The Walls Are Made of Glass - Thane

" I'm still the creator, you my mere creations. "

Has returned, for the time being anyway. Upon his return, has been sure to severe one of the last connections between him and one of his first creations. No longer dependent upon that creation's blood as an antidote to maintain a living body within the forest.

Likely to keep to himself, but who knows. Undetermined mental state, therefor unpredictable.

(ewhg god, i really need to finish the other layout. some information here is probably super inaccurate.)

Name: Thane
True Name: Ranjit Ulises Weller
Titles: The Craftsman, The Creator of Dreams
Also goes by: 'T', Xetkal, & Paradox

Reference: x
Size: A bit larger than #17
Speaks in: #4e3223 or #331105

Gender: Male
Age; Mature adult
Diet: Omnivorous
Orientation: Pansexual, monogamous
Species: Who knows
Arrival: 12/18/2010
Scent: Copper, natural musk, or charcoal with an overpowering, sickly sweet odor.

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Lovely <3 Tracking~

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(No subject)

<3 don't think I've ever said, but I'm really in love with his design.

Hooran, menispermum -

Hooran, menispermum - <3

Pinkpaws40 - Awh thanks. He was supposed to originally be based on a lionfish, lol. I like the design this way though. Guess the quills are still the biggest influence. Sticking out tongue


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^Oops, I was the one who

^Oops, I was the one who meant to track, somehow managed to still be on Tuoho's account. :'D
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Wow, he's really gone through

Wow, he's really gone through some changes.

Tracking this new bio.
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Very nice Sessy, veeeery

Very nice Sessy, veeeery nice. A track from me too then I quess. :F
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Retrack. His new picto is

Retrack. His new picto is better now (:

Tracking. c:

Tracking. c:
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Lionfish! I totally see it

Lionfish! I totally see it now. : D <3
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I've always admired this

I've always admired this character. Especially those fine quills of his.
He and Benji need to have another tussle.

jala - Honk? Sessy, Tuoho -

jala - Honk?

Sessy, Tuoho - Thanks.

Sighthoundlady - Yeah. Still need to rewrite a bunch of stuff and add it in too, fff.

Pandoras - <3

Dampir - I think so too, it fits him well. Thanks for the retrack.

Torturer - (:

Anjali - Ha. His original design never much resembled one to begin with(Since I failed at it), but whatever. Sticking out tongue Yep. <3

Fincayra - Eee, thanks. I agree, they totally should sometime.
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Was wondering where this went

Was wondering where this went on my track list. :T
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I need to keep an eye on him.

I need to keep an eye on him.
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There you are o: Wondered

There you are o: Wondered where he went

Hraeth - Here is is. PLK217

Hraeth - Here is is.

PLK217 - Hmm?

StarBright5000 - <3

Phaios - Mmhm, just a repost due to some changes and the fact that I screwed up the last page. Hope to see Phaios around some more. <3
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Tracking &hearts;

Tracking ♥

Mm thanks.

Mm thanks. <3
I tried adding you to MSN(I believe I tried once before? Or had you on there once). Sent an invite but maybe it didn't go through. Might try adding me if you're interested?
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Ah yes, I got your invite! My

Ah yes, I got your invite! My MSN can be a pain sometimes, so I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't go through xD; But I'll add you right away c8 ♥
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>A>~ -stalktrack-

>A>~ -stalktrack- <3

Mmm; clean.

Mmm; clean. <3
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Trackiiiing. c:

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Quote:Felt confident. Was

Felt confident. Was going to waltz right up to Lume and Umay, as well as their child to greet them. Chickened out once they came within view. Sat down trying to rid of his nervousness but failed, bolted off instead.

..I wanna give him a hug ;u;

Thanks to all who

Thanks to all who tracked.

Pinkpaws40 - He would certainly appreciate it, lol... maybe. It's the thought that counts.

The young doe was finally

The young doe was finally able to play around a little after a good while of resting and waiting for her wounds to heal. It had been nice to ran around the forest with the male, that was something she needed. Only one thing bothered her mind while they played. "Thane, may I ask you something?" She finally broke the silence and turned her gaze to the male beside her.

Ears fell back when she

Ears fell back when she spoke, but soon after popped back up. He would quietly hum for a moment in thought, as if really thinking on her question, to accept it or not. Was it about the flowers? He figured it was about those... but he was only being nice, or maybe the nuzzles. Oh no... no, this was bad. It wasn't his fault though, she nuzzled him first! The sockets of his eyes would flicker and he'd grow uncomfortable with his position. Much shifting and re-situating would follow. Finally, and with a deep huff-cough, he'd swallow back and answer her. "Uhh... yeah, okay".

