Dance the night away {Clarion}

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UPDATES — February, 26.2019.

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Has been out of the Forest for the last few months. I still love this boy so much but I'm just too tired and unmotivated to do anything with him. I'm planning to do a slight redesign of him where I'll make him have real trumpet horns instead of wearing a helmet with them, cuz IDK why I even had that ridiculous idea in the first place.


Visited the Forest alone today because Heather decided to stay at home and snuggle up with her brother and Waefreleah. Wandered around aimlessly trying to clear his head from all the things that are happening in his life. The old doe is obviously not feeling very well, which is making both him and the others worried sick, and on top of that, his journey to the human world is getting close. "Maybe it isn't the best idea to go this soon? Ughh I don't know what to do". Walked around more until he found himself near the tree where the egg's nest was. A few others were gathered around.. what was all the crowdedness about? Got closer and saw the egg moving.. and it was moving A LOT. That meant only one thing! Oh boy! Was excited and happy so he decided to sit with the others (Juno, Aleta, Codex, Heilong, Artemis and Lark - I really hope I didn't forget someone). Watched in awe with the group as the strange little reptile-looking creature hatched from the egg. Didn't know what it was, but the little one looked adorable! Felt bad because Heather wasn't there too, but she was probably too worried about Waefreleah to come with him anyway. Had to go home shortly after, but his friend Heilong decided to stay with a few others and take care of the newborn.


Met up with the baby griffin (Pippin) who gave him a wonderful gift! Was amazed of how well it had been crafted, gave the little one a nuzzle and bow of appreciation. Spent some time dancing with Pip, but soon remembered that he needed to check if Damisona was back home. Found her at her den, was shocked to see the white doe wounded and lying down. She stood up to greet him, which was obviously very hard for her because she immediately lay back down again. Asked Damisona if she needed something; she told him that she was hungry, so he went out to find some leaves and berries. Back at her den he sat down with the doe as she happily ate her food, kept glancing at her wound which looked really nasty, so he told her that he would ask Noirin to visit her the next day and heal her. Felt bad for bringing up the topic while she was in such a horrible state, but he needed to know how to get to the human world. Asked a bunch of questions, which Damisona seemed to gladly answer, despite the fact that she was not feeling well. She even offered him the notes from her journey to read. Asked her if he could bring them on his own journey, the doe agreed as she had already had a copy of them to keep for herself. Spent some more time hanging out with her before deciding to head back home.

Got a task from Noirin to spend more time with Heather in order to finally learn how to properly behave around her. Visited the Forest with the little one because she wanted to see the egg again but couldn't go alone (don't tell anyone but.. he is becoming fond of it too). Found the group gathered around the nest, said hi to Heilong and Lark, and met a new face - Artemis. Had a dance party with everyone and later a dance fight, which Heilong lost of course (mwahahaha). Spent the rest of the day with his friends watching over the egg. The starry stag kept falling asleep, so he offered him some coffee (mwahahaha x2). Poor Heilong had no idea what was coming, a few moments later he was dancing like there was no tomorrow. Joined him, but coffee apparently made Heilong such a dance machine that not even himself was able to keep up with the starry stag. Sat back near the tree to watch Heilong's hilarious performance. "Hmm he's so into it, probably won't even notice if I do this".. pranked him by casting a pelt spell (this is for that one time you did the same to me pal. Yea I still haven't forgotten). He did notice. And he liked it. Dang.


