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Vrasa *
physical. Coughing, weak. Getting ill. / mental. Mostly okay. / emotional.low. / notes. If she's hiding in the tree next to Greitai's nest, she's under the roots.

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Mother make me a bird of prey.
— "Mother", Florence + The Machine

An atypical hybrid child created by mysterious means outside the forest.

Vrasa's doodles.

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Yes &hearts;

Yes ♥

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I'm here.

I'm here.
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Yes! =)

Yes! =)
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Sig: Aihnna

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Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh ♥

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Wait a second....how did I

Wait a second....how did I not notice this before?? That's got to be Cheshire in that top doodle isn't it! o:
Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring.
Forget Your Perfect Offering.
There Is A Crack In Everything.
That's How The Light Gets In.

(A part of the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's Song "Anthem")
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Everyone -- Thank you for the

Everyone -- Thank you for the tracks! ;v;

gg-- It is! Spooky little critter Cheshire is, she made an impression and got her likeness done...in crayon.
Formerly ocean.
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