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An old stag, half blind, though friendly. He's very quiet and, when he does speak, mostly whispers. His mask looks rather sad, but he's always smiling.
There's a rock at the playground he loves to sit on, even though it becomes harder each day for his old bones to climb up. You could keep him company, he wouldn't deny it.


A rather active, large doe. Body of a moose, she's loud and never seems to calm down. Her mask is part of her face, giving her the ability to move it.
Right now, she's running like crazy, circling other deer, confusing them. Perhaps even your deer.
They say she's more scary when she doesn't scream.


Rather shy. Being a mute his whole life, the recent recovery of his voice doesn't sound all too nice. He's rather small, but perhaps that's also the submissive position he puts his body into.
He's mostly at the ruins, next to a grave he seems fond of. Though his ears are alert, you're surely not going to be able to sneak upon him. He'll be gone before you can say "Boo!".


A massive stag. Rather well muscled, but slow in movement because of this. His dark red antlers stand proud on top of his head. He sits at the higher part of the pond, eying the deer playing in the water. Although at a proud stance, he doesn't seem very hostile.
Or, does this depend on something else? Perhaps he's not very keen on stags, don't you think?

Gehirn has a human version.(Request)


She wavers through the trees like she's always busy evading others. She rather watches, not fond of playing. Sometimes, a fawn creeps closer, and she'll play with them untill they're bored.
Other as that, she seems rather cold, distant, especially towards other adults. You could try, though, maybe you're nicely suprised.


Did you just see something run by? Something black and white.. She's fast, not stopping, scared, rather alone. If you do get a sight of her at a distance, you'll notice her mask is black. Her poppies are black. She's definitly different.
But she's not letting you close. Apparantly, your appereance is incredibly scary to her. You could be persistant but, those antlers she carries do look sharp.


What a busy stag! Always running, barely ever will you catch him without company. He's obviously a red deer, a young stag. Though, his pelt is black, unlike normal red deer. He also wears a little ring around one of his antlers.
As the stag finally does take a rest, he's at the birch, chewing at some plants. You could join him, if you like.

Lucian has a human version (REQUEST)


A young doe, not quite an adult yet at all. Cheerfull, bouncy, definitly not afraid of strangers. She wears a coat of blue, with a moon surrounded by stars on her back. Purple hair. Perhaps reminding of past figures.
But she is not a figure of the past. She is a doe of now. She loves to play, and is doing so near a tree with a green emerald on one of the branches. She's such a happy bouncer.


Just the human behind these deer.

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Shady jumped a few feet in

Shady jumped a few feet in the air, spinning around to look at her. WOAH! DUDE?!
He then realized it was a fawn, a female fawn.
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Paz: The doe quietly listened

The doe quietly listened to him, sometimes her ear twitched, pointing into another direction, perhaps distracted by a koi splashing in the water, or a bird chirping in a curious manner.
Sterre didn't know much about love. She knew she loved her brother, and loved the deer around her as well. She loved the tree with the grassy patch, and the green emerald. She loved playing and, she loved being happy.
But what Oisín was telling, sounded like an even better kind of love. Perhaps the kind she heard others talk of. "Is that love too? I mean, how you feel for my mother? I mean, there are many kinds of love right?" Even though quite young, Sterre seemed to understand those things. She was a fast learner, even though the actual feelings had never occured to her before.

The doe grinned widely. "You didn't see that one coming huh? Als, I'm not a dude! I'm Sterre! What's your name?" She had a bright shine in her eyes, a pelt darbklue with a moon on her back. It was surrounded with little stars. Though not quite large yet, she had started to shake off her fawn-like build and started growing into something new.

Oisin smiled at her, a little

Oisin smiled at her, a little less sad this time. "Yes, there are many kinds. And I did...do love your mother. It was never meant to be, however. She and your father...they were meant to be together all along. And I think I knew it all along. I knew she could never love me the same way I loved her. Sometimes...I wished it could be different... But...I was happy enough just having her as a friend. After all...not everyone has been lucky enough to know someone like her." He smiled again. The tears had stopped by now, and it seemed he was starting to feel better again. These sad spells had been getting shorter and less frequent lately. "I just wish you could have known her, if only for a little while."
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Jettem arched her head back

Jettem arched her head back in time slowly to his step forward but remained where she was as she now knew that he was not a threat, at least not for now. At least he had done a bow, how though with such heavy antlers she didn’t know.

