New Fawn/Odd glitches

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So I made a new fawn yesterday. (I actually have a couple deer, but I keep them a secret >8D) I decided to officially introduce this one though. I get very annoyed with Chen’s shy and serious ways… I needed someone to be hyper for me. XD

So allow me to introduce House. Why the odd name? Just check out her awesome pictogram:


Anyway, I logged off Chenaniah, and logged in House. Suddenly, the forest went mad.

A little distance away was a fawn with Chenan’s pictogram:

It was odd, but I didn’t give it much thought because this sort of stuff happens now and then. I ran off to the playground, and there stood a fawn with House’s picto. 0_o

So, after messing around a bit with the pictofawn (It didn’t move; well except for its tail, ears, and the occasional turn of the head) I ran off to the ruins.

And there lay a stag with Chenan’s picto. ._______.

A few steps away was another fawn with… you guessed it, Chenaniah’s pictogram:

Urg. T_T There was no escape. I ran to the pond.

Thankfully there were no pictodeer there. But all the other deer were asleep, so there was still no one to play with me.

I found a nameless fawn. Its head was stuck in that uncomfortable position. Of course, all the other pictodeer didn’t move… but they could move their heads. This one couldn’t. It was stuck like that.

After checking if all the other pictodeer were still in their frozen spots (which they were) I found one of the sleeping non-picto-stealing deer and slept next to it.

Bleh. I figure it was probably a mix between lag and some mass pictodeer migration and the fact that my computer was set on Chenaniah. Ah well… it was WEIRD anyway. Why is TEF being so glitchy lately? I can only hope that maybe M&A are working on an update/new version. 83
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I would just like to say

I would just like to say that House is probably the best name ever. xD
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That's how the forest is for

That's how the forest is for me every time I'm in it. Dull, isn't it?

Sorry to have to tell you, but it's not the game that's glitched...something's up between your computer and the server, meh. Likely a bad PING or something. x.x For me, it's that I have satellite internet. Blah.

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Best. Picto. Ever.

Best. Picto. Ever. |DD

Also, I've been having problems with picto's, too. I see them stuck in the ground without owners, I see lots of deer without pictos -- I have to rely on the live map to see who's around. It's kind of funny, seeing pictos on the ground, and deer walking around without them. It's like the deer have started dropping their pictos and leaving them there... xD

And I also see lots of swapped pictos, but that happens less often. :> I've only been having these problems for a few days, not sure what's going on. But it's pretty odd, I'll tell you that. xD

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That picto is very

That picto is very familiar... By chance, did you meet my stag Spade the other day? o.o

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@ Fledermaus: I NO RITE?! @

@ Fledermaus: I NO RITE?!

@ Anzel: Usually my server and the game have issues. So most of the time I use my neighbor’s internet for TEF. :[ But this hasn’t happened before. :/-

@ LT: I still have yet to see a pictogram without an owner. :[ But I have seen deer without pictos and at least twice I’ve seen my own picto “stolen” by another deer and running around the map by itself. :/ I don’t think it’s my connection this time though, just because everyone seems to be having problems since the Abio. :[

@ Pegasicorn: I don’t know, none of the deer I met were awake, except for the 4 fawns mentioned in the journal. Maybe Spade was disguised as a pictofawn? c:
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Sorry to hear about the

Sorry to hear about the problems, but I just have to say, that House, happens to rule. Is she possibly a brilliant doctor who is sarcastic and awesome? XD jk. Still, nice name.
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LOL, I haven't watched that

LOL, I haven't watched that show so I wouldn't... know. ;P I just named her after her picto. :3