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An old stag, half blind, though friendly. He's very quiet and, when he does speak, mostly whispers. His mask looks rather sad, but he's always smiling.
There's a rock at the playground he loves to sit on, even though it becomes harder each day for his old bones to climb up. You could keep him company, he wouldn't deny it.


A rather active, large doe. Body of a moose, she's loud and never seems to calm down. Her mask is part of her face, giving her the ability to move it.
Right now, she's running like crazy, circling other deer, confusing them. Perhaps even your deer.
They say she's more scary when she doesn't scream.


Rather shy. Being a mute his whole life, the recent recovery of his voice doesn't sound all too nice. He's rather small, but perhaps that's also the submissive position he puts his body into.
He's mostly at the ruins, next to a grave he seems fond of. Though his ears are alert, you're surely not going to be able to sneak upon him. He'll be gone before you can say "Boo!".


A massive stag. Rather well muscled, but slow in movement because of this. His dark red antlers stand proud on top of his head. He sits at the higher part of the pond, eying the deer playing in the water. Although at a proud stance, he doesn't seem very hostile.
Or, does this depend on something else? Perhaps he's not very keen on stags, don't you think?

Gehirn has a human version.(Request)


She wavers through the trees like she's always busy evading others. She rather watches, not fond of playing. Sometimes, a fawn creeps closer, and she'll play with them untill they're bored.
Other as that, she seems rather cold, distant, especially towards other adults. You could try, though, maybe you're nicely suprised.


Did you just see something run by? Something black and white.. She's fast, not stopping, scared, rather alone. If you do get a sight of her at a distance, you'll notice her mask is black. Her poppies are black. She's definitly different.
But she's not letting you close. Apparantly, your appereance is incredibly scary to her. You could be persistant but, those antlers she carries do look sharp.


What a busy stag! Always running, barely ever will you catch him without company. He's obviously a red deer, a young stag. Though, his pelt is black, unlike normal red deer. He also wears a little ring around one of his antlers.
As the stag finally does take a rest, he's at the birch, chewing at some plants. You could join him, if you like.

Lucian has a human version (REQUEST)


A young doe, not quite an adult yet at all. Cheerfull, bouncy, definitly not afraid of strangers. She wears a coat of blue, with a moon surrounded by stars on her back. Purple hair. Perhaps reminding of past figures.
But she is not a figure of the past. She is a doe of now. She loves to play, and is doing so near a tree with a green emerald on one of the branches. She's such a happy bouncer.


Just the human behind these deer.

Third person speach aside, hi! You're now at the bottom of my interaction-blog. You can draw, simply roleplay, ask them questions, poke them. You can also juuust chat with me if you like! Or ask me stuff. The possibillity's are endless. Though you could ofcourse, also do so at my updates.

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Track, shall post soon. 8)

Track, shall post soon. 8)


Hihiiii <3333 Tracking!!


A golden stag with red roses

A golden stag with red roses adorning his antlers stares at Poltergeist from a short distance away. His blue eyes are wide in shock, and he blinks several times.
"Pregnant? Pregnant?!" Rutilus is clearly having a hard time believing this. "How....what....how?"

*giggles madly* *ninja

*giggles madly*
*ninja tracks*

....that pictures is wonderful, by the way. Love the pose. C:
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Flyra steps closer to her

Flyra steps closer to her friend, her eyes wide in excitement. "Y-you... fawns?"
Quickly she notices that the rules of politeness expected her to say something else than just repeating what Poltergeist just announced. So quickly, she lowers her head and puts her cheek against her friend's, nuzzling. "Oh, my darling! That's amazing! I- I'm so happy for you. You lucky little thing!"
She rises her head again, twitches ears, and blinks to Poltergeist with a smile, as a thought hits her. Her smile fades, but her excitement grows, as she forgets about polite manners once again before she could hesitate: "B-but Poltergeist, who... who is the father?"
She blushes as she notices that her mouth was quicker than her brain again, and hopes her friend would forgive her curiousity.
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<333 *Hug*

Teehee XDDD


She shook a little, turning her head to Rutilus. She quickly stood up to be at the same eyelevel. He didn't sound happy.
"Ehm.. Uncle Rut.." She starts. "It's.. Hard to explain." Polt looks at the ground for a minute, wondering how to explain such without getting vague.
"They're Wudiin's, and, I know he's gone, I sort of.. Asked the moon for help.. And he ehm, since being her son, heard, and eh, here we are?"
She blinked. A little confused at her own explanation.

