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  • Lately in Migisi's life...

    May 18th 2013

    Woke up found Lats'vel at the ruins with...a group of unsavories 8| Was not going near Umay or Fury, thank you. Glad when the Pig took notice at least. Took up residence on his back and rode him around a while till he returned to the ruins. Went to go hang with Talla instead...until she took off to join some HOLYFUCKHELLNO scary cat thing, Rui. NopeNope. Suddenly found herself being chased by kitten-things? AGH. Had a very close call with some claws. Hid on top of Lats again. Other stuff...
    Apparently not all that acknowledged or important to anyone 8| Ended up flying off to brood.

    Found Zash in the birch forest and hung around with him for a bit. Found her interest in the stag was growing, yet cut their meeting short for a nap. Ran into Dominic again...though found him in the presence of Nii. Huffed at the doe and refused to go near, then threw a screaming fit when Dominic chose the doe over her. Flew back to her nest and curled up by herself, blinking back tears. Nobody wanted her around...

Migisi [mih-gees-ie]
Eurasian Jackdaw
Typical coloration for her species. Black mask to contrast
with her striking and intelligent blue-grey eyes. Silver feathers
cover the back of her head and around her neck,
melding into darker gray and then black cross her wings and belly.
About 14 inches in length. Small but sharp beak.

Can change into...

TEF Human-faced Deer.
Jackdaw-like colors and markings. Dominantly
shades of gradient gray and black. Black face
'mask' with pale blue-gray eyes. Short, feathered
black hair on her head.

Outgoing • Protective • Stubborn • Invasive • Curious • Helpful • Possessive • Vain

• Company and making new friends
• Sticking her nose where it doesn't belong
• Grooming and doting on others
• Being groomed and doted on
• Unusual trinkets and shinies
• Close physical contact
• High places and lofty views
• Being taught new things
• Chasing small animals
• The color blue

Can Do Without...
• Being attacked or chased off
• Dirty, unkept deer
• Large predatory birds
• Someone taking her shinies
• Being ignored or insulted
• Feline-like deer/ creatures
• The color red
• Being surrounded or feeling trapped
• Weight on her back
• Mask spells or surprise devouts


Starting over. Will be determined...

Starting over. Will be determined...

Work in progress...Stay tuned!

Current shinies...

• Small gold ring
• One of Nightmare's big peacock feathers
• One of Cypher's shirt buttons
• One of Cypher's cuff links
• A bell on a purple ribbon
• Three small bullets from Nightmare
• Bent silver ring from Abseilen
• Cypher's silver, blood'stained tie
• Opal stone from Herla
• Two smooth stones from Nate
• Jackdaw bones...

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*tempt with shinies* &hearts;

*tempt with shinies*
♥ ♥ ♥

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Shinto: Yeah she can be a little hard to understand...though maybe a bit easier after you know her for a while? She has certain habits she follows...I think. Guess it's easier for me to figure out than other people! Might not be a bad idea to make a little 'common actions' blurb to help people out...then again the challenge is part of the fun :3 She is a bird who can't talk after all. Anyways...she'll be a bit more weary to approach him now but will probably stalk him when she has the chance. We'll see how it goes haha. She's pretty forgiving ;D

Cicada: -headtilt- ...-hops after- ?


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lakdsjaks she's so adorable.

lakdsjaks she's so adorable. ♥
Guaranteed fan art, as soon as I figure out how her size relates to Ab. omg.

(oh my, so much drama. I saw Mig going at Walter; such a tough little birdy.)
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Aww thanks! Sounds awesome ^^

Aww thanks! Sounds awesome ^^ Shes a pistol lol, good thing she's not a deer I guess, just don't tell her that! She was pretty pleased that Abs came and found her earlier <3
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Quad: "Oh hai! I

Quad: "Oh hai! I mean...umm...caw?"

XD!! Nice to meet this character, hehe
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Ugh, sorry, I meant to sit

Ugh, sorry, I meant to sit NEXT to poor Migisi earlier, not ontop of her rofl I had a pelt spell on me that made me swivel and plop with much indignity expected afterward x3
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Migisi: The bird looked up at

Migisi: The bird looked up at the stag with an unimpressed look as he attempted to 'speak her language'. “'Ello” the jackdaw responded dryly, but it was the throaty, unnatural sound of a bird simply mimicking real speech. Even still, she stood a little straighter, proud of what she knew.

