Please do not Auto-Play + Little site updates.

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Hi everyone,

Someone pointed out to me, and I agree, that it can be really unpleasant to browse blogs when there is music in posts that automatically starts playing. If there are more than one of these, in the "Biography" blog section for example, It quickly becomes a cacophony! So, I ask you to please set all your music tracks to NOT play unless someone presses the PLAY button on the player.

Here are some instructions on how to do this:

* On, just go to the customize tab and click the blue word "Settings". Then select no for autoplay.

* If you have a player that is auto-playing check in the embed code and you will see something like: 'autoplay=true'. Please change that to 'autoplay=false'.

If I find any autoplaying music in my journeys through the site today, I will change the settings on them as well.

AND WHILE WE'RE AT IT! If you are posting lots of big images, please try putting some of them behind a "Read more" link. Use the button in the posting area that says "Split summary at cursor." Everything in the top textarea is immediately visible, everything in the lower one will be seen when a reader clicks for "more." This will help save people's bandwidth and make browsing a better experience for everyone. But the point of the image galleries is to see your images, so definitely don't hide everything away! We want to see what you are making Idea

AND about that 'Display Name' problem! nope. it's still not fixed. We are dependent on our server admin to help us fix this because Michael and I haven't the slightest idea why it doesn't work. The guy has been a great help with the overhaul of the site on the server side. But we can't monopolize all his time (unfortunately Twisted ) He will get to it soon as I poke him about it some more. *poke*poke* Twisted

FOR NOW! I've turned the Display Name option back on because by getting rid of it I had inadvertently screwed up posting for some of you Barf! wow sorry! If you go to your account (choose Edit, then Personal Information) you can just delete the Display Name and you should be able to post normally with those accounts.

Also noticed, Redface heh.... that I'd forgot to turn the Smileys selection box on for all users. Okay, a web designers work is never truly done. Not on a site as complex as this. But its fun having you guys here so it's worth it! Eye Laughing out loud Ooh its there now, so emote away!

Lastly, I added a feature that lets you browse blog posts by date. It's per user, so if you go to someones main blog page... like:
You will see on the right sidebar a little list of all the posts I've made there.
Not sure if its a good thing. Let me know if you like it!

AND REALLLY LASTLY theres a problem with new accounts. people who have made accounts in the last week cannot upload an avatar yet Sticking out tongue okay, that's a big problem. I've had to turn on automatic naming of pages again. (no more node/# naming for the time being. again, doesn't effect posts already named that way.) This is because that setting also effected the naming of user accounts. long story. only just noticed it. Hang tight! I will do my best. it will take some time though... whew!


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There, now you can go back 10

There, now you can go back 10 pages deep into the Biography category without hearing any autoplaying music! But you will still meet some nice deer, see some awesome artwork and if you take a moment to press PLAY, some well chosen music as well. Smiling
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*hands you an awesome*

*hands you an awesome* Laughing out loud

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Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!

Hm, this reminds me I need to

Hm, this reminds me I need to update Queze's bio...I'll make sure to edit the music when I do that this weekend.
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Thanks a lot, you win. |3

Thanks a lot, you win. |3
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I feared the bio section simply because the music simply destroyed my speakers. They couldn't handle it.

(I got my speakers at an outdoor market. I get all my stuff there. You can get motherboards for three dollars, and just switch out some parts and you got a computer)
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Thanks for letting us know

Thanks for letting us know this! Smiling
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I was wondering how my plush

I was wondering how my plush thread was updated when I didn't update it myself! Thanks for fixing that for me Auriea, I had changed the music for all my diary entries and my bio but I forgot about that one.
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Thanks for explaining what

Thanks for explaining what that "Split summary at cursor" meant. I was able to fix one of my posts that was displaying a lot of images in the "Community Events" section.

As far as my music, I've had all of mine on auto-play off, so there shouldn't be a problem. I don't use them on very many topics, anyway Eye

Heeeeeeeee... thank you

thank you muchly!

Even though I am also at fault for having auto-playing music! XD

Now I won't have to turn the volume down! 8D
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Another solution to the music

Another solution to the music problem is to simply spilt your post. Then put your music in the "readmore" section. c: Thats what I did!
Thanks for all your hard work! <3
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Aegle- I had mine split in

I had mine split in that fashion with a warning that there was auto-music and my post was still updated to stop auto-playing.

I do not believe putting it under the cut is acceptable. It seems that auto-playing is no longer allowed period. Even if it does not interfere with the general browsing of the biography or diary section and the user has to make the CHOICE to click the link and be 'forced' to listen to the accompanying mood music. :/
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[=10] I was NOT aware of

[=10] I was NOT aware of that! |D I'll go take mine off for the time being. c:
Sorry xD
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I'd personally vote to just

I'd personally vote to just have the music go. It's entirely unnecessary, and clearly annoying when playing anywhere if at all. I mean, this is the place people write, not compose music.
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Agh this isn't funny

Agh this isn't funny ;___;

My Updates blog has completely dissapeared.
I also found my account changed again and I couldn't comment until signing out then back in.
BUT MY UPDATES BLOG IS GONE. 8'| This is getting really ennyoing and I havn't heard anyone else complain about it.. 8'c

EDIT: I think my account has been hacked.
I remember I had been signed out before I came on but I always leave myself signed in.
-changes password- 8C is theer any way to retrieve back my updates blog?

DragonEyes, I have to

DragonEyes, I have to disagree, I LOVE the music in blogs. Music adds a component to writing that is ambient and positive, when selected well. I'm fine with music as long as I have the choice to play it or go without.

This is good. Thank you. I

This is good. Thank you.

