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maybe? maybe

oh holy maccaroniiiii this place... so much time has gone by and I haven't let anything be heard from me here, I should be ashamed. Or should I? Does anyone even remember me?

I still hold this place dearly in my mind, I have billions of good memories connected to TEF, it's incredible. Without you, I would have never realized that I have at least the mimicry of an ability to draw. All of you, with your amazing talents and wonderful encouragement even on pictures that when I look back at them now, I just want to hide somewhere and kill the roots before they breed. Laughing out loud Slightly exaggerating here, but you get my point!

I don't know if I'm yet able to return or anything of that sort. I've still got two months of my exchange year left - because 8 months ago I froze my German highschool time for one year and just went to another country called Finland for 11 months, to live in a Finnish host family, go to Finnish "lukio" = highschool, not seeing my German family and friends for the same time, surrounded by strange people and an even stranger and unknown language and TADA, here I am.
I speak Finnish now, quite decently, have had amazing times and incredibly hard times and found friends for life and just had an unforgettable experience which isn't even over yet. Seriously, if some of you ever get the chance to do an exchange year or something of these sorts - go ahead and do it.
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To Lex ; Liëka & everyone who has the faint feeling of knowing my name from somewhere

@ Lex

I was your Secret Santa! I don't know if my little package has already arrived. If not, I'm very sorry. :c
Here are two (badbad) photos of what I did for you. You can choose whether to look at them already or if you want to wait for the package.
I hope you enjoy, and Merry Christmas to you, you're a wonderful person and I hope life will go on nicely with you. ♥

@ Liëka

I received your gift a while ago already! Thank you so much, it's so very lovely, I like the picture and the little figure a lot and you've done an amazing Santa job. Really, thank you so much, you've made me so happy. Merry Christmas to you, too. ♥
Also, do you want to post your gifts or shall I?

@ everyone interested

Some of you might have noticed my absence, though I doubt it.
As none of you seem to really care anyway, I guess there's no need to apologize?
Don't get me wrong. I love this place. I love all of you. But I just can't stand waiting for just a slight return anymore, just in the slightest. I don't want to sound whiny. I don't want your, nor self-pity. I just want to tell you why I don't plan to come back to the community and the game anymore, for a very long while, probably.

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. See you. ♥
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testing blög

No tracking please. Shocked
this'll be kept here for later abuse.
because I want to mess with css sometimes too.
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Happy Birthday to me :D

...I guess I am to say!
(23rd of November, might not be in every country yet, but in Germany I officially became one year older just a few moments ago!)

Sweet 16, that is.

Hats like Flyra's (and mine) for everyone~ 8D
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Secret Santa Wishlist

Another one for this year, hosted by amazing Jen.

Hello there, may you be any reader taken here by boredom, or as I hope, my Secret Santa! c:

So you probably know that I accept mailed stuff. It doesn't have to be, but I would be very happy! But let's start with things you could do for me digitally.

And that would be...
Art of course! In all forms you please: digital, traditional, writing: stories, poems, thoughts, etc.
Of, for example...
- My deer. You can find anything about them here (click the different tabs. There ain't really much about Frida Kahlo yet, but if you feel inspiration to draw her, you can draw her like that.)
- My quetzal character Matlalihuitl: X X
- Me (Sophie) as a rabbit: X xD

Things you could send via mail: (Take note that I live in Germany though.)

- Traditional art of any of the characters mentioned above.
- Crafted stuff! Of my deer or anything!
- I'd always love a good book! Deer-related would be awesome. For example, I still don't own that Fire Bringer book by David Clement-Davies, I've heard it is amazing. Or any else book that you love. In English or German please Eye
- Anything you can think of, really... You can get to know a bit about my likings over here, soo see if you can find anything useful. (:

Thank you, I'm really looking forward to your gift, whatever it will be. xx ♥
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So no greater Halloween Abio this year?

...or did I miss anything? :/ (Just came home from huge family meeting.)
Did anyone get a "ticket" already?
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Sketch Requests [closed]

I want to practice being better with quick stuff,
and thus I'd love to do some requests. :3
They will only be some scribbles by a very unskilled me, but don't be shy to request!

Example: Excuse me, Apeldille, for claiming your Ephiré as my example victim. Shocked

These are closed now, I'll try doing all these on my list today.
They're turning out so scribbly. Tell me if you dislike it, I can try cleaning them up as well.

Waarhijd for Nopje
Teffy for, well.. Teffy ;D
Kheiron for minimuuh

Iugulare for Quad
Anirapio for Quad
Nekumbra for Quad
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Photoshop Users? Help please...

So, I know this doesn't belong here, but I'm pretty desperate and think that here could be some guys knowing any solution as there are many artists here working with Photoshop.
I'd be truly grateful if you could try to help me with this, as I'm pretty pissed of by this weird annoying glitch or what it is. :/

I've got a new Windows 7 laptop recently and installed the 5.0 version I own of Photoshop. But there appears a problem now that never occured before when I used it with my XP laptop.
It happens when I use the smudge tool on a new layer, where another one lies underneath, and I draw it over the edge of the object of one of the layers, it doesn't float smoothly over the edge, but it creates odd black, soft color merging with it.
Take this picture as an example:

The lower part was being smudged with my old laptop, the upper part with my new one - see the blackness it creates?

This doesn't happen when I check "Use All Layers". But when I smudge using this option, I cannot use the layer freely anymore or there will be parts of the current background where I smudged moving too, or what when I don't want to touch the background but only smudge the character?

It is very annoying, and I can't seem to find a solution for it wherever I search :/ God one site where I searched for help even gave me some viruses! D| So, you're my last hope before I'll truly freak out, so please, please just try to do your best with helping, I'd be so very grateful.
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2 years.

...and 2 hours.

Pfft. 8D
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so long & thanks for all the fish

Just going to Sweden for three weeks. Some might have noticed me announcing it on my TEF/blog everything, but there might be some who haven't seen it so I'm just saying it again so nobody wonders where I've been vanishing to again.

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