Nice for her to finally meet Quad :3

Krystal: Haha, they were off to a rocky start there huh? Migs wasn't sure if she was just trying to play or if she was getting aggressive... And yes, she is very insulted when deer sit on her haha. Well, strangers mostly. Buuuut it seems like they patched things up now ^^ She's still a little unsure of her but...she wouldn't mind hanging with Krystal again <3
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"I will remember your little

"I will remember your little bird face as well"
Track. Finally found you (:
siggy by Pegasicorn
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*Reads her comments about

*Reads her comments about Cypher*

Ah ha! I knew it!

Damn, now I really want to write something, but it's gonna take weeks to get to the point where I can post it. D=


>u<~ <3
Lamb really adores her.
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[blockquote]Cypher fretted

[blockquote]Cypher fretted about, socially awkward as usual.[/blockquote]

Har har har. How funny!

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Why am I not tracking this

Why am I not tracking this yet? Fixing that right now! c: I apologize that Robin became a little moody; she was already upset that Migisi was trying to get her closer to the ruins, which she is afraid of, but then she brought her a bit too close to Mr. Sanguine as well. Naturally, Robin got spooked and took cover. She isn't really angry at Migisi, just a little hurt and upset. Kids, eh? She'll get over it after a good rest. ♥
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WELCOME XD Yeah Migs was


Yeah Migs was looking for a little fun after all that sleeping. She loves the ruins and wanted to show Robin a few of her favorite spots. XD She didn't really understand what was wrong at first. The Mr. Sanguine thing was completely accidental though @_@ Wasn't really paying attention. Poor girl ._.
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Aw, poor Migisi! It's sweet

Aw, poor Migisi! It's sweet of her to try and show Robin her favorite nooks in the ruins. When Robin finally realizes there's nothing to fear there, Migisi can give her the grand tour! ♥ Oh yeah, I figured that the Mr. Sanguine thing was an accident/coincidence; no worries about that! She's starting to look up to the little bird, so hopefully Migisi's toughness will inspire her in time. c:
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Must track this now.

Must track this now.
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I really like reading her

I really like reading her journals XD I thought I found the animal-spells very hard to understand in-forest language wise, but it seems I didn't get it so wrong after all. Also, I too think of Migsi whenever seeing a jackdaw irl. Especially the one at the trainstation who struts around like he owns the place.
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Thank you :3 They're quite

Thank you :3 They're quite amusing to write haha. I hope she isn't too hard to understand in forest...though being a bird who can't talk, not making sense sometimes is to be expected haha. And aw I wish we had jacks around here...I love all crows but they are especially pretty :3 I'm sure you guys probably get tired of them though aha
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ffffff I missed Mig's

ffffff I missed Mig's retelling of yesterday's events. |D I have half a mind to ask if you have it saved...

*toss birdseed around for lack of better things to do*
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Oh.My.God. Why didn't I track

Oh.My.God. Why didn't I track this!?
I love reading her journals she is such a sweetheart <3
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Cicadia: Aw, no I didn't save

Cicadia: Aw, no I didn't save it. She was quite pleased to have her two ladies back though <3 Only sorry we had to leave them so soon ._.

Schutzgeist: Welcome ;D Glad to hear it haha. Sorry about having to leave so abruptly earlier ._. Hope she didn't miss anything...
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Aww, she's so cute

Aww, she's so cute <3 I dunno why I never tracked this, I run into her all the time. xD
Tracking. ^^ ♥
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^^ Thanks. This has been

^^ Thanks. This has been quite the 180 for her lol, she doesn't know what to think about Levi and Crucio...but they're certainly not lacking in the attention-giving department!
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xP I see she doesn't like my

xP I see she doesn't like my red-winged blackbird so much!
I don't think he will be coming by Migs that much, lol.
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Lol yeah xD as awful as it

Lol yeah xD as awful as it sounds, a big reason for their dislike of Migisi in the past was because they associated her with Tandem when that big whole dramafest was going on. "A friend of my enemy is my enemy"? Something like that.. it doesn't make sense but it's the way their minds work anyhow xD

Also sorry for semi-sitting on Migs. ;____; Not used to being around such small creatures. <3
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*run in*
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Shika: Haha! She is very

Shika: Haha! She is very competitive, and all the testosterone in the air got to her I guess =p PLUS now that I knew he's a blackbird and not a crow it makes more sense she wouldn't like him hehe.

Xemi: Naw I figured that was why. She was attacking them in Tandem's defense so it's perfectly reasonable they'd feel that way XD But that's why the sudden change of heart confuses her. Luckily while she's quick to judge she's also quick to forgive, and their attention lately has outweighed any attention Tandem's given in a long while so...THEY'VE BEEN PROMOTED ;D

Cicadia: Awwwwwww yeah~ Why's he have to be so gosh darned big? .__. -nuzzles leg-
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Does it include dental? -slapped-

YAY. PROMOTION! 8D /such a

/such a creeper

I don't think I've ever told you how much I love Migs. ; u ;
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LOL that depends, are there

LOL that depends, are there bugs between your teeth? -peer-

Aw :3 Thanks.
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Iknorite? It's like, she

Iknorite? It's like, she finally makes a birdie friend, and she still has to worry about being trampled.
:I Who woulda thunk it?

