I'M BAAAACK from England!

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All dead. I was 18 hours driving in a bus from Torquay where I spent my holidays (Read here) to good ol' Germany. 18 FRIGGIN' HOURS. Over night. I didn't sleep a smallest bit. OH GUYS. I'M DEAD.
But I have to say it was great. Yeah! I had an awesome time with my friend there!
Might tell more, but I'm seeing stars at the moment. I went to bed when I came back and slept for 3 hours or such. I woke up some time, believing I'm still in England, and saw my bookshelves and thought: "Awesome, they're having Animorphs books!" I went to my shelf and looked at them. "Weird, they have german book titles." AH WAIT. I'm not sleeping anymore, and I'm back in Germany.
BUT IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK. Gosh, there happened a lot here, hadn't there? I saw some Reddie & Leara-drama? Is there more good-to-know? I'm so glad I hadn't missed an Abio! Nope, it's tomorrow! Hurhur! That's great! I'm back just in time.
-falls asleep-

-wakes up-
Noh, i hadn't really slept, sorry, but I wish I had. -sighs- By the way, I sent postcards to Misako, Raia, Avani, Liëka, Sunny and Yaya. Could have not arrived yet, I was a little late. <8}
But omg, I'm so tired.
SO GOOD TO BE BACK. I've missed you.
But I'll miss nice Torquay too. I hope I will be able to tell you more about my holidays. Only if you want to, of course. ^^
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Welcome welcome welcome!

Welcome welcome welcome! Emiva visited us, as well as Lemon who's been away for some time... I've made a new deer--- aaaannnddd.... I'm mkaing custom glass necklaces.... I think that's it! Yeah, the Abio's tommorrow then the Lightbringer party the day after that... ^^

Glad to see you back!! We missed you!! -hug-

Founder of The Lightbringers
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Oh, and I forgot to say that

Oh, and I forgot to say that now everyone knows the Phantom is played by me. Thank you for keeping the secret. 8D


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Narina: Huh, thankies! 8D

Narina: Huh, thankies! 8D And that's quite a new thingie. Why did you tell it? And where? 8> And np, I love keeping secrets. *hides* xD

Myst: Thank you too! Ah Lemon, I've noticed her abscence. :/ And Miva, that's great! And you've made a new deer? Ya mean Odin? Cool! *dances* *wants to meet him* 8D
Can't wait for the Abio and the Lightbringer event! I just hope I can come. =3
Oh and, I saw there were bubbles and Twilight in the Forest! Of course, I'd miss that. ^^
-hugs back-

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Just in time for the Abiogenesis of tomorrow!

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Thanks, Para! 8D And yes,

Thanks, Para! 8D And yes, I'm very happy about that. ^^

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Welcome back! C:

Welcome back! C:

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Thanks, Apel! And OMG, you

Thanks, Apel! And OMG, you have a great avatar & Pixel deer. 8|

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and my mom was like: from a person called mismako LOL XD.
and than i was like: AWWWWWWW THATS SO CUTEEEEE *hugz card and sends e hugz to you*
I TOTALLY WUV YOU *.* xD *glomps yer faec*
i never thought you'd send me a postcard, so it was likea *beeping* big surprise xD

so you had fun aight.. WITHOUT ME :!~?! No jk xD i;m glad you had fun! ^^

i was a liar in every debate, i rule the forces that fuiled your hate
i was a liar in every debate, i rule the forces that fuiled your hate
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8D I'm glad that it arrived safely! And why did she think it was from "Mismako"? xD Because I wrote "Misako gave me your address" and such? ^^ Glad that you like it! *hugs back* Laughing out loud
*facehug* Nice to hear that you are so happy about it! =D

And I missed you a bunch so ... D: <33

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ikneuww but my mother cant

ikneuww but my mother cant read properly LOLZ xD
*glomps you* mesa missed you tooooo<3

i was a liar in every debate, i rule the forces that fuiled your hate
i was a liar in every debate, i rule the forces that fuiled your hate
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I missed this post X"D YAAY

I missed this post X"D

YAAY YOU'RE BAACKK *hugsquish*!! Yeah, your card arrived!! XD And yes ofcourse, tell us more!! XD And I think a lot happend. A lot of people got tired with the community and left, and I'm still fearing a few more will leave ._. BUT I'M STAYING D8! XD 18 HOUR DRIVE? LOL! I know what it's like. We drove to Rome. (21 hours. That was like death X"D..) You finally fall asleep around 5 AM, and the teachers wake you up at 7 for breakfast-stop. SIGH. XDD
But I love the card <3 I'll surely give it a safe place, so later, when I have kids (Not. read: when I have a cat) I'll read it to them and say how awesome some people can be <3

--Stays a lonely Seele
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Raia: *lol* Don't fool your

Raia: *lol* Don't fool your mother when she isn't able to defend herself, bad girl >D
& I'm so happy to be back. <3

Mis: Hah, no problem! ^^ *hugsquish back!* <3 Gosh, I've missed you guys! D: I'm glad to be back.
Also glad that the card arrived, YES! And I'm so about to tell more, but I'm still too tired. Plus I have to go to bed soon or I will die. I. NEED. SLEEP. ;^^
And. WHO LEFT? WHO'S ABOUT TO LEAVE? D: Omg. That sucks. Give me names please? :0
And I'm so happy that you like it! And OMG I feel so honoured :'D But don't forget, it's just a card. *blushes* Not that special. *runs*

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you...you are BAAHAACK!

you...you are BAAHAACK! -MEGA HUG-
*freaks totally out* *want to phone you* *realize that's 10 am* >:|

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*requick* well...yeah! xD

well...yeah! xD what i want to say:
telltelltelltelltell ^.^ <3
D'awwwwwwww flyra is bahack, flyra is bahack!! *dance*
-nuzzles again and again- C:
*had to do something like a welcome-back-present* x)
[Na, wie war es mit lisa? xD]

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OHAI SUNNY. -cuddles- Ehe I

OHAI SUNNY. -cuddles- Ehe I feel loved. 8>
Quite a cool siggy pic you have there *pokes*
Glad to hear the postcard survived on its way! Laughing out loud
And no presents pwease! D: I don't deserve it. 8>

Und mit Lisa war es super! 8D Wir haben uns echt gut verstanden, und wir hatten eine tolle Zeit zusammen. <3

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