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  • Lately in Migisi's life...

    May 18th 2013

    Woke up found Lats'vel at the ruins with...a group of unsavories 8| Was not going near Umay or Fury, thank you. Glad when the Pig took notice at least. Took up residence on his back and rode him around a while till he returned to the ruins. Went to go hang with Talla instead...until she took off to join some HOLYFUCKHELLNO scary cat thing, Rui. NopeNope. Suddenly found herself being chased by kitten-things? AGH. Had a very close call with some claws. Hid on top of Lats again. Other stuff...
    Apparently not all that acknowledged or important to anyone 8| Ended up flying off to brood.

    Found Zash in the birch forest and hung around with him for a bit. Found her interest in the stag was growing, yet cut their meeting short for a nap. Ran into Dominic again...though found him in the presence of Nii. Huffed at the doe and refused to go near, then threw a screaming fit when Dominic chose the doe over her. Flew back to her nest and curled up by herself, blinking back tears. Nobody wanted her around...

Migisi [mih-gees-ie]
Eurasian Jackdaw
Typical coloration for her species. Black mask to contrast
with her striking and intelligent blue-grey eyes. Silver feathers
cover the back of her head and around her neck,
melding into darker gray and then black cross her wings and belly.
About 14 inches in length. Small but sharp beak.

Can change into...

TEF Human-faced Deer.
Jackdaw-like colors and markings. Dominantly
shades of gradient gray and black. Black face
'mask' with pale blue-gray eyes. Short, feathered
black hair on her head.

Outgoing • Protective • Stubborn • Invasive • Curious • Helpful • Possessive • Vain

• Company and making new friends
• Sticking her nose where it doesn't belong
• Grooming and doting on others
• Being groomed and doted on
• Unusual trinkets and shinies
• Close physical contact
• High places and lofty views
• Being taught new things
• Chasing small animals
• The color blue

Can Do Without...
• Being attacked or chased off
• Dirty, unkept deer
• Large predatory birds
• Someone taking her shinies
• Being ignored or insulted
• Feline-like deer/ creatures
• The color red
• Being surrounded or feeling trapped
• Weight on her back
• Mask spells or surprise devouts


Starting over. Will be determined...

Starting over. Will be determined...

Work in progress...Stay tuned!

Current shinies...

• Small gold ring
• One of Nightmare's big peacock feathers
• One of Cypher's shirt buttons
• One of Cypher's cuff links
• A bell on a purple ribbon
• Three small bullets from Nightmare
• Bent silver ring from Abseilen
• Cypher's silver, blood'stained tie
• Opal stone from Herla
• Two smooth stones from Nate
• Jackdaw bones...

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>:V Heyyou. Need your e-mail

>:V Heyyou. Need your e-mail again. sorry

I got a Mig-page. =D
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Pounces endlessly at small

Pounces endlessly at small black thing on the ground before rudely attempting to sit on it.
That'd be Fik.

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Migs is NOT AMUSED >:C -hiss-

Migs is NOT AMUSED >:C -hiss-

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No sexy-birdie Cypher for you

No sexy-birdie Cypher for you tonight.

-Throws mounds of shiny

-Throws mounds of shiny things at in hasty and poorly thought out apology-
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"You're.... quite sweet,

"You're.... quite sweet, aren't you? Thank you so much... I don't often get such pleasant company here..."

Eeeeee I finally found out who you were I'm so happy :'D
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I want a hundred Migisis. She

I want a hundred Migisis.
She must be the most awesome magpie ever. B|
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The bird cocked her head at

The bird cocked her head at the deer's soft, pleasant voice, offering a quiet 'Chyk' in return before placing herself at his side and wiggling her tail feathers.

Welcome! :3' I finally found someone your awesome boy wont run away from ha!