Lucky for her she's so cute. *preenpreen*
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What, you don't like my

What, you don't like my teeth-bugs? B|
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|D Just letting you know,

|D Just letting you know, this is 'Eyes saying goodnight. Theoretically, he should be beat by now, and I've got to run to the store. It was awesome spending time with Mig today, though.
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Haha I have no idea what Eph

Haha I have no idea what Eph is doing in the Birch forest. I switched to the TEF window and there he was. Weird!

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Lol...I was kind of wondering

Lol...I was kind of wondering what he was doing o__0
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Eeee, it feels like it's been

Eeee, it feels like it's been forever~ ♥ *scatter birdseed*
Just letting you know, Bright is very much scuffed up right now, so he won't be a great playmate today.
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(No subject)

<3 ^^
Aw don't worry about that...Migs is sulking because Cypher has a new 'girlfriend' XD Also this bird keeps following her around - the one she was fighting with. She just wants someone to snuggle with, not in the mood for playing herself.

Traaaack >w>

Traaaack >w>
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The forest seemed to glow as

The forest seemed to glow as the sun slowly began to droop in the sky. Its golden rays seeped through the canopies, casting long shadows across the mossy ground. The bright pink poppies swayed side to side in the fall breeze as birds sang sweetly in the distance. After a day of chaos, a serene look finally returned to the lush landscape. Though even with the violence gone, a raging storm was brewing over the hillside; a fight still needed to be fought.

Stiff and sore, Cypher pushed himself forward - stumbling over his own four feet as sharp pain shot up his back leg, biting at his spinal cord and locking up his hip. He winced as bone grinned against bone with each step. He limped about Forest with his ears perked beneath his fedora; listening for sounds of hooves approaching him from any direction. His black vest hung over his slumped shoulders with a fine layer of dirt over it, turning the once rich black color to a dusty shade of gray. The white shirt beneath it had turned an off color; tattered and torn, the buttons had come loose exposing more of his scruffy chest. The events from the day had left their mark on him. The wounds it take a few days to heal and scars were bound to form. Yet despite the exhaustion, he had a job to do.

The crumbled pillar came into view as he crawled up the hill. Hesitating, his glossy eyes scoured the field below. Looking for any signs of a white pelt on the green canvas. He let out a sigh of relief to discover no one standing near the entrance to the ruins. Now he could begin the toughest battle of the day. Slowly, he began to go down the opposite side. Being careful to not trip on his wobbly legs on the hill's slope. A few small rocks rolled beneath his hooves as he stumbled to even ground and trotted towards the hill, ignoring the pain that dug into him. His pace slowed as he stepped up to the stone structure. Looking up, he squinted his eyes to find the nest hidden somewhere in the stone. Only noticeable to those who knew where to look.

The twigs stuck out slightly from a tiny niche in the rocky wall. He gazed up at it with a thumbing head as blood rushed from his swollen nose. Closing his eyes, he took a few deep breaths to fight away the nauseated feeling swirling in his sour stomach. Blurred vision greeted him as he lowered his head back to ground level. "Migs?" Cypher called out while trying to focus on a rock resting by the base of the pillar, waiting for his eye sight to readjust. "Migs, my dear, are you home?"
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The sound of footsteps didn't

The sound of footsteps didn't rouse the bird. She was used to hearing them, coming and going, having not chosen the most private of places to build her home. Yet few bothered her up in her roost, tucked in the shadowy corner between pillars of stone where she usually watched the roaming deer with interest.

None interested her now.

The jackdaw sulked. Her thoughts were far away...or as far as a bird's thoughts could go. At least one distinct image played over again in her mind. At least one idea kept nagging at her. Cypher disappearing into the trees, walking away from her; choosing that doe over her. The nerve! Of course she could have followed, but surely he couldn't expect her to! Not after how rudely she'd been treated, chased around like some common pheasant for the pleasure of it...hmph! No, he had another thing coming if he thought-


The bird's silver head lifted at the sound of the familiar voice. The deep, comforting tone she'd grown to love immediately grabbed her interest and sparked a warmth inside her that began to spread. Her feather's ruffled with pleasure at the relief. She was sad and she was lonely, but Cypher was here. He would make it be-

But wait... she was mad at Cypher. He had left her!

The thought stopped her cold and she immediately sunk back down into her nest, her sleek black plumage falling flat again. All the warmth was forced out, and the emptiness of indecision felt cold in comparison.