“Startled would be the best word for how I feel, yes.”

She spoke clearly but quietly, she didn’t like speaking too loud within the birch tree forest. Flicking her tail, she stamped a back hoof lightly to keep herself in line and not bolt again. Sniffing the air she became familiar with his scent, almost of frost on bark in the winter mornings. Crisp but almost metallic even...like what the air tasted like after a lightening strike. Brows narrowed in concern, sniffing again before bobbing her head in wonderment, black hair loosely clinging to her mask and neck fur.

” I..apologize if this comes across as strange or rude, but...what ails you? You are not..well in mind. Body yes, but your thoughts...Something.....”

She managed to let her words out with caution and mild pauses, eyeing him for any signs of further agitation or simply a sign that she would need to leave him. She could not understand all deer of the Forest, but she knew when something was wrong with them, especially when it was close friends and family. Front legs took a tentative step forward, one leg shadowing the other closely as the red doe neared the stag, stopping at a slight angle to him and dipping her masked face to him, confusion in her blue gaze. He did not smell of blood or sickness physically, and aside from a possible neck ache due to the antlers, Jettem could not fathom as to why she felt he was still sick. Sick in mind? The doe wondered to herself silently...

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She sure was a pretty little

She sure was a pretty little doe for sure! Im Jayden! (His name after his 'ghost mother' visited him to give him his real name).
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Paz: The doe nodded, she


The doe nodded, she thought she understood. "I would've liked to know both of them too!" Sterre smiled, pretty honest in her answer. "But I have brother. And I am glad for that too." She had never really felt alone. There was Otis, there were all these deer that cared for her parents and because of that, cared for both her kids too. "I hope you are not too sad anymore, I don't think she would like that. Well I wouldn't!" She nudged the stag slightly, smiling up to him. Sterre hadn't been in this world for very long yet, no experience at all. But crying friends couldn't be good.


The stag let out a deep sigh, his shoulders tensing upwards before falling down quite hopelessly again. For a while, his eyes seemed fixated on something non excistant in the distance, perhaps trying to catch sight of something as the wind.
Gehirn turned his deep red eyes back to her first, attention falling to her black hair. Such a unity with her body, still depending on the wind. He was thinking too much again.
Her question startled her for a moment, his body tensing up again, his expression quite suprised. He raised an eyebrow, looking at her with a slight tilt in his head. "What ails me?" The question was stated as if it was directed to himself. What ailed him? What was wrong? Was it to be explained?

"Love ails me, doe." His statement was clear, low voice rumbling noticeably. He wasn't pleased but, that was the best answer he could give. "I perhaps am not fit for it, do not play according to the rules." His eyes had wandered off again, tension leaving his body. Gehirn's expression had turned into something thoughtfull, almost sad again. He didn't know why he would talk about such with a stranger. Standing still like that made him realise how tired he was again. A bit uncomfortable, the stag had started to, in a very subtile way, swing from the left to the right with his shoulders. The weight was bothering him a lot today, perhaps because he had so much time to think of it.


"Hello Jayden!" She giggled, looking at the stag quite curiously. "Are you a girl? You have no antlers!" She giggled again, circling the stag to get a better look at him.
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Jayden blushed. He frowned,

Jayden blushed. He frowned, repleing, " Im no girl! See watch! " Jaden spun around and rammed his head into a nearby tree. He fell flat. "ow.."
Walking into a room and saying, " I should clean this! " Then walking out. -lily

"I know she wouldn't." He

"I know she wouldn't." He smiled warmly at her. "I'm not always sad. Not anymore. There are times...like a moment ago...but those times don't last as long as they used to." He nudged her gently. "It helps having you and Otis around."
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Tenley: Sterre watched him


Sterre watched him bash his head into a tree and fall down. Her first expression was suprise, then she started laughing at him. "That's no use! The tree is far bigger! But alright, you're not a girl then." She hopped over to the stag in the grass. "You alright though? That looked painfull!" Sterre giggled.


