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Warning; language, violence/gore, and other mature and disturbing content may appear here.



". . ."

F e e l i n g // Numb
M e n t a l // Static
P h y s i c a l // Malnourished, cold

Managed to find the portal to the forest working for the first time in possible years. Didn't hesitate to throw herself through it, but the snowy weather traveled quickly through her soft fur and straight into her bones. Has remained huddled and shivering against a couple of the Playground rocks after she managed to stiffly collapse there for a reason that may not exist. Despite the awful intensity of the cold and the fatigue weighing on her heavier with every hour that passes, refuses to leave the forest for fear it may be another eternity until she's able to return again.

N o t e s // BLESS U FISH FOR INFORMING ME OF OLD ASS CODING MESSING THINGS UP!! this entire bio is old and ugly tho no one look
• ok I tweaked a few other horrendously outdated things BUT THAT'S probably ALL FOR NOW... aka another 4 years


N a m e // Friiha; 6-18-9-9-8-1

N i c k n a m e s // Frii, Freehee

P i c t o g r a m // #

G e n d e r // Feminine ♀

A g e // Ageless

S p e c i e s // Predominantly cervid

S p e e c h // #7b5959; voice

A r r i v a l // March 3, 2010

O r i e n t a t i o n // Panromantic demisexual

S t a t u s // Single

H a u n t // A wanderer

Track. c: She seems very

Track. c:
She seems very interesting, I love her design too.<3
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You might want to check

You might want to check coding for the comment boxes, they're difficult to read.
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I fucking love your

I fucking love your art...
It's so... eerie-looking.
Or something.
I love it. <3

Wooow she's so pretty, I

Wooow she's so pretty,
I love your art<3
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@Saffie: Aww

@Saffie: Aww <3 Thank you so much she's definitely interesting |D. I'm really glad, I thought her design was fun to do x3

@Starcreep: Oh my goodness you were right, they were blinding and I couldn't read them at all - thank you SO much for bringing that to my attention. I should've done a test comment xD Thanks for visiting her page, by the way C: I fixed them, and hopefully they're much easier to read now ^^;

@Ravyn: @.@ <333333333333
I'm so honored that you do. I prefer my art to be more eerie than not... maybe because I am :} And plus, if I drew Friiha not eerie than it wouldn't be right x3<3

@Xylv: Ffff I'm reallyreally glad you think so, it means so much to me~!!!! 8D<333 I adore your art as well, your style is just so original and if I ever see something that you drew I would already know it was yours (:

By Leuvr
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Track! <3
Love this character.

PFFTT -nosebleeds- She's so

PFFTT -nosebleeds- She's so cute XD
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@Ocean: 8D Thanks a bunch~!!

@Ocean: 8D Thanks a bunch~!! <333

@Mrs. Halloween: D8 *hands some tissues*
Cute, hm? I'd like to see if you say that again after meeting her and she doesn't like you xD
However. I think she'd get along with Lust :3

By Leuvr

That's why I like her

That's why I like her ;3
-blots nose- thanks XD
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I could have sworn I was

I could have sworn I was tracking this. Oh well. x)
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@Mrs. Halloween: Muahaha

@Mrs. Halloween: Muahaha |D
LOL you're welcome xD

@Tally: Hehe, well I'm glad you are now~!! *glompoflove*

By Leuvr

Finished :3 (Its Transparent

Finished :3 (Its Transparent btw. >.< Theres a star in the background)
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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!!!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!
I'm SO putting it in her bio! I WANNA SEE THE STAR!!! 8D
Thank you SO much Anna, Exile is coming out so wonderfully I could scream~!! Her mask and legs are especially fun :3

By Leuvr


WIIII IM GLAD U LIKE <3<3<3<3 Ur Welcomee
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I LOOOOVE <33333

By Leuvr


EDIT: Nevermind i saws it. |D
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/facepalm LOL

Exile is almost dooone~!!

By Leuvr

yaaaaay ~ o.o !!

yaaaaay ~ o.o !!
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I'm gunna stalk the stalker!

I'm gunna stalk the stalker! 8D

I just finished reading through her bio and fell in love with her. |D
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8D!!! Aww!!! You have no idea

8D!!! Aww!!! You have no idea how much it means to me to hear that you love her <333

By Leuvr

Friiha's bio is looking

Friiha's bio is looking aweshumsauce.<3
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Aww, thanks Saffie~!! I'm

Aww, thanks Saffie~!! I'm glad xD
There are still a few kinks I need to work out, but ah well. The restriction I'm on sort of prevents that :/

By Leuvr
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Yori wants to show her how to

Yori wants to show her how to spar, he'll be gentle though.
I have a trick that Saosin helped me slightly with when you spar and sneeze of your antlers.
Next time we're online together, is it okay if you pick up some flowers for me? I'll show you the rest. (:

Oh and when you can, cast them onto me. It'll make sense, don't worry. Oh and I'll need to cast spells onto her...
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*Track* This bio looks

This bio looks awesome, it´s so haunting. <3
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@Custard: 8D!! Really?!

