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PhysicalPerfect, slightly tired. | MentalOverjoyed, unsure. | NoteUntil I revamp his magic section I'll put this here - Cul's arrows cannot be seen by anyone and everyone. Those who have a strong sensitivity to magic, curses, the undead and/or seeing behind illusions will be capable of seeing them. It is up to you whether your char can see / sense them.


Overjoyed at the arrival of his and Sub's children; Primarosa, Joha, Maeve & Glennrosa.


Entered the forest only to be promptly approached by a familiar face (Melanie) and her company (Doitsu). Got spelled by a weird small rat-weasel thing?? that was tagging along with the two and naturally felt very insulted about this. Chased it down until realising it seemed to belong to Mel. Fine. For her sake I won’t eat you. But if you dare do it again I make no promises >:{

Took part in fight club for a little while, seeing more familiar faces there. Again watched Sub glare daggers at Altjid, again refused an explanation ¯\_(?)_/¯. Sub’s mind is one of life’s greatest mysteries.
Watched on passively for a while longer before heading off with Sub. After romping around headed back to the den only to be approached by Nathaniel. Surprised by his sudden appearance and pulled aside by the sakura to talk.

Learned vaguely of the boy’s schemes and ultimately the situation that had arisen as a result of their failure. Warned Nathaniel not to go any further with his ideas, offering a place to stay to wait out the storm. Still trying to process certain parts of what Nat told him but nonetheless glad to hear the boy accept.

Let the younger male go off to talk with another while he explained the situation to Sub. Surprised to hear she was more than willing to take the boy with them after learning who his mother was. Upon Nathaniel’s return left for home.


Watched a star fall from the forest’s sky, believed it to be a blessing for a bright future.
Still, remains fearful above all else; for the children’s health, Sub’s health and what capabilities the children will inherit nagging at him in particular. Took to the sparring event as a means of escape from his worries and return to the comfort of combat; the role of a soldier something more familiar than that of a prospective father.

Joined Sub when her presence was noted a little ways away from the crowd, retiring from the battling to nurse his bruises and take to comforting her. Didn’t miss the glare she sent at one of his opponents, Altijd, but remained oblivious to its meaning though unconcerned knowing Sub and her penchant for disliking anything that breathes. Humoured her little mood and took her back to their quiet spot.

Stood over his lover as a wolf prowled into their vicinity, making it entirely clear the beast would not touch a hair on her head without dealing with him first. Observed passively as it ran for a nearby target knowing Sub and their offspring would be at risk should he leave. Sent a quiet prayer for the wolf’s victim before taking Sub from the forest and back to the relative safety of home.


Brought up the anniversary of their first meeting to Sub as a sweet thought to entertain. Though adoring of festivities favoured keeping this one true to what it was, a simple quiet celebration between the two of them. SO ANNOYED when Sub decided to be extravagant and take them to another world to have dinner in some fancy restaurant… we could have just had dinner here…

Nevertheless appreciative of the gesture and even found himself enjoying the new experience even if Sub basically had to drag him along the entire time.

Still continuing to grow increasingly excited for the future and the chance to finally redeem past mistakes and be a good father. Not without worries however and is keeping his mind occupied, carving toys for his offspring and doting on Sub.


Overjoyed to learn of Sub's pregnancy and welcoming the prospect of family.

After a long overdue time introduced Sub to his home-world. In forest glad to see the return of Nathaniel and with him came news that he had new siblings though they resided in the care of adoptive parents. Although glad for the bond he shares with Nathaniel not overjoyed with the idea of being used by Enchante much like it seems the new siblings parents are. Continuing to lose a lot of the respect he once held for the boy's mother.

Today worried by Sub's recent bouts of sickness and lethargy, keeping close to her and unwilling to move far from her side. Glad again for another visit from Nathaniel and the chance to introduce him to Rosa though no-one seemed much in the mood to talk. Took the exhausted Sub home after Nathaniel slinked off.