She chuckled slightly at the nudge. "Really? We help?" She grinned up to him, eyes shining bright again. Her purple hair sticking to her neck because of the water that had found it's way around her. "Then you should no longer be sad." She nodded, quite sure of herself. Sterre got up from the water, shaking it out of her fur for a bit, causing her fur to poof up like a cats. She stared at herself in suprise for a bit, before shaking it off again, her ears flapping against the sides of her face. "The water is kind of cold you know!"
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Shady was embarresed, he

Shady was embarresed, he could feel his whole face getting red. ... Yeah im fine.. he said, standing up.
Walking into a room and saying, " I should clean this! " Then walking out. -lily

"It is not quite that simple.

"It is not quite that simple. It takes time, though there is no telling how long."
He watched her get up, and couldn't help but chuckle a little when she poofed up. "I find it refreshing." He stood slowly and stretched, shaking himself off as well. "It helps my leg, too." He glanced briefly at his left rear leg that always seemed to bother him. The cool water always helped, though.
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Tenley: "Sure really?" She


"Sure really?" She said, looking at the growing bump on his head. "Haha you're getting only one antler huh." She grinned. "Why did you do that?" Referring to the stag bashing into the tree.


Sterre nodded. "Oh your leg?" She looked at the stags leg. He always seemed to have trouble with it. "It's not alright? Did you break it once? I think breaking is bad." Sterre had never had any worse wounds as a bruise. "Well if it helps your leg.." Her face directed at the water again. Was she supposed to sit back in it? Brrr. Her face pretty much read her thoughts out loud.
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I don't know and i will get

I don't know and i will get both antlers when i get older you will see! Ill have the biggest antlers ever! Shady replied, headbutting her shoulder playfully.
Walking into a room and saying, " I should clean this! " Then walking out. -lily

"It has always been a bit

"It has always been a bit stiff, sometimes even a bit painful. Whatever it was that happened, I do not remember." He sighed a little. "I am used to it, however. There are times when it is worse than normal, but then there are times when I barely feel it at all." He looked at her and couldn't help but smile in amusement at her expression as she looked at the water. "You do not have to stay in the water if it is too cold for you."
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(Ah I'm being slow again.

(Ah I'm being slow again. Sorry xDDD)


Sterre giggled at him. "Really now?" She headbutted back, though she also had a bald head just like Shady. Arrogantly, she turned her side to Shady, her head turned towards him. Sterre had a playfull grin across her features. "My brother already has really big antlers. He's a real stag." She said teasingly.


She nodded, eying his leg. Must be annoying. She grinned happily as he mentioned she didn't have to stay in the water. "Oh good! Thanks! I'd rather sit in the sun." She shivered a little. "Are you staying here?" She had already been backing away from the water, but wanted to ask the question anyway.
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Shady smirked, rearing a

Shady smirked, rearing a little playfully. " Oh really? Well, im a real stag to! " he replied, giggling.

( Shady protected sterre and her friend from a stag today! His set is like sterre's but he has a real mask! )
Walking into a room and saying, " I should clean this! " Then walking out. -lily

"That depends. Did you want

"That depends. Did you want to go elsewhere? Or are you trying to get away from me?" He chuckled lightly. "Of course, if you really would rather I not hang around, I will understand."
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“Love?” Jettem turned full


Jettem turned full body to face him, cautiously taking a step forward and watching him as the stag started to slip from this world into another, his eyes fading a little as his body sagged. Massive red antlers started to sway with strong notice despite what little movement his body made, blue eyes becoming concerned. Circling around him the red doe settled near where he had already been laying, tucking her legs in under her even though she did not want to sit so close so early in the conversation. But by his answer it sounded like he needed a listening ear or someone simply just to sit next to.

“What rules do you believe Love has? Where does it say there are rules to loving another or many?” She hadn’t heard of such things when concerning love, but then again, she saw things a little differently than most. She gave a head nod, silently asking him to sit down again as she looked to his face and then his antlers, knowing that they must be heavy to keep up, even for a stag of his size and bulk.

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ARGK Sorry people. Been so

ARGK Sorry people. Been so distracted and unmused D8'...


(Ehm? I'm afraid you were mistaking there, Sterre was not in the forest during the rut! And well, she wasn't rutting either XD
Anyway I heard you were deleting Shady? Still sure you want to continue this then? I'll reply for now though.)

"But you don't have antlers!" She smirked. "Real stags have antlers, uh-huh. You gotta prove you are then!" She hopped around him for abit, before taking a few leaps away. Sterre turned back to face him. "So what do stags do that makes them so?"