@Custard: 8D!! Really?! That's so sweet of him! ;A;<333
Huh, interesting. And Friiha will absolutely get some flowers for Yori (:

She will.
Hmm... if Yori explains to her why he has to spell her {we can just pretend they're discussing it in-Forest |D} she'll let him. Just so you know what the Cower + Nod means. She's mentally preparing herself for the strange burning she feels when she's spelled as well as the hallucination of the Forest burning to the ground xD
It'll stop eventually, but she really does want to learn how to spar.

@Spyrre: 8D Thank you so much! It was a pleasure meeting you as well <333 I've admired Spyrre from afar, actually. /fail. I think she's adorable xD

By Leuvr
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The prince of hearts blinked

The prince of hearts blinked slowly, his ears giving a small tick, hearts, beating slowly, calmly.

This one, was one to observe

Tracking if I'm not already :U
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The small rabbit-esque doe

The small rabbit-esque doe looked wild and near obsessive. More than anything else she looked excited as she took rounds around the other being. With an antsy stance she stopped behind the doe and commented..


[Sorry if I confused you in forest at all. When Tally sees/comes in contact with certain others(see deer with specific traits as 'triggers') her obsession with circles comes forth. During these short periods of excitement she acts a little.. odd. I need to make a blog to explain stuff like that. d:]

I adore Friiha btw.
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Heh, thanks. =) No need to

Heh, thanks. =) No need to "admire" her afar, you can come and say hello... or she might come find Friiha if I learn her picto. Spyrre is usually friendlier than it´s good for her, and would be intrested of meeting Friiha again. She is such fascinating deer. =)
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@Sonata: The little doe

@Sonata: The little doe slowly turned her head to the side, ears swiveling forward, gazing back at Vilnius. No words came from her vocals, no further movement performed.
She watched.
She observed.



@Tally: Friiha stands still as the hybrid doe circled around her in hops. Her head twisted around to catch the movements, feeling on edge but curious. When Tally finally stopped, Friiha twirled upon her tiny hooves to face the other, ears pricking to listen.


{Oh you don't need to apologize for that~! (: And such an interesting characteristic... I'm glad Friiha is one of those triggers. Which features of hers set Tally off?
I would love to read the blog if you decide to make it <3}

@.@<333 That means so much ;A;


@Spyrre: Friiha might not come to say hello. She'll stalk follow/observe from inside trees or something xD
The funniest thing is that Friiha should be a mini, but I don't think the orca pelt is available. I do know of the blog that tells how to get any pelt on a mini, but I don't think it stays in the spelldata so I'm not sure if I'd want to get spelled over and over again each time I log in :/ Especially since Friiha's spellspam experiences are very traumatic for her.
Friiha also would like to meet Spyrre again (:
Thank you so much <3

By Leuvr

Eeee, we need to have Umay

Eeee, we need to have Umay and Friiha RP one daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. <8D
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There's not need to cast

There's not need to cast flowers onto me anymore anyway, I managed to get TEF working when I opened it twice.
I can still show you though. (:

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@Saffie: LOL definitely

@Saffie: LOL definitely <3
I still haven't made her an interaction blog. /fail

@Custard: That's great to hear! Unfortunately the TEF computer owner is still on his computer, but he's going to leave in about 20 minutes and I'll sneak on while he's gone |D
Should she sneeze off her antennae to the default antlers in order to get the flowers?

By Leuvr
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No, you don't need to, I'll

No, you don't need to, I'll do that. (:
I hope I'm still here in 20 minutes! I could get kicked off by my parents anytime, hahaha

...wonder why i am not

...wonder why i am not tracking this yet.
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@Custard: Thank you (: D8

@Custard: Thank you (:
D8 That's freaking horrible!! /dies
I really hope you're still here too :C

@Alicev: LOL<333
Well, I'm very glad you are now C:
She finds Jack so amusing 8D

By Leuvr
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Well, not literally kicked

Well, not literally kicked off. More just a nudge to start getting off and getting something to eat.
I'm not usually one for getting up early in a morning, not that an early night helps. LOL
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LOL I didn't think they

LOL I didn't think they actually kicked you off xP
And yeah, my parents do that too I suppose >.>
Oh dear Lord I'm so not a morning person x.x
What time is it for you?

By Leuvr
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Only 10.31pm, I could get

Only 10.31pm, I could get kicked off now or at 12. It varies.

(Amusing...? Don't let him

(Amusing...? Don't let him know that |D...)
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@Custard: Oh my goodness @.@

@Custard: Oh my goodness @.@ I'm five hours less than you! /faints
Hopefully 12pm xP


@Alicev: Uh-oh... Sticking out tongue
You made me curious now.
What will he do if she tells him so?

