Archives, Portals, and Purple. {Damisona}

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Archives, Portals, and Purple.



Sitting in her den, watching the rain and reading old fables. Peaceful.

Reading old archives and wondering about Jolos. It's been awhile since she heard from or of him, hopes he's okay. Is it possible to contact him through the smaller purple orb he now possesses? Maybe in the old records there's information on how. Either way, glad he's carrying it as it will teleport him home should he wish to or should his physical form die. His soul won't be forever lost in another realm should the worst come to fruition. Wonder if he knows it's literally a part of her.

Sitting at her den, reading and comparing her notes. Dreaming about her past, and wondering how long she's been in the forest. Time, after all, doesn't mean much to an immortal. How old am I, anyways?
Was approached by three others, Hiirni, Tau, and Urschanabi. Hiirni departed quickly but the other two stuck around and danced at her den with her, which she greatly enjoyed.

It's been a month since she teleported Jolos to another world. In the time they had spent together, they had become close friends. They exchanged stories, trained together, and she had truly enjoyed his company. To be honest, she missed him, but she figured he'd be back eventually. Today, she was updating her archives. Wandering the forest, taking notes, and cleaning her older books. Keeping her mind from worry, and doing what she loved most.

Getting to know Jolos, testing portals and starting to ready him for his journey. Hopeful he brings back knowledge from other worlds for her, and excited to see him find his place in the world. He's been staying with her in her den, and they've been exchanging stories. Today she sent him through a portal, and was delighted to hear on the other side he possessed a human like form. While he's away, she will look for someone who can revive him here.

1.21.21 - Meeting Jolos
I know what to do. Jolos had been "dormant", or asleep, for two or more years, and his head was finally clear. I need to find my place. Not in my mother's world, not this strangely cruel and peaceful one. I need to find my place in a world I choose. This day had long been coming, and he was finally stable enough to see it. Growing up as the celestial disappointment, falling from the heavens, meeting his end in a pool of his own blood, and existing as an orb of energy and light for three years had all taught him a crucial lesson. Not every world is for me, but I am sure I will find my place. Fate will guide me with strong arms and determined steps to my destiny, I’m sure of it. For once, he felt at peace. No longer was the endless tide of rage, blinding him from his duty to himself. He needed to start living for a higher purpose, not for spite and revenge. My anger can wait for another day, but my life must begin now. But where to start?

It seemed like a distant dream, her explorations in the human world, getting shot, and portal business. These days, Damisona had been journaling about the forest and its inhabitants. From the deer, the Twin Gods, the squirrels, to the strange entities always passing through and choosing this world to rest in. Her archives continued to grow, steadily but surely.

Jolos had heard tales of portals, attached to objects or summoned by entities. Through his years as an orb he had seen many guests in the forest, merely passing through or taking a moment to relax in the peaceful environment. He himself had been hurled from the skies through dimensions by his own mother, so he knew it was a possibility. To think there are unexplored worlds, maybe there’s one perfect for me. He felt impatience rise in him, akin to the feeling of anger. But who might send me away?

In her studies of the forest, Damisona had acquainted herself with the Twin Gods. A good way to learn a people is to try and understand their faith. She cheerily muttered to herself as she made her way to the twin idols to pray. Praying, she realized, might be the closest she could get to communicating with the forest gods. She hoped to learn more to add to her archives, which she felt had needed more readings on higher beings. I’ve met gods, angels, shapeshifters, great sorcerers. I’ve documented every species I’ve met. I just wish to understand the nature of a god who makes no law and demands no temples. To be all powerful, yet to remain so individual and unknown to the very world you built.

Even in death, he still held foolish hope that the gods of this land would interact with him. Despite this world being cruel to me, I see how much peace it brings to others. Maybe I am just cursed, or maybe I am just not built for this world. His mind always wandered to “why’s” when he floated around the two statues standing at the heart of the forest. I’m not sure why I was sent here, dammit. His heart used to be filled with such anger at this forest and its inhabitants, but these days he just felt tired and worn out. Not everything in life will have an answer, no matter how infuriating that may be.

