Take the arms that embrace, no more being afraid; Dagrun

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Dagrún Fellsdóttir



This biography may contain NSFW themes such as violence, abuse, sexuality, gore and disturbing topics. Graphic descriptions will be tried to be kept to a minimum, but should be viewed with caution. Viewed at your own risk.

The character is always IC unless clearly stated otherwise. Her thoughts, views or words do not represent those of her player and should be seen as a separate being. However I, as a player, take full responsibility of her. If there is anything that might concern you, please, do not hesitate to contact me via Discord.

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a bean!

a bean! <3
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Oh there went the design,

Oh there went the design, nice to see it being used <:
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sisturr <3
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Vessan; OH I have been

Vessan; OH I have been sitting on the design for so long, not long after I purchased it I knew where to use it huehue.

Starr; HURRR. <3
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feather butttt &hearts;

feather butttt ♥

by sleepything
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Fluff up em butt feathers

Fluff up em butt feathers huee

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