Slip the jesses; Greitai

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Did you hear that?"



6th December, 2019
Following a fight almost two weeks ago, has been absent from the forest. Residing at Andrea's, pretty much an awful house guest. Quickly gone stir-crazy and requires frequent distractions. Getting along somewhat better with Andrea, but generally just a rude asshole who makes jokes at other people's expenses... distracted by the woman's research into their first contract and the training associated with preparing her for it.

5th November, 2019
A few days ago, ganged up on by Plague and Zemora with Umay as a spectator. Tried to disconnect from the fight numerous times, but always brought back by perceived insults or something of the like. Eventually aided by Bhaelum, who she was both furious with and grateful for. After things died down, tore after the male when he ran - uNTIL he ran right to Zem and Plague :weary:. Tried to break up the fight here and there or briefly battled with their opponents, but her main goal was trying to break into Bhae's rage enough to force him off his attack. Also had to keep Vrasa from going after Umay to help her when things heated up between the demoness and Plague. All in all, bad day.

Still considering the offer made to her by Andrea, especially some stipulations she might add to the deal to sweeten it on her end.

Today, had a little black fawn catch her attention. Taunted the thing, toying with it out of boredom and prodding it for a specific response - got the response she was looking for. Thoroughly enjoyed herself playing with the fawn, though at times the fawn's enjoyment may have been in question? Lost it several times and would hunt it down and begin their game anew - until Zemora caught notice and launched after her. Tried in vain to lose the female by tearing off after the fawn, ended up in a brawl that drew Umay and Ross over.

Fought Zem and Umay, with a brief tussle with Rhea in there. Concerned their intentions toward the fawn were less than innocent (despite that... initially literally imitating hunting it hersELF...). When it all died down, marched up to Ross and quickly explained herself and demanded something of him - with Sabbath on one side, Zemora on the other and Umay behind (till she went yEET bye). Gave only a callous, mocking grin to Zem's words, then stormed off to be pissed and in pain alone.

Eventually sought the fawn out again - unsurprised to find only Ross had actually given a damn, in the end. Relayed these thoughts to the buck as the effects of Scorpion's venom went beyond trouble breathing. Walked off and 'reassured' ross tho rly all she did was stop him from trying to help her.

Joined by Andrea while she vomited everywhere. Accepted, though not without laying down some threats, the female's offer to stay the night at her place.

18th October, 2019

14th October, 2019
grei creates more drama wherever she goes.

As the day wore on, got into more of a screamy mood. Found her victim in Chitz, who she came to blame more and more as she watched the doe's wanderings throughout the day. Ended up having a little talk with her in which she blamed the doe for the events two or so weeks ago idk time isn't real. was really mean and player was sad. also she didn't notice ramsus had turned up until he left and privately piSSED HER PANTS.

Oleander showed up toward the end and briefly conversed with the doe, aNd then they both decided they needed some fun so went to pick on Ross at Greitai's suggestion. Tore chunks of fur out of the buck and ended up screaming at him for all she felt he'd betrayed her. Watched on as he snapped at Oleander after putting up virtually no fight with herself (she had some FEELS), then as he was thrown down the hill. Put a stop to the brief altercation that followed, but... soon decided she didn't care and wandered off.

Kept tabs on things for a little while after, wandered off when Oleander and Rhea started... dancing.

Only for her peace and quiet to be ruined by Ross' approach and a question he asked - THEN briefly chased off Oleander who came looking for help from the crowd she was drawing (to which grei was like 'no this is on YOU') - aND a conversation ensued. big feels... player rl sad.

also rip to oleander, the real mvp. love that loose unit.

8th October, 2019
Returned the day before, promptly slept for a whole day. Found the hospital to be a horrible experience to say the least. Unable to rid her nostrils of the smell of it, completely cleaned out her nest and bathed twice in her attempts. Joined by Garai, somewhat stiff in greeting him but appreciated the quiet company until she felt the need to wander.

