An illusion of Forest Magicians; Collaboration Hub

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Apparently a group of magicians is called an illusion. Go figure.

SO HEY I thought it would be really neat if some of the people donating at the Forest Magician tier wanted to collaborate to create full sets and/or fulfill more of the most requested concepts instead of a random assortment of pieces or spin-offs of the same concept etc. so if you're interested say so! And if not, I'm sure you'll come up with something amazing anyway and I can't wait to see it! ♥♥
Forest Magicians who'd like to collaborate, provide an Email or a Skype and we can all coordinate from there, and use this hub as a sounding board for ideas. If you want to be anonymous as far as TEFc goes but still want to collaborate, just Email me and say so.
Get it? Set? No? I'll show myself out.

CollaboratorsTop RequestsInspiration
  • Aivilo - - X
    --Red/purple pelt? + undecided
  • Keepiru - X
  • SoliloquyChryseis - X
  • Alcinda - X
    --Ghoul Pelt + mask
  • parrotsnpineapple - X
    --Jacob sheep horns
  • Urschanabi - X
    --Green man mask
  • Dark pelts
  • Red pelts
  • Purple pelts
  • Fallow antlers
  • Caribou antlers
  • Animal/snout masks

Other Magician Designs
  • J!n - X
    --White/Red Pelt -- human skull design available for other magicians to submit

Complete Guide to Current Sets

Original Concept Art Thread

From Margo's "Fan Art In the Game" thread:
*Red pelt *Dark pelt *Purple pelt
Red Panda*
Evening Dew
Wild Rabbit
Red dapple*
Solar Bamboo
Egito (and Margo's rendition)*
Forest Druid
Phantom Kudu*
African & Angus*
Taboar (Camo, Gray)*
Demon Deer*
Stag Beetle*
Death's Head Moth*
Bah Bah (Additions)
Black Jaguar (Panther)*
Wolf Mask
Sunflower Beast
Red Dragon*
Abysmal, Roan (Blue & Red)**
Purple Secret*
Thresher, Shepherd
Flamboyant flower
Sky Spiral, Flamebringer, Brimstone*
Wolves, Bubble*
Redtail Hawk*
Autumn Fawn
Aus. Shepherd 2
Fire/Explosion, Nightbringer*
Forest Spirit*
Dracula Orchid*
Darling's Sky*
Rosy, Jagged
Electricity, assorted antlers*
Deadly Caterpillar
Winter coats
Iris Butterfly*
Hornsby Spider
Aica's Concepts**
Glitched Forest
Terabetha's Concepts***
Paper Masks - 1, 2
Amary's concepts***

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-by Sokoora by Kamaya

Phew!! Nice job compiling all

Phew!! Nice job compiling all these C;
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Ooh thank you so much for

Ooh thank you so much for making this, Ivi!
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oh you punny devil x also

oh you punny devil x
also bless you for putting this together, cannot wait to see what the forest magicians can come up with bc honestly i'd be happy with any of these concepts that i've looked through ♥ they're all gorgeous!
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Also putting this out here

Also putting this out here for ideas:

TEF Glitch pelts

...which I sadly don't have any screenshots of, I actually did have a collection someone sent me but the dropbox link was deleted 8(

The only thing I have is this old Arokai pelt concept I did based off one of them:
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@Draak - Oh, shoot, I saw

@Draak - Oh, shoot, I saw that collection on Margo's thread somewhere. I bet I could find it again real quick, thought I had snagged it!

Edit: Aha, must have skipped over it because parts 1-3 don't work. I went through the whole thread, but took out anything that no longer had functional images or links.
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Maybe add a link to Tera's

Maybe add a link to Tera's pelt concepts?
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@Echo - I didn't because the

@Echo - I didn't because the link I kept finding is no longer valid, as no one linked to it using its node number. Doing some digging.