Up to usual shenanigans and rough-housing with Sub although unusually this time instigated by him.
A visit from some fawns brought up the subject of children and was given more insight on to his partner’s feelings on the matter. Quietly remaining hopeful despite what was shared.


Started the day with Sub and Arko in a corner of the ruins, glad to see the girl improve massively from the state she was in at their last meeting. Joined by another familiar child; Wisp.
Around this time attention was drawn back to the nearby ghostly horse-creature (the Douðshest) and a new arrival (scavenger). Put on edge by the second creature's lurking and staring, standing guard over his company as the two began to tear into one another.

Had no intention of joining in until Wisp decided to run straight into the thick of it. Bolted after the sprite and into the middle of the brawl, trying to fend off the two creatures and allow Wisp to escape. Stared down the two when the fight split up and went back to the group and make sure all were unharmed. Found Wisp had ran off but was reluctant to leave Sub and Ark by themselves.

THEN with things quietened down Ark decided to go get a drink, returned with Scavenger on her tail :/. This time tore after the creature and found others had joined the chase. On the one hand wished to go after the beast and bring it down himself but fearful for Sub and the children with another predator on the loose. Broke off, content that with more of the forest aware of Scavenger it would be kept occupied. Glad to see Sub had collected Wisp and Ark too was with them.

After that another individual came hurtling into the ruins. Assumed they had just been spooked in all the commotion. HoweVER then Ajokoira came rushing after them. Didn't know how to process the events as previously observed Ajokoira taking part in the attack on Scavenger.

Resorted to just keeping watch over Sub and the children for the rest of the time, wary and suspicious of everyone. Also tried to trap a Wisp and stop them from running into trouble again, semi-succesful :/


Day 1 of the zombie outbreak. They've already taken Arko, fighting diligently to save his wife from the hoardes.

Approached by Sub with the topic of feeling like they were something more than friends. Freaked somewhat to himself because he had been dreading the topic for months now. Still clinging on to the idea that if he doesn't voice his attachment to anyone it'll save him all the less heartbreak in future.
Admitted that he did indeed feel that there was something different and genuine about their relationship but refused to go any further than that, letting the doe take from it what she will. Overjoyed to hear her reveal mirrored feelings although mood crashed again when Sub suggested that taking this further would only be dangerous to both of them.

Turned cold at these words and suggested that if Sub had reason to end it she should have done so long ago rather than leading him on to believe this was something more for so long. However at her admittance of past, a tale that shocked and disgusted him for various reasons both personal and general, brought to a state where all he wanted to do was cradle the female.

After admitting something he'd rather not share and promising to stay by her side heard Sub's tone change to something more flippant. Offended greatly, mostly out of what he percieved to be unrecioprocrated feelings from the doe, when Sub's words and tone suggested that she had never been taking it seriously. Despite this, watched the succubus drop what had turned out to be a mask and could only be left to empathise with her reasons.

Feelings were shared between himself and Sub and, as a result, their relationship established.
Also kicked out a Sindile when he tried to interupt. >: ((
Not today.

Approached by a female who admitted to being new to the forest and wanted to know her way around. Confused as to why they picked him in particular to approach, not considering himself the most welcoming face around but obliged their request anyway. Found the topic of their conversation changing from his dragonflies and then to his arrows. Irritated, told the doe to go mind her own business and found himself being mocked in return. Snapped at her after this and found himself thrown into a fight. Came to the conclusion that the female was unhinged and decided to back off in his attacks, all too aware that this could end very badly for both of them. The forest’s residents would be quick to assume he was the one at fault here if they saw. When she continued to be relentless and threatened to rip out his arrows, invited her too, watching smugly as they phased through her. Trying to regain whatever pride he had left out of the events. Departed the scene before it got either of them into deeper water, though not particularly happy to leave the female on the loose, for the sake of others.
Washed the blood from his fur in the idol’s tears before Sub approached, unhappy that she had to see him in this state. Assured her he was just tired and the wounds weren’t grievous and lay down to rest with her. Drifted in and out of conscious, mainly more exhausted than anything else, though ever aware and glad of Sub’s steady presence along with that of Arkœrova.