Itching for something today, sought it in a few targets - by spitting at the back of Fiacre's head, staring down 'chitz' and, later, Bhaelum - but ended up finding it in a herd of mostly feral deer (Utu, 'chitz', Rye). Relished how they scattered, and targeted Utu in particular, recognising her as Raavas' offspring. Out to do no real damage, sought to terrorise and nip. Fended off by Vrath, irritated by his persistence, ended up engaging him. Helped out by Bhaelum, who became her new target, chasing him to the ruins after pursuing Fiacre briefly. In an entirely different mindset by the time the amalgam was cornered in the pit.

Tore into those she perceived as a threat to the male - Fiacre, Ramsus, Sabbath, Ramsus again... Appreciate that Bhae tried to help her out but was also like 'GET OUTTA MY WAY'. Fi called her Bae's mum which... she was like 'yeah it's true' internally. Felt right, y'know??

The fight with Ram in small quarters went... badly. Slammed against a wall at one point and kinda just... got caught on his antlers and it was a bad time. Lured Ramsus away in the end, running on fumes. Assisted in ending the fight by Bhaelum catching up with her, conversed briefly with him. And she... told him what was actually happening. which wasn't true - but she thought it was!! so. also expressed pride in him, probably blood-loss induced... tried to eat some kids who came to harrass her but just thrOWING herself across the group at them and snapping her teeth... ow.

Later led bhae off when the sound of children laughing and the sight of umay got on her frayed nerves.

Eventually went to wash off at the Idol. Spotted Andrea and did a 180 but alas, too late. Berated by the other woman, and kinda... didn't agree to but didn't say no to her offer of help. Wandered off while Andrea got some supplies, found by Ross, wHO she tried to avoid to no avail. Tried to get rid of him before Andrea showed up - failed. Stubbornly tried to refuse help when Ross decided to stay, pinned down by Andrea and stitched up with Ross' help. Made a fuss, but eventually slipped into a helpless mindset - a week of fighting everyone in the hospital to no avail, and now this, finally gave in to the futileness of her situation.

Parted with a few quiet words, then sought solitude.

28th September, 2019
Struggling of late, for a few reasons and due to a few things in and out of the forest.

Experienced the return of Vithara, somewhat wary, and noticed Fari's distance. Warmed up some and enjoyed some of their old antics, but kept a judgemental eye on the female the whole time. Pleased, overall, but waiting to see how things progress.

Had a few tense interactions with Raavas recently, repeatedly made her position clear in an attempt to garner specific reactions from him - unsuccessful each time. Until today! After a discussion with the bull a few days ago, resolved to hammer the wedge driven between them. Harassed the bull and Friti with the sole intention of goading him into a fight. Successful - until the intervention of Fari and Andrea. Spat and hissed at both, though gentler on Fari, and took her leave. Frustrated by Fari's persistence, eventually got the message across that she wanted to be alone.

Didn't get to be alone long before Andrea showed up. A tense discussion (with an intermission by Fari, who Grei didn't want hearing some of the things shared) that became circular quickly. Attempted to break the cycle by starting ANOTHER FIGHT?? And promptly had Andrea smash their skulls together. Went downhill quickly after that, though kept fighting despite her disorientation. Brought down by being pinned against a tree and thrown into a panic attack. Dazed, confused and losing consciousness, taken from the forest by Andrea to seek medical attention.

Going to be literally the worst patient this hospital has ever seen.

1st September, 2019
Crossed paths with - and by that I mean tracked her down and charged at her - the stranger from the day before. Threw harsh words at the female when approached afterward, culminating in a skirmish and another argument. Fuming.

31st August, 2019
Seemingly unconcerned with the unnatural speed at which her daughter healed - downright oblivious, if anything. Proud of how Vrasa has bounced back, at least.

Today, after a chance encounter with a stranger, left unsettled and seething.

28th May, 2019
Following an accident regarding Vrasa at the playground rocks that resulted in a broken leg for her daughter, keeping Vrasa concealed to the best of her ability. Stubbornly refusing the idea of seeking help from the few she trusts enough to ask.