Miyako scanned his body

Miyako scanned his body language and his movements wondering what went on in his mind, his silence made her wonder that. She would not mention the flowers even though she would have wanted to know about them, too. Were they a gift of some kind or what?
The doe was thrilled when her nuzzles were returned by the male. At first she didn't dare to nuzzle him, the last thing she wanted to do was to scare him away by showering him with too much affection at once. "I don't mean to make you uncomfortable, okay?" She paused and tried to catch his eye. "I hope it's not too personal, but what was all the bolting off about? When I tried to groom you a bit?" Her face turned red, she hoped she hadn't crossed a line but she had to know if she had done something wrong.

But nervous she made him. He

But nervous she made him. He had thought he was over this after they had talked yesterday, but when she came to him earlier it was as if everything started over. The stag seemed to be clinging onto two primary emotions and that was what he ran on most of the time anymore... although he didn't want to be that way.

He would listen to her, and finally at her question would take in a deep breath. Why did he act that way? Fear of bonding on any level, fear of getting hurt... a nuzzle or two never hurt, running around and playing, but he had spent the last couple of days with her, the grooming felt like it was too much. The stag now knew what the young doe eventually wanted, a family. Perhaps it would of served her well had he completely rejected her, knowing he made for an awful, failure of a family member, by choice a black sheep. If they continued this way, he'd surely only hurt her in the end, and he'd be hit with the aftermath of it.

Always thinking ahead, always thinking in general... getting way too far ahead of himself. Yet, such things seemed so appropriate to consider. She never even had to say it, adopting him as family in some way or another. He simply couldn't stop himself from assuming she'd want things that way. 'Idiot'.

Thane would look to her, locking himself in place to fight back the spasms which desperately wanted to take over, something felt all too often and he was forced to keep under control. "I... I don't have a good answer for... that", he spoke, tripping over a word or two in the process. "Why... w-would you want to groom me... in the first... place?", he questioned curiously. Why was that?

After the last night's talk

After the last night's talk she contently fell asleep beside the male and obviously thought there was no chance of progressing backwards, going back to the place they started didn't occur to her.
The young doe definitely had to learn were the limit goes for some creatures here, hers was way ahead of it. She could not jump into conclusions that everyone is always up for a grooming session like she was. If the one grooming her was someone she knew, obviously. Having a family of her own, meaning that she was the mother and there was someone beside her raising the offspring, had only crossed her mind last night. Maybe twice before that. She was awfully too young to think that far. Before even considering building a family, she would need to deal with the fact that she doesn't have parents of her own. That was hotter topic than her own fawns.
She inched a bit further from him, giving him some space since he seemed odd to her. He seemed like he was hiding something from her. "Oh.. Well, that's okay." She flashed a brief smile trying not to sound mildly disappointed. Was it her or him? If she did something wrong, why wouldn't he tell her? Questions. More questions popped into her head but she kept them to herself. He was tense enough as it is. "I.. I don't know. Maybe I wanted you to relax a bit more and thought that would help. I guess not." She shrugged lightly and laid her head on the ground.

When she distanced herself a

When she distanced herself a bit he felt like he could breathe, before he felt so constricted, his chest had tightened and every inch of him had turned to stone. Now things were better, much better. The stag would lower his own head to the ground, drawing in the scents around them, relaxing. Her tone however, and how uncertain he had her feel had not went unnoticed. Another battle... what to do, what to do. "I'm... sorry", he spoke lowly, not even above a whisper. Now the stag felt bad. He hadn't intended to make her feel uncertainty or doubt... yet wasn't strong enough to bring himself to tell her to skedaddle, leave him to rot away in peace.

He didn't want to be this way, didn't want to be mean by right out saying something that may or may not of actually been true, because deep down perhaps he actually did want a real friend, his friend. With much struggling, tugging and pulling, Thane would close the distance she had put between them. In this case he would bite the bullet, go against everything his mind screamed not to do. "It's... helping", he said assuredly, but back in his mind felt the doubt trying to claw passed it. The stag would do what he could to chain it down however. "Patience...".

