fit via vi [Emmy]

WARNING; mentions of violence, dwugs, cannibalism, and probably lots of blood

"She was charming [in the] way a cub is charming, a small cub that will grow up to be like one of the big cats. One you can't play with later."

Current Events:
chilling with the new kids in the Forest with zaddy

Emele Raucher
Young adult (immortal?)
Section B Welsh pony/Coues whitetail
Mother to Artios and Fiacre; estranged relationship with Yurei
Lemongrass and cigar smoke
Omnivorous; cannibal
Voiced by Robin Wright
Face Claim is Cate Blanchett

Surface; goal-driven, courteous and proper, highly dominant
Depth; self-important, merciless, conniving, asthenophobic
Core; ruled by the Id and Ego

Dappled palomino fur, horse tail, tanned and freckled face, white-blonde hair in a short bob, large green eyes, brown quills on her shoulders and rump, modified canines

Powerful kick, strong bite, agile but not fast, low stamina, medium skilled fighter *NSFW (violence, blood, nudity) tagged content

She cranes her long neck back

She cranes her long neck back to get a better look at the odd flying creature. The doe laughed easily.

"Hello! I have not seen an animal like you before." Green eyes looked over him critically. "What is your name?"

-The cainine looking deer

-The cainine looking deer with the bat wings flapped a little unevenly with them and then landed on the ground, close to tree where he hid some of his body. He was a scrawny being and not partcularely big. Yet.-
"... Exerus.." -He anwser with an sligthly deep voice with a bit of an snarrel to it, in a none threatning manner.- "...Wh-what's yours?" -His eyes and ears flicker a little nervously as but his body is stil, exapt for his wings that sprawls a little.-

kerosene was certainly happy

kerosene was certainly happy to spend some time with emmy! ahah ;; they always appreciate kind and joyful company

and yes i will try to draw them either tonight or sometime this weekend Eye

Although she was a little

Although she was a little afraid he'd run away at any moment, when he landed and hid another smile grew to replace the old one before she could stop it.
"Exerus..?" The name was foreign to her. Her muscles relaxed and she flicked her tail to try and show him that she wasn't going to hurt him. "My name is Emele," She dipped her head in a half-curtsy. "But you can call me Emmy."

We both had fun! I'm glad I remembered their picto, I'm usually terrible at remembering them.
Ahh I look forward to it!! UwU I'm already forming my own idea of what they look like lol

it's alright! i ended up

it's alright! i ended up getting a stomach ache so i was like afk for a while there haha ;; emmy's company is always appreciated <3
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&hearts; Appreciated the

♥ Appreciated the brief interaction yesterday - sorry my loser couldn't handle it, they were dealing with some concerns with one of their kids. Always love running into your characters!
look out, kid.

@Brit *arrives 10 days late

*arrives 10 days late with Starbucks
Aw, that's really nice of you to say! c: Hopefully the next time they meet there won't be anything like that going on so that they can become better acquainted.

gonna track all ur durs

gonna track all ur durs
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Track for this lady .

Track for this lady .
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S has been through a lot lately. I'm sorry for the poor response on his part. It was really sweet to see you around though.

I would eat both. Edit:

I would eat both.
Edit: apparently I was successful. They vanished

@Jin That's fine! She would

That's fine! She would have left him alone if she knew what was going on.
Nice to see Sao around again, even if he is emotionally compromised!! Poor guy, I want to wrap him in a blanket and give him a million cards..

With bbq sauce. Yummy.
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Damn, this new image- you

Damn, this new image- you okai there Emmy o;O
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Idk how I'm not tracking this

Idk how I'm not tracking this already... ♥


I'm so late to tracking this

I'm so late to tracking this sOB

oh hey, I should track this!

oh hey, I should track this!

@Bay I drew that like, two

I drew that like, two years ago. Random ophanim because why not?

@Max and Morto
nooo get out while you still can ;;
Haha, thanks for the interest tracks! She's had inconsistent activity levels for about 4 years now, so I can't promise anything interesting.

Remember in the days of old when our girls were like this all the time? *wipes away nostalgic tear*
(actually I think how they are now is more entertaining because they can just side-eye each other really hard)

f i t e me

f i t e me
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gon' track dis

gon' track dis
-by Sokoora by Kamaya
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sliides a track in &hearts;

sliides a track in ♥

By Draak
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Tracking Laughing out loud

Signature by Wildflowerdeer and Profile by Sybilline

welcome to this dumpster fire

welcome to this dumpster fire of a character :^)
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hgajfkjglksjjfganz Tom

Tom Cruise in the bio... you got me there.


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Here is a very late track c:

Here is a very late track c:
sig by AceAshling, icon by HeartClock
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i luv

i luv
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Cuddle me goddamn it.

Cuddle me goddamn it.

you fool she's sapping your

you fool she's sapping your energy!!!
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puts thing also the height

puts thing

also the height chart link is borkd