Thank you <3 Gigglefit 8D XDD It's an old reused pose ;_;.... XDD
But I liked it too 8D XD


She started laughing. "Oh Flyra, thank you, it's good to see you by the way!" She returned the nuzzle, smiling ever so brightly. "Lucky, huh? I might really have to agree there! I'm really happy."
Poltergeist noticed the excitement in Flyra's voice at her question. She smiled again. "They're Wudiin's. Hard to believe, huh? But it's true.. She gives a slight nodd, her ears perking upright. "It's hard to explain, but they're his. You could view it as a miracle.
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(Heehee. Yeah, I know. These

(Heehee. Yeah, I know. These interaction blogs are a good way to get my deer back to life... Since the game somewhat doesn't work for me anymore D:)

"Oh, yeah, it's very good to see you, too. Sorry, it has been a while..."
Hear ears flickered in surprise as she heard of who the father is. "Wudiin?" The legend of the Forest, the moon's son. She had never met him, only saw him from afar but ever was too shy to approach, since she knew that he was himself not quite the social. She had been feeling so very sorry for Poltergeist when he had passed away, because she knew they had been so happy together, and ever since she had sort of... taken Loque away from her, she always wished for her to be happy with another man since she knew that Poltergeist had deserved it.
Loque... Flyra's heart felt hard like stone all of the sudden, but she chased the cold feeling away because now wasn't the time for her yearning and sadness.
"A miracle, my darling? Indeed it must be one. I will never fully understand these kinds of magic happening in this Forest. But, congratulations, then." She sets her face to a smile again, her eyes cheekily glancing at Poltergeist's belly. "So, fawns, you say? Is there going to be more than one?"
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Rutilus' eye twitched. "Uhm."

Rutilus' eye twitched. "Uhm." A long, awkward silence. "....Bugger it all, congratulations, love." He stepped forwards and nuzzled her. "...What'll your mum say?"
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Flyra: (Really? Darn now

(Really? Darn now that's a shame to hear ._. I had been wondering when I'd see you, but I understand now. Pff!)

A slight nod. "That's quite alright, don't worry! I'm happy to see you're alright now." Flyra sounded suprised about it being Wudiin. "Yes, Wudiin". She repeated. Flyra's face looked like she was burdened, it worried Poltergeist. They had quite a past, but a past was a past.
Poltergeist laughed. "I'm sorry, I don't have a better way of explaining it! He's still gone, though, that night... I could swear I saw him. In a way." She found herself talking vague again. What did she mean? She didn't even know herself.
She let out a sigh. "Yes, La Luna told me there are going to be two of them actually. I was suprised as well, but I'll be capable. The thought of carrying two kinda scared her, but made her so excited as well. They'd for sure have a playmate in eachother! And it might be a busy, busy time, raising two fawns on her own, but so much fun as well.
Yes, she was happy.

She had her big, silver eyes pointed at Rutilus, and her ears pinned in her neck during the silence. She was happy when he nuzzled her, and her body gave up the tension again. "Phew! Thanks, Uncle. I was worried you were mad at me for a moment... She smiled, still a little nervous. Poltergeist nuzzled her uncle in return. "...Mother... Yes... I don't think I want her to find out..."
She turned her head, looking away in the distance. Her mother scared her. "She dislikes fawns so much.. And I remember she even tried to beat me up when she found out about Wudiin.. I don't think I want to know what she'll try to do to me..." She surpressed her tears, swallowed them away.

Rutilus sighed, knowing that

Rutilus sighed, knowing that Auge was not exactly the best mother in the world. He shook his head. "I'll speak to her, y'know. I love Auge to bits, but I'm not letting her ruin this for you. She needs to learn that you're not like her." The golden stag frowned. "You're still a fawn to me, love." His eyes twinkled. "Are y'scared?"
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(Yeah, I'm really hoping to

(Yeah, I'm really hoping to get a new laptop soon. My little oldie here is giving me problems and more problems and the most problems every day. Argh. But I will eventually even get a new one soon. C:)

"Twins! How neat! I'm sure you will." Flyra glanced at Poltergeist with a huge smile. "So you're truly an adult now. I'm so happy for you." Her view faded as she imagined her friend, just slightly younger than her, who she had known for so long. She had always seen her as the younger girl, which didn't mean that she hadn't taken her seriously, but that she had seen a strong and playful youngster in Poltergeist who had to experience such unfair things regarding her relationship to her mother, to Loque, to her sister Sunfyra and to Cata, to Wudiin, to La Luna... Oh yes, and there was something she had heard of, that there had been happening something with the stag Oisín. Another interesting thing... Haha, oh curse my curiousity, Flyra thought and tried to avoid to chuckle. Instead, she applied to Poltergeist again: "So your fawns will grow up without a father... Will they?" That last question escaped her mouth before she could hold it back, and once again she resented herself for having such an ungovernable tongue.
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There's more than one? I

There's more than one? I guess you did say that, it just didn't really...sink in at the time. You seem happy, I'm glad. It'll be a little weird, though...my new sibling will be almost the same age as your fawns! *he chuckles* Well, if you ever need anything, just let me know. *he smiles and nuzzles her*
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Dannii: Her neckfur rose,


Her neckfur rose, turning her head away from Rutilus. "Please don't tell her.. Just not yet, you know." She blinked. "I'm not ready yet for her to know." She shuffled her hooves, staring at the young grasses in front of her. "But, thanks, I appreciate it."
A bit hesistant, she turned back to face Rutilus again. "Still a fawn to you? Well I'm glad people think I still look so full of youth, but really..." She went quiet for a bit. "Scared..?" "Maybe. But I think it's just worry. They won't have a father and I'm going to have to do this on my own. That's all that worries me sometimes.
She smiled. "But ofcourse I'm not alone at all. I've got plenty of friends who are willing to help me!"


