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Diary Of A Beaten Angel **Wish**

I make a new friend today! Her name Vivian..She like blue! She gave me a pretty flower and we climbed rocks and talked about bad peopls in de world. Daddy...I love my daddy so much..but..daddy..died. I...Can no beleave it. He..just...didnt open his eyes again. He say he love me...I love him so much. -begins to cry- I said I would protect him...he say he never leave me!!
But I have to carry on...my live continue if his no do...I talk whit Bubba Kylar...and Got all blinded again. So he knocked me out, he would no at first but he did! I luvs bubba Kylar. I hope nothing bad ever happen to him. Last ting...I met a fariy! He was blue..and fuzzy...But he no like me and ran way. I try make friends...Hope I see him again. I want to prove I no puney weakling I deserve respect!


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Trust Me Your Not Alone (On Going Progect)

Have you ever had this werid though that you are the ONLY one who dose something or thinks this certian way!? Well...your not and This is a blog thats sapouse tt bring that into view. Though I hope to get a few laughs to!!

Explenation: Thought I would..Explane..what this is! as small as possiable. Im curious about the human mind. Not like cut it oopen and poke aeound, but to figure out how it reacts and works on a simplistic level. And I was woundering...If my fellow Forest lovers...Would be my lab rats!? I've practicly peeled away most of the thought process of my class mates..So..I need...some fun! Ask me questions state simpel thoughts..I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT!!


Your walking, through a hall, across a street where ever! And you do something thats pretty embaressing. You emedietly look around to see everyones reaction. They seem to not have noticed, there is no one, or the people around you are talking amoungst them selfs. You look away feeling as If eyes a burning a hole in you. You hear laughing, and random snapbits of words and suddely your mind it throwing other words in and you are completly sure that they saw and are completly stabing you in the back. Yet...theres that rational part of your brain say "Dued..they didnt see, and if they did they dont care"! But still you avoid them and some how your whole day is ruined.

Im studying the effects of simple paranoia. Have you EVER had and experence like the one above...tell me how that felt..of just comment on the senario in genral PLEASE!?

Paranoia is a thought process heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs concerning a perceived threat towards oneself.
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Daddy Will Never Wake Up... **WARNING: Heart tugging sad story.**

Thats all I hear..thats all I want to hear.
Thats all I hear..thats all I can hear.
Thats all I hear..thats all that there to heared.

~*Read more!?*~

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101 Questions For Wish

belwo cut/
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Im Just (Jackson's) A Hard Working (Biography) Every Day Man.

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I just got my tablet....and when I save my pics it wont let me use them ANYWHERE!! I cant post them on DA or Here I cant even use it as like a descktop back ground of something cause its saved as a RIf instead of a JPG! Help changeing it please!!??

Ill delet this when my problem is solved!!
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I Wright (Minute) Sins not (The Ring Masters) Tragedies (Biography)

Though mostly done!
Minute the RingMaster!

css and auto play warning below the cut!
Please do tell me teypos, colors of font that make it hard to red..ANYTHING THATS OFF!!
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Wishes Whispered behind Masks BIRTHDAYS!

All three of my deer Wish Whisper MasK Have there Birth days NEXT WENDSDAY!!


Its actully my Bday but for convience I make it my deers Bady....soooo If you have any sort of bond with any of my deer (HUMAN/DEER) And would like to say something... Then here would be the place! WHISPER! This will be the last Whisper related thing cause I got rid of that Char...i loved him to death but I NEVER used him and I wanted to make room for my name deer MINUTE! HAPPY BIRTH DAY!
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Look at the sky (Wish) Close your eyes (Deer and Human) Count to three (Interactions) And make a Wish***

come on people!
Dont be sh!
Wish is hard not to love once ya know him!!
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Highest Comment Blog CONTEST!!!

Read on to see how this works!!
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