Contented and feeling far happier in recent times, optimistic even.

Riled up into another bout of play-fighting by Sub before noting the presence of a welcomed face nearby in the form of Macaria. Glad to see the Asphodel around again and greeted her warmly. All seemed well at first until he started sensing bad vibes from Sub. Greatly irritated by the Rose’s sudden hostility -especially in front of a friend he hadn’t seen in a while - though for Macaria’s sake tried his best to remain civil. Put Sub’s sourness down to jealousy and inwardly was like please chill and learn to share lady, there’s enough of me to go around Eye.

Led Macaria off to a flower patch so they could play around without any tension though found Macaria seeking out Sub before long... oh no. Arrived to see Sub physically threatening the goddess so mirrored the Rose’s action right back at her until she departed.

Tried to comfort and reassure an upset Macaria that she had did nothing wrong, spurring her into another play session in hopes that it would be a welcomed distraction for both of them. Still found himself inwardly annoyed with Sub though at least glad Macaria seemed happy again. Saddened when the goddess left and wished they could have reunited again on better terms.

Set off to confront Sub about the whole ordeal, finding her in the blue bowl in the company of Pagan. Stared down the Rose from a nearby spot on Red Hill until she approached him. Challenged her to explain herself and received a reply that brought surprise, panic and hurt to the stag. Abruptly left the forest without another word before his reaction could arouse any suspicion from the female.


Entered the forest to find Sub’s den covered in blood and startled at this, proceeded to call for her before catching sight of the blood-trail leading into the birch. Had a hard time following it though eventually came across an alive and uninjured Sub. Relief however was promptly replaced with shock when he realised the source of the blood was from another - a dead male at her hooves. Listened to her frantic explanation and questioned her on her intentions from here forward, coming to the conclusion that she was lying. Had this suspicion confirmed by the female before she went on to lament her situation. Pitied her situation on the one hand while also judging her to be foolish to hunt in a place such as this where the consequences at risk of being deadly. Ate what they needed before burying what remained. Also Sub you are terrible at digging, please let the more capable one here handle this. :smirk: Just you go and be useful over there or whatever.

Clashed with the doe slightly when it came to their views on the dead though the tension had dissipated when they returned to Sub’s den. Gave her a necklace he had made himself.



Found himself in the presence of a pretty doe. Introduced himself and thanked her for the company, receiving her own name in return (Sub). Talked with her, gaining a little insight into her life before a simple question lead to an outburst from himself. Apologized as the pain in his chest began to worsen, fully expecting the doe to bid him farewell. Instead found her offering an admittance of her own that shocked him, finding that Sub’s situation was not unlike his, empathetic. Thankful of her kindness when her den was offered as a place to rest.

Spent some further time becoming acquainted with Sub before returning home though with the intention of returning soon.


Culzean ➳

Name: Culzean Pronounced KUL-layn,
derived from 'Cuileann' meaning 'holly', a plant associated with protection from evil spirits and a symbol of midwinter

Pronunciation: 'KUL-ayn'

Forest Name: RainandFlowers

Epithets: Cul. Old man. The; Holly-Crowned, Frozen-Soul, Grey.

Sex: Male; stag; hart.

Species: Deity*Of spirits and the wilderness., Northern Hart*A species of large, pale deer hailing from Krossa's northernmost regions, bears resemblance to reindeer and red deer. Culzean himself also possesses traits of wolf most predominantly but also horse, boar and bear.

Age: 250-ish, Semi-immortal

Ref: here

Set: Skull Mask | Long Pelt | Candle antlers

Height: Sizeable

Scent: Predominantly of various herbs, pine and petrichor. Ever-present underlying scent of blood and rot.