8th February, 2018

23rd January, 2018
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7th June, 2017

thanks brit

Name: Greitai
[The] Raptor/ess, Feathercrest.
Gender: Female.
Age: 8th of July. Adult.
Set: Skull mask, magpie antlers, real deer pelts.
Species: Dromaeosaur-faced with an ungulate body*Part of a species, not a hybrid.
Diet: Carnivorous. Small prey, fish, carrion.
Speech: #6C733E. Capable of a wide range of sounds.
Voice: Varied vocalisations
Size: Just below 10.
Reference: x*Needs scar update.
Haunts: The Nest.
Tumblr. (nsfw)

Loyal, predatory, respectful, proud, inquisitive, spiteful, stubborn,
competitive, protective, skeptical, cautious, intimidating, affectionate, playful, reliable, impulsive, clever, hypocrite, vicious, masculine, arrogant, overconfident
snippets. situations themselves decide the reaction.


Expressive, bird-like behaviour and mannerisms. Eye pinning along with feather displays constitute a large portion of her body language. Also includes an array of sounds such as screeches, hisses, squawks, chatters and even coos.

Has a crown of feathers that are used primarily for display and communicative purposes. Has a few molts per year, usually at dramatic change of seasons, particularly irritable at this time and prone to excessive bathing and preening.

Long-legged and long-necked. Neck is flexible enough to allow her to comfortably rest it on her back. A lithe and athletic individual, well-muscled when healthy. Bears a bodily resemblance to lighter breeds of equine.

Mouth filled with recurved serrated teeth, designed for tearing.

Fake mammal™.

Feathers, when flared, can make her appear larger than she is.

Carnivorous, an opportunistic feeder. Will eat carrion, but not a preferred food source. Careful what, or who, she hunts.


Extroverted and social, though not without her need for solitude. Deteriorates without a steady social life, not shy about seeking others out usually.

Stubborn in many ways. Additionally, capable of convincing herself of things that aren't quite true in an attempt to keep certain thoughts or circumstances the way she 'wants' them to be. In denial over a few things in her past, including how she got to the forest.

Plays rough, especially with young. Intentional, controlled.

Falls easily into disliking others for petty reasons and then acting in such a way that prompts them to give her more solid ones, based on their reactions. Convinced she's proven right, can hold onto grudges like this for years.

Bisexual with a male preference, lacking awareness. Denies her feelings, though may flirt shallowly with women here and there - writes it off as something everyone does and is convinced it means nothing. Perhaps surprisingly, not homophobic, just misguided and confused.

"When the circling and striking are done, and I land,
Let me come back to your hand."

Finally.. ♥

Finally.. ♥


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... YES, FINALLY &hearts;


Thank you guys ;U;. IT'S

Thank you guys ;U;.

IT'S ONLY TAKEN... UGH... actually it's taken about a year for me to get off my lazy bum and do this... 8D

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This looks so great, with the

This looks so great, with the greens and the jungle bg. ♥

Jaja &hearts;. OhmyGod. You

Jaja ♥.
OhmyGod. You didn't tell me. Jorogumo, holy. 8U Why didn't you say something? ;AAAA;.

Thank you Ama ;u;
I got pretty picky in some instances.

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Oh wow, this is completely

Oh wow, this is completely gorgeous. ♥
I like how the dark green of the main box allows you to still see the main background.
+ everything here seems to fit her so well, of what I've seen. 8D

I'd like want to meet her one day, whatever the circumstances allow. c:


Oh thank you Dindin ;o;.

Oh thank you Dindin ;o;. sdfkgjhnadha. I'm so glad.

That would be awesome, I'd like that~ c:

the amount of times I have updated this blog since I posted it last night is insane. Cool Dun' worry 'bout it.

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And here all this time I was

And here all this time I was wondering why on earth I could never find a bio for this character!