As she approached the statues, Damisona noticed something she hadn’t recorded before. This is a new development! What are you? Floating maybe five feet off the ground was a small, chickadee sized orb of light. Is this a sign of the presence of the Twins? Continuing to mutter to herself, she approached the floating orb, quill and journal readied.

It wasn’t until the white doe was right in front of him that he snapped out of his train of thought. Exclaim it took a moment, but after the initial shock of being snuck up on it hit him. Is this?.. No, I’m not that lucky.. Could it be? Standing before him was an entity known as “Damisona”, who in this world took the form of a white deer with golden hooves and antlers that connected in a circle like a halo. If it’s actually her, then above her head.. There! Above her head protected by her antlers was a purple orb. It is her! A solution! He had seen her before, using her powers to open portals. Why she was here was beyond him, but it didn’t matter anyways. What mattered was that she had miraculously appeared, and that she was the most useful entity to him in this moment.

As she approached the curious orb it seemed to have a reaction, jolting up sharply and brightly flaring for a moment. Oh! You’re an entity, I see. Her heart raced. Was this a new species? Was it new? Had she missed it in the past? Could it communicate? Was it sentient? What could she learn from it? She had to know. Can you verbalize?

The thrill in her eyes as she approached, quill and journal floating by her side, was almost intimidating. She started rapidly asking questions, regarding his sentience, communication, species, and origins. It seemed as if she was just trying to think of the questions to ask later, because she didn’t wait for any answers. She had been swept away by the moment, her obsession for knowledge becoming painfully clearer by the second. It was overwhelming, even for an orb-former-celestial such as himself. STOP!!!!

STOP!!!! The word rang clearly in her head like the screeching of one thousand seagulls. Holy… That was loud. You speak telepathically? What are you doing here?

He paused for a moment, but chose not to question how she could possibly hear him. I’ve been here awhile, I even died here. That’s irrelevant, I need you to open a portal for me. He was watching her for a reaction, noting she was intently hanging on his every word. If I tell you about my life and how I got here as payment for it..?

He knew the deal already, knowledge and stories for portals. That, she watched as the orb flickered, Is an excellent proposal. We’re set for a deal. But, first thing in business, what’s your name?

This was it, his chance at a new life. Now, his name? It had been so long he had almost forgotten. I am Jolos, born of angels and thunder, and felled by my own preservation. Welcome to my story of storms, rage, and false idols. May the gods who created you never deceive you. But most importantly, welcome to my new chapter.

It's raining! Cuddled up in her den, making a new backup of her journal. Three is a good number, right? Going over her notes, filled with a sense of happiness.

Noirin came and healed her. Afterwards, the doe promptly fell asleep. Didn't wake her, as she figured the healing magic would be tiring. Watched over her, cuddled her in case she needed warmth.

Seems to be healing, but nervous now. Not thinking about exploring anytime soon, is content to hide in den with her journals. Later found in her den by Clarion, forced herself up to greet him but then promptly sat again. He asked if she needed anything, and she asked for food. He brought her berries and leaves, which she happily ate. Now that she was full, she asked what he was up to. He told her he had looked for her a few days ago, so she explained that she had been visiting the human world. He explained that he needed her help to visit the human world, but she needed to heal before she could help. He offered Noirin's (the healer) aid, and she gratefully accepted it. Noirin would visit tomorrow, In the meantime, Damisona asked if Clarion wanted to read her notes on the human world. He gladly accepted, and asked to take the journal with him on his journey to better prepare himself. She agreed, as she will keep her copy of it with her. He thanked her, so she gave him a happy hug, tried not to move too much though. He asked her then the process of getting into the human world. She explained that she uses her magic purple orb to open a portal at the crying idol, she explained that she can lend a portion of her orb to him, and that it will float above his head until reunited with her. She also explained that, if he chooses as he enters the portal to be a human, that the magic will listen. The orb, in human form, is expressed as a tattoo over the heart. Magic, however, is weaker in human form. Clarion the brought up an important question, how to get back. She told him that he would need to go to where the portal first put him, then use the orb to reopen the portal. They then proceeded to hang out until Clarion had to head home. Gave him a hug then decided to rest.