Diet: Omnivorous, opportunistic.

Voice: Here

Faceclaim: 12

Orientation: Bisexual Demiromantic

Status: devoted

Haunts: The ruins, the quiet corners of the forest,

Paternal - Honest - Genuine - Appreciative - Polite/Impolite - Affectionate - Empathetic/Apathetic - Determined - Ambitious - Fearful - Cold - Paranoid - Vengeful - Impulsive- Volatile - Distrustful -Possessive - Domineering - Addictive - Judgmental - Hypocritical

ENFJ | Chaotic Neutral


From an outside perspective it is easy to judge the stag as cold and reserved. In truth he is a social being who craves company and is prone to loneliness when lacking the former. Though initially quiet and distrusting of strangers he can warm up quickly if the other is willing. Does seem to be slightly more open to trusting females over males.

Ruled by emotions. Persona is volatile and stormy, the slightest events or actions can dramatically alter the stag’s moods. Easily provoked but as easily calmed, his temperamental nature can be quite alarming to one who doesn’t know him well. In the same vein he loves fiercely but is prone to possessiveness, reads deeply into things at the cost of paranoia and at times cares so much that he exhausts himself into periods of apathy.

Though clearly carries a mentality alike to that of a human does possess feral undertones to his nature. Carries many behaviours and preferences that point towards this. Expresses a great deal through body language and when stressed can be hard to reason with.

Does attempt to be polite and courteous, though some of his actions may be taken as the opposite. While refined in speech behaviours can sometimes be seen as forward.

Highly appreciative of beauty and has a knack of finding it in the most unlikely places. Compliments from him are rarely said without heart and he enjoys making others feel good about themselves. Similarly though is prone to flattery himself.

Honest though not brutally so, softens hurtful truths. With himself however he is far more aggressive and at times freely admits his faults and low opinion of self.

A glaringly obvious hypocrite. Generally is willing to turn a blind eye to the more sordid activities of another as long as they have no effect upon him or those close to him. On the same hand willing to overlook flaws in someone he is acquainted with for the sake of maintaining a relationship.

Cares little for money and possessions, instead his way of living can be seen as relatively simple. Puts value in meaning over the physical worth of something. Craves meaning in connections with others too; gets far more out of mutual rather than one-sided bonds.



Has a variety of hobbies picked up during his lifetime, especially in the last century or so. Often gardens, sews and collects a variety of natural objects including bones, crystals, shells and sea glass (an item he treasures due to its rarity in his region). Beachcombing is ultimately a favourite pastime of his. Can also play the lute fairly well in human form. Sings too although despite what his speech may suggest actually has quite a gentle singing voice.

Has a waste not want not attitude to food and is an aspect of himself where feral tendencies show through. Rarely kills for food but scavenges what is already dead when he can, not above cannibalism. Also eats non-meat derived matter such as nuts, fruits and fungi. Lacks a sense of taste due to his curse so derives no pleasure from eating.

Prone to getting addicted to substances and is well aware of this. For the most part vehemently avoids alcohol.

If he perceives someone as accepting of his company - basically acceptance to him is defined as anything apart from being explicitly told nO - doesn't have much concept of personal space and will unashamedly invade it. Thrives off of physical closeness.

Cleans the arrow wound frequently and mostly masks the scent of blood with herbs and perfumes.

Culzean is an inhabitant of Santenyal (Sawn-teen-yal), the most northerly known region of Krossa.

Santenyal was created when worshipers of the old deities became persecuted by practitioners of a religion from Krossa’s western continent. Hundreds of thousands were killed with the old deities among their number. When the carnage became too much a group of humans and the divine decided to gather their followers and lead them to then uninhabited region in the far north. Using their magic the deities made the region suitable for human colonization.

The region was then named Santenyal. The Sacred Wild.