Ocean: Don't let her hear you call her a magpie! Haha <3
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"Hnn~" ffff He really does


ffff He really does need more friends :'D And he has a soft spot for little animals c':
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Why do you always log in when

Why do you always log in when I have to log out? ç_ç
Ps: Do you mind me adding your msn?
siggy by Pegasicorn
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I don't knoooooow ._. Then I

I don't knoooooow ._. Then I missed you logging out because someone was at the door -pout- Sorry 'bout that. Was glad Migs got to see him for a little bit though. It's funny, she feels almost motherly towards him haha.

And yeah sure you can ^^ It's
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Though his thin, thin pelt is

Though his thin, thin pelt is slick with perspiration, his head hanging even as he sat next to the largish tree, the little buck still had the faintest of smiles upon his pinkish lips. Breathing heavily, he turned to the jackdaw with a sort of sickly, yet satisfied air.
"I apologize Miss Migisi, I shouldn't have gotten so worked up over a child... but I must admit that you make for some surprising... and effective security." what a valiant little bird! He would have loved taking her ad his own, like his own two dear crows...
Catching his breath, he leaned down and gently pressed his snout upon the jackdaw's side, a little touch of gratitude.
Of course. Bartleby was no stranger to doting such massive amounts of affection on his pets.


I swear Miggs is the most adorable little thing ever ;; So happy to see her again♥
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The bird tore her pale eyes

The bird tore her pale eyes from the surrounding forest, dropping her guard to cock her head up towards the stag as he spoke. She seemed pleased to hear her name, fanning and wiggling her tail feathers, but grew subdued again as she watched him. Labored breathing, pained expression...again she looked him over for obvious injuries and sniffed for blood, but found nothing. 'Chyack' she answered back, blinking and following his movements as he reached down and gently nudged her side. The bird hunched her wings as though she might take off, but instead merely used them to keep her balance, gratefully accepting the touch by lifting her own head and rubbing her beak along the side of his face. Hopping closer, she huddled against his shoulder, idly grooming the sweat fur along his chest.

<3 :3

hey lev here, just wanted to

hey lev here, just wanted to let you know Kes didnt mean any harm earlier she was just trying to "herd" migs under the rock. the stomping was cause she was getting frustrated. and the antlering and nodding was her nudging migs. Just to clear that up.
Side account to Viral.
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Hey there. Hm...I tried to

Hey there. Hm...I tried to add you on MSN, did you get the invite?

i dont get invites anymore on

i dont get invites anymore on my msn :/ . i dont know why ill have to add you as well.
Side account to Viral.
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Ah...well, please do ^^ My

Ah...well, please do ^^

My msn is
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Juliet says hi, so I'm going

Juliet says hi, so I'm going to track this at the same time.
She is curious of the small bird she's seen so often and she feels a bit protective of her, too (as is the case with other creatures that are smaller than her, whether they be fawns or other animals).

She'll look after "Small bird" to the best of her abilities. ^_^
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Aw <3 Juliet is a sweetheart. Migs usually isn't too keen on being 'protected', but being all banged up at the moment she's more skittish than usual. Very appreciative of Juliet's help ^^ Migs will certainly return the favor when she's well again.

finally... for this account

finally... for this account as well
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Ah, found you &hearts;

Ah, found you ♥
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-huddles against- ...

-huddles against- ...<3
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It's Momo &hearts;

It's Momo ♥
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-sees this way too late- Oh!

-sees this way too late- Oh! Oh gosh DX -feels dumb- Sorry Migs treated him like that .-. Aww, Momo~
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Aw it's okay, I also changed

Aw it's okay, I also changed his picto, so... understandable :'D
And haha he doesn't mind, he really doesn't rofl.
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Definitely an overdue track.