*Warning: contains mentioning of blood and murder (nothing too graphic tho but just in case)*

Thinking a lot about his old family and home these days. Starting to wonder how would it be if he had the ability to visit the human world. He knew just the right doe to ask for help. Visited the Ruins and her den intending to find her, but she wasn't there. Wasn't able to find her father either. What previously was excitment now started to feel like worry. "How will I tell this to Norin and the others" he thought for himself. "Norin for sure would never allow me to do this". Paced around in circles outside Damisona's den for a few minutes trying to think of a way to tell his idea to the herd. "I can always tell them that I was in the Forest, they wouldn't even notice that I was gone." Took a few deep breaths too calm himself down. Yup, that's what he is going to do. He won't tell them. Besides, it will only take a few hours, what bad could happen? Instead of going home, decided to take a walk in the Forest. Ran into Heilong, Heather and Lark, hanging out by a tree. Wasn't quite sure why they were all gathered there, but then noticed a small glowing egg in a nest! Everyone seemed very devoted to guarding the little thing, so he decided to join them. Spent a few hours guarding the egg with the others, Heilong, Lark and Heather eventually fell asleep. Started to zone out when he heard something in the distance that sounded like a scream. "I must be imagining things" he thought. Ignored it, decided to listen to music. Half an hour later, couldn't anymore ignore the feeling that the scream wasn't just his imagination. Decided to go and check, headed in the way he had previously heard the scream coming from. As he approached the Twin Gods' statues, the smell of blood entered his nose. "Oh god, what happened here" he whispered to himself. The scene he saw was highly disturbing; there was blood all over the place, on the statues, the grass.. everywhere. "Someone was killed here.." His thoughts immediately jumped back to his friends sitting back near the tree. Ran as fast as he could back to them. Told Heilong about everything he saw, but the starry stag wasn't like "oh no we should run for our lives!"(Seriously dude? Okay lets all just get murdered, like, I had already died once, totally not a problem if I did it again lol). Sat back with the group, hoping that the murderous being had enough food so they wouldn't become its next snack. Some time later, Heilong left. Stayed with Heather and Lark, told the kirin about the murder. Wanted to explore a bit more so he told Lark to watch over Heather until he comes back. The leftovers of the "party" were still there back at the statues, and the place was suspiciously quiet. Okay, that was enough for one day. Went back to the tree, found a stranger sitting besides Lark. Was glad to be leaving his friend and the egg in company, gave Lark a goodbye nuzzle before heading back home with Heather.

Spent the day sunbathing with Heather and Lark. Introduced Lark to the little one, but Heather was too nervous to say anything than an awkwad "hi" (the social life looks so bright for this baby girl *sarcasm in the air*). Other than that, didn't do much (my internet was being way too mean to do anything, sigh)

Met Lark and an adorable baby griffin (Pippin). Curious about the latter, feeling oddly calm in his presence. Danced with the two, joined by a fawn and a stag (didn't catch the names; sobs).The stag cast an antler spell on him which he didn't like at all, hid behind the Twin God's s statues until it was safe to come out again. Sat with Lark and Pippin, eventually fell asleep. Had a reallyyy long sleep, filled with pleasant dreams. At some point felt a weird sensation across the back (did someone just pull out my fur?? Nah, totally not), but didn't wake up. When he finally did wake up, realized that Pip was gone. Got invited by Lark to join him and visit Cenn's siblings. Accepted the invitation, was glad to be able to finally meet his friend's sibs. Spent some time with Lark and the little ones before it was time to go home.

Feeling a lot better recently, decided to visit the Forest and try to find some company. Met Heilong, Larkspur and a nameless deer, goofed off and danced with them until the nameless left and Heilong fell asleep. Sat with Lark, asked about Cenn and his family since he hasn't seen the little prince in a while. Found out that Cenn's mom is back home and everything is back to normal. Yay! Felt glad to hear the good news. Offered Lark to listen to music with him and try some coffee. Spent the rest of the day just chilling with his two buddies until it was time to go back home. Life is good again. Hopes it will stay like that.

