I Fail in the Blood Spectral ((poetries for SOME DEERIES))

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I've failed at this life
'Cause I've never really lived
And when I did
I was a ghost
In the shadow of a mist

I've failed as a ghost
Such a curse, with a gift
I have nothing
To be sorrowed for
And nothing to be tried



It is strange
That I, a God in name
Should hunt in past
And now defy
That any shall be slain within the forest
Of forever

Life and death
Death and life
Sacred is the deer
And dear are the sweet
The beautiful and graceful doeful stags
Or simply bold and stagful
All belie my watchful eye
Beneath this headdress
A watchful eye
Forever watches
You and I
A harmony to spy



The peace
And quiet
Of the spring rains

The scents
The tells
It eludes me

Gentle does the dewdrop moon take upon my nose as a perch
And I wonder
Why does the sky cry?
Gods, why does the sky cry?

The Pond
In its eternal roundness
A masterpiece of displayance towards the moon, maybe
Or an eternal gap
Or a pool of tears
And within its grasp
I see myself
And all the others
Is it sadness? Is it stealing our sorrows, showing us another side?

I tap my hoof in the water
It flexes like ripples of steely foggen mist
And it feels like I've cried forever
And yet
As I look down
Into the wetness of the water
I marvel
At how dry I am
I am...


Taint and the Flower Lady

Praytell, my fair lady, have you missed me?
My pelt now the same but my face tells a different story
That no one has heard...not I, not you, not anyone...
But the eyes in the sky

My heart is no longer overburdened
By the black crow aperched upon my invisible, intangible shoulder-thing
And my sighs do not weep
And my life does not cry
And my memories pass in the colors black & white

Tell me, sweet fae, do you miss me...
My eyes cloaked in eternal teary orbs, tearing from my overburdened skull
In a race towards the ground they never reach in time...
Do you miss me...do you miss me...do you miss me...

I wander off, not knowing
Because I never knew you
Nor you, I, nor I, you, nor ever either, or, or neither...
I sigh.

I scratch my foot in the sand
And cry
Because never, just never
Was meant for you, that...I...

Oh, poetriessss! <333 Anzel

Oh, poetriessss! <333

Anzel and Taint's made me cry x3; <3
These are all very, very beautiful o.o *envy envy envy ENVYYYY*

-- Dannii <3

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Awww.... <3 ;_; I love them

Awww.... <3 ;_; I love them all!
Of course Plume misses Taint! What did you expect? Laughing out loud <3333

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I'm not the one asking, lol.

I'm not the one asking, lol. Taint is~

*points to 'eyes in the sky' line* Referring to me taking meds. x3;;

Her poem was so very sad I tilted my head and said 'aww' when I reread it...poor Taintsie.
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Yeah... poor Taintsie.

Yeah... poor Taintsie. :<
(she would probably kill me if she heard me say that xD)

Anzel! Not only is the

Laughing out loud Anzel! Not only is the poem wonderful but it's so nice to see you around the community again!
That poem is, well it's beautiful but it also touches upon Queze's most personal inner-conflict, I'm so thrilled. Thank you.

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Wow, that's truly amazing.

Wow, that's truly amazing. Your poetry is so gorgeous; I especially loved the ending. Thank you so much!

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High quality poetry from

High quality poetry from Anzel, kinda missed it <3

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul