fit via vi [Emmy]

WARNING; mentions of violence, dwugs, cannibalism, and probably lots of blood

"She was charming [in the] way a cub is charming, a small cub that will grow up to be like one of the big cats. One you can't play with later."

Current Events:
chilling with the new kids in the Forest with zaddy

Emele Raucher
Young adult (immortal?)
Section B Welsh pony/Coues whitetail
Mother to Artios and Fiacre; estranged relationship with Yurei
Lemongrass and cigar smoke
Omnivorous; cannibal
Voiced by Robin Wright
Face Claim is Cate Blanchett

Surface; goal-driven, courteous and proper, highly dominant
Depth; self-important, merciless, conniving, asthenophobic
Core; ruled by the Id and Ego

Dappled palomino fur, horse tail, tanned and freckled face, white-blonde hair in a short bob, large green eyes, brown quills on her shoulders and rump, modified canines

Powerful kick, strong bite, agile but not fast, low stamina, medium skilled fighter *NSFW (violence, blood, nudity) tagged content

I'm in love with this new bio

I'm in love with this new bio my fish <333


Page two get!

Page two get! <3


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Another track for you thanks

Another track for you thanks for the link to her bio =D


I am but mad north-north-west: when the wind is southerly I know a hawk from a handsaw. ~William Shakespeare

Thank you again,

Thank you again, retta!

Your welcome x3 I need to get off my butt and do that for my other deer >3>;;
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Quote:Aleit Mentally refers

Mentally refers to him as "little bro'" and is always worrying about him being too cold, getting enough to eat, etc.

That made me smile ('; <333

You make me smile c:

You make me smile c:
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... like the sun, fall outta

... like the sun, fall outta bed, sing like a bird, dizzy in my head /shot
D'aw Fish! -snuggles- <3 C8

A lovely bio indeed, I hope

A lovely bio indeed, I hope Vivan can meet your Emmy. Thanks for the css miss Fish.

Oh ja, fer sure! C8 No

Oh ja, fer sure! C8
No problem n_n Have fun with it and don't forget to post it under the cut |D

(lol totally didn't see Arrow.. I need my eyes checked.)
-wraps with a blanket straight out of the dryer and snugs-
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Hi Fish =D For some reason I

Hi Fish =D
For some reason I still can't see the names in the 'Relationships' section. o-o
Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring.
Forget Your Perfect Offering.
There Is A Crack In Everything.
That's How The Light Gets In.

(A part of the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's Song "Anthem")

Huh, that's weird 0_o What

Huh, that's weird 0_o What color is the background behind the words?
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Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring.
Forget Your Perfect Offering.
There Is A Crack In Everything.
That's How The Light Gets In.

(A part of the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's Song "Anthem")

Ah, that makes sense; the

Ah, that makes sense; the letters themselves are black.
That's so weird though because I see the background color as being a light goldenrod.

What internet browser do you use?
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I use Internet Explorer,

I use Internet Explorer, maybe that's whatt's causing it. Would Firefox work instead?
Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring.
Forget Your Perfect Offering.
There Is A Crack In Everything.
That's How The Light Gets In.

(A part of the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's Song "Anthem")

That's probably it right

That's probably it right there 8V
Once you install Firefox, you can't go back xD
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do you rp with her at all? or

do you rp with her at all? or just hang out n TEF?

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Gah why didn't I track your

Gah why didn't I track your stuff earlier T__T
-feels bad-
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Lovely creature.

Lovely creature.<3

Heythanks C:

Heythanks C: <3
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/track sorry for lateness


sorry for lateness Dx

How dare yooooou

How dare yooooou
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-does dance to calm the

-does dance to calm the beast- D| im sooo sorries ;__;
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Yurei slowly makes his way

Yurei slowly makes his way towards a sleeping Emmy, his steps completely silent a ghostly mist surrounding most of his body. He lays down quietly, looking at her he sighs. His only friend probably hates him too, but it's worth a try he thinks to himself. He has done so much damage to everyone even those closest to him. He just hopes he can be forgiven. He lowers his head, his lips next to her ear and whispers.

... Emmy...can you hear me ? ... Emmy ... I ... I'm so lost, I'm sorry for everything, I'm ... such a coward ... Fay, is ... she alright ? I'm... scared to see her... she hates me and I don't blame her ...

>3> hai feesh <3 i has a yurei for joo

Her ear flaps at the first

Her ear flaps at the first cold, tickling sensation, but she remains still in her sleep. Then at the second utterance of her name she shifts herself and eyes open slowly to stare at the blades of grass directly in front of her, unable to look at her once upon a time friend.

Why did you come back.. The rattling growl from the depths of her chest shakes the dew off some of the grass. Emmy slowly sits up and fixes Yurei's gaze with a definite coldness that she hopes tells him before she speaks what she is about to say.
I'm not sure how she is.. right now, but on the whole.. I think she's happy.

She'd expected to feel angry more than anything. Angry at him for listening to her and so quick to put the blame on him for how things had turned out. But.. she felt a slow moving melancholy swirling in her heart much like the mist that boiled thickly around him.

ohhhhai, denny!
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~*~ <3 TRACKING FOREVER <3 ~*~

*jiggles like so much Jell-o*

*jiggles like so much Jell-o*
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very intresting character!

very intresting character! I'll track for sure ^^

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/stalk track 8D

/stalk track 8D
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I miss you &hearts;

I miss you ♥

Wingeddeer-- Thank you! C:

Wingeddeer-- Thank you! C: *offers a selection of frozen desserts*

Bayleen-- le gasp!

