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Haunted and Ignited
Take care
Or you too Shall Burn

Bio contains hidden scrolls, hovers, and images/animations and may take a moment to load
Treated 99% IC his thoughts and deeds are his own
May include reference to themes of violence & strong language in the future.
Discord: PenumbraEx#2103
Feel free to approach/message anytime~ If I don't respond then I'm just temporarily afk | I crash often | I'm painfully anxious but I don't bite |D
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NStill adding art
"I wish I knew what to do..."

Losing more and more sleep, with the newfound time filled up with too much thinking.

Things have started to feel a little better with Nawfar, but he still can't help but feel some of the wall that was built between them has a few bricks left in it. On his birthday she gave him a beautiful shell trinket. He's kept it close to his person ever since and treasures it greatly. Still wishes that she would talk to him more, there's so much he still doesn't know about her, and the more she grows the more he fears he'll never get the chance to be "papa" again.
In the same vein starting to feel some distance from Pagan, though he imagines it's just the farm work occupying her mind.
Starting to feel torn over whether the distance wouldn't be better for them in the end considering the thing haunting him, but desperately does not want to wind up alone and isolated once again.

Made to think about this dilemma once more after spending what started out as a pleasant evening with Grace, chatting and enjoying each other's company. Began to feel uneasy, fur prickling up his spine, feeling as if he was being watched. Later after the sphinx took her leave, Feige found him once more and settled in for some quiet company.
As the two sat by the Ruins idols, he heard their spirits' frantic whispers that someone unsavory had been messing with them. The thought only fueled the chill rising in his chest and resolved to tell Pagan of it later...


?/Deer | 30s | MALE | ♉ MAY 6th
AH-teek ★ Ancient

Pinterest ★ Music ★ VoiceToy
Size: 13
Scent: Sandalwood, Sandstone, Jasmine
Likes: Warmth, wandering, goofing around
Dislikes: Snow, cold
★ Mix between a Caspian Red Deer and a Fallow deer in build
★ Eyes are known to glow slightly in low light
★ Blood can burn when spilled


Passionate ★ Gentle ★ Patient ★ Selfless ★ Resilient ★ Charming ★ Fearless
Willful ★ Self-Destructive ★ Heated ★ Hesitant


He is stronger than he looks with a frame of lean muscle hidden under his fluff. This makes him extremely fast and agile, and while slow to anger he can hold his own just fine.

From time to time the scars on his shoulder bother him, mostly in damp or cold weather, making him sluggish, slow, and sore, Atiq is also frequently reckless and will aggravate the old injury by pushing himself too hard when it acts up. He doesn’t like to acknowledge his own weakness, needing to appear strong for others.


Even though Atiq leaves a first impression of being charmingly playful and exceedingly gentle and caring, in his own company he carries a bit of sadness about him, almost bittersweet. Protect or play, or be a very soft pillow to cuddle up to for naps, he is very much a “mother hen”, whether to family, friends, or even strangers. Always concerned for those he cares about and will put their needs above his.


Atiq is a very old soul, philosophical in his thinking and is very inward-looking, he spends a lot of time in his own mind. He is brave when he needs to be but upon first meeting him he can appear a little anxious, it quickly disappears however when he turns on his charm and introduces himself with a low bow and a lopsided smile. Being roused into a playful mood is when this stag truly shines, he's walked this forest for FAR longer than many ever guess and knows it intimately, he uses this to his advantage in games as he can race amongst the trees unhindered and hide out of sight of any prying eyes. He can be mischievous when he wants, but it’s always with harmless intent.

Tries to see the best in others, though he is not naive or easily fooled.


Awoke in the Forest long, long ago. It was vast, quiet, and nearly empty. Came to be with no memory of anything, and did not question it. Neither did he question his form and how easily he took to it, nor how he had no recollection of a childhood and appeared in full adult form immediately. He spent many a day and night swaddled in a carefree existence, nothing mattered outside of these impossibly tall trees. The fact that he could never quite tell if he knew there was a sky or not never seemed to bother him.
Years passed and the stag faded in and out. He'd walk from places known to unknown in a fog and return to a changed forest. Over time his ignorant bliss turned to silent melancholy and distant observation.
Questions he should have asked years and years ago finally surfaced as the stag's full awareness began to shake itself free. The nights went from being dreamless to threads here and there of subconscious
thought or perhaps a history.