By Leuvr
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That's annoying. :/ Do you

That's annoying. :/
Do you think you'll be able to get on anytime soon? No rush though.
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It really is... Online now (:

It really is...
Online now (:

By Leuvr
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Which features set her off?

Which features set her off? Well it helps to understand why she has this characteristic.. Warning: The following text rambles alot. B|

It sprung from her biggest father figure, Beliar, who for a time she dedicatated her life to. (Not sure if you remember him, he was known as the 'fawn killer'. He was not an RD even though it sounds like it without explaination.) She loved him to death but every time he would go on his killing sprees the only thing she could do was run around him and avoid his hooves should they drift her way. (He was massive but eventually she held such a strong influence on him that, in her presence, he would be placid and peaceful.)

That behaviour grew into a habit, and as her life took more and more tragic steps downhill she became obsessed. Everytime she needed to get away from reality she would just run around and around. Through time, her life settled down and the need for this get-away decreased. The habit never went away and she still runs the occasional circle or two for no apparent reason but triggers that cause her frenzy include, but are not limited to: Deer with traits like Beliar, extreme emotions, intense curiousity, sensing weakness or frailness, viewing other deer running in circles, deer that remind her of Skuller or Steele, gdfgsdx. Many many things. ;^; But it doesn't happen as often as you'd think. Anytime she gets excited or feels strong emotion is can happen as well.

You don't have to read it all. xD

Most likely the reason she took intrest in Friiha is because of the way she moves or the way she was standing and staring. If she feels a being her size or smaller is trying to 'intimidate' her it's a huge trigger and anything that moves sporatically or out of the ordinary it can pique her curiousity.
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I love long posts

I love long posts <3
And that was all very interesting. I remember Beliar well (: I knew he and Tally knew each other but I didn't know they were that close. /oblivious
So from the triggers you listed, Friiha would fall into frailness. Not sure if she shares anything with Skuller or Steele, but I would say that she does have a dangerous aura like that of Beliar.
I don't know xD

Probably all three. She moves really weirdly - graceful {she doesn't often fall/trip/lose her footing} despite the faint shaking in her legs and the fact that her movements are rapid and could be compared to a spider. When she stands still, her legs are still trembling and she looks tense, although something is about to happen. And her stare... well. Just look at the pictures of her xD
Intimidation... I think Friiha is. And she is rather small.
Tally is really interesting (:

By Leuvr
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Thankyou! No one's ever said

Thankyou! No one's ever said that before. <3 She created herself in a way. Started out as any other fawn only she was raised by the 'Seven Deadly Sins' family and then there's Beliar. Skuller was sort of the 'icing on the cake' when it came to her development.

Friiha is more intresting I think. (;

If you care for more information that I forgot to say is that for a while after Beliar dissappeared the circle-frenzies stopped. The reason they came back and were permanently imprinted on her personality was after Lantern's assualt on her. She and Steele killed his fawn form after she awoke from a coma in revenge, which for her brought flash-backs of Beliar and caused her to circle again. The entire time of the murder she ran circles around the dying fawn. (It's believed that during this time Lantern took away her ability to give birth in his own sort of revenge. From time to time she still has flash-backs of this event.) I talk too much, actually.. I never make long posts ha.
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I feel like Friiha would be

I feel like Friiha would be the kind of creature to pop out of TV static and pull me in with her. Sticking out tongue
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@Tally: I'm surprised, with

@Tally: I'm surprised, with such creativity I would've expected much more to think so too (:
Haha I remember the Seven Deadly Sins family xD

Kklhlksdhfslkhflskd /blushes in a corner

I recall Lantern. He and one of my deer were going to meet at one point... perhaps that can't happen anymore since Lantern is dead? xD Or at least his fawn form.
Circles around the dying fawn... that's so haunting. I want to draw something like that now Sticking out tongue
Infertile now? Poor Tally :c

Then it's all the more special that you're typing so much to me <3


@Ravyn: @.@ LOL!
...But honestly?
I think she would Sticking out tongue

By Leuvr
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Well shes the reason he is a

Well shes the reason he is a ghost even though the reason she killed his fawn form was because his ghost form assualted her first..technically. Becauseee, the ghost form assualted her because she killed his fawn form.

Yep, you read that right. d:
So.. he exists because of that incident.

I've always wanted to draw Friiha. If I could stop being bogged down by exam stuff maybe I would. ;^;
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Well, maybe Spyrre should

Well, maybe Spyrre should then ambush her of she catches her picto near. Someone following her will most likely make her curious, if she notices. =)

Actually, you can have the orca-pelt for mini (that glitch makes all pelts available, if I´m not wrong), but as you said, the spell-data won´t save. So it´s a bit of hassle if you want to make her mini and get the glitch every time, but it doesn´t require spelling each time at all if you just save the spell-data where you have the pelt you want under the mini-spell. You just have to visit Drink plaats and god-statues. =)
You should try it because mini-Friiha would be absolutely adorable, even though it IS easier to keep her full-sized.
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