A brief and faint smile

A brief and faint smile visited her soft features when she noticed that taking some distance had helped to poor guy to stop struggling so hard. She peeked from the corner of her eye and if she had had eyebrows, she'd have raised one now. "It's okay, Thane." The tone in her voice was soft, she wouldn't hold grudges over something this small nor even be upset for too long. Even if he had had the strength to tell her that she was free to go, she wouldn't have went too far. Maybe she would have went to lurk behind a tree or something like that. But leave him rot in peace? No.

The doe may have not stuck around him, if it he hadn't come to her to ask her how she was doing after the fight. He actually was the first one to ask that, even though she didn't know him then. She was thankful, nevertheless. A smile appeared upon her face again when the male pulled closer to her. She already knew how hard it was for him to be physically close to someone. This time she wouldn't make a single move to make him feel uncomfortable. "Is it? I'm glad to hear that." She nodded. That's all. In her mind she would lick the male's cheek a bit, but not in reality. Not now. He would take it the wrong way anyway. "Patience is a virtue. I admit, I am too eager and daring when it comes to being close to someone. I like closeness." She stated calmly.

It was okay? What a relief...

It was okay? What a relief... he figured she would have simply left but didn't, or be offended, instead greeted it with understanding. He would relax some more knowing that.

It would surely pay off in the end, so long as she understood how easy he was to make nervous. The type to never make the first move, nervous when another did, but hopefully in the end all would pay off... hopefully. The stag, being as close as he was, would draw in her scent. Thane wanted to stress how he was the opposite but at the same time yearned for closeness. Not physically, mentally. Where he'd even begin was tough, so wouldn't bring it up. The next best thing to say was that he was scared, simple as that, but saying he was scared in turn made him fear that she would think he was a cretin altogether, the final topping to this failure of a stag she rested with. "Why...?", he muttered out, head once again rested. He questioned, but would go over the reason he came up with; lack of experience, naivety. The stag wondered how many times it took other deer to get burned before they ended up like him... if they ever did. Was he weird? It didn't even need questioned, he knew he was weird, some puddle waiting to be stepped in, so insignificant and inferior. To be the beast locked away, sometimes he wanted to be that, always.

"There are deer that want that... like you", Thane would go back to touch on the subject. "I could... introduce you sometime". He didn't know if she knew of the deer he was speaking of, or if they would even get along, but nonetheless it was a nicely extended offer. Sharply his mind recalled that bull she had been with the day injuries were sustained... that bull and how she intervened, how she went with him when he departed. "You want closeness... but", he paused there in thought, speaking before even thoroughly going over what he had wanted to say or ask. "But... he is big, a monster". It was no lie that Nikodim scared the piss out of him, if any deer needed fearing it was him. Not even a deer, something so sickly and evil that crawled out of the darkest abyss imaginable. The stag had reason to think that, watching as he nearly killed Leviathan, watching as he went after a pregnant Umay. Thankfully the feline was smart, and didn't react violently to his charging. "That... is the kind of closeness... you want?". Head would be lifted, and if able try to capture her gaze, wanting to take note of her expressions upon receiving an answer, if she could even answer. Thane had not meant to put her on the spot... but was now curious as to the does' own motives.

A couple of times that she

A couple of times that she has made him nervous were enough for now, she'd try to tone it down a little bit. It was her time to hold back. She thought it would be better to let him draw the line of what was appropriate and for what he was ready. Mentally, physically, in any way possible. She hoped that the male would guide her through the path of patience. His question was left unanswered. She figured that the male would figure out the answer soon enough, it wasn't a hard one either. The doe's chest moved calmly up and down, up and down as she breathed in the chilly air. It tickled in her lungs. In Miyako's eyes he was not an ordinary male, not even close to. That didn't mean he was different in a bad way, no. She wondered if something horrible had happened to the stag beside her or was he had always been like that, wary and easily made nervous. She already opened her mouth a little bit to ask about it, but then again she had earlier promised to herself not to push him over the edge. One more question added to the list for later.