She nodded in excitement. "Thank you! I'm sure I will, too." Poltergeist chuckled. She was very curious about her fawns, but she knew she was going to have to wait quite some time. They don't grow within a week. "So becoming a mother makes me an adult?" She raised an eyebrow, having a smug grin on her face. "I thought I was an adult for some time already. For a long time actually." She shook her head. So many younger does already had kids before her, she really didn't feel like she was in her prime anymore. So many got a mate right after they got into their mature body, and a kid maybe a month later. Polt didn't have that time anymore.
She had always wished for a family. Those does just happend to stumble upon it, never had to fight. She found it unfair.
Poltergeist had to think about Flyra's words for a bit. "Yes, I'm afraid so. My friends are sure to help me out, though. That I know. But there won't be a father figure..." She bit her lip in thoughts, before continueing. "They'll make it. I did too."


She nodded, her hair swinging in motion. "Yes, La Luna told me it were going to be twins. That's how I know." She chuckled. "I hope I'll be able to carry them, I'm not the biggest nor the most strong doe around. I'm sure I'll manage though... It might just be hard nearing the end." But she didn't have to worry about that for a long time. "Really? I heard about Zerg's pregnancy yes, congratiolate her for me! Haha, yes that might feel a little odd!" Poltergeist grinned. It could be fun for her kids to have a playmate their age. They would have eachother too, though. She was happy with that. "Thanks, Oisín, I'll make sure to think of you if I do!" She nuzzled him back.

((and I am now

((and I am now braindead....))
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Becoming a mother makes you

Becoming a mother makes you an adult? "Well, somehow, yeah. At least it firstly makes you fully an adult. Being one means being able to care of another being which is completely helpless and on its own. You will only start understanding what it really means to be fully grown up when you see these little ones so blindly drawn to you, repeating everything you do, believing everything you say, trusting every of your actions. O-only then you'll understand what being an adult really means."
She stopped as she remembered something. "Well, that's at least ... how I heard it. And how I ... suppose it is. Because as you know, I- I... can't recall anything like that myself."
She tried faking a smile on her face. But she noticed that it failed, and relieved it with a sigh. She really shouldn't complain. Poltergeist's life seemed so much harder than hers...
"Yeah, I'm sure they'll make it, too. Y'know, I'm always there to help you out as well. One can never be too old for babysitting!" Her smile wasn't faked now, as she imagined little Polt-Wud-twins, and she felt a warm feeling inside of her that meant her excitement to see the fawns as well, and her happiness for her friend.
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(Whoa totally forgot about

(Whoa totally forgot about this! Aw Paz that's ok <3 If there's ever anything you'd like her deer to say to her/ask/whatever you know you can post again right? XD)

She listened to Flyra. She was quiet now, had her ears perked in attention. It made sense, in a way. She only dared to speak again when Flyra had finished her story. She felt bad for the doe, she could hear her voice shaking and Polt had an image of what was bothering her.
She lost her mate as well, in a way.
Polt put up a soft smile, she wasn't sure how to help her friend with that one. She really wished she could make Flyra as happy as she was herself.
Atleast she sounded happier when she started about the babysitting. "Ohpfft old, you? Don't even start that way! You'll do fine as their babysitter, I'm going to need it. They'll love you I'm sure, if they're any bit like me atleast." Polt let out a chuckle.
"In a way, I hope I don't grow up to be an adult when they're born. I hope to be a kid with them. Well ofcourse, with the teaching brain of a mature doe. Somewhere." She stared at the sky for a bit. "Life's about fun, too. Not only about growing up..

"Hmmm.... growing life shall

"Hmmm.... growing life shall be respected.
I think you can consider your sleep as 'safe' for a while.

Congratulations, Poltergeist.

I just hope I won't see your fawns much around me..."

*kicks in ''xD sry if i interrupted
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"Ah! Dear Collector! Thank

"Ah! Dear Collector! Thank you, I appreciate I get to keep my hair for a few months, that's nice <3 I'm sure you'll love my fawns then they crowd around you and try to climb upon your back. *Big grin*
I'm just fooling with you.
Remember the other day? I was playing with a fawn, using mask-spells to amuse the little fella. I had the idea you may have learned something from it.
But I could've been wrong, too!
Anyway, thank you Collector!


FF ofcourse you don't! Everyone's welcome <3

He sigts "Oh actual I knew

He sigts "Oh actual I knew you would say something like this. Dare you... keep the noisy little brats far away from me... "
He snuffles and paused for a few seconds.

