Lady in the Pond [Lily]

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Update; 1/6.
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| Lily |
kirin pelt | peacock feathers | real deer mask | mini spell

• Water Dwelling Deer
• Mature Adult
• Sexuality Unknown
• Doe | Female
• Size - click
• Pictogram - Google Eyes
• Speaks in #7cc246
• Scent - Water Lillies and Algae
• Appearance - hover small green doe with a lily on her head
• Personality - hover skittish, shy, sensitive, quiet, gentle and insecure

| RP is OPEN on her blog |

| Interactions |

Cedrelÿa: After a little miscommunication problem, Lily is growing more comfortable around the other aquatic doe. Even if it doesn't seem like it, Ced is the closest thing to a friend at the moment.

Cotton: This white stag approached Lily right before she was going to relax under the weeping willow by the pound. Still nervous around others, she isn't sure if she is ready to trust more then one deer in the forest just yet.

Leander: Isn't sure of the fluffy yellow male just yet, and he probably isn't that sure of her ether. So fair is fair. Even after finding out he eats bunnies sometimes, Lily doesn't mind. -died-

Ren: Met the stag next to the freezing pond. She found his interest in the pond fascinating and was glad he is willing to show her around the forest. Lily sees him as a friend now, and enjoys his company so far.

Nauti: Saw this fish-doe in the pond one day, just longing around. They seem sweet, and the way they walk is rather interesting. Still unsure of her yet, more to come.

Ird: This deer has the face of an Idol, seeming to share the lack of socialization as herself.

| Images |

• Myself xxx
• OrinocoFlow xxx
• theeco226 xxx
• Meadow xxx
• magnanimous xxx

| In the Forest |

The little doe kept warm this winter, huddling near other deer of the forest, hiding in holes, the great oak. Anywhere she was welcomed she would go. But the itch for the water crawled all over her, spring was itching closer meaning she would soon be able to return to her pond.

| Her Past |

Like many fawns, Lily appeared in the endless forest without a mother or father, a strange phenomenon that still confuses many here. And like many, she wandered until she meet others. Yet, instead of open 'arms' and a greeting, she was confronted with looks of disgust and pity. The fawn was small, green, hairy and was drenched. Instead of appearing in a bed of flowers or under a tree; Lily appeared inside the pound. Having the paddle her way to shore; the tiny thing looked like something that was better off in the pound with the frogs and fish.

Now, this was a time when deer looked like deer and what wasn't a deer wasn't a deer. For that very reason, Lily was shunned and teased. Doe's and Bucks would chase her away from their own fawns, not sure what to make of her.

Lily learned to stay in the pound. Where she belonged.

. . . . till now.

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Ah, I love this character

Ah, I love this character already! She's lovely <333 *track
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A little something for you.

A little something for you. Hope you like. ♥
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Oh Sun that is so cute and

Oh Sun that is so cute and sweet of you!!

And this is a track for Lily!
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Thank you everyone for the

Thank you everyone for the tracks. ^^
And Waning, that is so adorable.

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ahh another water deer :') I

ahh another water deer :') I bet she would get on quite nicely with my mel
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Yeah, Lily has been around a

Yeah, Lily has been around a while.
Just haven't been that active.
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Retracking <3
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A NOTE: You might sometimes

A NOTE: You might sometimes see little Lily in the forest without her Kirin pelt on because I'm lazy sometimes I don't feel like doing the mini spell trick. xD

- - -

also remember; RP is open on here. c:
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Ohhh...Love this , that green

Ohhh...Love this , that green ... ♥
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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weeee. c:

weeee. c:
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Tracking <3 She's so cute. c:
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thank you so much Aquilo

thank you so much Aquilo
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No problem. c: She should

No problem. c: She should hang out with my frog account sometime lol
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Frogs are cute; also a

Frogs are cute; also a harmless bump.
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I like her, she could get

I like her, she could get along great with Kío
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awww. c: edit: bumps for

awww. c:

edit: bumps for interactions? Maybe some more friends? Romance? Danger?
And here have an opening post cause I'm board.

- - -

The green doe as relaxing under the willow by the forests pond, gazing at the little ripples that were created by fish, frogs and the breeze. She has been feeling a pull in herself lately since Autumn first came into the forest which that winter was just on its way. Oh the poor little Lily, unsure where she stood in this forest. After all, she had yet to make any more friends, such a coward she was. Stupid doe; that's how she felt. Taking note of her reflection, "Would any miss me if I just returned to the waters and stayed there?" Probably not, but who knows.
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oh no! im interrupting

oh no! im interrupting another rp! x'v track!
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Your not interrupting . . .

Your not interrupting . . . it's an open post.

Using Ird. Geez it talks a

Using Ird. Geez it talks a lot, hope you don't mind.