He found he felt just a little bit Haunted. Even Hunted.

His fears were confirmed after being abducted by an unknown force that stole his time and his memories until it spat him back out.
Atiq remains vigilant and slowly falling into paranoia while trying to keep himself and his family afloat.




"Little Firebrand"

Adopted Daughter. Deeply bonded. Loves and Cherishes more than anything in the world. His lifeline. Has paid with his own blood to save her on multiple occasions and would do so again without hesitation. Dotes on her but does not indulge her sass. Admires her fiery spirit and underlying warmth and her playful side. Extremely proud of. Felt a distance after his abduction and return and desperately wants to reforge the bond properly, hoping he's doing his best in that regard.



Co-parent and cherished friend, budding confidant. After his sudden appearance covered in ash and nightmares, was invited into her home to recover.Stayed with for the support and blessed company. Enjoys her insights, her playfulness and kindness, her genuine care and her unyielding courage in the face of danger. Forged a fierce and deep bond with and feels familial protection and loyalty to.


Neirin‣Close friend and confidant. Enjoys his wisdom and his eccentric nature.

Lemon‣Close friend. One of the kindest and gentlest souls he ever had the pleasure to meet.

TOG‣Dear friend. Bright forest spirit that always brightened his day, one of the first souls he met after a long and foggy road. Misses seeing her work in the plant life around the woods.

Jude‣Dear friend. A kind and friendly face to sit and pass the time with. Sat with him through injury and low spirits.

Thais‣Dear friend and lovely neighbor. Pleasant companion and gentle soul, her warm nature reminds him of summer sunlight.

Kaoori‣Dear friend from a distant past. Saw her beginning and growth in the forest from a small distance. Every time he's met with her since has been smiles and joy. Enjoys her presence.

Graceanne‣Dear friend, indebted merchant. Bought a cinnamon broom from one fall season, caught her eye and started a friendship. Endearing company with plenty of laughter and joy.
Healed his daughter after an encounter with her mother, would do anything to repay the sphinx.

"Lil Babu"‣Co-hatched little wonder. Cute, adored, and fleeting presence.


Tan, Cu, Feofan, Sabel, Fritillaria, Sub Rosa, Culzean, Maeve, Snow, The Reverend, Damaris, Kinsha, Levant, Cydae, Baldur,


Maritus, Vidal, Joha, Shanaz, Ceryn, Noelani, Mio, Cennétig, Sindelle, Doitsu, Ciel, Uy, Easca, Leovys, Takato, Husami, Galene, Sage, Rossamund, Salem, Crescent, Llyr, Vrasa, Z'ress, Nishi, Sasuda, Cavallo, Shelly, Ashley, Grimoire, Shiva, Walter, X, Maab, Echo


Marella‣Nawfar's biological mother. Twice attempted murderer of her own daughter. Gave him the scar on his back. Unhinged and hated.

☠‣Unknown, abductor. Branded him with a strange sigil.


💔 Lacey 💔

"We bloomed for too short a while"

An old flame, a young love. Felt at home in her presence and was in awe of how sweet and gentle she was. Still holds some grief for.

☙ Darcy ❧

"Faded Monarch"

First friend, best friend, held in high regard even now. Looks fondly on their early days and distant laughter.

Kumiko, Reetno, Skokey, Quad, Rowan, Rutilus, Martisol, Emiva, Isis, The Twin Dancers, Fledermaus, Vipin, Aspen, Xylia, Mystress, Cavalier, Shyla


A hip bag given by Pagan. Uses mostly in Forest for holding interesting items or gathering herbs.

An old pipe made of wood and brass, with a small symbol carved on the stem, matching the one found on Atiq's shoulder. Found discarded in the woods.

A scrap of blue and gold cloth found snagged on a branch on the path home.

Ominous sigil branded between his shoulders, recent, burns occasionally. Neirin copied it to paper for further study.

Purple jasmine flowers, grown in Forest, likes to decorate his antlers with.


Den in the Birch. Still visits occasionally.

Has a second favorite spot, one that was a frequent haunt of his ex-mate, Lacey. Accidentally planted a garden of jasmine there, tends to it frequently. Likes to share the blooms that grow there.

Pagan's farm in the far north. It's cold, but it sparks the burning sense of adventure in him,'s starting to feel like a real home. Reluctant to see it go.