6.23.18 - WARNING: Some blood and pain
Exhausted, hasn't left den except for water and food, but then hides in it again. Tending to her wound, found an odd piece of metal in her wound and pulled it out. Screamed when she found this to be painful, but continued. Now tending to her reopened wound, but feels as if it will heal better without some literal metal in it. Examined the metal, put it with her journals to write about later.

Home, limped through her portal and collapsed at her den. Resting.

Will be home tomorrow, filled with hope. Side hurts less, but worried it will become infected or leave scarring.

Getting closer to where portal opens. Her energy store is low, and her purple orb is not as bright.

Found a familiar river, washed herself in it and drank. Wary, feels too open here. Continued onwards after washing her wound.

The pain hasn't eased up. Still pushing to get home though. Worried.

6.15.18 - WARNING: some blood and cussing
Woke up, and for the first time in her life started cussing. Her side really hurt, and the family had left her with a note. 'We had to leave to protect the twins'. She understood that, and was grateful that she was no longer endangering them. But, holy fuck, her side hurt. With her side caked in dried blood, aching and with the risk of an infection, she had to move quickly. But it was going to be painful. She had to head home, now.

6.14.18 - WARNING: some violence and blood
Apparently white deer being targets is true. Heard loud noises and felt a piercing pain in her side, she and the family fled. All escaped but she was bleeding a lot. It hurt. Rolled in leaves and put pressure on it, patched herself up. Not her best work but it was something at least. Thinking of heading home.

Nervous, in a forest with skiddish deer. Say there are two legged creatures, humans, with deadly sticks. The deadly sticks shoot fiery balls. Damisona hopes they're joking, doesn't think they are. Is sticking with a small family of four for now. A mother, father, and two twin boys. They all seem worried about her white pelt, but she doesn't know why that'd be a problem. There's snow everywhere. They say that white deer are often targets. The two twins thinks her magical purple orb is awesome. That's all the little ones care about.

Food is harder to find outside the forest, it all seems polluted. Also there are metal contraptions, and other materials. It's all very intimidating. Sees two legged creatures everywhere, they all seem angry, staying away from them despite their being smaller than her. What a confusing world.

Has decided to venture beyond the forest for a bit to learn more about the world...

Met a nameless deer and had a lot of fun with them, also helped a fawn get their set and played with them

Slept in a flower patch, had an odd dream of a dusty library. Woke up sad.

Helped pearlslug get their pelt, ran away from a stranger who kept changing her mask and chasing her everywhere. Nervous, confused.

Met Peri, a small, delicate fawn. He was curious about history, and so Damisona went on a rant consisting of all her knowledge. Enjoyed his curiosity, a pleasant surprise.

Met Zeljana and an unnamed deer today! Helped the unnamed one get their set, had a lot of fun socializing. She even got turned into a raven briefly! She wrote all about it in her journal.

Ran everywhere! Visited everything, read all the tombstones at the ruins. Determined she likes the birch forest best, but especially the blue flower patches in them. Didn't see anyone she knew, but that was okay because she was busy recording the day in her journal.
Update: Played with Jonquil and Clarion, really enjoyed their company. Floated on air, accidentally gave Clarion permadevout (idk how) but cast a pelt spell and it went away.

Played and ran around with Jonquil and Spinalcord, had a dance battle as well (which Spinalcord missed). Lost to Jonquil, but had a lot of fun! Got her set as well, and overall had a good time.


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sneaks on in here

sneaks on in here
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What an interesting lady, why

What an interesting lady, why haven't I met her before? Hope to see her again soon! Smiling
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@ Urschanabi thank you! I've

@ Urschanabi thank you! I've been inactive so all my characters have been awol, but I'm back so now they're flitting around:) We hope to see you in the forest again soon!
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