Misty morning meadows |Utu|

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None of my characters take part
in the community rut but can be seen as
being a part of it as they are all affected by
the season more or less.

Utu is heavily impacted by the rut, but this
year is much more focused on keeping her
son safe during the season. Not every male
is tolerated (unless her son is taken care of
by Rye) and will be harder to lure, but
will surely have fun
watching fights and being wooed.
Mayyyyyyyyyybe open for bebs.


"Joys come from simple and natural things: mists over meadows, sunlight on leaves, the path of the moon over water."

Name: Utu - "Mist" o
Gender: Female, cow
Age: Born 20.05.2018
Orientation: Bisexual biromantic
Size: a bit over #17
Species: Moose x Rocky mountain elk
Scent: Morning dew on grass, flower meadow
Voice: n/a

Physical health: Healthy, Happy

After giving birth to his second son, Emil, has kept herself and her offspring mostly safely tucked away with Rye being the only other person they see. With the season changing is gravitating towards the endless forest once again, this time ready to introduce more of the forest to Emil. Still awfully protective and on her toes, but trusts her instincts to keep Emil safe and sound, alongside of Rye.
Hasn't seen Vrath in a long time now. Misses him greatly.


Quite a troublemaker in her first couple of years. Now calming down, but still enjoys an occasional prank.
Acts a bit ballsy but really seeks out safety more than adventure.
Rather brave meeting new faces. If in company, might even cheekily call to play. More reserved towards the less feral beings.
Around half of a feral being, rest being sentient. Mostly goes with the feral side.
Moves with grace, like mist hovering above ground.

Moose x elk mix. Her stature and shape show the mixture with her nose being the most obvious sign she is both.
Pelt is dark brown colored with a veil of light 'mist' on it, hence her name.
Grew slightly bigger than her mother but not too close to a cow moose's size.

- Mist - Fields - Lakes - Wild flowers - Finnish nature-


Mother. The great caregiver throughout her childhood. Strict, but with loving intentions. Respected, the biggest female role in her life.

Father. Big and scary when she was a calf, but later on learned how much of a softie he really is. Respected, thinks highly of him and sees him as the ruler of the world.

Brother. Imprinted on. Stole most of nutrients from him in the womb, much bigger than him at birth. Absolutely loved picking on him and making his life harder as a calf, now having calmed down when he's so big and has antlers. Interested to see where life takes them both. Proud of.

Part of the childhood herd. Respected and trusted. Big and sparkly!!

Partner. Herd. Beloved. Father of Elo.

Partner. Herd. Beloved. Mother of Asuza. Absolutely her best friend and most trusted being in life. Can share everything with her.

2020 Firstborn. Fathered by Vrath. Deceased. Grief. First strange feeling of responsibility. Was snatched by predators when only 3 months old.

2021 Second born. Fathered by Woden. Beloved. Traumatised by the loss of her firstborn, made sure to keep his second son safe by any means. Not letting him out of her sight.

Rye's fawn. Herd. Beloved. Not to be harmed. Taken care of like her own.

Father to Emil. Met in the rut of 2020, watched him mostly from afar before joining his company. Not seen after the rut, but is eager to meet again.

Danger. Knows Raavas, Raavas knows her. Attacked by. To be feared.

-| Discord: Kallonate#9551 |-
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Well this is one precious

Well this is one precious child.
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big-small sis! ♥

big-small sis! ♥

By Draak ♥

sweet baby girl uwu

sweet baby girl uwu

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Beb ♥

Beb ♥
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♥ !!

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♥ lil beb

♥ lil beb

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How sweet!!

How sweet!!
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Hei pienokainen.

Hei pienokainen.


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don't mind me lurking in

don't mind me lurking in here, love the design of this girl <3