“-my dear, are you home?”

His voice continued to pull at her. She felt as though she was fighting every instinct not to go. He deserved to be ignored. He needed to be punished for what he did!...But did she? Very reluctantly the bird stood, stepping gingerly from her nest to peek over the edge of the stone down at him. She did not crow her usual greeting or hop about in her usual glee. She could not even muster the anger to puff herself up and hiss in her usual moodiness. No, this time she simply stared down at him, barely daring to reveal herself.
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A few moments passed as he

A few moments passed as he continued to stare down at the ground. There seemed to have been three or four rocks where there should have been one. All four of them were lined together in a perfectly aligned row, touching side by side and...Overlapping each other? With transparent edges? Cypher closed his eyes tightly. Pulling his eye lids as close together as he possibly could while shaking his head. His bangs swayed madly over his face brushing gently against his cheek before opening his eyes again. Oh. There was only one rock... Slouching over, he glanced to this side to gaze out at the lively world. Blurred images were clear once again; perhaps now he could look around without being so dazed.

His blue eyes began to climb up the stone pillar. Lightheaded, he stumbled back slightly as he stretched his neck to get a better view. Things started to sway again, but quickly regathered as he focused his vision on the twigs hanging over the edge. A small circular shape popped up over the tiny wall of sticks, looking down at him. Migisi's silvery smooth feathers glistened in the soft sunlight, illuminating her figure against the dark shadows. A faint smile came to him as he saw her, relieved that she was at least acknowledging his existence, but the smile quickly faded. He knew she would be upset with him, but he was expecting her to be her moody self; expecting her to be pissy as she flopped around with ruffled feathers and throwing a hissy fit - which was something he could deal with. But as she looked at him, he could not feel a heated glare. Instead, he felt something else. The heart wrenching feeling of loneliness and sorrow in dull eyes. His heart sunk as he frowned. Bloody hell...I fucked up, didn't I?

Hanging his head, he sighed heavily and hide his face behind the rim of his fedora. Thinking of what he possibly could do. He had thought about this scenario before, questioning silently to himself how Migisi would react of another got close to him. She had always been rather possessive of him but she also seemed to allow other's near. She never acted jealous when Shika or Balthamos followed and sat with him, but there must have been something about Sax that bothered her. He had tried to the best of his ability to bring peace between them while ensuring Migisi knew she was not going to be replaced. He might have felt an unfamiliar urge to follow the doe, but the little jackdaw was still important to him. If she were a deer, he could simply explain all of it to her but being a bird, speech was something she could not completely comprehend. Presenting a challenge to him: How could he prove to her that she was still precious?

Cypher gathered the courage to face her again. This time scratching at the stone floor before him, beckoning her to join him. "Darling, do not hide yourself," calling up to her with a tender voice and sweetening his sentences with pet names. "There is no reasoning to be distant, my dear."
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Staring down at the stag,

Staring down at the stag, Migisi felt another pull at her torn heart. His clothes were rumpled and dirty. His white fur was ruffled and smeared with red here and there, indicating wounds hidden amongst the scruff. He looked slightly unfocused and unsteady on his feet as he craned his head up at her. Even his face was bruised. It wasn't the first time she'd seen him in such a state, but it never got any easier. She had tried to defend him against the mad smiling deer's rampage, though her desperate clawing and pecking had only seemed to drive the stag's actions more aggressively. She could not protect him...but at least she'd tried.

And Sax? Had she tried? Had the troublesome bitch even offered a tongue to groom his injuries with? Injuries she had provoked!?

With these thoughts, the bird's sympathy slowly began to crumble apart, though not dissipate entirely. A low, hissing breath was forced from her nostrils as she rocked from one foot to the other in distress. She stopped once he began speaking again, reluctantly cocking her head to listen. His strong voice sounded a little funny now she noted. A bit more nasally? Yet he certainly knew what buttons to push. Only Cypher called her such endearing names with such patient fondness. Damn him! She stepped closer to the edge, eying his outstretched foreleg as he pawed instructively at the ground before him. Again she fought to resist him, against the loneliness that longed to give in. The jackdaw came to a compromise. Lifting her wings she fluttered over his head, passing him by to land not on the ground but on top of the rusty bars of the large metal cage that sat amongst the ruins. She turned her body to face him, the feathers around her neck lifting up as she gazed down at him expectantly. Just what she expected, not even she knew for sure.
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A low hiss came from above as

A low hiss came from above as the jackdaw finally gave some sort of response. Despite the cold distance lingering between them, Cypher felt slightly more at ease by the huffy pout. It was obvious that she was furious but at least she was not ignoring him completely like he originally expected. He watched as Migisi swaggered at the edge before settling herself. She twitched a bit before spreading her wings. The clothed stag's heart skipped a beat for a moment, hoping that perhaps she had reconsidered coming near him. He even took a second step backward to give her space to land, but his heart only sank as she took the sky. Her shadow flew over him, then over the crumbled stone wall behind him. With a few more flaps of her ebony wings, she carried herself over towards the hoary cage. Turning towards him as if taunting him.