Nice to see one up finally. ^_^

TRACKS Oh man I didn't know


Oh man I didn't know she actually saw Leon today. I think I must had been afk...well hopefully I'll see her again soon. I really like the sound of her

Well then I'm just going to

Well then I'm just going to have to make our deer get together then. Fosho.

+ one last thing.
I think I just crapped my pants. ;____; ITS DARK OUT TOO FUUUUUUUU-
Yet I keep replaying it. I think I recognize one of the sounds from Jurassic Park?

Oshit, is that what she sounds like? -Shudder.-


c: Ohyes. That is exactly


Ohyes. That is exactly what she sounds like.
She sounds like those raptors because I love them despite their inaccuracies.

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Ohgoodgod. ;___; Strangely,

Ohgoodgod. ;___;
Strangely, it makes me want to meet her even more now kjhiuhgdt.

Ooh, it does? Good, then.

Ooh, it does? Good, then.
I'll have her squawk in your character's face, then. ;DD

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Ooh, perfect~ 8D Time for

Ooh, perfect~ 8D
Time for bed, so mebbe tomorrow or later on.

I await the squawking moment (rofl, I never thought I'd ever type that. O__O).

You two are ninjas :CCC Lol

You two are ninjas :CCC

Lol Sight 8D. I kinda recognised it wasn't really fair of me not to have one for her. I'm just so damned lazy.

Alina. LOL. Leon was close to running into her at one point! xD You must have been doing something pretty crazy with the keyboard. He was running, leaping and everything. Another time, then.

...Dina, does that mean at some point you actually considered the improbability of typing that?

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Hi. <3
S still holds a grudge from their past fight, really, he's very unlikely to forgive or let go of someone who has hurt his mate. I agree with greitai though, he's very selfish at times, that place doesn't mean shit to him either. Hahahh, he evil.

'Ey. Can't blame him for

Can't blame him for wanting to protect something dear to him, really. Or holding a grudge against her for harming that something. The moment they're gone, you can bet she'll be all over the area xD.
All well, he has his reasons, evil as they may be. |D.

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Poor Waar. (8 HELLO Omg

Poor Waar. (8
HELLO Omg finally, I've waited for this for ages. Trackingg. :3



Poor Waary-pants ♥.

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omfg, like, FINALLY. 8D

omfg, like, FINALLY. 8D

8'D Ohhello there. I told you

Ohhello there.
I told you I'd do it, didn't I? C8

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/jumps everywhere/



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ROFL &hearts;. YEEEE~! LOL.


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Okay. Not now. Maybe later.

Okay. Not now. Maybe later. Be ready girl c:<

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*Readies battle

*Readies battle equipment*
Bring it >U

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Greitai... ? The doe walked

Greitai... ? The doe walked to the raptor, determinated as never before. Greitai... I need to speak with you. About something. She suddenly said. She swallowed with some difficulty, as if the next sentence was too hard to say. It's about Ariel. The porcupine-bitch who attacked Beren. She finally got to say.
She layed her ears down on her neck. She was waiting Greitai's reaction. She knew what Greitai would say after Nat-Nat's next sentences. She hurted Beren, and you'll certainly be the next. It'll happens. She knows... She knows that you both are my weak points. And she'll hurt you. She began with Beren. It was just warm-up to her eyes. And see Beren's state. He's strong. Physically and mentally. But Ariel made him afraid. I know him. He certainly hurted her. But... Ariel is more powerful than what she showed to Beren. She had rarely saw her brother like this before. In reality, never. That's why I ask you to protect each other while I try to kill her.
She said brutaly. She didn't want to beat around the bush no longer. The Ghost waited. Even if she knew what Greitai would say, approximatively.

