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Name - Reilynn Breeze
Nicknames - 'Sub', Sub Rosa
Gender - Female
Age - Adult
Halo - x
Orientation - Bisexual
Status: Taken
Species - Succubus - Whitetail Deer Hybrid
Size: 7
Scent - Honeysuckle with a hint of gardenia.
Diet - Omnivore
Haunt - ( 81 x 113 ??)
Voice - ~
Reference - xXx
Faceclaim - Christina Hendricks

Forest actions

• Show affection + Listen - Something to watch out for as she is trying to stick you with her needles.
• Bow + Anger - A threat. Done when very crossed with someone.

|Set - Mini - Deer mask - Beluga pelt - Antlerless |

|Succubus mode - Mini - Deer mask - Idol pelt - Default antlers + Poppies |

Sub's physique is very feminine and shapely. Due to this, she can not withstand physical confrontations for long.

The bearer of venom similar to agelaia pallipes. Horns are venomous thus getting impaled may lead to a fatal anaphylactic reaction. Holds a natural immunity to poisonous attacks. Hidden until in succubus mode or threatened.

Within grayish-brown fur hides tiny needles that hold strong amounts of aphrodisiac. Retractable. They don't hurt, however, those without a magical barrier could have a hard time fighting against it. Works on both genders. Avoids using.

•Bright orange crystals are embedded along her hips.
•Hair is long and unruly at times. Mostly seen with gardenias/braids decorating it.
•Dewclaws are hard, sharpened, and can reach the ground. Makes walking/running/sitting a difficult feat for the doe.
•Has teeth similar to brown bears.

Flirtatious - Mischievous - Saucy - Forward - Blunt - Proud - Enthusiastic - Racy - Capricious - Possessive - Dismissive - Demonic - Spiteful - Pessimistic - Manipulative - Ruthless - Detached - Reclusive - Difficult - Guiltless - Cynical

•Never gives out her real name. Not even to those she grows close to.

•Cursed during a battle with the gods of her world. Will be reshaped and reborn after death.

•Hates deities with a passion. Known gods will get nothing but a cold shoulder and horns. Will try to kill if given the chance.

•Hates other demons as well. Won't try to engage unless they touch what is hers (prey, clothing, etc).

•Refuses the succubus part of herself, nevertheless has found a use for these powers to make hunting easier.

•Prefers discussing problems out if possible. Not with filthy deities though.

•Necromancer. Power is weakened in the forest but still dangerous with range. Can summon shadows of the dead to defend. Will aim for the attacker's mouth and nose to steal life force.

•Enjoys accessorizing with silks, fancy masks, flowers, and jewelry.

•Prefers meats over plants. Can stomach rotting meat without falling ill.

•No stranger to death. Has even killed in the past for the sake of curiosity and felt nothing about it. Refuses to reveal this side of her to keep appearances up.

•Confused by kindness. Believes the giver to hold a hidden agenda.

•Hates attention. Makes it hard to carry out schemes like murder pursuing prey. So keeps mostly to herself.

•Kids? Do you mean punching bags? Keep your children away from her. Will always try to ignore at first, but if the harassment continues might bite down on the pest.

•Likes clashing colors. An odd little rebellion started when called beautiful. Believes the unappealing sight will cause on-lookers to view her as unattractive and lure people away. Most of the time has the opposite effect.

•Scared of positive relationships. Friends are likely to become enemies with her way of life.

•Someone in den? No problem. Will boldly wiggle her away in anyway. Someone goes into her den while she is inside? No problem. Come right it. Unless you are a filthy deity.


Originally believed the Frozen to be dying as he stunk of blood and rot. Slightly disappointed to learn he wasn't at death's door. Exchanged introductions and questioned until she received a rage-filled outburst in return. Startled by this, however, hardly felt it right to judge given her own situation. Aired some of her own 'dirty laundry' to level the playing field and perhaps sooth his soul. Invited into her den to rest and recuperate.
Has since grown attached to as he gives purpose to something dead and broken in her own eyes. Still holding many secrets of the past from and doesn't wish to reveal any close to her heart. Anxious past incidents will tear them apart. Understands this irregular relationship is the closest form of happiness experienced in a very very long time. Will protect at any cost.

soon here too.


An annoyance but a welcome one.
At first, saw the doe in a negative light because of her status with Atiq. Has since grown to enjoy the doe as she appears to care for Sub's well-being. Adorable, but not that adorable since it makes her a target for use.


Scared little bug.
Seems to be scared of Sub. Good, that only means she is doing a good job keeping her in line.

Remembers: Nemphlèx • Dreikopf • ++ Sindile • ?Wisp • - Enchante • --- Scavenger

Rut: + Gaea • Reika • Xantho • Mirah • Rasuil • Nazier • Acacia • Shay • Illrose • Rossamund • Raizel • Idelle • Limaria • Sabit • + Elijah • Alesana • Plague • --- Altijd • + Rohit • Lady Efrideet


Golden daggers.
Met during the rut and thought the Burning to be easy prey. Failed. Trying to lure him back in with kindness. Also failed. Broke his child's (Nawfar) nose lowkey because she can't attack the stag due to a promise.

Possible deity.


I love the dark hours of my being. My mind deepens into them.

— Rainer Maria Rilke, The Book Of Hours

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'get out my den' make me

'get out my den'
make me Eye

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WildflowerDeer -
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-sits down-

-sits down-
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Thank you all ♥

Thank you all ♥

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Sin thanks for the playtime.

Sin thanks for the playtime. And player apologies for Sin being an awkward pup.

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Track! :3

Track! :3
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:3 lol I'm guessing she won't

lol I'm guessing she won't like Macaria much
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meant to track this earlier.

meant to track this earlier.


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Sorry about Arkœrova, she doesn't really like attention at all. XD
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♥ no problem.

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why am i still not here

why am i still not here

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