His glazed eyes followed her to her new resting spot with narrow eyes. Rolling his stiff shoulders as he turned his head away from her, snorting with a frustrated - yet amused - smirk upon his face. Of course...It's never that easy, is it? Drawing his lips inward, he nipped his bottom one while a low groan rumbled deep within his throat. Moving hurt, but he could not just stand there and beg her to come to him. Oh no, that's not how Migisi worked. She might have been flattered by the pleading, making her feel empowered, but if he truly wanted to win her over again, he was going to have to work for it.

It had not been the first time he managed to upset her; in the past, he just simply showered her with a few pleasing words and a sparkling gift, but this was not like past times. This more than just simply saying the wrong thing or not giving her enough attention. This time he made the ultimate mistake: making her feel abandoned. It was never his intention to do so. He had tried coaxing her to follow them, selfishly assuming she would just accept whoever else he picked to let into his life. He had watched her fly away from him; debated on going after her but, again, just assumed she would return to him...And then the fights broke out...And he felt it was best to keep her away for her own safety...But clearly, she did not know that.

Guilt slowly ate away within him as glanced over at her. Noting the conflicting look of rage, sympathy, and longing that seemed to dwell within Migisi's grayish-blue eyes. His eyes closed as he inhaled and heavily exhaled. Chest heaving with his breaths, trying his best to not look more pitiful than he already did. Many probably would have said it was not worth the trouble. She was a bird after all. Just an animal, but as he had come to know her more than just "an animal" for she certainty did not act like one.

Wincing, Cypher turned towards her direction. Gah... he moaned as he lifted his forelegs onto the small, stone wall. His inflamed muscles burned.Shooting sharp pains throughout his whole body as he hoisted himself up upon it. Dragging his relentless hind behind him. Wobbling, he spread all four of his legs outward to balance himself. Cursing in his head as he began to realize of stupid of an idea it was to try to climb over the wall instead of going around it, but it was too late to rethink that decision. He drew his legs in closer as he carefully reached outward with his left foreleg, trying to reach the ground on the opposite side. His weakened body gave away under the unbalanced weight sending the damaged stag forward. Body and all. He toppled towards the ground, quickly staggering about to prevent himself from falling fearing that he would lose the remaining bit of respect Migisi had for him if she saw him collapse.

Cypher managed to keep himself stable enough to sway over towards the base of the cage. There, he willingly lowered himself. His dead weight pulled him to the dusty ground like a magnet. Still groaning in pain, he sat at the base and leaned against the metal bars for support. Gulping down dry air, he steadied his breathing. He tried to look up at her but the brim of his fedora blocked his view. Shaking his head violently and swatting at it with his hoof, he knocked the fedora off his head. The ruffled black hat rested on the ground beside him, exposing his mangy mahogany hair that laid flattened against his head. Now, he could glimpse up at her with ease.

"Playing hard to get? I suppose a shiny will not please you this time, eh, my darling?" he questioned as he rested his chin upon one of the thin bars. "I suppose I deserve this...Being the bloody bastard I am. You have every right to be upset with me, dear, but you still are and shall always be precious, my sweet."
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What...what was he doing? It

What...what was he doing?

It was true, Migisi did want him to work for his forgiveness. A darkness in her heart wanted the satisfaction of it, because surely he'd made a mistake. Surely he must suffer the consequences! All the times before that she'd demanded his apology had gone well for her, after all. She was showered in praise and affection and gifts...what could be so bad about that? Clearly that meant she was someone important and so deserved such things. However...he had not been injured before. It was not such a struggle for him to accommodate her desires. Despite glimpsing his current injuries, she had not factored them into her calculations, and now...

What was he doing!?

The bird watched in growing distress as the stag attempted to crawl his way over the wall that separated them. What possessed him to do such a silly thing when he could have gone around it was beyond her comprehension, made for an endearing effect, however accidentally. She crept forward along the top of the cage, her eyes wide and wary as he slowly hauled his sore body over the partition, and then - Eep! Cypher stumbled forward, for sure about to fall. Without thinking Migisi lifted her wings, determined to go to him and...what? Catch him? Her claws tightened around the rusty metal at the last minute, keeping her grounded. The buck caught himself before hitting the ground, clumsily righting his posture again. She breathed a sight of relief, settling against to watch him limp the rest of the way to the cage...and collapse there.