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Love it. xD

Love it. xD


ATIQ -SCREAMFLAIL- I lurve you and we missed you ;^;
Find me at my "toboe" account
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Hehe love the pic! XD Null

Hehe love the pic! XD
Null and void is a little sad though ;.; ...ah well. TRACK.
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"Don't mind me, Sir, just

"Don't mind me, Sir, just passing through..."
I guess you could consider this a tracking post...?
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@ Amazon - lol thanks x3 @

@ Amazon - lol thanks x3

@ Vagrantcy - haha is that a rabid fangirl in the audience? xD [EDIT'D] AND HOLY PLOT TWIST BATMAN I DIDN"T REALIZE IT WAS YOU RAI ;^; .....old Cato's been out of it for far too long

@ Shi - haha YES Construction!Atiq is amusing isn't it? |D

yes...yes it is :<. I didn't like where his history and story were going, i wanted to try again >.>

@ Eros - oh hello again, snuck in on me XD I guess i'll consider that a track then C: <3

Track because he looks so

Track because he looks so darn cute with that sign XD
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Just for that amusing

Just for that amusing construction pic, I need to poof in here. XD Hopefully my poofing won't stir up the dust. >> << >>
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@ MrsHalloween & Pega - lol

@ MrsHalloween & Pega - lol it is all part of my master plan, draw you in with cuteness and then kill you shower you with Atiq-y goodness....yes >.>
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lol Cute ^^

lol Cute ^^
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*stares at the cross-out

*stares at the cross-out words* I swear something is written there I should be cautious about... o.o
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psssh what're you talking

psssh what're you talking about? It's all sunshine and rainbows in here ...>.>
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>> *pokes the shifty eyes*

>> *pokes the shifty eyes*
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I'll be tracking. C:

I'll be tracking. C:
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Like is said before, THIS IS

Like is said before, THIS IS SWEET
Anyone can draw anything, all they need to do it practice
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lol I'm glad someone likes my

lol I'm glad someone likes my hard work |D

*pokes* you should do something with Nox now, I'm curious to learn about her X3
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I read it all and listened to

I read it all and listened to all of the music. C: I hope Atiq and my deer, Synner, will become friends! <3
Makes me want to create a profile...
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lol good for you! you get an

lol good for you! you get an e-cookie ^-^

ha I'm sure they wil if they ever bump into each other |D should, I'm interested in learning about Synner C:
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He seems like such a nice

He seems like such a nice fellow, even though he might be a bit unsocial. =)
Lovely picture, and I like how you did this bio. <3
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*BAM HOOF STOMP* Found it!


Found it! *-* Now to track. C:
Sabel, Sam

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well, guess you just decided

well, guess you just decided for me whether I'd keep this bio or just make a new one.
One less decision for me XDD
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:'D This is why I have no

:'D This is why I have no friends

Ah, but really, sometimes it's good to give the old stuff a remake. Sure if might be broken and rather nasty to fix, but it keeps a lot of good things too. :'D And it's a fixer upper...
Sabel, Sam

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hey new peeps~!

hey new peeps~!
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I am a very simple person,

I am a very simple person, with a very simple style lol

I still need to figure out how to organize the text in the main part, because there's quite a bit info to go in there, and not a whole lot of space |D

I'd appreciate any suggestions -w-/
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yay~ you updated this! ^^ it

yay~ you updated this! ^^ it looks very well done.
Sabel, Sam

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thank you XD I'm actually

thank you XD

I'm actually working on it right now, at least the header image, still kind of procrastinating on the CSS because I am very grumpy when it comes to coding |D
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Your welcome~ take your time.

Your welcome~ take your time. You have all the time in the world- just things to do in a certain amount, if you are willing.
Sabel, Sam

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yeah I know, and I really

yeah I know, and I really should slow down a bit, I tend to binge on a project and not stop until I'm done, I get super into it and can't stop lol
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Don't wear yourself out,

Don't wear yourself out, mkay? xD I do the same when it comes to cleaning my room or the house- once I start cleaning, I don't stop until it's perfect in my eyes. And then I pass out from exhaustion :'D bad idea.
Sabel, Sam

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testing~ still some place


still some place holder images but it's about 90% done finally.