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Her golden eyes were fixed

Her golden eyes were fixed upon her dear friend, though concern shone within them. "So that is her name." Oh she had been there. Poor Beren had been the main target, and her wounds did not allow her to keep up with the adversary that had come so quickly for Beren. She could hardly be surprised with the ferocity of Nat's speech, and a small smile tugged at her mouth seeing the ghostly doe fire up so. Her expression did not hold this small smile for more than a moment. "But how dare she. She's is a great coward, using those... dagger-like quills rather than fighting properly. Maybe we should humble ourselves in her presence, for her cowardice must be unmatched." she snarled, snorting loudly.

She listened, and shook her head slightly, "I don't think she's very smart, Nat'. She has a mind that seems to think of one thing at a time." Of course Greitai did not know this for certain, it was merely an observation. "I'll take her by the neck and shred her windpipe if I have to." Now this was big talk, for it was unlikely Greitai would be well enough to take such actions against such a dangerous foe. She was aware of this fact but simply refused to dwell on it.

"No. We are stronger as many." her voice was firm, and her eyes determined. Two golden eyes locked upon Nat's face. "If she let us think that was her 'real power' and she's much stronger than that, then it would be foolish for you to do this on your own." The directness and forcefulness of Nat's voice was enough to convince the raptor-doe that this was deadly serious. "Do you understand? Do you think that we would just let you face that pile of filth on your own? If she's coming after us anyway, then what's the point in staying out of it, Nat'? I... cannot allow you to fight without aid." She reached out with her muzzle, intending to brush it gently against dear Natou.

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Track. 8D

Track. 8D

Heiyah 83

Heiyah 83

-rubs herself all over this-

-rubs herself all over this-

Hey guys 8D &hearts;. Thank

Hey guys 8D ♥.

Thank youuu ;u;

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I'we seen her around alot,

I'we seen her around alot, tacking. <3

Thank you eue Speaking of

Thank you eue
Speaking of which, I haven't yet tracked Adriian's biography, have I?
I need to do that. He's such a darling.

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Nat-Nat was touched by

Nat-Nat was touched by Greitai's words. But an idea came up to her mind. Greitai... It's between her and me. She... She'll kill you. If you help me, she'll wait a moment when I'll don't be here. And she'll attack. Not when you'll be both here. No. When you'll be alone. When you won't receive any help. I don't want this. I prefer dying, more than seeing you hurted or... killed. The last word sounded wrong in Nat-Nat's mind. Killed. She tried to imagine a raptor-doe and a giant-wolf won by a porcupine-doe. It sounded wrong too. Then, she imagined her brother, the one she loved the more on this earth, and her best friend, who had always been here for her. She tried to imagine them killed. Killed by her fault, because she didn't protect them as she had to. She couldn't let it happens. The Ghost couldn't even suppose this option. It was impossible. She knew she maybe was pessimist. Greitai and Beren were both very strong. But, even if they get hurted by her fault... Nat' couldn't support this. She had tried to be reasonable, to listen at Greitai's words. She had failed. The porcupine wasn't just a porcupine. There was something else. Balthamos had told her. When he spoke of his ennemies, of the ones who wanted to hurt him... He said 'Them'. His voice was becoming little, afraid. His body was trembling. They were dangerous, whoever they were.
The doe looked down. Her anger faded away, to give a place to the culpability. The sorrow. Her brain stopped to act for few seconds. I didn't want to... To do this. she said. She sighed. Beren and you. I don't want you with me anymore. I... I tried to make you both understand that... That I didn't want you to p-protect me. But you... I know you both love me. And this is the problem. A weak point. Love. Family's and friend's relations. We can't let our feelings for each other make us loose. Make us hurted. Maybe die. I'm sorry.
Nat-Nat's choice made her shiver. She never thought she could do it. She knew that it would be Greitai's reaction : refusing to let her fight alone. It was the same for Beren. So she had thought about this possibility, and had created an option. A small and uncertain option. But at the moment, it was the only way for Nat-Nat to fight alone. Putting some distances between them.
Making them dislike her, or simply staying hidden from their eyes. So they wouldn't know anything from her actions. They wouldn't know anything at all.

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Pssshhh &hearts;

Pssshhh ♥

"And she won't kill you?"

