to snoop

She's welcome to snoop around.~
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Have to track this, he seems

Have to track this, he seems really interesting and Smilodon happens to be my favorite prehistoric animal. 8|

Thank you, and same here, I

Thank you, and same here, I just love those animals so much. c:

Sorry Im lagging a lot right

Sorry Im lagging a lot right now, Might miss a few of his actions ;;

lol yes it does appear to be

lol yes it does appear to be a bitch fight and Lane seems to have won.... for now >3

(probably as a revenge to the

(probably as a revenge to the other female. lol bitch fight~)

/Giggle shot

I giggled watching them 8|

I giggled watching them 8| Hector feels so awkward right now.

&hearts; c:


FFFFFF poor girl. I love that

FFFFFF poor girl. I love that bloody paw and fangs and everything else that has blood on it. But mostly that paw. I also love their poses and how Hector seems to be watching over her.
This was unexpected actually. 8D Thank you very much! ♥

I'm glad you like it c: That

I'm glad you like it c: That paw was probably the most difficult thing out of the whole thing, It didn't wanna co-operate.

Track &hearts;

Track ♥

Thanks &hearts;

Thanks ♥

He is a great character,

He is a great character, really Pay-Pay feels a great curiosity for he. Unfortunately I had to go, I hope to be able to be together again another day.

He seems to be interested in

He seems to be interested in Pay-Pay as well. I hope they'll meet again, too. c:
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Did you not the case today

Did you not the case today attacked us?
if so, accomplish your goal in my blog or here.

Yeah, it was Hector. He was

Yeah, it was Hector. He was protecting the brown mini because she's a friend of his. It wasn't a meaningless "attack" if you thought so. Sorry if we offended you or something. ._.

Tracking. c:

Tracking. c:

Thank you. &hearts;

Thank you. ♥

I experienced two attacks

I experienced two attacks from you. Laughing out loud One attack on the tiny no reason (and the Beast just added - attacked from the backup). After Quadda was nervous because it is watched and did not go closer, even though it was called. She was greeted, she did not respond, so take it as provocation. After an hour, got fed up and just got a hint, let go (and the second attack from the Beast from the backup Quadda had open wounds, barely attended). Smiling

I think the two of us took it as a bad end.

Note: And now try to befriend the little back and plays the "violin falsity," I can not explain this behavior. Laughing out loud

Track this deer. Eye

The brown doe is Hector's

The brown doe is Hector's friend, and he did not back her up for no reason. He was protecting the doe. He has made a bad first impression about Quadda and finds her threatening. He is more likely to be hostile towards Quadda despite her friendly intentions.

Hector was a bit put off by her current friendly behavior towards him after what he had experienced with her. It's very unlikely that he will accept her quickly.
I hope you did not get confused with his actions. He was just trying to push Quadda away, he wasn't really causing any harm to her and won't do so as long as she keeps a respectful distance from him and his female friend.

Also, thank you. c:

She respects and closer

She respects and closer distance when it's allowed. In addition, when before no one persists truly as it takes to become accustomed to its presence. She is calm and when it seeks to make friends and meet, trying to make good steps. But sometimes it just does not work, depending on the mood and nature of the other. Laughing out loud

In addition, among his friends alone (they have a family, mates...). Do not be surprised that there wanted to be with you, to ward off the feeling of loneliness.

I'm pretty sure he'd welcome

I'm pretty sure he'd welcome Quadda while he's alone. He still believes she isn't as bad and might even seek her out someday to clear things out or just spend some time with her to see how she really is. c:

If he wants... I think

If he wants... Eye I think yours, she will open his case and she will contact him. When recover completely.

Didn't know where else to

Didn't know where else to post this..
my van

little children

^ made me laugh hahaa

Anyway, tracking.

How did you even notice that

How did you even notice that |D

Thanks. c:

LOL, I probably look like a

LOL, I probably look like a stalker but I was actually looking for Hec's bio, just saw it on the way. (x

"Dear Hector, I'll have

"Dear Hector, I'll have something to say... When you can break and casting a spell over it, come to me. You'll find me... never mind. Somewhere I am, you surely will find me," she told him in a whisper before walked away.

/yeah, he would find her if I

/yeah, he would find her if I could see the third gen pctos :D I can only recognize people with 3rd gen's only by their sets, so it would take a while to locate Quadda on the map and then find her in-game. |D Though it's kinda fun, but takes some time. But I'm sure they'll see each other soon.

I am looking for you too many

I am looking for you too many times. Laughing out loud I am waiting to see the status of the first online and then pic, instead it was just the opposite. Laughing out loud The first moment I saw it on the map below the surface, which ended yesterday. I went there and you were not there. XD Finally, I've looked under pic rail and I was around you twice. Maybe I'll pick up the camera.... Laughing out loud

It should be much easier to

It should be much easier to find my picto on the map as it is visible. In-game as well, unless you can not see it for some reason. I'll see if I'll be able to find Quadda next time. :D

I bet... yeah?

I bet... yeah? Laughing out loud

I hope I'll find her.

I hope I'll find her. Shouldn't be too hard.. I guess.