My deer. They are not painted. DDD:

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My deer totally think you should, like, make fan art of them.

And, in turn, their human would be forced to write poetry for them!!! ((or sketch --- but i rarely sketch anymore))

Prettiful poems for all of their deer, or about things they choose.


Anyone? Anyone? *giggles* This entry shall be VACANT!!
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x3 I'll make human pictures


I'll make human pictures of your deer together as a family cB

Just tell me their hair color, skin tone, and eye color. <3


Ooo I'd love to draw Taint!

Ooo I'd love to draw Taint! Just one question, could you post a screen shot (the gold pelt is so hard to get right >_<)!

EDIT: Nevermind ^_^ I looked through your old blogs and found one! I'm gonna try and finish the picture over the weekend, so it should be posted sometime next week Laughing out loud

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If I had the time I'd do it

If I had the time I'd do it for free! Smiling

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I've actually been wanting

I've actually been wanting to fanart your deer for a while now but requests and trades bogged me down for a while. But I'm pretty free now, so you might expect something soon (but you don't need to do anything in return.)

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If you need any references

If you need any references or close-ups, I have all the time in the world. Nothing else to do in-forest, lol. Just ask ^^;

Well one of them is now I

Well one of them is now Eye I left you a gift in the art section!

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Me needs a reference of your

Me needs a reference of your deer, Terebetha, to write you a poem ^^; If you don't mind, that is, hehe.

I'd love a poem! Is a

Shocked I'd love a poem! Is a drawn one ok? If so, there is one at my deviant gallery:

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I kinda meant, like, info

I kinda meant, like, info about your deer, etc. x3;

<_< *wisper* I knew that*

<_< *wisper* I knew that* >_>

I don't actually have a bio for Queze up right now, which I guess I should by now lol.
Anyway, here's a rough idea;

Full Name: Quetzalcoatl-Kiss ('Queze' for short)

History: Queze used to be a aztec priest who's duity was to hunt sacred animals, something taboo for the aztec populace. Now that Queze is in the forest, his main concern is the fact that there is no death in the forest (Quetzalcoatl was the aztec death/creation god).

-Views his mask and feather 'head dress' as sacred vestments and does not like antler and mask spells to overlap them.
-Has claimed the largest group of upright stones in the playground as his place of worship.
-Very quiet, often sits outside of groups observing the 'odd' behavior of others (button mashing scares him lol).
-Will sit and protect individual sleeping fawns.

Annnnd that's about all I can think of now without turning this into a huge ramble lol
Hope that helps?
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Hmm, how about personality

Hmm, how about personality and life and such? Most of my poems are kind-of like little stories about the deer in question, describing things they do, dreams they have, and other such things. If you have anything you'd want me to write about your deer, tell me! Otherwise, i may just end up writing a description, lol.

Well I have written a little

Well I have written a little story from Queze's point of view, s'just an internal monologue really. Other than that, I don't have anything else to give you DX

If this doesn't help, I'd be happy with a description lol it will come in handy when I make Queze's bio ^_^

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I apologise if I take a

I apologise if I take a while, I'm going through a lot of stuff in life, my mood is like the moon (ever-changing). I'm spazzing atm, and if I write you a poem right now, it won't be high quality. I'll think it good, but in reality, it won't be as good as it could be.

Be patient, mwahaha :3

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My giftart is almost done.

My giftart is almost done. :3


Don't worry Anzel, I

Don't worry Anzel, I understand Smiling and I can wait as long as you need!
I'm not the pushy-poem-getter type lol

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Thankies!! Also, I have to


Also, I have to write a 10 to 15 line poem in my English class for a project. Lol. My character is Lucille, wife to George, half-sister to Margarine, affair with Bob. George eventually dies and I start to date Bob Jr. Ooh, the webs we all weave. XD; This will be the most fun poem EVER.

Ever heard of the Spoon River Anthology (i believe it's called)? We're imitating it, in groups, with our own characters and town and etc. My group isn't poetic, but we made the best love hexagon ever. 8DDD


LOL love hexagons for the

LOL love hexagons for the win!
I've never actually heard of those stories, are they good?
Shocked You're English class sounds WAY more fun than mine was D: yours sounds much more dramatic...the best I got to do was fake stab someone durring Macbeth Sticking out tongue

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It's done!

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