Misty morning meadows |Utu|

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"Joys come from simple and natural things: mists over meadows, sunlight on leaves, the path of the moon over water."

Name: Utu - "Mist" o
Gender: Female, cow
Age: Born 20.05.2018
Orientation: Bisexual biromantic
Size: a bit over #17
Species: Moose x Rocky mountain elk
Scent: Morning dew on grass, flower meadow
Voice: n/a

Physical health: Post-labour. Sore, tired, but healthy. ||
Woke in the morning to strange feelings inside her. Something wanted out. Someone.
Instinct driven, rushed around the birch searching for a quiet, secluded spot. After finding one quickly bedded herself down to wait. She wouldn't have to wait for long before her body started working by itself to deliver the eager little life out of her. Fully in the moment just focused on doing what her body told, and soon enough got to see her very own calf on the grass beside her.
Greeting the small leggy male calf with bunch of licks, snuggled closer to clean him all over and rest after her big ordeal. Looking at the lively little thing, named him Elo. Life. At the same time confused and amazed by the sight and feelings that rushed through her. Responsibility?

After rest, soon got up to rush the calf to have his first feed, then change spots to leave the smells behind and place the newborn in a new spot while she left to gather her strength elsewhere.

19.3 (I'm so bad at updating sob)
Became aware of herself being pregnant rather late but with the help of seeing Rye in the same situation. Has had a wonderful time expecting with her partners, Vrath having been watchful of their safety and wellbeing.
Gotten closer to their due dates, been glued to Rye's side. Recently found Rye in a weird state that was far from her normal self. Suspected she was not feeling well, but did not understand the severity of the issue before found herself unable to find the doe for a moment, and neither could find Vrath. Was soon fetched by the male though, told that Rye had been taken elsewhere by him and his father Elliot. Followed him to the same place, suddenly meeting Rye's fawn, born premature but alright. Overjoyed, joined her partner's side to greet the new little face and started taking care of the fawn together with Rye.

Feeling slightly nervous but at the same time more than ready to bring her own little one to the world, but it seems her own needs 5 more minutes of cooking time, sigh.

Now lives alone in either her father's world or in the endless forest. May search for familiar faces, but for now content with just going around alone. Pregnant, oblivious to such and just cares about food currently.

Almost fully independent now, only seldomly visiting family members for the sake of the safe familiarity. Learning the way of the world through trying different things with healthy sense of caution for them. A happy young cow.


Quite a troublemaker. Does not mean harm but finds great fun in doing pranks and being annoying.
Acts a bit ballsy but really seeks out safety more than adventure.
Has a lesson or two to learn about socially acceptable behavior.
Around half of a feral being, rest being sentient. Currently only embracing the feral side.
Moves with grace, like mist hovering above ground.

Moose x elk mix. Her stature and shape show the mixture with her nose being the most obvious sign she is neither an elk or a moose.
Pelt is dark brown colored with a veil of light 'mist' on it, hence her name.
Grew slightly bigger than her mother but not too close to a cow moose's size.

- Mist - Fields - Lakes - Wild flowers - Finnish nature-


Mother. The great caregiver throughout her childhood. Strict, but with loving intentions. Respected, the biggest female role in her life.

Father. Big and scary when she was a calf, but later on learned how much of a softie he really is. Respected, thinks highly of him and sees him as the ruler of the world.

Brother. Imprinted on. Stole most of nutrients from him in the womb, much bigger than him at birth. Absolutely loved picking on him and making his life harder as a calf, now having calmed down when he's so big and has antlers. Interested to see where life takes them both.

Part of the childhood herd. Respected and trusted. Big and sparkly!!

Partner. Herd. Beloved. Father of Elo.

Partner. Herd. Beloved. Mother of Asuza.

Firstborn. Herd. Beloved. Not to be harmed. First strange feeling of responsibility.

Rye's fawn. Herd. Beloved. Not to be harmed. Taken care of like her own.

Danger. Knows Raavas, Raavas knows her. To be feared.

-| Discord: Kallonate#9551 |-
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Well this is one precious

Well this is one precious child.
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big-small sis! ♥

big-small sis! ♥

By Draak

sweet baby girl uwu

sweet baby girl uwu

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Beb ♥

Beb ♥
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♥ !!

♥ !!

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♥ lil beb

♥ lil beb

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How sweet!!

How sweet!!
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Hei pienokainen.

Hei pienokainen.
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