Finally left his den after days of isolation. Found Heilong hanging out near the Twin God's. Even tho he was still feeling down in the dumps, couldn't resist the urge to laugh when the starry stag started inventing silly dance moves. Felt glad to have a friend to cheer him up when he needs it. Gave Heilong a hug to thank him for making him feel a bit better. Spent the rest of the day playing chase with Heilong, which ended up being harder than he thought it would be. The two later sat down to rest, Heilong eventually falling asleep. Met a stag and a fawn (didn't catch the names), danced and played with them before they gave him a goodbye bow and left. Sat back next to a sleeping Heilong, feeling content with the day they spent together.

Been spending days being unusually quiet and lethargic. Didn't feel like socializing so intended to spend another day isolated, just enjoying the sunshine, coffee and music. The idea got ditched as he sniffed a familiar scent - it was his little buddy Cenn! Even tho he didn't feel like it, danced a bit with him before settling on a rock at the playground. Cenn told him about all the happenings at his new home. Felt worried for the little one because of his mother, but the talk about Cenn's family made him remember his own past and the fact that he doesn't even remember his own parents. Being a good friend as he is, did his best to listen and engage in the conversation, but the dark thoughts about his past kept occupying his already unstable mind, which made him feel sad and super self conscious. However, didn't want to say anything, tried to keep poker face but felt like Cenn could tell that something was off with him. Some time later, Cenn's friend Lark showed up. After being introduced to him by Cenn, sat back with them in their old place. Was touched by how the two seemed so close. Another punch in the face for his.. ohh, what were these.. feelings? Yeah, he had his herd. And he had his friends. They love him and he loves them, then why were there some days when all of that seemed like not enough? Felt bad for realizing how ungrateful his own thoughts made him seem. His head started to hurt and feel heavy from all the overthinking. Then he remembered Peri and Heather and that he hadn't checked up on them. Said bye to Lark and Cenn before leaving to find the two fawns. Walked through the forest and stopped by a sun spot to try to calm himself down. A tear rolled down his face. It's been ages since he cried. Felt a familiar but unpleasant feeling taking over his mind and body. Another flashback. Darkness, water, muffled sounds of someone calling him by his old name. His chest and lungs started feeling heavy. Couldn't continue his search, started to shake and ran back home as fast as he could. Immediately ran up to Noirin, stuffing his head into her fur. A few moments later, the shaking stopped. The bad feelings weren't there anymore. Feel asleep. Had a dream in which he was a human again, sitting on a bed in a small room and playing the guitar. Heard a knock on the door and a soft voice calling him. Jumped happily to open the door, but woke up. Sighed. It was already night and everyone was already asleep. Looked up to the sky and all the stars shining, just like his friend Heilong's pelt. Turned on some music to chase away the emptiness he felt, before falling asleep again.

Was in a state of total confusion today thanks to his player (I'm sorry Clar, I'm really sorry).
Met a whole bunch of fawns without bios. After the most awkward introduction in the history of awkward introductions, jumped around with an adorable two-faced fawn (Jude) until player's internet got cut out and everything froze so Jude disappeared and Clarion couldn't see his picto (I'm a lost cause, help). Instead of finding Jude, decided to go and find another fawn friend with whom he played earlier. After a succesful mission, went with the fawn to visit the Old Oak and relax for a bit there, but the fawn's player logged off shortly after they sat there, so Clar was left alone. But wait.. saw Jude sitting by his tree nearby so decided to just... randomly approach again and sit there like a total freak. Jude however seemed happy for the company so after apologizing for the awkwardness, Clar offered him to listen to some music with him. Asked the two-faced fawn what his favorite music genre was. Jude seemed confused at first but replied that he likes soft things. Clar found some soft piano music in his music player which Jude seemed to like very much. After a long session of sitting and enjoying the music, Clar had to go home. Said goodbye to Jude hoping they'll meet again soon.

Met up with Waefraleah, jumped around a bit with her while making sure the blind doe doesn't get hurt accidentally. Sniffed a familiar scent in the air (SylvanRah), decided to go over and say hi together with Waefraleah. Suddenly found himself in the presence of a large group (didn't catch the names tho).
Danced, jumped and ran around with everyone, until the group slowly dispersed. Sat with Damisona and Sylvan, until Sylvan had to go too. Went for a run with Damisona, before heading back home.