"Hmm... mh mh mh... I get what you want to say.
You know... it was never a big deal for me to give a little mask to a fawn from time to time... when I am in a good mood... They can't keep it, therefore they can't damage them. The magic just vanishes after a few moments... and one day it will be cast again on an adulds face. And then I will be there to take it.

Hm, while we're at it... having this little conversation. I got the impression you were affraid of me in the past."

he tilts his head slightly.

"But that changed..."
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She lets out a chuckle.

She lets out a chuckle. "Don't worry. No fawns are going to annoy you."

She tilts her head. "Are you sure you understand what I wanted to say?.. She looks a bit worried at the stag. "A pretty mask isn't nearly as important as fun, or love for that matter."

Poltergeists perks her ears at his words. She smiles. "You're right. I used to like pestering you, but one day you really scared the heck out of me and from then on I didn't dare to come near you again. A good lesson, I'd say.

"But that changed. You've got a heart now."
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shall track this.

shall track this.
The Soul Of Souls

He smiles. "I'm sure you'll

He smiles. "I'm sure you'll do just fine. And I think you will make a wonderful mother, as well."

I love this

I love this <333333333

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Paz: "You think so?" She

"You think so?" She tilted her head. "I do hope so, haha. What makes you think so?" Maybe she was just fishing for compliments today. Didn't do that often, but she liked it none the less. Must be the hormones, she thought to herself. "Well, gosh, ofcourse if I knew I was going to be a bad mother I wouldn't have wished for them.. Maybe.. Ehm.. Well, thanks anyway!" She grinned sheepishly.

He chuckled. "Well...I can't

He chuckled. "Well...I can't say I know much about the process, but...Well, you're healthy, and you have a strong will. And, anyway, it's not as if you don't have plenty of support." He smiled. "Well, I just wanted to say so, anyway."

((omg that last entry! ;_;

((omg that last entry! ;_; ))

Oisín immediately recognized the young doe by the tree..."her" tree. That pelt was unmistakable. And so was the hair, which seemed to always cause a jolt to his heart, though he never showed it. But she was different from what he remembered from the last time he saw her. She was taller, for one thing, and her body was changing, no longer that of the fawn he had known. "Sterre?" The stag came closer. "It seems you grow every time I see you lately." He smiled and chuckled a little.
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(I know right ;_;.. I

(I know right ;_;.. I couldn't find the right way of replying back then.)

The doe seemed fully concentrated on her play, stalking some kind of grasshopper that kept jumping away if she'd come close. She giggled. Though, quite sudden, she heard a voice, and with that voice went the sound of hoofbeats. Sterre hadn't been paying attention to her surrounding again. Her ears jolted up first before her head following, staring at Oisín with round, grey eyes. "Oisheen! Hello!" She chuckled, darting over to the stag. "Yes, it seems so! Perhaps I'll be bigger as you one day!" Sterre looked up to the stag, still not quite that big at all.
The young doe quickly turned her head again, muttering something about "having found something" before running back to the tree with the emerald. From behind the tree, she picked up a blueish coloured flower between her lips, before hopping back to Oisín. "Loowk! Iws kinda diffwent." She quickly lift herself up to her hindlegs, putting the flower gently between Oisín's other flowers on his antlers. As she landed again, she looked at her little decoration and nodded. "Looks good! You should keep it."

(Humm, her text colour doesn't seem quite different enough from the standard TEFc-text colour. Or is it not that disturbing?"

Oisín chuckled again. He

Oisín chuckled again. He doubted she would get to be bigger than him, but then he was a little on the small side himself, and he didn't know how big her father had been.

He blinked when she ran back to the tree, and again when she came back with a blue flower. "Hm? That's interesting. I don't think I've seen one quite like that here." He smiled as she stood to put the flower on his antlers with the others. "I don't know, you don't think it might look better on you?" Oisín smiled again, and leaned down to nuzzle her, then stepped back to look at her. He felt another painful jolt to his heart as he looked at her face. She looked so much like her, it was almost like seeing a ghost. Of course, the resemblance had always been there, but now it was much clearer than ever, with the rounder, fawn-like features disappearing. "You look...like..." His voice was a little weak at first, but then he smiled, managing to hold back the tears that had threatened, and his voice returned to normal when he spoke again. "You look beautiful." He gave a short, lighthearted chuckle. "So I suppose you don't really need the flower, then."

((it doesn't bother me, I can see the difference fine))
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"No, the colour doesn't match

"No, the colour doesn't match my pelt." She answered to his earlier question, her expression quite serious about it. Quickly she inspected her pelt, making sure it hadn't spontaniously changed colour and actually be a match. "See? It's a different shade of blue so it'd clash." She grins, a bit full of herself.
An ear flicks as he nuzzles her, and she returns the gesture, looking straight at him as he takes his distance again. There always seemed to be some sadness in Oisín's eyes she couldn't quite place. "You ok Sheen?" She asked, her head tilted to the side. She quickly got distracted when a butterfly passed her, following it with her eyes.
As Oisín speaks to her again, she turns to him. "You look beautiful." He had said, and she grinned widely in reply. "Thank you! You think so?" A bit proud, she quickly turned around in a circle before facing Oisín again. "Nope! It looks better on you, really! Say Oisheen?" The grin on her face had been replaced by a curious stare towards the stag. "Did you know my parents?"