I have no problem with music in blogs. At first I thought I would never use music, but I ended up putting some in some of my character biographies that I think suit the character (there are a few I haven't figured out any music for yet). But when I did that, I made sure they would not be set to auto-play. Because I've always found that a bit annoying, especially when sometimes it's a bit loud. It's not a problem when I don't have my speakers on, but I often want to listen to my own music, so it would be a bit annoying if I came across a page with auto-music, and have to press "pause" (and then press it again every time I went to another page or comment) just so I don't have something playing over the music I'm listening to. But I do sometimes like to listen to the music people put in their blogs, so I'm certainly not against it. I'm just glad I don't have to worry about auto-play now.
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Hey Custard, I'm sorry to

Hey Custard, I'm sorry to hear your blog is disappearing but I am not sure there is anything I can do :/ I do not understand why it is happening to your posts alone, unless someone else is having the same problem it is not a bug I can track down. Maybe you are right that someone has your password? If you'd like to change that, please email us and we will change it for both this site and TEF. okay?
-- This account belongs to Moss/3, now. 's picture

Auriea, This is Custard, I'm


This is Custard, I'm using another account for now so I think it will be okay but thankyou very much (:
I changed my password numerous times through my profile, but this pathetic most likely hacker kept getting in. I think I'll settle with this account for now though.

Thankyou very much (:

hi auriea.. i kinda got a

hi auriea..

i kinda got a problem with tef..
i cant connect, it says "error" everytime i try, and i tried both at home and at school, but its the same everywhere?

- Danny2610 and Raigho.
ps. sorry my bad english, i come from denmark.


=) Thanks Auriea! Good job

=) Thanks Auriea!

Good job with all this work.

Opps i think the music was

Opps i think the music was fault.... Someone posted a comment on it, i came on later to find it and this ; sorry c:
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Wow, I really love the new

Wow, I really love the new site. It's laid out very nicely and the new features are awesome! c:
I was wondering though.. is there still a way to browse through all pictures or all blogs at once? I like that it's separated into categories now, but I'm afraid I'll miss something... xD
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hey halogen. for now there is

hey halogen. for now there is only the "Recent Posts" link at the top. I am working on a way to browse the blogs and pictures separately, chronologically. Until then, I hope the recent posts view will suffice!

glad you like the site Smiling
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Bumfing to remind everyone.

Bumfing to remind everyone. Happy galloping.
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In case someone reads this:

In case someone reads this: If you choose to have autoplaying music in your blog, can you at least have it visible and near the top so it can be paused quickly for those who wish not to hear it?
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I have the feeling I should

I have the feeling I should bump this again...
Not trying to cause any offense, just want everyone to remember. I usually browse through the Recent posts by opening all threads which's titles sound interesting to me in a new tab to go through them afterwards - and usually suddenly get a heart attack when four different songs start to play.
Please, guys. Show your respect to the gods. Turn off the autoplay or I'll ever be afraid of visiting your biography pages again. Thank you. (:
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Walks past, reads notice

Walks past, reads notice falls over bump, gets up walks another few paces, falls over another bump..... crawls away.

Keep up the awsome work Auriea.
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Just a reminder.

Just a reminder. <3

*hip-checks and struts off*

*hip-checks and struts off*

Bump. For srs.


For srs.
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Bumps Cause No ones

Bumps Cause No ones Listening. Come on people please. After all M &A have asked very nicely. So can everyone just please try to listen to what they say. Take care and happy galloping.
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Mhm... had a bunch of opened

Mhm... had a bunch of opened autoplaying pages this morning... total chaos |D
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Bumping myself now since one

Bumping myself now since one of the blogs I just clicked on had auto-playing music.
Do I need to bump the blog that I made awhile ago reminding people of what was said in this blog? O_o
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Bumping :3

Bumping :3
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Bump. I've seen many blogs

Bump. Smiling I've seen many blogs with Autoplay without warning or no possibility to turn music off at all lately. It's really bothersome.

Agreed, really annoying when

Agreed, really annoying when I'm on my laptop in public or a quiet place (library for example) and I am forced to mute everything. Please be considerate people!
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Please make your music player

Please make your music player at least visible so people actually have the possibility to stop the music!
Could we just sticky this somewhere? Sad
I could ask people individually, but I like having my track-list all neat and tidy, plus it feels sorta rude to comment just because of this.
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Bumps, cause people need to

Bumps, cause people need to remeber this!!
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And back to the front page

And back to the front page with you, blog.

People, please. The autoplay bios keep making me jump off my chair. And onto the floor.
Please think of my behind.
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Autoplay is bad. Autoplay and

Autoplay is bad. Autoplay and hiding the player, so that people can't turn it off? Worse. Please don't do this, people.

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Bump..I wish we could have

Bump..I wish we could have this as a sticky at the top of thr page.

Since we have lots of new

Since we have lots of new members who are just starting out with CSS, I figured this should be bumped. Sadly some old members as well who seem to have forgotten about this.
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BUMP! Agree with this 100%..

BUMP! Agree with this 100%.. Its a total mess when opening many bios/pages at the same time and
everything starts to play including your own music youre listening to <_<.. Its irritating.

Please ppl, Dont autoplay.
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Bumping this.

Bumping this.
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Ah.. good luck! I'm sure

Ah.. good luck! I'm sure people can survive without an avatar for some time; it's only a temporary representation of themselves!
I hope this problem doesn't overwork you guys! Smiling
This land is made of love and peace!
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Ah, Nym, this is an old post

Ah, Nym, this is an old post I bumped because people have autoplays on their biographies... hehe.
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Aye, but I also saw it was

Aye, but I also saw it was updated Eye (Unless of course the update is from weeks ago).
This land is made of love and peace!