Under another willow, the one with a shallow bowl around its base a strange creature scrutinized its appearance in the water. It had obviously been sitting there for awhile for the bowl now contained a sizable little pool around its body. A non-existant nose scrunched up as empty eye sockets took in the small body, willowy antlers and poppies. "Ird sure is strange lookin." It remarked to its self. "Mebbe thas why no one ever come back an see Ird." The head tilted back and the mouth formed a happy smile. "Oh well. This a place so pretty anyway, such nice sun things and now is a pretty dark like sky, so deep swirly blue! Someone bound come back to Ird. So many little nature things! Flowers! Whispery breezes! All big tall tre--" The sound of another voice cut it off. Would any miss...waters...stay...there The idol spirit immediately bounced up. "Ohhh....Ird wonder who that! Hello there!" Ird strained its neck around the willow trying to see the source of those words.
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She took a few steps into the

She took a few steps into the pond, feeling the ice cold water lap up on her fur. The water was warmer at the bottom, Lily was aware of this. Thoughts spun in her mind, maybe she might as well go now before the pond would freeze over for the winter. There was barley a week till that time would come. The doe was just about to continue into the water when she heard a voice call out. "Huh . . ." Hesitating to continue, she turned around and look over in the direction of the voice. Should she reply back? Stomach twisted a bit with nerves, but a few words managed to come out. " . . . ummm . . . hello?" Noticing a figure not to far off on the bank of the pond.

Something right into the

Something right into the water. Ird leaned forward suddenly afraid that the other would just leave. Disperse into the lake, dissolve into the sky. Leave him in this cold twilight. It let out a little squeak and shimmied a little closer. Then the other answered. hello. The voice sounded female, there was a quality to it that echoed those that had been shy. "H-hello? H-hold on, Ird's gonna come." It immediately scrambled over the banks in the doe's direction, stumbling and tripping as it went. The creature stopped when it was still a good distance way. The idol spirit worried that getting closer would make her run, make her leave. He didn't want that. "You're same size as Ird. I'm Ird... who you? C-can you stay?" It tried to appear smaller, fully expecting the green doe to leave. Wishing that she wouldn't.
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The tiny doe stared at the

The tiny doe stared at the approaching figure. Who, no what; what were they? They appeared to be a deer or some sort but not one that Lily has ever seen in her whole life. Yet, she wasn't one to explore much to far from the pond as is. When they asked if she could stay, the green doe titled her head a bit. "Who am I . . . Lily, my name is Lily." Taking a step forward to get a better look; their face reminded her of the idols of these woods. It didn't seem that she would be going anywhere anyway . . . not like she had anything important planned anyway.

The being dropped close to

The being dropped close to the ground when the doe looked its way. The round face showed an honest earnestness and a small bit of longing. It dipped its head in a graceful manner at her small voice. "Lily." The name was spoken in tone of breathless reverence. "Ird thinks that's a beautiful name." It quickly closed the distance between them though it tried its hardest to be slower. When it stood on the bank right above her leaning forward over the water it spoke again. "No one ha ever talk to Ird yet. Ird gets kinda lonesome sometimes, not many come back to Ird." Another dip of the head. "Have you been here long? Do you live in pond?" A worrying thought occurred to the little thing causing its smile to turn to a frown. " Is a Ird b-bothering you? If is Ird can go if you like."
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"Oh . . . ummmm thank you."

"Oh . . . ummmm thank you." Not use to getting complements very often or at all. This Ird was an odd sort but then again she was herself. Hiding in the water, covered in algae and moss from always being so wet and damp. Lily's tail twisted behind her, causing tiny ripples in the water under her hooves. Glancing back to the water before to the idol faced deer. "The pond? Yes . . . I live in the pond." And she quickly shook her head when asked if they were bothering her, they had nothing bother. She was doing nothing impotent at all. The green doe hadn't had a conversation is so long, feeling a surge of panic at the mentioning to leave. "NO!" Scaring herself at the sound of her own voice, "I . . I mean no, stay. Don't go . . . Ird." The sound of her voice was strained. Even tho she was always alone, she didn't always like to be.

"Wow, that's amazing. What's

"Wow, that's amazing. What's it like way down there?" It tried to imagine what being down in the pond must be like. Down below that shining surface it'd often stared at on quiet days. The being got closer to the water and stirred the water absentmindedly with a hoof. The features of the face settled on an expression of concentration. It didn't see the shake of her head and was caught by surprise at Lily's outburst. Ird nearly upended itself into the pond. "Woah! Okay, okay, okay, Ird is staying! Don worry, Ird will stay." They fell silent for a little while still a bit surprised. "How long has Lily been here? Have you seen the forest? What's it like?" [
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@forestleaf; I'm so so sorry

I'm so so sorry for never replying, live has been crazy and I'm attempting to get everything in order to jump back on here in TEF.
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Oh it's okay, life comes

Oh it's okay, life comes first c: don't worry
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bumping for the new year

bumping for the new year
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Ah, this is the best! Such a

Ah, this is the best! Such a fun character to read ^^ Super unique.
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