"Would it? Ah, well, I'm not

"Would it? Ah, well, I'm not exactly an expert in colors." He chuckled lightly.
He smiled as he watched her turn before him. He made to answer, but then she asked a different question. It startled him a little, not that he was surprised that she had asked, but it had come seemingly out of nowhere. It was almost as if she had read his mind a moment ago. His expression turned wistful. "I did know your mother..." He gave her a sad smile. "Why don't we go to the pond so I can have a look at my reflection? And then I can tell you more, if you wish."
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I would love an rp with any

I would love an rp with any of your deer with my Jettem. Please pick, and I will create a post for you if you so desire an rp with myself love.

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Paz: She tried to read his


She tried to read his face after her question. Not too happy, she noticed. They never were. Had her parents done something wrong? "My mother, huh?" Sterre's expression was a bit thoughtfull, though still curious. As he mentions going to the pond, her expression lifts up again. "Sure! Why not! I say it looks good on you but I could be wrong!" Sterre was chatting whilst already bouncing away, into the pond's direction. Occassionally she'd look behind her to see if he'd follow.
Sterre liked being at the pond. It was often a busy place, and other deer were fun to be around. Only a while ago had she witnessed a fight between two rather large stags, but still didn't see much harm in the world. Perhaps everyone else was just over-worried.
She splashed her front-hooves into the water as they arrived, busy catching a frog. Her manners were still very child-like. "Oisheen! It's fast! I think it's coming into your direction!" She says, fully concentrated on the frog's movements.

Wooh! That would be so much easier if I had only.. Two deer to pick froomm XD I remember Polt met Jettem, but I don't think she's roleplayable anymore. (Haha, shame on you Misako.)
Hmm. Also, I love to roleplay, otherwise this blog wouldn't excist XD I'm not sure who could be interesting for Jettem to meet though.. You don't have a suggestion or a direction for me?
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(No subject)

From Chism, Lucian, Horizon or Gehirn. That help a little? Any of those would be fine.

Red legs moved as quietly as they could, trying to avoid the dry leaves that had already fallen from the trees. The doe would rather look and admire them then step and break their fragile dry forms as they littered the forest floor. Summer was still here and wide awake, but Fall was making her way into the Forest, tinting the tips of the trees above a bright yellow and orange. The birch trees offered no real protection, but then again she didn’t need any for the time being. Blue eyes stared out against the feathers of her mask, staring ahead as she stopped her slow walk. Leaning against a white barked tree, Jettem took a moment to just look at her Home, ears twitching in their relaxed state against her head. She listened to the sound of the leaves in the wind, the laughter of the fawns and the distant splashing from the pond at someone’s games.

It couldn’t get much better than this..

* Location: Birch Tree Forest*

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He never found himself to be

He never found himself to be very found of the birch, but today he had enough of the busy deer near the water. The stag moved slowly, his legs occasionally getting stuck, the plants entangeling them. He'd mutter some pretty negative words, pulling them out. But atleast it was quiet here. His head was pounding with a headache.

Gehirn let out a sigh, finally finding a spot freed from the long grasses. Though, it was covered by leaves. Not-so-gently, he shoved them aside, just to drop his body with a tud. "Finally." The stag muttered between his breath, wiggling around to get comfortable. As he let his head down, his ears stoot erect. After all, it was only his neck that was tired from carrying his big, bloodred antlers around.
Autumn had come, he realised, and his head was wirling with thoughts. Some things he was sure of, some things he had doubt about. Just when he thought he could shake it off in the birch! Quite annoyed, the stag snorted, lifting his head up quite suddenly, the little birds offended by the sudden movement of their perch. Red eyes scanning the area for a possible object to put blame on towards his struggle.

Oisin followed her, limping a

Oisin followed her, limping a bit every few steps. He couldn't help but smile at her antics as she chased after the frog. "Oh, it is? He looked down at the frog, which seemed to want to take shelter underneath him. He bent down and poked it lightly with his hoof, pretending like he was trying to stomp on it, and then laughed when the frog jumped and went back to the pond. He followed, stepping into the water, and stopped to bow to the dragonflies. Even if he couldn't talk to them like his father could, he still liked to be sure to greet them whenever he came by the pond. Then he turned to look at his reflection, looking at the flower Sterre had given him. "Well, you're right." He smiled. "I like it."
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Eyes opened wide in alert,

Eyes opened wide in alert, turning head to the sound of interrupted silence as it came crashing almost through the white tree forest. Scooting her body to stand behind the not so large tree for some coverage, Jettem looked with slight wonderment at who it was that was making such noise from behind the peeling bark of her tree. A lumbering figure loomed out of nowhere, antlers rattling against lower branches and black pelt struggling amongst the tall golden grasses. Pupils dilated in shock at the size of the stag’s antlers, wondering by the Gods how he was able to carry such weight daily.
Sinking slowly into the better cover of the grass, the red doe watched as a lioness in tall grass eyeballing prey. Her gaze watched him settle down a few yards from her, hearing him grumble something to himself. She was surprised neither had noticed the other sooner, being as quiet as she could with shaky breath. She had seen him before many times during her stay in the Forest, though always at a far distance due to his size and strength. Jettem remembered a fight he had been in, a long while ago when she had been of doe age so a little while. He had been near the Pond a few times as well when she had been trapped beneath the watery grave.
She jolted in reaction to the sudden lift of his head, instinct telling her to run. Legs shot out from under her belly and carried her a distance of a yard or two away before stopping herself, turning to watch him full on and out of any cover. Ears twitched with energy, turned towards him as she waited for the rush of adrenaline to pass through her body, tail raised in slight alarm.

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Paz: The doe let out a loud

The doe let out a loud laugh when the frog frantically jumped away from Oisín. "Serves you right, frog!" Even though the poor frog hadn't done anything but escape from her. She watched Oisín bow down to the dragonflies. "Whatya doing? Eating em?" Immediatly she was near the dragonflies as well, pushing her face as close to them as she could get. "Oh they have pretty colours! What are they? Big flies?" She looked at Oisín curiously. She had seen them before, but obviously didn't know what they were called. She knew of deer, and squirrels, and birds. But these were weird birds.
Sterre jumped next to him, to look at his reflection as well. "See! I was right." She made a satisfied nod, looking at the real-time stag again instead of his reflection. Something seemed to strike her, as she lifted her ears. "Weren't you going to tell me something?" She said, smiling.


Gehirn couldn't find anything but the little birds around. And those were too fast for him anyway. He snarled a little, white teeth clenching together like he had something really painfull to endure.
And then suddenly, hoofbeats. Light, almost floating, but certainly there. Now finally, he had even caught the scent of another, a very subtile scent, sweet, perhaps like apples. Even though none of this made him think "danger", his muscles immediatly pulled him to stand upright, antlers high, scanning the area with a big chest puffed out. He didn't like being spied on, or anything indicating such happend.
Finally, even though happening in a few seconds, he found the source of the sound and scent. A red, delicate doe had caught his eye, her stance indicating she was afraid of him. Gehirn's frown seemed to loosen up, his stance less hostile. Though the situation still seemed kind of akward.
The stag tilted his head slightly, lifting a brow at the red coloured doe.

Oisín was somewhat surprised

Oisín was somewhat surprised that Sterre didn't know what the dragonflies were, or at least not what they were called. She should have learned by now, but then maybe no one had thought to tell her before. He didn't say this, however. "What? Eating them?" One of the dragonflies seemed to take offense at this, flying up to land on Oisín's head, and peering around his ear at Sterre. It seemed, somehow, as if it were almost glaring at her, if that was even possible. Oisín laughed. "'Big flies' is a close enough description, I suppose." The dragonfly shook its head, as if objecting. Oisín had a feeling that if Scape or another member of his family were here, or if he himself could understand it, it would probably be complaining, possibly even saying some not-nice things about Sterre. He couldn't help but laugh again at the thought. "They are called dragonflies. My father can talk to them and understand them, just as my mother can do with the fish...the koi." He looked toward the deeper part of the pond where a few koi could be seen swimming near the surface, then turned his head to look at the dragonflies again. "It's a rare thing, as I understand it. I cannot talk to them or understand them, but I do like to at least greet them when I am here."

Oisín smiled warmly at her. "Yes, I said that I could tell you about your mother if you would like."
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Can i Rp with sterre?

Can i Rp with sterre?
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[["I suggest selecting

[["I suggest selecting sometimes. I always do it."
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Paz: The young doe stared at


The young doe stared at the dragonfly which had landed near Oisín's ear. Suddenly, all Oisín said sounded like he was some underwater radio. Blubblubblub. All her attention was on the dragonfly, staring at it as intensely as it was doing at her. It seemed to understand! This was a smart big fly. Suddenly, Sterre sticked out her tongue at the dragonfly and focussed back on Oisín. "Your father talks to them? And your mother to the koi?" She stared at the water, towards the big fish swimming about. "They don't look smart.." Sterre muttered.
"Oh." She said as Oisín explained he couldn't talk to them. She wondered what kind of talents her parents would've had, perhaps she had inhererted something like that from her parents too. Though, she never had heard any of the other forest animals talk. So that wasn't it.

She quickly turned her head back to look at Oisín, her ears flapping at the sides of her head. "Yeah! You should! What was she like? They all say I look like her." For a short moment, she looked at her reflection in the water, silver eyes staring back.