The jackdaw flinched at the sound of his body hitting the crumbling dirt and stone. Pulling her wings tighter against her body she lowered her head and cowered away as shame began to peck at her viciously. Cypher's sweet, breathy words only rubbed salt in the wounds. Peeking down through the twisted metal, their blue eyes met. Why was she the one that wanted to look away? Agh! With one last flare of defiance she puffed up at bounced from foot to foot in a miniature tantrum...then settled again. It was no use. He was too pathetic. Resigning herself to her weakness, she sighed heavily and lifted herself from the cage, gliding down to land a short distance beside him – right on top of his discarded hat. Her small talons scratched at the fabric and she bent forward to chew and peck at the hat to exhibit her displeasure. Satisfied, or growing tired of the display, she settled back and stared up at him with a meaningful gaze.
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The corners of his cracked

The corners of his cracked lips rose slightly, attempting to form a smile as the jackdaw now sat closer to him. Dried blood dripped down from the sealed gash upon his swelling bottom lip. Tainting his his face with a crimson streak. "[cololr=#787878]That a girl...[/] he whispered quietly to himself beneath a heavy breath. Slowly, things were beginning to mend between them. At least, that is what he told himself in order to keep from falling apart farther.

With Migisi now at ground level, Cypher allowed himself to collapse fully. He lowered his front half towards the ground as his back slide down the bars. The rusty metal scrapping across the back of his vest, leaving a reddish-orange hue on the faded black fabric. Wincing, he tucked his forelegs in under his chest, and pulled his hind legs closer to his body. Curling himself into a sad-looking ball of fur and material as he rested his chin on the stony floor.

He gazed over at her with tired, lost eyes. Looking her up and down as she restlessly clawed away at the hate. Releasing a bit of tension and rage from her tiny body. She remained quiet; not hissing or huffing like he thought she would, causing some concern the bruised buck. "Are you alright, my dear?" Perhaps that was a stupid question to ask. Of course she was not 'alright' emotionally, but worried for her physical being. Sax had not been the kindest too her, and a violent stalker had kept on top of Migisi for most of the day. He had tried to defend her. Tried to convince Sax to accept Migisi and tried to scare the antagonizing bird away, but he worried greatly that he had failed at that too. "Are you harmed, darling?"
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She shifted as he looked her

She shifted as he looked her over, cocking her head at his question. Are you alright was a phrase she'd heard many times now, and one that was beginning to hold meaning to her. It always seemed to come about more often after a fight when injuries were present, so surely it had something to do with that. An acknowledgment of some kind? Uncertain, she spread her wings for a brief moment before tucking them back to her sides. Aside form some ruffled feathers and some superficial scratches from that damned invasive bird, she was alright. She was lucky to make such a small, inconvenient target and knew better than to sit still for long.

She was growing wary however of the careless stomping of hooves she had always felt so at ease around. Growing wary of her collection of friends slowly disappearing, leaving her behind or...turning on her. Her little body shuddered at the thought. Was Cypher next on the list? Crucio had also whispered sweet nothings in her ear... But that as different. Cypher was different, because he had never turned on her. He was here now and not with her and surely that meant something! What was worse? She needed him more now than ever before.

After a long pause of just staring back at him, the jackdaw slowly stepped from his hat. She moved towards him slowly, though there was purpose in her waddling gait. Her eyes moved over him and she wished she was a deer then, able to tend to him the way she watched Herla do with her strange plants and tender touch. Wait...that was it! Jumping back suddenly, she let out a 'Tchyk!' of sudden inspiration before spinning and flapping off, leaving the stag alone – and no doubt a little confused and dismayed.


Several minutes would pass for him before the flapping of wings would alert him to her return. She was indeed returning to him, landing easily beside him with a mouth full of...weeds? Hopping in front of him the bird dropped her findings, nudging them in his direction insistently with her beak. Yes, she was sure these were the flowering plants she'd seen Herla use so often when making her medicines. Though...exactly how she went about preparing them for whatever their intended purpose was was lost on the jackdaw. Surely Cypher would know? She blinked up at him, tilting her head before allowing her eyes to rest on the trail of blood running down his lip. Concerned, she stepped forward and gingerly extend her beak up towards him as though trying to touch the injury, though there was little she could do to clean it herself.
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Laying motionless beside the

Laying motionless beside the cage, he watched as Migisi extended her wingspan as far as it would stretch before pulling them close to her body again. It seemed as if she could move her wings without any pain. A few lose feathers hung from her silver chest as a single black feather fell from the little wing flutter she did for him. The feathers did not look like they had intentionally pulled by her; they must have been ripped away from the other black bird that had been following her, and surely the stress was getting to the poor girl. Though, she had been moving from place to place with ease. Leading him to believe that she must not have been hurt too much.