Nono, I'm just cold." A little confused about his reply. Did she give that image then? Hm.. "Why wouldn't I want you to hang around? You didn't do anything to me?" She signed.


Rather eagily, or happy so to say, Gehirn settled himself back on the ground, next to Jettem. Slowly, he lowered his head untill his chin hit the dirt again. Even though he found it rather impolite, his neck couldn't bear with him anymore today. Politeness would have to be set aside for another moment. The red doe asked him what rules he thought love had, and he chuckled as an answer. "They have rules. They, them, the others. Those whom think they've set it all out. Love should be with one and one only, according to them. And in a way, I do believe you can't have everyone, nor should ask for such, but I can't settle to a limit either."
Hm, this position did quite bother him again, as he raised his head to look at her, perhaps curious about her reaction. He wondered why he was so open to a complete stranger. "There are too many kinds of love to be shared with only one person, I think. And every person desires for their own type of attention as well, since noone is the same. So you can't love two the same way, either. Gehirn stretched his neck slightly, his long black fur swaying a little with the wind blowing through the birches. His red eyes directed at Jettem, he again wondered why she was so interested. But she didn't seem to be able to do any kind of evil with it.
"They say affection only belongs to one, it is what we are raised with. Friendship can belong to multiple. Hm.." The bulky stag paused, shifting his weight a little. "And even though I find this silly, it seems I have hurt others with my ways, which is what ails me."

(I'm so far worse don't worry lol o-o...)

((that's okay, no problem

((that's okay, no problem Smiling ))

Oisín blinked at the young doe. She didn't realize he was joking? He thought it would have made Polt laugh, but then he could be wrong. He really needed to stop comparing Sterre to her mother in any case. But it was hard when she reminded him of her so much.

"It was only a joke." He smiled and laughed a little. "Although, not entirely. I do sometimes wonder if I am only getting in your way or slowing you down by insisting on following you and being with you whenever I have the chance. You have never given any indication that it bothers you, so really I suppose there is no reason for me to feel that way. But I do anyway, just once in a while. And...even if you don't mind now, there is still a chance that could change in the future. Some day you just may feel the need to be more independent."

((ugh, I hope this is okay, I've changed what he says several times, and I'm having trouble focusing now due to being tired x.x; ))

The young buck moves slowly

The young buck moves slowly through the birch, blue eyes scanning the reddish-golden landscape as if searching for something or someone. He has a slight limp, nothing too serious yet the scratches along his body seem fresh. He lifts his nose to a breeze that picked up, taking a deep breath as he tries single out a particular scent. He hesitates but finally calls out the name of his quarry.


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Whoohoo! Looks like I forgot

Whoohoo! Looks like I forgot about this. Tsk..

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Grumpy as the stag could at some days be, the birch had been his hiding place. Though, with his black pelt and scent it wasn't easy to hide. He heard his name, simply a word that would make everyone lift their heads up. Only at your own name.
Lucian scans the area as he looks for the source, focussing his eyes on the young buck. A friend, time to back down the hostility. "Zanny?" He questioned in the same asking tone as Zanny himself had done. The black stag quickly got up, making his way through the birches and towards the boy. "You alright? I smell metal." As he asked his question, he sniffed the stag. Had he had another fight lately?

(Ohtsk you worry too much <3)

The sight of the older stag

The sight of the older stag lit a determined look in Zanny’s eyes. Lucian was one of the stags that Zan’ looked up to most and he was sure the dark coated buck could give him what he came for. The young buck waited for his friend to get near.
Lucian still stood a bit taller then the young Zan‘ but the sunset furred youth was beginning to catch up. Only in time would he match his older friend’s weight. Still he did not support the bulk of an adult yet nor was his antlers anything impressive only supporting a meager two tines. If Lucian had wanted to he could have easily overpowered Zan’, not that Lucian would ever try to hurt him. Still Zanny flinched slightly as the older stag moved to sniff him, his reaction more subconscious, paranoid defense then physical pain.

"I-I-I'm fine…" He straightened himself up and took a deep breath before speaking again. "I wanted to ask you… I want you to teach me to fight. L…like you do, Lucian."