"And she won't kill you?" and a snort, "That's when they all attack Nat', I'm accustomed to it." She refused to let this go. To allow her friend to go forth and battle something that was evidentially so dangerous, alone? It was preposterous, ludicrous and insane all at the same time. Perhaps is was that Greitai did not understand the gravity of the situation enough, or perhaps she was too damn stubborn to stand aside and lose another. There wouldn't be another Natou, not ever. She utterly refused to contemplate it being possible, and likewise refused vehemently to desert her friend in her time of need. Whether Nat' was aware of this or not.

"You do not understand. That is where we are strong, don't you see? One doe against a doe built much heavier and with 'apparent' hidden power. The odds? They aren't stacked in the doe's favour. If there were two that stood by her side, however, wouldn't she have a greater chance of protecting those she loves?" A deep breath was taken, the roof of her mouth sore due to an unfortunate bite upon one of the many quills that had adorned the porcupine beast.

Her mind raced, leaping and clawing at any and all arguments that could be used now. It was desperate, yet determined. "If you... look, Nat', if you were to fail then where would that leave us? Grief-stricken! What better time to finish us off, too than when we are mourning? I don't think she's stupid enough to leave us healthy enough to strike back at her later." She needed to be rational, but it was hard. The desperation lapped at the edges of her voice, which was less and less controlled at Nat's declaration - that she didn't want her brother and best friend with her. Greitai had nothing else here that was important, so this she clung to.

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"Nat-Nat..'' Concern in his

"Nat-Nat..'' Concern in his voice, he frowned. The wolf's eyes were fixed on his sister's. "You are my sister, and I am your brother. Who would I be if I'd let you go there alone? I don't want you to go there alone. And I won't let you." His voice sounded determined. "She got us into this now. And I won't turn back, especially if it has you involved in it. I would rather die helping you than just simply be killed." It was his choice, and no one would ever change his mind.
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I'm sorry, Greitai... But...

I'm sorry, Greitai... But... Did you think to me ? What if I loose you both ? I'll be alone. Forever. If you loose me, you'll still be together. She said, before being surprised by Beren. B... B-Beren. You're my brother. That's why... I... Won't fight with you both. I'll stay alive. Don't worry. She suddenly said, panicked. Her hoove couldn't stay one second at the same place. Stressed, she was trying to make them understand. And if she had to make them hate her, so she would.
She stopped for few seconds. And looked at them, stopping to move. Are you... Selfish ? I wan't to protect you. If you... If you get hurted or killed by my fault, I won't have any reason to stay here. Do you understand ? I won't live without you both. Stay here. D-don't move. I'll f-fight alone.
She looked down. Maybe they didn't understand her. Maybe they were thinking she was crazy. Maybe she was crazy. But her priority was to protect the ones she loved the most since her birth. The Ghost sighed, bad. She made herself a promise : to observe them both, hid, when she could do it. I can do it alone. I can. I promise you. I can do it. I... I'll come back, and all will end. Please... she asked.

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"Don't blame yourself. It is

"Don't blame yourself. It is my choice, forced by no one else but myself. I don't want to let you down again, Nat-Nat.'' The wolf knew he had failed to be there for his sister when she needed him, and Nat-Nat has never failed to be there for Beren. He felt that he is indebted to her and that he should return the favor, even if it would cost his life. "If I will have to die, I'll die for you."

/sorry for my short replies..

She had been about to retort

She had been about to retort once more when Beren made his presence known. She was silent for a moment, and then her voice was heard again. "And if Beren's made up his mind, then I'll doubt you'll manage to sway him. I won't abandon you now, Nat'. We can help, don't you see that?" she shook her head, remembering that even when Nat's soul had detached from her body, the ghost doe had tried to reprimand Greitai for her protective behaviour. "Would you sit back and let either of us do this? Look, Beren's entirely right. The moment she attacked, she brought us into this and now she must face the consequences" a growl and a nod of the head. Nat' was insane if she thought for even a moment that she would ignore their friendship and let Natou fight on her own. "I don't think you can stop us from helping, it's something we want to do." a heavy sigh, "If you come back, Nat'. If. Remember Seikin, remember how terribly you were hurt?" she had so many things to say, and yet they swarmed her mind and made it hard to concentrate on one thing. She was sore and tired, not the image of perfect health - that certainly wouldn't help convince Natou.