Cypher's dull blue eyes grew a shade lighter as a tiny glimmer of glee twinkled in them. At least she was okay; at least one good thing hat happened in the pass few days. Lips trembled as he attempted to smile again, but could only manage to one corner up as heavy eye lids hung down over his eyes. Still gazing over at her, pleading silently for her to come closer. Questioning why she was hesitating to come closer. She was not pouting or hissing at him. If she was in a demanding mood, she would have turned her back to him and ignored him already, but she did not do that either. She just stood still, staring at him with a stern, sorrowful look.

His ears perked slightly from the leap of excitement within him as the little bird finally stepped to the ground and waddled a few steps in his direction. Had she forgiven him...? The thought caused him to lift his chin off the ground, mouth partly open as if to speak to her, but she...Took off?! "Migs?!" Without warning, Migisi took to the air and disappeared off towards the near by trees. The sudden movement caused Cypher to jump. His head instantly sprung up as he drew his left foreleg out from beneath him. Arching it slightly in attempt to raise himself, but he stopped as his eyes settled on her figure in the distance scouring the ground and picking away at a few plants. She had not perched in another tree so she was obviously not running or hiding from him. She had not turned in his direction to taunt him to follow; she just silently search. His thin brow bent above his eye. What was she doing?

His eyes were fixed on her when she began to fly back to him. His heart skipped slightly as she landed at his side with a few pulled grasses and a flower blossom in her beak. Carefully, she sat them before him and nudged them closer. Confused, he looked down at them and then up at her. Then back down at the plants. He was not entirely sure of what they were; they looked like weeds and just common plants growing about the Forest, but Migisi seemed to see some significances to them and...She wanted him to eat them...His lip curled to the side exposing his grinning teeth as he gave a wary grin, "Thank...Thank you, my dear."

Sighing, he lowered his head to the ground. Snapping at the leafy pile and chewed. He could faintly taste the watery juices from the plants on his tongue while moving them around in his mouth. His eyes closed tightly as he forced himself to continue to chew the nasty plants, but he had to do it. He had to please the jackdaw and she did go out of her way to bring them to him. When the plants had turned to an earthy mush in his mouth, he gulped. Pulling his head back and allowing the soft "food" to slide down his throat as he swallowed. Shuttering at the unpleasing taste, yet still smiled.

"Heh. You are far too kind to me, my sweet, exhausted, he brought his head back down to the ground. Looking at her eye to eye from her level. "A devious bastard like me does not deserve such a tender girl like you, my dear. I suppose I am just lucky then, wouldn't you say?"
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The bird hopped back as he

The bird hopped back as he leaned forward, first to inspect the plants she'd brought, and then to take them into his mouth. She watched in rapt curiosity, tilting her head when he made a face. Did deer like to eat green food? She found the idea disgusting herself, but had spent so much time with the creatures the idea was second nature to her now.

Migisi shuffled backwards even further once he'd finished chewing, giving him space to rest his head. His face was close to her now and well within reach, but...she hesitated. Her eyes watched his split lip move as he spoke and she found it hard to concentrate on what he was saying. The smell of the plants he'd consumed was strong on his breath, and the blood... her scavenger's nose was finely tuned to the scent. This blood inspired no hunger in her, however. It made her sick to her stomach. Shifting uneasily, her gaze was forced from the red smears in his fur to the pale blue eyes staring her down. They were vibrant without the shadow of his hat to darken them, standing out sharply against the black mask circling his eyes. So similar to her own...

Sighing heavily, the jackdaw stepped towards him, once more reaching out to gently bump his swollen lip with her beak. Her curiosity grew all the more with the simple touch and she gingerly began to explore his face, softly caressing his bruised cheek and the fabric on his mask above his brow. Then his tousled hair drew her attention and she pulled at it curiously, wiggling her tail feathers.
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His pupils twitched side to

His pupils twitched side to side within his crystal irises as his eyes followed Migisi's head. Bobbling about as she hopped around the ground. Curiosity completely engulfed her. Something seemed to memorize her, capturing and holding on tightly to her attention. Eventually, her beady eyes returned to his as the two stared into one another. She had always been close to him, but never quite like this. She generally kept to his side, nuzzling herself into the niche created by his curved abdomen at this side. Or perched upon his back. Or dug herself in between his vest and shirt as she snuggled to his chest. Surprisingly, they rarely looked at each other directly like this. Her sparkling eyes looked like two, polished jasper stones tucked into the silvery fluff of her face. Ebony feathers shimmering in the sunlight as she inched her way closer to him. Slightly admiring the elegance in her step.