When the male spoke again, she glanced at him with her eyes shining and the corner's of her mouth lifting up to smile. "I would really like that. It's always nice to meet someone new. It's really nice of you." She tilted her head a bit and nodded before she laid her head back down again. She curled up tighter, the night was getting colder and her fur wasn't always thick enough to keep her warm. "Yes..?" Her voice encouraged him to keep talking, she'd love to hear how he would finish his sentence. She lifted her head and got ready to listen and then to answer. A big monster. It was obvious he was talking about the stubborn and determined bull who was ready to tear Leviathann into pieces. For some reason Miyako was not yet afraid of the bull. She had known him since she was a fawn and to be honest, he had been her greatest support and protector. Her own guardian, who she now had to share with another doe. She didn't like that. Her ears pressed against her head and her smile was soon faded. She loved how the bull let her climb up to rest on his back, snuggle as much as she pleased. He never once hurt her, she got always hurt when interrupting his scuffles. "I don't know what kind of closeness that is." A pause. She seeked his gaze with hers. "I get to snuggle him all I want, but that's it. He tolerates me, but it's not the kind of closeness I want." Her gaze started to wonder. "He is physically there, but I don't know what is going on in his big head. Even though physical closeness is important to me, it's nothing without the mental side of it, you know?" She turned her gaze back to him, looking straight to his eyes.

"Then I will introduce you...

"Then I will introduce you... sometime", he'd leave it at that. It was hard to think they wouldn't like the young doe, she seemed sweet enough, innocent enough, wasn't out to cause conflict and all of that. A little touchy... but otherwise mellow and understanding. Very easy to get along with. - The stag would have grinned if able... how silly of him to think she'd be up to no good. For now the thought of this sweet young doe turning out to be some evil gal wanting to strip him what was left of his sanity would be washed away. Now only time could tell if he was capable of continuing to keep the thought at bay.

When Miyako continued a quiet 'ah' slipped passed the tip of his skull with a faint whistle accompanying it. The stag would take a moment to readjust his position. There was something bold and daring beginning to present itself, a thought, but for how long? Thane tried not to look at himself as a beast, but could be labeled as such should another witness a part of him that usually laid dormant unless summoned upon by certain triggers. In the end maybe he had been no better than Nikodim, but it was hard to view himself as a bloodthirsty killer, unlike the large bull who, despite never getting to know him, or never bothered getting a story from either side, looked like he was so willing to kill with no restraint. Had it not been for himself, Ravly, and the young doe with him now... what would have come of the monsters opponent? What of the feline? So, this bold and daring thought comes to mind, and the stag would have liked to act on it... but wouldn't that make him a deceptive man? All trust could be last. Why... did he even care?

Thane would take a deep breath, and after much deliberation would move closer, letting his head hang over the small doe, nearest her neck. Had she even allowed that, would be met with a wall. What he would do, no better than the betrayal of Syahi. The stag would retract, although desperately wanted to tell her, 'And if I gave you all of the snuggles you wanted, would you leave that beast?'. Wrong, so very wrong of him. Deceitful and a low blow. He didn't even know Nikodim outside of that incident. Who was he to judge based on a one time thing. Then again... No, stop... too much thinking.

"Life is fragile", his tone at that point devoid of nervousness or anything similar. Just like the night before, after some time he became something new. He could be many things, a man of all sorts, or so it had started to seem. Those eyes would pull to the flower tucked behind a single ear of hers, "Like that...". A deep hum was given before his head tilted to the right, eyes scoping her face, her expressions. "If it makes you happy, but maybe... don't break like the delicate things". What did that mean? He was talking about her continuing her relationship with the bull, on whatever level their relationship was at. He seemed to be a monster capable of bringing down even the mightiest of towers, and here Miyako was, a fragile flower living what could be a fragile life... or perhaps he was only applying how fragile his own had been to hers. He didn't want her to wilt away or be stepped on. Perhaps... he was hoping she would grow beyond a flower, or guard herself well by many thorns.

// Sorry for disappearing

// Sorry for disappearing last night. Connection failed me and I wasn't able to get it work again. Now it's all good, though. (:

For now her lack of bad experiences was her advantage. She was able to get along with others nicely and after a few pleasant moments later she wouldn't even think there could be something horrible hidden beneath the surface. Her trust is easily gained and so she would be in real troubles someday when trusting the wrong creature too much. Someone might think that has already happened. The bull. She has seen the both sides of him, the calm and the murderous one. Despite the fact that he was supposed to be her guardian, he let the doe beat her up while he was busy with something else. Trust was still there, but soon the young doe would need a reason to stay with him. So far he has given her none.

A beast. That was the last word to describe the male beside her. At least for what she had seen she was convinced that he wasn't even near a beast. How could someone like him even be a beast? During the fight of the two stubborn deer she had scanned and observed Thane, wondering what was his function in the fight. She never figured it out.