Culzean was born in the centuries after Santenyal was founded. A deity of lost and restless spirits who grew to be associated with the wilderness and nature in all its cruelty and beauty.

After many decades Culzean had grown to be a locally revered presence though grew tired of his kind and his people having to live in the cold north in fear of the Southern Regions. Eventually gained himself a loyal following of other deities who together with the Holly-Crowned stag began to wage terror on the south.

Things ultimately spiralled out of control from here as the deities who had not taken part in Culzean's schemes shunned him and from here he grew more volatile. Also managed to instill fear into the people of Santenyal who began to fear the old race of deities who were generally revered as keepers of the balance of nature rather than violent fiends.

Culzean had provoked the southerners and ultimately Santenyal came under the threat of war once more in its already fraught history. In order to bring and end to all of this someone who had previously been close to the stag but could bear the suffering no longer attempted to kill Culzean through three cursed arrows. The third missed, sparing his life but leaving him broken and scarred

Spent much the next century and a half aimlessly wandering his homeland which without the deities magic is now a cold and lonely place where few of its original inhabitants stay. The rest of his kind have long since perished due to the loss of their faith among other causes, leaving Culzean the endling of his race.


Connected to ghosts and restless spirits; earthbound souls who have not yet moved on to the next life. Sensitive to their presence and is able to keep hold of them. Generally works to put the souls to rest although often keeps little fragments of their essence. Weaves his own magick into these fragments and often shapes them into the likeness of dragonflies – a species of particular importance to the deity. Uses them as messengers, overseers and even as his own senses, tasking them with relaying information about his surroundings back to him and therefore overcoming much of his blindness.

Capable of returning souls to a body – bringing them fully back to the world of the living - and healing those that have become corrupted or broken due to various reasons, a taxing process however and only does in extreme circumstances. Younger souls who died unnaturally are far easier to go through this process with as their souls are generally ‘healthier’ and less damaged by age. Aged souls and especially those who died of natural causes such as disease are far trickier to deal with. Can heal them and return them to a body although they are likely to pass away again relatively soon afterwards, be sickly or, if he returns them to a younger state, have few memories of their past. Conflicted over this ability – believes it is wrong to bring the dead back to life as it goes against the natural laws and as such would only go through with this if he owes someone a debt or believes that bringing a being back is for the greater good... or for his own selfish reasons.

Has no known power over souls who have passed on from the living world as his home world has no concept of an afterlife.


Cursed. The two arrows that protrude from his chest are intangible, weaved into his soul, and cannot be removed. They phase through anything they come into contact with.

Lacks a sense of taste and scent, eyesight is equivalent to someone with progressing cataracts. For the most part his hearing is sharp and his most reliable sense, sometimes experiences a ringing echoing sensation however. Utilises his dragonflies to see for him.

An everlasting feeling of hunger and emptiness, has grown to despise eating as food is tasteless.

Cannot accurately perceive warmth, always cold. The sun gives him little relief although being in close contact with others does provide some warmth.

Familial ties and those held close to heart

Nettles & Magnolias
Nephew. Family by bond. Placed under the stag’s care in the forest when the Sakura Rooster was still young by Enchante. Grown to adore the boy and wishes to see him grow up happy and safe, does worry for to some extent. Admires his driven nature but wishes he would slow down and enjoy his younger years while he can.

Sub Rosa
Thorned rose
First approached by the female at the ruins, thinking little of it until they began to talk. Admitted something to her which in turn led to an admittance from Sub herself. Since felt a strange and genuine connection to, stemming from the moment he dared to swallow his pride and admit his faults to someone. A rapidly developing bond and finds himself thriving in her presence, adores the doe. Has since learned that he cannot truly be honest with Sub and that their relationship is sitting in a perilous place due to his very own nature. Carries a sense of guilt because his inability to be honest with her due to his selfish wish of preserving their bond. Fearful of their relationship and reluctant to admit to himself just how attached he is to her.