So she lifted her head and the feathers rose from their calm state, the eyes of each feather glaring outward. Feather upon feather, eye upon eye raised behind her head and about her neck. She hadn't been around to stop Seikin, but she would be around to stop Alice. Whether she had to drag herself through the forest tracking Nat' or not, and this determination was sure to show within those two golden eyes of hers. "We're in more danger if we don't help you, and I , too, would rather die fighting for something than pitifully and in sorrow."

{ Haha. Lol 'kay, this is a bad post. }

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[ Anti & Ammy - Your RP are

[ Anti & Ammy - Your RP are so amazing. So be quiet guys D8< ]

The Ghost sighed one more time. She knew she was stubborn. But she knew, too, that they were two stubborn creatures against her. She wouldn't win. Even if she decided to be distant towards them, so, she was sure they would be here when Ariel would come. She was touched by their words, their reactions. She tried to be at their place. She knew she would have doing the same for them. Tears in her eyes, she slightly smiled. I... I guess I can't... I can't make you think like I do... But... If something happens to you, I... She didn't end her sentence, too fragile to think about this possibility. She couldn't even think about it. And simply looked away. I remember Seikin. But... Yes, I was hurted. I don't really know what can kill me. Maybe love. Maybe... Something else. She gave them a concerned look, thinking to Akal at the same time. Maybe Ariel. She ended. Then, she gave them both a warm, very warm nuzzle. Th-thank you for being there for me... Always. But please. If... If I... If I... If something happens to me, just stay strong. Okay ? she asked. Balthamos told me they were more than one. Ariel isn't maybe the only one. She's... She's from the bad side. So she certainly has friends. We'll always be in minority. Always.
She looked down, pessimist. But not if we stop Ariel first. How to stop a demon ? It was a very, very good question. But at the moment, Nat-Nat was only thinkink to her brother and to her best friend. She said, a new time : Thank you. She couldn't even tell them how grateful she was to their friendship and devotion.

/ I don't have the time to correct any mistake, I'm sorry ;__;

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"It doesn't matter what she

"It doesn't matter what she can do exactly. I don't care. I won't leave you. And if something happens to you, I swear I'll end her." He frowned again, though the frown disappeared soon and he gave Nat-Nat a warm look. "But don't worry. Everything will be fine.'' The wolf reached out for his sister and nuzzled her, a smile appeared on his face.

She moved forward to meet

She moved forward to meet Nat's warm nuzzle. Long neck reaching out eagerly to affectionately and warmly return a caress to her dear friend. "If she even comes close to stopping your breath then quills or not, I am going for her neck." these words were said firmly, and with teeth like hers, Ariel would be wise to avoid them. Though it would be unlikely for her to get a good purchase on the porcupine doe during the midst of a fight, her teeth were backward facing and serrated upon either side - not the best mouth to have snapping at one's neck to be sure.

Balthamos. The... the little fawn whom she did not get along with? Well, one of them. Perhaps, if he was part of this, it would be wise for him not to be as frightened of her. She moved, standing beside Nat-Nat now, her neck resting so gently upon her the Ghost's back. A comforting gesture. Silent for a moment more, before speaking again "Ah, but you have friends too. I don't see hers around to back her up when she needs them. Do you?" a hint of pride in her voice. Her golden eyes glanced upon Beren, and there was a singular blink and a slight nod of the head. An subtle gesture of appreciation and respect.

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Can I add you on msn? >u>

Can I add you on msn? >u>

OhmyGod. Yes >

OhmyGod. Yes > u>

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