Sure thing! Would you like to start or would you rather have me type something up? You can also use the little "story" I wrote above Smiling


Certainly yes! Otherwise I sometimes end up reading the same sentence twice. Because I forgot at which one I started heheh.. In real life, with books, I tend to use my finger for the same purpose. o_o'..
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[[Same here. >> If I get

[[Same here. >> If I get distracted especially. Dx
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I guess i will start! Shady

I guess i will start!

Shady moved along the water's edge, his long tail swatting the nearby flys. His face was a pleasent expression. Even thoough relaxed, he felt the pressence of someone.
Walking into a room and saying, " I should clean this! " Then walking out. -lily

((Quote:Suddenly, all Oisín

Suddenly, all Oisín said sounded like he was some underwater radio. Blubblubblub.

XD It sounds like she might have ADD/ADHD or something. X3 ))

He laughed at Sterre's comment about the koi. "I can't say how smart they are. I am not sure what my mother talks with them about. Or even how she does it, for that matter, unless they come to the surface... I can't do it because I was adopted, and so I am not related to them by blood. Apparently those abilities are genetic, and cannot be taught or learned."

He looked at her reflection, too, and then back to her face, and managed a warm, yet somewhat sad, smile. "You do. Especially now that you've grown. You have the same hair, and your face is very much like hers, only the colors differ. She had such intense blue eyes, like the sky..." For a moment, his gaze seemed unfocused, as he remembered the face of the doe he had once fallen in love with. "She was beautiful... And so are you." Oisin shook his head slightly to clear it. He was starting to tire of standing, and so he settled down in the shallow water, watching the sky as he continued to speak. "Poltergeist...I remember thinking it was an unusual name, though not in a bad way. Everyone called her Polt. She was my best and closest friend, although she had many other friends that knew her longer. She was kind, playful, almost carefree...Yet she never seemed completely happy. I never asked...but I always thought it was because she had lost so many, including her mate, Wudiin...your father. I...always wanted to do whatever I could to make her happy, but in the end I never could. At least...she is happy now, I am sure." Tears filled his eyes as he stared into the water. He couldn't stop a few from running down his face under his mask. "F-forgive me..." he said quietly, "I...I know it's a bit selfish of me, but... I still miss her terribly..." He glanced up at Sterre, wondering if she knew what had happened to her mother.
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Tenley: In a bit of a lazy


In a bit of a lazy mood, the young doe had settled herself by a willow, watching the insects play around the water. "Dra-gon-flies." She whispered to herself, studying the newly learned name. As she heard hoofbeats, her ear twiched into the direction of the stag, her head soon following. There was a stag near the water, not much older as herself. But he lacked antlers!
Curiously, the doe got up and decided to study him a bit. She lowered her body and tried to hide herself behind the reeds, giggling to herself.


(It's that you said it, but I do have the same idea XD She is so easily distracted! Perhaps she'll grow out of it.)

Adopted. The word lingering in her head. So his parents were gone too? But he was "adopted." What did that mean? He got new parents? Where could you trade your old ones? A bit distracted by her own thoughts, Sterre quite dull-like stared at the water. Untill Oisín woke her again.
She listened to him talking, describing her mother and how it was that she looked so much alike. Same face? "Oh, brother has blue eyes." She said with a nod. She didn't have blue eyes, she liked her brothers but was quite proud of her own as well. Perhaps she had her fathers.
As Oisín sat down, she decided to settle next to him, although the water felt a bit cold. Sterre crept closer to him, pressing her cheek against his neck. She listened.

Poltergeist. Alright. That's a tricky name, no suprise they called her Polt. Oisín sounded a bit sad, and it seemed to affect herself as well. Her mother had lost many? Doesn't sound fun.
Wudiin. That's a simpeler name! But neither he was here. She looked up to Oisín, catching sight of his tears. Immediatly she laid her ears back, pressed against her skull.
"That's not selfish. I miss her too, and I've never met her." She smiled slightly, trying to brush Oisín's tears away with her cheek. "Thank you for telling me." The doe smiled, though her ears still flat. "I don't remember much. Just a scent. There were many scents when Otis and I were born." Sterre turned her head again, back to the water. "I remember her fur. It was dark blue. I remember her voice, too. The doe frowned, in deep thought, trying to remember that one day. She was so young back then, though, but it seemed like her memory had caught every detail. "I remember her suddenly getting up, and her yellow hooves, and I remember her yelling something." Sterre went quiet. She didn't know what words meant when so small, she could not recognise them. She had no idea what her mothers words were... Just the sound of her voice, kind, caring, but in the end desperate and torn.
Sterre laid her head down, only her eyes and nose above the water to breathe. Her purple hair floated around her face, almost like it was living it's own life. And then suddenly, like an unexpected storm, all the sounds of the forest came back to her, and she heard again. It was just then she realised, how noisy the forest was if you're quiet.
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Muscled jerked beneath tight