'Half-sister'. In a past life his sister, of the same divine ilk as him. Presumed her to have died along with the rest of his kind and shocked upon her return, albeit she was no longer truly the same being as before. An unsteady bond, feels great guilt around.


Rain and Flowers.
Positive ties

A doe who seems to appreciate a similar sort of beauty in life to him. Hasn’t seen her in a while but still a warmly welcomed presence should she come by. Has a slight suspicion towards after witnessing her - in his opinion - 'abandon' Nathaniel in the forest, questions why a mother would do that to her child. However knows little of Enchante's situation outside of the forest so assumes she did this action with Nathaniel's best interests at heart, would've appreciated an explanation however, especially since she asked him personally to keep an eye on her child...

Friend. Another deity associated with death. Finds her child-like energy and friendliness sweet and warming – especially for a goddess of her kind. Believes her to be well-suited for her role and respects that.

A peryton child he had come to know through the forest though is a rare presence nowadays. Looked out for and sees himself as a guardian towards the child. Well aware of her mischievous nature though and is well aware she can look after herself.

Orange Hawkbit
Charge. Looks out for. Concerned from what she has told him of her life outside of the forest.


Noted / Neutral ties

Small creature with too much energy and no apparent sense of danger. Watchful over.

Finds the doe who he's seen lurking around the ruins and bowing to the graves to be intriguing albeit a bit on the intimidating side. Now aware that she is Macaria’s twin and another death goddess. Finds the stark difference in personality between the two amusing.

This goat tried to fight me?? Rude??

Noted: Heilong, Cannibriel, Melanie, Jonah, Sulwyn, Jetta, L'ubomir, Crescent, Levanna…


Thistles, Thorns and Teeth
Negative and/or Avoided

Considers her unhinged. A danger to herself as much as others.

Predatory figure

Aggressive, an unsettling being

Predatory figure

In the past

A kind doe who admittedly fed his ego with her affections. Did have some feelings for her in return but these were born out of selfishness and were entirely shallow and lacking in any emotional depth. Regardless, does miss her company.

Tumblr | Toyhouse

“If Springtime crawls out of the
wild mouths of flowers, then
surely, Winter crawls out of mine.”

- Cecilia Llompart

Winter turning to spring | Will-o’-wisps | Hydrangea flowers | Gryfalcons | Bleeding heart doves | Paganism, Wicca and Witchcraft | Blue lace agate | Cliffs |Stormy seas

"If I look back I am lost."

- George R.R. Martin

Culzean castle | Cornwall | Flowers and flower symbolism | Stained glass | Victorian glass houses | Rain showers | Petrichor | The Wilderness | Dragonflies and Damselflies

“I was wild and tame and pulled into shreds and crushed into being all at once.”

- Maggie Stiefvater

|Sea glass | Beachcombing | Pine trees | Pressed flowers | Abandoned Places | Paradise Lost | The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

"I take no joy in mead nor meat, and song and laughter have become suspicious strangers to me. I am a creature of grief and dust and bitter longings. There is an empty place within me where my heart was once.”

- George R.R. Martin


















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Ah, yes! Tracking on Chanti's

Ah, yes! Tracking on Chanti's behalf c:
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back into the groove baby
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Wow, love the design! And the

Wow, love the design! And the CSS..

Ohh, he's a big guy. *pushes

Ohh, he's a big guy.
*pushes Melinoe and Macaria at him especially the latter bc she's single*
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@ShrinkingRose Eee thank you!