He kept his head held high trying to appear confident and prepared. However Zan’ was not born brave nor was he a built fighter. At least not at this stage in his life, the young buck was still no match for a full grown stag. But he was tired of being a victim, a coward, he just didn’t know how to rise above it. Now he had gotten it into his head that if only he knew the proper way to fight perhaps he could stand up to his aggressors and Zan’ believed Lucian was the answer.
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He eyed Zanny, looking at his

He eyed Zanny, looking at his wounds. Definitly recognised them, perhaps from past woundings of his own too. Actually, he smiled when he looked back up to Zanny. He understood his motives all too well. The stag himself had faced the same enemy in the past, at the same age as Zanny. Actually, from fawnhood on.
He seemed a little proud when Zanny asked him to teach him how to fight. Of all friends the young buck had, Lucian knew he certainly wasn't the strongest. But apparantly he still had some worth to Zanny. Still, the buck's wounds worried him.
"You're exactly me now Zanny. I've been there too." He nods. "I can try if you want to. You know, if you're not strong, you gotta be fast. Especially when your opponent has those big ram antlers. They may hit nasty but they're really slow." The stag turned his head away, perhaps looking in the distance to see if he could find any example stags. "You can't actually take them down, but all they need to know is that ya are no wussy. And you aren't. He started to walk around the young buck, looking at his build. "I bet you can run fast. You know what you can do when you run fast? Charge hard." He stopped again when he stood back in front of Zanny. Charging was one of his favourite techniques, he had been practicing it a while now.

"Don't ram into their antlers though, it's the sides you want.." The dark coated one mused. Recalling his own fights. "Perhaps you should spar with me again sometime? I remember our last time, you had quite some stamina." He was quite honest there. He found the young buck had a lot of potential.

That's okay. Well I'll start

That's okay. Well I'll start something new if I come up with any ideas.
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Yeah, maybe a differant rp

Yeah, maybe a differant rp then XD pick one:

. yeah pick one)

Zanny actually seemed a

Zanny actually seemed a little surprised that Lucian agreed to teach him but that surprise soon grew to excitement. His ears flicked forward and were held attentively, only moving to follow Lucian's movements when the older stag circled around to inspect him. Quick nods were added every so often.
The red buck paused when Lucian said he 'wasn't a wuss', a single ear folding back uncertainly. When Zanny thought about it he could not recall ever doing anything note worthy to exempt him from the 'title'. He has found himself called a wuss, a wimp all too often now. A few times by one of his new enemies and often now by his own mind. But, he decided, if Lucian didn't think him a wuss then he would do whatever it took to keep Lucian's confidence in him.
Zanny's excitement and determination seemed to only grow with Lucian's encouragement and compliment.
"O-of course!"
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Splinters: Uhm.. Haha, I'll

Uhm.. Haha, I'll have to say I'm not very good at picking XDD.. Especially not on my own interaction blog ;_;'


He nodded, stomping the ground once with a hoof. He turned around, walking quite determend towards a nearby tree. The bark had already been covered with marks, an unfortunate victim to Lucian's excersize. "It's always good to take practice on a tree when there's no stag to bash around." The stag grinned.
He turned back to Zanny, a bit of a worried expression on his face this time. "Have a question for you though.. Why do you want to fight?" He kind of expected the answer, but he still wanted to ask. He knows his own goals aren't always as good hearted as some think of them. "Because defending yourself and those you love is the most important, I think. No doubt that's what ya had in mind though. I heard Dajhi has been getting hurt often lately."
The stag's ears laid back in his neck, his head turning to the tree. His expression almost as if he could bash into it right there and then. "I'm not around enough to help out.." Lucian seemed immensly dissapointed in himself. He couldn't help but feel as if it was his own fault. "So at some point, perhaps if I can help you out, you'll be able to defend yourself and her as well.." He sighed. He never trusted anyone else with the task but himself, but it seems there was not much of a choice.

A pang of guilt struck

A pang of guilt struck Zanny's heart as Lucian mentioned Dajhi's blights. A feeling of guilt he never felt as a fawn. It was because of him that Dajhi had been hurt recently. "Th… that's my fault, Lucian." His eyes drop, not wanting to look his older friend in the eye as he spoke. "She has been protecting me." He looked back up sharply. "B-but… if I learn to fight then she wont need to. I can proctect her instead."