Heh...Pathetic... groaning, Cypher allowed his heavy eyelids to collapse together again. Numbness bit sharply into this legs, causing him to shift them beneath his body to avoid from cutting off blood circulation. He must have looked like a worthless waste of time. Sitting beside a rusty cage covered in dirt and white fur stained with red blood. Clothes ripped and torn, dangling off his lanky frame as he rested in the grass, after begging a bird to forgive him.

His eyes slowly opened as he felt a gentle tug on his lip. Wincing slightly, he did his best to hide the small sensation of pain. Migisi was being gentle but it was not like she could control the natural sharpness of her beak. He said nothing though nor tried to shake her away; just allowed her to go about as she pleased. Her slick feathers soon brushed up against his tender cheek as she rubbed against him. Inquisitively pecking at the circular mask he wore before playfully reaching for a lock of his rich brown hair. His bang bounced about as she tugged on it, luckily not enough to cause him distress. He watched her from the corner of his eye. Feeling more at ease now that she was beginning to warm back up to him.

Sorrow gradually began to swirl within his chest, developing into a heavy knot that tied itself tightly to his heart. It was not that he did not Migisi's company - in fact, he treasured their moments together - but that factor was the one that had sparked the sadness to begin with. Of course, he cherished time spent with his other friends. Enjoying the eager cooperation Balthamos possessed while following him on his rounds and the pride that came with how much Shika seemed to relay on him. Or the more recent way his heart raced from the rushing adrenaline as he and Sax chased one another. But with Migisi, things felt different. They felt connect but yet, also disconnected. Like something was missing from him and only she managed to remind him of what that something felt like, even if he had no idea what it was. Or why he felt it. He knew it had to do with tender way she caressed him, the admiration that she held towards him, and the possessive loyalty she had of him. They made him long for something that he seemed to have forgotten.

Something that he was beginning to not be able to live without.

"Easy now, my dear," Cypher gently called out to her as he pulled his foreleg out from under himself. Carefully, wrapped it behind where she stood, and placed his hoof to her back. Offering support as he returned her soft nuzzle. "I am assuming you have forgiven me, darling?" His brown-tipped ears swiveled back and forth in anxious curiosity. "You are certainly a priceless gem that cannot be replaced. Remember that, Migs..." Eyes narrowed in seriousness as he spoke to her, slightly more personally and casually than normal, but still containing his trademark charm.
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The bird released the clump

The bird released the clump of bangs she toyed with and hopped back as the stag began to shift his position. He spoke again, and his voice sounded weary. He had a different look in his eyes now. A sadness there but...somehow it was different then the usual melancholy she was growing accustomed to with him. Cypher did not stare into the distance lost in thought, but he looked at her. He her. It was positively profound. The jackdaw gawked, transfixed on the confusion and longing that stared back at her. It was strange, trying to translate human expressions into feelings she too could understand, and these were such complex emotions...

Yet, little did she know, she could relate. Having been found as only a hatching and barely remembering the faces of her parents, the little jackdaw had not had the most standard upbringing for her species. She spent far more time with her cervine protectors then with other birds. She was always a bit awkward around them as a result, uncertain of just how to act. She was stuck between two worlds, clearly not of one but unable to properly comprehend the other. Perhaps she and Cypher weren't so different, in that respect. But she still had her instincts. She still longed for her flock, and did all she could to gather one around herself. She longed for something else, too...something that most females her age would have already acquired and acquired for keeps.

For you see, when a jackdaw chooses a mate, it is a mate for life.

Migisi had the potential for such a bond, and even the desire...but what was she to do with it then no other jackdaws were about? As Cypher gently cradled her to press his face against her she couldn't help but think about it again. She had grown to adore deer, not birds. She had spent so much time with them that she even considered some handsome or beautiful to the point of being desirable. It was not unlike her collection of pretty, shiny things she kept stowed away up in her nest...or at least it hadn't been until now. She watched him pull away again, his hot breath on her feathers as he spoke, his tone more serious now to match the determined look in his eye. The bird was unsure what to make of it. Why was he hurting? She was with him why wasn't he better? A low, soft hiss escaped from the cracks in her beak like a sigh. Waddling forward she approached his chest, taking a moment to nip at the torn, button-less flap of his shirt before carefully positioning herself off the the side. Tucking her legs, she settled against him in the crook where his neck met his shoulder. Her head rested heavily upon his outstretched foreleg and she concentrated on his warmth and the feel of his body rocking with every breath. Forgiven, could it be any other way?