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We can dance if we want to.
We can leave your friends behind!
'Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance...
Well they're no friends of mine!

made by adderskin <3

Name: Ayal
(Ehy-al like Yale)


Gender: Stag

Set: Zombie mask, Magpie pelt, Zombie Antlers

Age: Adult

Family: None

Friends: Dag, Stella

Playmates: Vier, Maia, Sithrim

Mate: None


Diary Here
The sofa thread

Pictures by me:

Pictures by others:
By Corg
By Nopje
By Zeke

Ayal likes to relax in the ruins on the lone plinth just out of reach of little fauns that tend to shelter under his antlers and onto which he tends to roll onto during his naps.

Personality information

Ayal is a playful stag and enjoys nothing more than having fun with other deer in the forest. He loves to dance in formation making lines or circles only to suddenly get a surge of energy and start running and jumping around to show how fit and healthy he is to any does that might be watching.

Ayal for all his energy is similarly easily bored or distracted, do not be offended if he suddenly runs off. He has probably just seen something that just has to be investigated immediately and will often return in due course often with someone new to join in his games. He revels in company, especially company that will play or dance with him.

It took him a long time to find a personality and he is still discovering himself in many ways and making gentle enquiries into the lives of other deer in the forest as he does. Ayal is a very tolerant stag and is more than happy to lie down next to any deer or faun that might cross his path or share a nuzzle with one. Really he just wants to be friends with everyone though is more than happy to share a spar with other stags when the time is right.

Ayal has a particular interest in mini deer and can often be seen standing over them attempting to guard them, though if he sees someone being harassed by another deer it is more than likely he will step in and make a stand, though he will not hold a grudge and while he may be aggressive one day when trying to protect his charge he would nuzzle you the next day without a hint of venom.


Having fallen into the stream as a young deer and almost drowning Ayal has acquired a crippling fear of the water and nothing will make him venture too close to the pond or stream. Making him stop several feet from the water and paw at the ground desperately trying to make his friend come back out. It also means he will often take long detours around the water only very rarely jumping over or crossing the bridge.

Otherwise he grew up in a small herd just outside the Endless forest and was eventually driven out by the dominant stag when he reached maturity but found a place for himself in the endless forest where he could be happy and has plenty of other deer to play with.

Join in the deer train of WIN, clicky clicky

Ayal's theme:

-stalkstalk- >D - - - - - -

-stalkstalk- >D

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - x

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Aw you should have been in

Aw you should have been in the forest when a large group of us got in a dance line!Exclaim!
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Consider Ayal tracked! I'll

Consider Ayal tracked! I'll be looking out for him in the forest now after today ;3


Active deer / Ducky | Wrath
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testin ma sig

testin ma sig
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Holy moly you're fast! : D I

Holy moly you're fast! : D I was all like "WTH,how did Ayal know Vier's name...I didn't...unless it's written today! Wow!" Anyway, it was nice meeting you indeed. Ayal managed to drag Vier, who normally couldn't be bothered, into playing and that's quite something. He just couldn't resist after Ayal kept so persistantly dancing and goofing in front of him.
~ Azugi
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Lol i wrote it last night

Lol i wrote it last night then edited it this morning after you owned up Sticking out tongue, it felt decidedly vague without names and was bothering me lol
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Oh, that explains it. : D I

Oh, that explains it. : D I understand where you're coming from. It's sometimes hard to write about a bunch of deer, especially if you don't know their names and you'd need to differentiate them somehow.
~ Azugi

ah~boo! (*tracks*)


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-tracking- 8D I love his bio

-tracking- 8D
I love his bio picture!!! all of the colors are perfect!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!!!
Dehy had a fun time dancing with you!!

/tracking love the character

love the character and also the pictures ^^
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Thanks for the tracks

Thanks for the tracks Laughing out loud

"Klick, Klack, hello there

"Klick, Klack, hello there funny stag.
You really scared me with your call, it gave me chills. But in the end it was funny.

Klick, Klack, I finally learned from you how to sit in the air.
I think you are nice, too bad I was so tired.

I will search for you next time, if you don't mind, Klick, Klack."
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"Hello little ticking one. I

"Hello little ticking one. I didn't mean to scare you.

I can teach you lots of fun things to do, I like to chase squirrels and dance in lines too.
You are most welcome to come and join me and I could show you more funny deer to play with.

What is your name tick-ler?"

Klick, Klack, ah I love to

Klick, Klack, ah I love to learn new things!
I am axcited to hear about your... games, is that the right word?
They will be fun to learn.

Klick, klack, but I am confused now.
What is that, a name? Is it funny?
Where can I learn that, Klick, Klack?"
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"A name? Why that is what

"A name? Why that is what deer will refer to you as, what they call when they see you. It could be funny or serious or sad or happy, but it will be yours.

Did your mother not name you little tick-ler? I guess you will have to choose one yourself. My name is Ayal, it means stag in the language of another world. I shall help you search for a name if you wish, it could be our first game?"

"Klick, Klack, now I

"Klick, Klack, now I understand.
I havn't met so many deer until now, so so I never noticed this.
I am still a little bit confused, 'mother' is another word I don't know the meaning of.

Klick, Klack, but this name thing sounds funny. I called me 'me' all the time, but I think others can't call me that.

Will you help me then, Klick, Klack?"
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"A Mother is...is...the one

"A Mother is...is...the one that made you little one. With the help of the gods of course.
Do you not remember?

My mother went to sleep one winter and never woke up...I find it hard to remember sometimes. Do not worry little ticking klickling klacking one, we will find you a name and I will look after you.

Yes, I will help you."

>u> track

>u> track

[/Track] C:

[/Track] C:
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It was lovely having Atvana

It was lovely having Atvana play with him early this morning. My apologies for needing to leave so soon afterward. <3
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It ok, was lots of fun. Hope

It ok, was lots of fun. Hope to see you again.

I had just got up and my brain wasnt quite functioning because of lack of coffee.
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Ahhh, I see. xD

Ahhh, I see. xD

<33 I was just going to bed because it was early here. xD <3
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Heya Kovah. I was wondering

Heya Kovah. Laughing out loud

I was wondering if it'd be okay for you to fix/edit/remove your signature. There appears to be a comment glitch and I have a feeling your signature's causing it I'm afraid.

Here's an example of what some of us see.

Sorry if I'm being a bother, haha. ^^;

Thank you. <3 We'll see if it fixes...

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I can try :/ But i dont know

I can try :/

But i dont know what its doing. Mine always looks like that.....
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I don't know what you did but

I don't know what you did but it seems fixed now! Yay! Laughing out loud

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Ah, for me as well! Thank

Ah, for me as well! Thank you, Kovah! <33333
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half a line of text at the

half a line of text at the bottom :/

dunno where that came from lol

your welcome
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-Traaacks- :0 I hope Isi can


:0 I hope Isi can meet this guy. Maybe they can shun the pond together.
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Yeah stand around and GLARE

Yeah stand around and GLARE at it *evil looks to the pond*
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You added it! *nuzzletracks*

You added it! *nuzzletracks*
I must be gone and live, or stay and die.
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Wooo Ayal is back \o/ I just

Wooo Ayal is back \o/

I just needed a break Laughing out loud
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8D Hello. &hearts;

Hello. ♥
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