So now this comment is going to be a to do list of Coding Cato Can't Do That She Needs To Fix because I just keep finding things lol:

- Fix the scroll-y nonsense in the tabs (i.e why is it a slidey mess and why do only Basics and
Personality have scrollbars)
- Youtube Player does not show up in Chrome
- Figure out how to overly image of Atiq over bottom corner

If anyone happens to know any fixes or where to look please point me there, I've been digging through a bunch of help pages but I'm not good enough at code to figure out what I'm looking for |D
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iT SEEMS that the boxes for

iT SEEMS that the boxes for the Personality and Basics tab have been "filled up" which is why there are scrolling bars still? I think this can be fixed with adding a couple lines of space at the end of your text if you haven't already (4 'enters' should do it). If that fails then eUHH check all ur divs and that they're in the right space/aren't missing any. That's all the advice I got rIP I suq ass at CSS omg.

Also, I do not see a YouTube Player either (I use Firefox).
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Ok I'll see if that trick

Ok I'll see if that trick works thank you ~

Yeah I dug around the properties of the code and chrome seems to be blocking it because it hates fun lol
I've only gotten it to show up on my backup browser (Opera) after doing this:

so it works it's just being blocked I think, so I may fool around with it later when I go in to fix oter stuff.

and probably break it lol
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I'm not an expert by any

I'm not an expert by any means, so these are just the steps I'd take to fiddle around with it until I got it to work.
For the scroll bar, margin:auto might have something to do with it. Might. Not sure, none of my invisible scroll divs have margin:auto in it and it's been a long while since I fiddled with this template. But ignoring that, try either increasing the padding or telling it to margin-right: 15px; or however many px until the scroll bar's hidden. You can also change the width or height. Like for example you have it at 420 px and 420 px for width and height and only dropped it by 20 px. Try dropping height by 40px instead of 20px. So it'd be width: 420px; height: 380px;

For the player, you'll have to find a player for chrome. I hear some tumblr players work nicely? I'm not sure, I've not had a lot of luck with them :s

Overlaying the image with the bottom right corner is just a matter of moving the image. You can either put it outside of the divs or put it on the bottom of the big div and then telling it to move left or right or up or down. There's a variety of short cuts, but this is the easiest I can recall right now: <*img src="url" style="margin-left: or margin-right: or margin-bottom: or margin-top:-px"*> Unplugged figured out how to tell it to not interfere with the mouse, so you wouldn't have the "background" of the image interfering with your ability to scroll through the bio, in case the image is big. Hope this helps.
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oh man thank you bunches

oh man thank you bunches <3

yeah I was fiddling with the margins and such but I'll try the padding as well, and I still have all the default heights on the text areas I didn't think to change them thanks for pointing that out haha

and thanks for the image tip! I;ll try all this out later~
thanks so much again ^^
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You're welcome! Good luck

You're welcome! Good luck figuring it out
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I did actually manage to fix

I did actually manage to fix the scrolling and the music, all those tips helped C:

Still trying to work on getting that image to float over the bottom corner, but I've been in this codde for too long I need a break from looking at it |D

have you ever considered

have you ever considered turning him into a mass-produced plush toy because I need like 50, he's so cute
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uh-oh we've been found out

uh-oh we've been found out before I could fix the CSS .o.

maybe not mass produced but I actually have considered doing a plush of him one day, I like making plushies now and again~
I'm just really super slow at sewing projects >n>
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AGREED. I want one too. I

AGREED. I want one too. I keep restarting sketches, m'dude. #TEFplushies4LYFE
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lol I guess I'm making an

lol I guess I'm making an Atiq plush then XD

You gotta get on that, dude.

You gotta get on that, dude. We demand an army of plushes >B^J

But yeah sewing is a lot of work. I didn't think that you'd actually considered making a plush of him!
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yeah I like to sew and do

yeah I like to sew and do other crafty stuff~

the problem is that I have trouble finishing projects so I have a bajillion stuff going at once |D I have one plush partly finished right now that's been in progress forever.

I need a sewing machine lol
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*plops down*

*plops down* <3
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C: <3

thanks for the track~!
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Pfft. ='D Ok, now it's

Pfft. ='D Ok, now it's on.
You got the wrong deer. >>
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DAMMIT. I got too nervous


I got too nervous and panicked a little lol |D
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left their mark here*

left their mark here*