Edit: Found it.
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Great! I'm a Magician too,

Great! I'm a Magician too, you can add me to the list C: I need ideas haha.
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first of all, thank you to

first of all, thank you to all of the forest magicians who forked out the cash for this opportunity and are willing to keep in mind the thoughts of the community! super generous and super rad, thanks so much >:
also, thanks for Ivi for makin' handy conglomerated threads like this one. and for horrible puns a loser like me can wholly appreciate, sigh...

lookin' to toss my vote in for a nice dark and red pelt; ssssso many days i've ached for one along with the mob.

more 'snouted' masks would be amazing, too! so many characters have animal-esque faces that i imagine something more animal-esque would definitely be put to use. thinking something along the lines of AwesomePatterns' and Wintercroft's paper animal masks.
we do pretty well with the paper deer and skull mask, but a little variety in the long faces would be fun!

fallow deer antlers, or something reminiscent of them would also be great. we don't have much in that sort of antler style.
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I'm contemplating forking

I'm contemplating forking over the 500 to get us some new sets. personally I think we need a green one too. without pink xD
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Ah, this is a really neat

Ah, this is a really neat idea! I would love a red pelt of sorts, I was so sad when the red panda pelt didn't make it into the game, and Ravyn's red dapple pelt is gorgeous too. :') Look forward to see what you guys will come up with!
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Definitely watching this.

Definitely watching this.
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Just popping in to suggest

Just popping in to suggest some of Rahbop's unused concepts?
The winter set has fallow antlers which I think would be good too
Aaand a wolf mask which obviously would be applicable to many characters

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I've always wanted to see

I've always wanted to see that mask in game Freyja!
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everyone's so incredibly

everyone's so incredibly thoughtful and generous i can barely stand it
gonna be keepin' an eye on this blog and all the concepts that appear here ♥

also just have to add that implementing Rahbop's wolf mask would be a dream
i wonder if they had a pelt/antler design to go with it?
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omg all of these are

omg all of these are so
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Reindeer antlers hgn why not!

Reindeer antlers hgn why not! <3
But I do not agree with the wolf mask sorry, the concept is good (as the art) but I think it is unfitting for TEF. We'd take the risk to see an army of wolves in the forest...

I have a bunch of set

I have a bunch of set ideas/designs I made long, long ago. Here is my old thread but I still want to repost them somewhere since they are currently on Photobucket and that site just drives me nuts.
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Following. Note to myself:

Note to myself: dig up good tefc concepts from way back and throw em on here.
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Btw, I sent a note to Rah-bop

Btw, I sent a note to Rah-bop about using their designs. We can't propose/use one of them without permission :') I know most of their designs are in-game, but I prefer to ask as Rah is no longer active.
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oh tracking! (: and

oh tracking! (:

and Sekhmet's set was named Egito! I failed to name it in the same reply but just in case you wanted to know
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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Just tossing a mask

Just tossing a mask suggestion here. Love what your doing here btw.
Considering we have masks that cover the entire face and the upper half, how about one that solely covers the lower half? I think that would be neat.
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I've got a terrible cold and

I've got a terrible cold and am out of the house for the next few days doing petsitting and holiday things, so slow replies for a bit!

Keep - added you ♥
Hrae - Those masks are super cool o3o
Soli - doooo eeeeeet But only if it won't hurt to do so!
Snow - I really liked the red panda pelt, too. I like the dapple, but I'm worried it's really similar to the blood red god pelt, so I'd probably do something at least a little different.
Freyja/Kimi/Fin - I'm on the fence with the wolf mask. I love the design (along with some lion mask designs), but I don't know how I feel about putting them in the game.
Amary - Nice! I'll add that up there
Keep - Yeah, I definitely wouldn't use any concept as-is without getting direct permission. The list is definitely just there as a collection of what's been suggested before/reference for what the community has wanted
Thais - Thank you, I knew it started with an E but by the time I realized I didn't have a comment with the proper name pulled up I had so many tabs I couldn't go searching properly ;; And it's a long thread! I'll get it fixed in a bit.
Janet - That'd be neat. I might play with that idea later when I've got my laptop properly set up again
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Keeping an eye on this.