Was woken from a nap feeling the raindrops falling on his head. Got up and shook the rain from himself, feeling absolutely miserable because he HATES rain! Started running around trying to find a shelter, when he ran into Heilong, who apparently didn't mind being soaked to the skin. The two began the search for a shelter, eventually ending up hiding in the Old Oak. Felt restless because of the terrible weather and cuz he had to sit still, but decided to turn on the music player and just soak himself in some pleasant music while Heilong was sleeping beside him.

It's night in the Forest! Felt very energized and decided to run around with Heilong, knowing that he'll enjoy the darkness. Was sitting in a flower patch for a bit, mesmerized by the beautiful fireflies which were flying around, when Heilong cast a pelt spell on him (you cast a spell on me spell on me, you hit me like the sky fell on me fell on me... ahhh the random songs that always play in my head) which he didn't like much, but Heilong is his buddy so he forgave him and laughed it off. Started dancing with Heilong when a random deer appeared, and apparently just wanted to stay there and stare at them. Umm dude, will you like.. dance back or somethin'.. no? Things became kinda awkward but the deer just ran off a few moments later. Sneezed off the random pelt and went to the Twin Gods'to get his normal pelt back, when a mini (Cydae) came along. Played and danced with her and Heilong, but Heilong soon wanted to go home. Said goodbye to him and decided to sit by a tree and enjoy some coffee, before he went back home too.

Woke up AND first things first, I'ma say all the words inside my head, I'm fired up and tired of the way the things have been, oh ooh.. ehm.. *turned off the music player* headed straight to the Twin Gods Statue to do his usual daily prayer (actually it's cuz he needed to get his pelt back, but nvm just think of it as he is a very religious pers.. err, I mean, deer). Had a few sips of coffee and after some running around with Heilong, ended up at the Ruins where they found Cennétig accompanied by a little fawn (Lizette). Well heya there guys! Up for some dancin'...? Oh, welp, ended up scaring the little fella who hid behind the pillar. Sorry little one :'( Sat and chatted with Heilong and Cennétig, got a nice flower as a gift from Cenn. Wanted to put the flower in his satchel when he realized that he forgot his coffee bottle at the Twin Gods', so went back there to find it (the internet got cut out so the player had to get the pelt back, but well just think of it that way, okay). On the way back to the Ruins heard some really horrific sound (which scared the hell out of Clar's player), being his curious self decided to risk his life and invastigate it with Cenn and Heilong. Came to a conclusion that part of the Forest must be possessed or smth. Still not completely satisfied with that idea so might sniff around a bit more in the following days. Hopefully some demon won't take his soul. somebody stop him before it's too late.

♩ Basics ♩

Name: Clarion

Forest Symbol: LittleNote

Aliases: Clar, Coffee Bean

Gender: Male

Age: Young adult (19 human years)

Species: TEF deer, human-faced

Zodiac sign: Libra

Orientation: Heterosexual, heteroromantic

Scent: Coffee

Diet: Omnivorous, prefers plant food though

Size: 3

References: here (version without the horns)
here (version with the horns)

In-Forest Appearance: mini, kirin pelt, trumpet horns

Voice: #30ce10

Home: X

♪ In-depth ♪

hyper party animal friendly extrovert playful brave confident stubborn daredevil impatient