Arrow-- *snuggleface* <3
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-fangirls all over this

-fangirls all over this page-
o3o My way of saying hi. >u>
-runs- appears my assassins appears my assassins have failed me..
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Y-you would assassinate me?

Y-you would assassinate me? ;~;

You broke our promise. YOU DO

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*eyes are glued to the screen

*eyes are glued to the screen as I scroll and scroll all over this bio*
FFFFFF This character is just begging to be drowned in Fanart O3o ....*flees with pencil and paper*
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NO. There was no oath. This

NO. There was no oath. This is all an elaborate lie to distract me from the truth staring me in the face.

Bayleen-- Oh mai :v ~

Bayleen-- Oh mai :v ~<3

Ocean-- Th-the truth? No.. NO! *fake mustache flies off* Who told you D:
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Ohoho. You revealed it

Ohoho. You revealed it yourself, my dear Fish. Assassins? Tsk! It was clear from the moment I stepped in here. -adjusts monocle-
I'm afraid I must take you to the authorities, Miss.
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"Good tidings, Lady." the

"Good tidings, Lady." the stag greeted with a bow as he settled down beside her.

She dipped her chin at him

She dipped her chin at him before reflexively shaking shaking her neck to rid of the snow. "And hello to you, Sir." The look on her face was of mild surprise and a delight that flushed her cheeks; verbal interactions had become steadily uncommon for herself, personally.

"Hopefully I don't sound bold in saying that I admire the combination of your fur and antlers." Round olive eyes scanned each as she named them, then flicked back as she gave him a toothsome grin.

Good job finding her bio! I tried to hide it without deleting it, but apparently I failed x)
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He bowed his head, a low

He bowed his head, a low chuckle echoing from inside his mask. The hints of a smile were visible between the cracks in the bone.

"I would return the compliment to yourself, young miss." he continued facing the stream, but mirrored her curios glances with his own deep-set bronze eyes. His breath condensed into white vapor as he spoke. "May I inquire as to your name...?"

Ahaha, no one escapes my supreme finding skills. ;w; Unless they don't have any pages at all, of course;;

"..quite fashionable." She

"..quite fashionable." She said as a little afterthought after his sound of amusement.
"Emele Raucher," Her voice practically exploded with fleur de lis and lace. The doe often said her name with too much fancy emphasis and she purposefully coughed and cleared her throat to make it seem a mistake. "But ah.. I go by Emmy.

She cleared her throat again for good measure and tilted her head slightly at him to indicate that he should tell her his name.

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"I am Riet." said he. There

"I am Riet." said he. There was no visible reaction in his posture, but his ears pricked with interest at her name and the extravagant way she pronounced it. He continued gazing at her indirectly from within his mask.

"You are the first deer in this forest to give me a second name." he remarked. The statement was a neutral one, as if he wished for her to expand upon it further.

B-but why would you want to delete it in the first place? ;___;

Emm looked off to the side

Emm looked off to the side and mouthed his name so that it wouldn't suffer the same fate as the utterance of her own name. "Riet, hmm? Very nice, very nice." A snowflake settled onto one of her eyelids and she clumsily rubbed at it with her knee.
She noted his tone. "Am I, now?" The fur around her neck stood up against the cold and she blinked her eyes rapidly when they began to water. "So many deer have preferred names that they go by." If there was anything else he'd tried to get her to say, she wasn't aware.

So I can be a hipster and be all "me, have pages? I made pages before they were called pages and now they're sooooo boring" and then I'd put on my hipster scarf and take pictures of myself in the woods


Rambling about hipsters is my signal to get some sleep! I'd normally be up later than this but I have to get up early to talk to my super critical academic adviser D_D Such fun..
Thank you for taking the time to interact with her and everything! c: I'll reply tomorrow if you'd like to continue~
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The stag was now coated with

The stag was now coated with an even layer of snow atop his head and back, what with the amount of stillness he displayed, but it didn't seem to phase him. He flicked his ears and some of it was sent scattering to the ground.

"I had a friend, once, with two names." he said, as if it were some sort of explanation. "But that was a very long time ago."

Ahahaha that made me giggle far too much. >w< And no worries! Go ahead and take all the time you need - I'm a slow reply-er anyways.

Her limp ears cupped towards

Her limp ears cupped towards his words as best as they could muster an effort to do so, but she felt she made up for their progress by nodding her head at him. She felt that pressing for more information or remarking on his "once" friend would be crossing the line from friendly conversation to uncomfortable prodding: he was much too nice and fashionable to scare away just yet.

"It does get confusing, I suppose. Having different names.. really, what do you call somebody?" She droned, "By the way, you got some.. snow. All over you." Her face was pulled into an expression that didn't know if she was supposed to laugh, be sad for Riet's apparent congenital analgesia, or to have her regular 'oh boy let me get that for you' look.

*starts the Slow Replier club* Party hats for all in attendance!
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"Ah, it seems I do..." Riet

"Ah, it seems I do..."

Riet gathered himself, bending his great head forward and rising slowly. The snow slid off his neck and shoulders as he did this, and as a considerate gesture to his new acquaintance he made sure to take some ten paces away from her before rocking the whole of his body side-to-side in attempt to rid himself of the remaining white crystals.

He shook his head vigorously one last time before rounding back towards the young doe.
"Perhaps a more... shielded location is called for?"