Keeping an eye on this. <3

I remembered the TEF group on

I remembered the TEF group on DA has a folder for concept designs.

some of them are character designs, but there's some good set designs, too
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Just pushed the campaign over

Just pushed the campaign over 19k. Donated the 500 Smiling

Add me to that list if you please ^^
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So glad Echosong dropped

So glad Echosong dropped Tera's link.
Anytime pelt concepts come up it's the first thing that comes to mind.
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even if we're not 500 level

even if we're not 500 level tier donators, would it still be okay to do some pelt designs? Just wanted to check ;_;
SoliloquyChryseis's picture

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I needed a blog to post set

I needed a blog to post set ideas x, zero concept atm but maybe if I've time I'll post some sketches there.
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Kimi - please do! I don't

Kimi - please do! I don't promise to take concepts directly from anyone, but I love seeing other people's ideas!

The rest - will add those links later today or tomorrow; currently on my phone and traveling.
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Thank you so much for this,

Thank you so much for this, Ivi!

Also adding a concept sleepything did based on 'Black Prince' succulents.

look out, kid.

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totally supporting a jd pelt

totally supporting a jd pelt design
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I wanted to make a

I wanted to make a suggestion, based on a Grey Crowned Crane. I don't have a concept drawing for it, so the idea would be left to y'all on its interpretation.


Discord: theGoatinator #2610

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Can add me to the list forest

Can add me to the list forest magician collaborators, I'll probably make a blog soon. :0

I made a new blog you can

I made a new blog
you can change the link for my concepts
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Have some more old Arokai

Have some more old Arokai deer marking concepts I dug out of my imgur for inspiration, they might as well be put to good use for this:
(Invisible Scrollbox)

Spotted Dolphin

I dunno what this was

Prezwalski's Horse



I still have the multispecies demo up for download if anyone wants to try previewing their concepts in 3D, it's not the TEF deer yeah'd still kind of give you an idea? maybe?
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Here's my concept blog :'D

Here's my concept blog :'D
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Quote:Hi! Thank you so much


Thank you so much for linking me to this. I didn't even know about it so I'm glad I have a chance to contribute. Smiling It's been a long time but TEF still means a lot to me.

I would be delighted if they used some of my designs! Thanks for asking! I'm amazed and happy that people still like them. I really like everyone else's designs, too! This is a great and passionate community.

All the best,

idea: Green Man mask

Not going to lie. Would love

Not going to lie.
Would love to see a thylacine or coyote or wolf-like pelt design.
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I am a magician now as well

I am a magician now as well so feel free to add me on the list!
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Placing a track here. Since I

Placing a track here. Since I am also able to provide M&A with a set design I'm happy to take suggestions. My own creativity is somewhat lacking.
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Sittin' my butt down in here

Sittin' my butt down in here too to snoop on things! All of the top requests are things I agree on too - things that the forest seems to be lacking right now. Thanks so much to the kind people who donated so much to the campaign to help it out, and of course give us new set pieces in the process. AND THANK YOU for wanting to collaborate with the rest of the community on it, too.. lots of thank yous all around ;; u sweet people
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I would really love to see a

I would really love to see a whitetail pelt, or maybe even a sheep set complete with some really curly horns?
(prior account: Apoidea/ApoideaBee)
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^ 100% behind the curly / ram

^ 100% behind the curly / ram horns idea.. so many TEF characters that could make good use of horns like that, sure we've got the kirin antlers but they're a far cry from some good 'ol ram horns
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Tisority, not 1 but 2 curly

Tisority, not 1 but 2 curly antlers : Kirin & Long horns. Ok they're not really ram-like P:
Tisority's picture

I didn't even think of the

I didn't even think of the long horns since they're even farther from ram horns than the kirin orz