Her ears twitched when she noticed the male inching closer. She allowed him to come closer and hang his head over her with a smile upon her elegant features. Maybe the doe would have left the bull alone, as a matter of fact after calming him down and getting him away from Leviathann she never once went close to him. She watched him sleep from the distance but only to look at his wounds. Last time she had cleaned them, her muzzle was covered in blood. The bleeding was frustrating back then. But leaving the bull for the male's snuggles would be as deceitful as the request. She would done it for both as a revenge for the bull and to be able to snuggle with the male without him bolting off. It would be wrong, so wrong.

She nodded lightly in agreement at his first statement. Life is fragile and it should be treated with respect. The young doe felt how his gaze moved to the top of her head, maybe to the flower and she hoped he wouldn't notice the small flower behind the bigger one. She kept it there for now until she figured a better place for it or if she was even allowed to keep it. "No matter how hard I tried, not every fragile thing can be saved and protected." She said after a moment of thinking. "But I'll try anyway." She smiled at him warmly with her tail flickering.
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Poor guy O_O Pan's such a

Poor guy O_O

Pan's such a brat jeez.
And then chasing him until he gave her due affection hah.
/pets him

LOL yeah. He really didn't

LOL yeah. He really didn't want to give her affection but she was being so persistent. She wins this time.
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LOL AWWW his new art

LOL AWWW his new art ♥
So cute <3

"Thane." The young doe's

"Thane." The young doe's voice was quiet as ever, she knew something was wrong but hardly understood what it was. She had left the situation after trying to ask what was wrong and now she had returned. She was unable to let things just be, things that bothered her mind. "Is something wrong? You seem.. Irritated." She tried to catch the male's eye.

// Awkward moments are awkward. :'D

Thane would draw in a deep

Thane would draw in a deep breath before turning to look at her. He'd catch her trying to capture his gaze, but let his view engulf something other than the doe. "Disappointed... annoyed", he spoke deeply, boldly. His ears would drop to the back of his head, but soon rise. At that point he'd cast her a sharp glare. "I don't know that deer, hardly. He came here... then you soiled my home by giving each other attention in it...". He couldn't of expected her to know, but the place in which the event unfolded was so precious to him. It was tainted now. "Just as well, you throw attention around like it's nothing it seems".

Her heart raced in her white

Her heart raced in her white chest when the male looked at her, it raced even faster when he gave her the glare. She kept her silence for a moment, listened what he had to say. Disappointing someone was something she hated the most and now she felt guilt in her guts. Burning. "He is my friend. I have known him since I was a fawn and he is important to me." She stated trying to hold back the stuttering of her voice and yet keep her tone gentle. "I have respected your wish not to touch you too much but I did not expect that I should give up on showing affection to someone I care about just because you are around." Her tail had hid between her legs and one could see how hard she tried not to let tears fall down, she was hurt by his words. "Nh."
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Not-so-sneaky track~ Also, I

Not-so-sneaky track~
Also, I love the curve of his neck in the bottom picture c:
Sorry about the trouble with Neiro D:

By Leuvr

He didn't have time for this,

He didn't have time for this, and he didn't want to deal with it to begin with. He would practically growl, the quills on the back of his spine beginning to rise. A step closer would be taken. "This is MY home. I brought you here and you tainted it, you inconsiderate little thing". He would look to her with an unwavering gaze, locked in place. He wanted it to be known, even if it meant taking the conversation down a different road. True, there was some jealously felt, but that aside felt there was a deeper meaning to his actions. "I don't want to see it, ever. If you can't respect that...", he about said 'then get lost'... but managed to hold himself back. He had been shouting before, growing increasingly angered by how she'd even attempt to dispute this with him, but now he would draw in a breath and hold it. His gaze was still piercing, quills were still risen, but the stag managed to say something less damaging. "Give respect, get respect". Thane would leave it at that.


Apparanza - Sneaky enough. Also thanks, I really wasn't sure about that when I did, but it's nice to know it is liked? And no problem, I like all forms of interaction. (: Thane however, not so much, lol.

Yet again she let the other

Yet again she let the other one finish before opening her mouth to respond. She felt how her throat was dry and how her cheeks turned red. She was ashamed by her actions, even though she had no idea they would lead to such a mess. As the male took a step forward, she took one backwards. His actions had startled her, made her scared. For the first time she was scared of him, even if it wasn't really necessary.
"Nnnngh.." The young doe was furious at the same time. She stomped the ground with her ears pressed back and eyes watery. She still had a lot to learn about how to deal with negative emotions properly and not to cry every single time. Miyako turned her head away, hiding behind the tree and trying to catch her breath again before she'd dart off.