Definitely an overdue track. Sherlock is so very fascinated by this adorable little bird <3
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Welcome! She is quite

Welcome! She is quite interested in him as well...Just not Sianna no much haha. They have a...violent history DX
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Sherlock was beginning to

Sherlock was beginning to suspect as much, seeing as little Migisi would not come to him or Sianna. Poor thing
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"Can I get you something to

"Can I get you something to drink, Migisi? Some berries, maybe?" The buck asked, concerned for the small bird's physical. He did not have his mother's expertise when it came to treating wounds, so providing her with protection, and body pillow, and some nourishment was the best that he could offer.
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The bird cracked her eyes at

The bird cracked her eyes at the buck's voice, her body quivering awake. She felt on edge. Her instincts told her she should stay awake and be alert, yet she felt drained of the energy to do so. Migisi tilted her head a little to gaze up at him, but of course she didn't answer, not understanding.
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The buck sighed, at a loss

The buck sighed, at a loss for what to do. "I wish I could help you, Migs..," he murmured as he wrapped his neck loosely around the side of the injured bird. "I wish I could understand you."

Poor Migs ;;
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Oh goddamn it. Again?

Oh goddamn it. Again? ._.

Alright...Who wants to break the news to Cypher?
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oocQuill: 'ey Cyph, I think

oocQuill: 'ey Cyph, I think yer bird's broken. -pokes Migisi-

News broken. B|
-pets Migs...lightly-
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Sherlock has simply fallen in

Sherlock has simply fallen in love with this little bird. Hope you don't mind xD
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^^ aw. She's growing rather

^^ aw. She's growing rather fond of him as well. Very pleased with all the attention he gives her :3

Sorry about the little domestic she caused there. She's good at those... ._.'
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Pfff, it's no problem.

Pfff, it's no problem. Sherlock's just being a fart today~
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I've decided it's epic, how

I've decided it's epic, how close you just got Migisi to Sherlock in midair. Sher landed about a yard away from Sianna. Kudos!
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Lol, well thanks! Though

Lol, well thanks! Though considering she's a flying creature her inaccuracy in these matters is very disheartening ._.
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I disagree. I'd say that's

I disagree. I'd say that's better than anyone could have gotten it!
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YOU FLATTERER YOU DX....-glances at Sianna- ....-cuddles with Sherly smugly-
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Don't worry. Sher's currently

Don't worry. Sher's currently jealous of Sianna's ex-boyfriend, Latrell. Latrell the rock.
-snuggles Migisi jealously-
Shiori's picture

Latrell you say? -eyes the

Latrell you say? -eyes the phallic looking stone-

Well come on man, be real. I mean, what guy can compete with that?
Possessed's picture

Right? It's about the sexiest

Right? It's about the sexiest rock you'd ever see. Mother nature. She always wins.
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"Migisi &hearts;"

"Migisi ♥"
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-Chirps and rubs all over-

-Chirps and rubs all over-
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Small Bird was definitely not

Small Bird was definitely not very happy. Even when Juliet couldn't understand all of what was said and done, she understood as much. So when the doe fell asleep, Juliet quietly got up and headed for the berry area nearby. There, she collected as many branches as she could carry before making her way back to her friends.

A small pile of fresh berries now reside besides both of them. Juliet is gone, probably wandering around in the forest. She would be back later, but until then the berries would keep her friends fed. Hopefully it would also help Small Bird to get used to what she was now..and to remind her that no matter what she appeared to be, Juliet would be there for her if she needed her.

(No need to reply. Just wanted to scribble something small..^_^ )
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Oh I see. Making me do all

Oh I see. Making me do all your work for you, eh?!
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Naw, Don't worry Migs... most

Naw, Don't worry Migs... most of what he does when he's happy doesn't have much of a point :'I
Congratulations, you've been promoted to student status~
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Haha! Yeah she's a hard one

Haha! Yeah she's a hard one to motivate sometimes XD Always has her own agenda...But Bartleby did fairly well with her :3 I really appreciate him taking the time and interest to do all that...I was beginning to fear she was going to have to learn a lot of things on her own. STUDENT IT sure you up for this? XDD

Now she's gotta learn how to talk 8[