Eee thank you! Enchante's always a dear to be around ^^

Ty! Laughing out loud

Haha I'd be lost if it wasn't for the css templates on this site XD Thanks! ^^

Ye he's a tol, I saw an irish elk skeleton at the weekend and couldn't resist making Culzean slightly bigger XD

Oo I'd love for him to meet Melinoe! That could certainly be interesting XD omg yessss owo

By Draak
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Hai there ^^

Hai there ^^
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frand Smiling Smiling ~track
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Holy crap, what have I done

Holy crap, what have I done ;A;
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omg you weren't kidding, I'm

omg you weren't kidding, I'm not even gonna ask how that happened xD

Pfft thanks for the track(s)

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Track (8 What a handsome

Track (8 What a handsome fellow... and a lovely voice aha ♥

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felbane loved the floof hugs

felbane loved the floof hugs from you! she even had to seek you out when she after she had her deep slumber <3 she is very grateful that you keep her company with floof.
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Aquilo: Thank you!

Aquilo: Thank you! <3 And ye, he does have a nice voice if I do say so myself B)

Wildrose: "My Pleasure," The stag nods, accompanied by a stiff bow.
(No bother at all! We remember Felbane from a while back: Cli cky, she's free to come around any time she needs some more floof in her life c; )

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"Felbane eyebrow raise behind

"Felbane eyebrow raise behind her blind fold as she looked at the pale white stag, she nodded in return to show her appreciation as the white stag had finished nodding. all tho she couldn't could help but keep her brow up under her fold, she wasn't expecting a bow from him." =)

heLLO c:

heLLO c:
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pfffff Batty is a full-grown

pfffff Batty is a full-grown adult (and that's not his actual name, I don't think I'm gonna give him one)
although it seemed I kept forgetting that due to playing him as a mini-fawn X3;
doesn't help that I don't have a very good idea of his personality and had no idea what I was doing
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@Day4 ahh gosh thank you!

@Day4 ahh gosh thank you! <3

@Amary Yeah Culzean's a tad simple minded with issues like that, if they look like a kid they're a kid in his eyes until he's explicitly screamed at lmao. Same goes for things like gender :v
Also if he remains nameless Culzean henceforth dubs thee 'bat-kid' :^D

And I'm sure you'll figure out their personality soon!

By Draak

asphodel is that perhaps

asphodel is that perhaps because she wears one
For the record Melinoe used to wear pomegranate blossoms, but I also kinda associate poppies with her.
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You got it! He isn't going to

You got it! He isn't going to stop until his each of his closer relations has a bouquet of flowers associated with them so he'll be a bit more creative in future

aww cool, I'm guessing pomegranate flowers because of the Hades/Persephone story and poppies because of the death/remembrance symbolism (or y'know just because they grow in the ruins xD?

By Draak
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Hey thank you!! &hearts;

Hey thank you!! ♥

By Draak

yes to all plus pomegranites

yes to all
plus pomegranites are the fruit of the dead

also "This goat tried to fight me?? Rude??"
love that XD
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would love for someone to

would love for someone to meet this guy sometime Smiling
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@Amary Feel free to beat him

@Amary Feel free to beat him up Aileana

@Shey Thanks! <3

@YaraMyst aa please do go ahead if you see him around! c:

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Track! I found a treasure

Track! I found a treasure here omigosh
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Aaaa thank you so much! ;w;

Aaaa thank you so much! ;w;

By Draak

what a pretty

what a pretty
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@Wriggles hhh thank you!!

@Wriggles hhh thank you!! ♥

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srynotsry i tried to eat your

srynotsry i tried to eat your flowers rOFL <:
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pfft he's super touchy about

pfft he's super touchy about his flowers >:0

By Draak

Gotta take this guy to the

Gotta take this guy to the bar more often 'cause he's hiding some amazing dance moves from everyone.
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Yes hello

Yes hello Cool
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Ace: It's all fun and game's

Ace: It's all fun and game's until he gets a hangover lmao

Vessan: Hi!! c:

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Hello there &hearts;

Hello there ♥

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aa hello!

aa hello! <33

By Draak
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May I add you on discord?

May I add you on discord?

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Of course!! Wildflower#8793

Of course!! Wildflower#8793 <3

By Draak