Muscled jerked beneath tight skin, her body wanting to run as he stood up, her body sinking lower to the ground as she stared with wide eyes through the feathered mask. She planted her hooves in the ground, waiting to see what would happen as neither spoke for a few moments. Her tail relaxed a little at his head tilt, pawing the ground hard with a front hoof to get some of the adrenaline under control. She turned her body to face the other direction, head still on him as Jettem danced skittishly to relieve some of the stress, her legs carrying her a little closer a yard or two before facing him front on, legs apart and head high.
Ears remained on him at all times, trying to understand his scent. He confused her, nothing was wrong with him that she could see or smell, yet his gave off an agitated aura. Stiff legs carried her a few steps forward, before she dashed away again as if something had frightened Jettem, repeating her skittish dance of less than nimble legs and returning again closer this time to stand still, swaying her head from side to side slightly.
He was bigger close up, more muscle than she though previous. He was already big enough at the distance she usually saw him, but now, being just a few jumps away he seemed huge, and the bright flashing red antlers of his added more to his appearance.
Dipping her head slowly, she bent a knee to him, giving a half bow out of courtesy, but still fully aware that he was aggravated over something and did not want to upset him further so Jettem did a submissive action.

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Shady heard the giggle and

Shady heard the giggle and looked over his shoulder. He flicked his tail and began to walk forward again.
Walking into a room and saying, " I should clean this! " Then walking out. -lily

((ppffttt...trade your old

((ppffttt...trade your old parents X3 ))

Oisín frowned as he remembered that day. He wanted to be happy for Sterre, and Otis when he was around, but sometimes it was really difficult. For the most part, it had gotten easier over time. The pain wasn't as great and he could be more-or-less himself again. But there were still times when that pain returned, and the tears that came with it. And those times would probably never go away completely. He would probably always miss her. There was no sense trying to avoid it.

"I remember...that day..." There were more tears. He couldn't help it. "It was supposed to be happy..." Then he managed a small smile, a little sad, but genuine. "Well...You were both born healthy and safe, so...it was happy. Sad, but happy at the same time. We lost one, but gained two..." He trailed off a bit, unsure what to say next.
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SilentLikeThat: His eyes


His eyes focussed on her every move, he was now quite certain of her nervous position. She would do no harm, and by judging her sleak body, she would outrun him in mere seconds as well. The stag kind of curiously watched her little dance. In a way, he was amused, and couldn't help a slight smirk. "You should worry less, you are too fast for me to inflict harm upon." He blurted out quite dryly. Gehirn watched her as she, this time quite closer, approached him again. She had quite an interesting mask on her face. He imagined her red pelt would stand out normally, but it blended quite perfectly with the birches. Finally, she came to a greeting. The massive stag returned her gesture, giving her a full bow, right to the ground. He grinned at her submissiveness as he got up again. "It looks like I startled you, doe."
Slowly, he brought his head forward, followed by his neck, followed by a slight step forward. He tried to remember her scent a bit more detailed. He wasn't one for sudden movements, but with this doe he seemed to act even slower as normally. Perhaps not to startle her again. Even though in a bad mood, he had a slight hope she would distract him from his thoughts.


She was no good at being quiet she realised as the stag looked over his shoulder, right at her. Though, he didn't turn around! Quietly, she continued her sneaking after him. As then suddenly, she leaped out of the reeds, landing right behind him. "BOO!" She yelled. "Did I startle you?" Sterre had a big grin on her face as she started to bounce around him.


Sterre looked at him, a bit confused by his words for a moment. Lost one, but gained two.? For quite a long moment, the doe was silent, thinking about that. "So she died giving birth to us?" the doe suddenly blurthed out, as her thoughts had come to a conclusion. "Does that mean we killed her?" Though her expression quite confused, her question was a heavy one. The doe was not aware. Quietly, waiting for an answer, she stared at the tears rolling from Oisín's cheeks. Perhaps she shouldn't have said anything.
"Why are you so sad?" Sterre tilted her head, the long feathers on top of it swaying to the side. "Don't you think she is happy with daddy? I would be happy to be with them too." The doe turned her head again to look at the water, watching the ripples go.

So she didn't know... "I'm

So she didn't know... "I'm sorry. The way you spoke of that day, I thought you knew..." He turned his head to nuzzle her gently. "Of course not. It is not your fault. You and your brother did nothing wrong. You were born because she wished for it. It was what she wanted..." He smiled sadly, and gave a soft, half-hearted chuckle. "That is why I said that my feelings are selfish. I am certain she is happy. Though I never knew your father, I could tell she never stopped loving him. I am sure she is happy to be with him again." He looked up at the sky, wishing it were dark so he could see the stars. "I know she's not really gone. Not entirely. But I still miss her. I can't help it... I miss having her here...Playing and laughing with her...the sound of her voice...The...the feel of her fur..." Another tear fell under his mask. "I should be happy for her. And...well...I am... I have always wanted her to be happy, and now she finally can be. But at the same time, I...I can't stop missing her. I don't think I...ever will..." He wondered if he should tell Sterre about the feelings he had for her mother. What would she think if he did? Would she understand?