*Afraid of water, can't swim. That is his only fear. Doesn't mind sitting and relaxing near the water though, just don't make him go in it
*Is actually antlerless, wears a helmet with the trumpet horns attached to it
*Wears a music player which can be connected to his horns. Can play music through his horns, he is basically a four-legged speaker
*Likes singing and dancing, he is the life of the party
*His front hooves are slightly flexible and can be used as hands
*Coffee addict, carries a coffee bottle wherever he goes
*Attention seeker, often doing silly and stupid things just to get noticed
*Isn't very emotional, will never hug/nuzzle anyone unless they are his close friend
*Night owl, will be even more active and energetic during the night
*Talkative, sometimes he just doesn't know how to stop
*Can be a bit too loud at times
*Highly social and friendly, prefers large groups over small ones
*Likes fawns and babies, he is a big kid at heart himself
*Likes telling jokes and playing pranks, though they can sound and look mean at times, it's all in good fun
*Do not cast antler and pelt spells on him, he hates that
*Hates rain and snow, won't leave his shelter when the weather is bad. Unless he REALLY has to
*Rarely sleeps cuz sleep is for the weak lol
*Remembers his human name from the past life but doesn't want to share it
*Has some memory of certain things from his past life that were presented to him through his dreams and nightmares. Therefore, he is now aware of himself once being a human, and the human world. Also has some foggy memories of his old home

♫ Bonds ♫

Family (herd)

*Noirin - Very fond and protective of, sees her as an older sister. Is very grateful for her help and would do anything for her. Looks up to
*Heilong - Feels empathy for him because of his own traumatic experience. Protective of
*Waefraleah - Admires the blind doe's witty and sarcastic personality, as well as her strong need for independence. Likes sharing jokes and playing harmless pranks on her
*Peri - Playtime buddy. Amazed by his enormous energy and enthusiasm, despite his fragility. Keeps and eye on him so the fawn doesn't get into (too much) trouble
*Heather -Playtime buddy. Slowly helping her come out of her shell, while she is helping him learn to be patient








♬ Other ♬


Was a human in his past life. Got in the Forest as a human-faced deer reincarnation.Has no memory of his past life and death. The earliest memory goes back to the day he woke up in the Forest. Scared and confused, Clarion wandered through the Forest, trying to remember what happened to him and staying away from others. After months of isolation and living in a total confusion, he was found by Noirin, a doe with healing abilities, and accepted into her herd. Noirin eventually helped him resolve his traumatic experience, and Clar slowly regained his old personality from the time when he was still a human being. Still has no memory of how he died though, but from time to time has flashbacks and nightmares which he believes indicate what happened to him.


*Music player
*Coffee bottle
*A flower - from Cennétig
*Lavender - from Jude
*A dreamcatcher - from Pippin

*Notes about the human world - from Damisona

♭ Extra ♭


*by me:
*by tossercook:
*by WildflowerDeer:
*by Vanilliana:
*by Moruun:

CreditCSS by Sycamorre.
DisclaimerClarion is IC, his thoughts, behavior, emotions etc. do not reflect my own. Will go OOC around other OOC players, nameless and unregistered users. All interactions are welcome! If you need to contact me, you can do it via discord: Sybilline#6349, or e-mail: nickjagger50@yahoo(dot)com

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Ooo!! &hearts;

Ooo!! ♥

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Ah, how cute!

Ah, how cute!
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*waves* well hello there,

*waves* well hello there, party people! \o/
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Hello there, trumpet-horned.

Hello there, trumpet-horned.
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Heey, hi Vani! What happened

Heey, hi Vani! What happened with Clarion's little red friend? We haven't seen her in a while :c
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A track for you ^^

A track for you ^^
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track :>
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Looks like my Clarion is just

Looks like my Clarion is just gonna randomly sit there for a bit with Jude xD btw sorry for the super awkward introduction earlier, my internet connection is a mess :S
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*chanting* "new css, new css" <3
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Oh my god, this is very

Oh my god, this is very adorable bio and i love his set!
Kirin pelt is my favorite by them all! aaaaa
Hope to meet this little fella someday.


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Hautakumpu: Aaa thank you so

Hautakumpu: Aaa thank you so much! I love the kirin pelt too, green is just the best color in the world hehe ^^
Hopefully you do get a chance to meet him, he is a sweetie :3
Basen: Hello c:
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