Trust Me Your Not Alone (On Going Progect)

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Have you ever had this werid though that you are the ONLY one who dose something or thinks this certian way!? Well...your not and This is a blog thats sapouse tt bring that into view. Though I hope to get a few laughs to!!

Explenation: Thought I would..Explane..what this is! as small as possiable. Im curious about the human mind. Not like cut it oopen and poke aeound, but to figure out how it reacts and works on a simplistic level. And I was woundering...If my fellow Forest lovers...Would be my lab rats!? I've practicly peeled away most of the thought process of my class mates..So..I need...some fun! Ask me questions state simpel thoughts..I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT!!


Your walking, through a hall, across a street where ever! And you do something thats pretty embaressing. You emedietly look around to see everyones reaction. They seem to not have noticed, there is no one, or the people around you are talking amoungst them selfs. You look away feeling as If eyes a burning a hole in you. You hear laughing, and random snapbits of words and suddely your mind it throwing other words in and you are completly sure that they saw and are completly stabing you in the back. Yet...theres that rational part of your brain say "Dued..they didnt see, and if they did they dont care"! But still you avoid them and some how your whole day is ruined.

Im studying the effects of simple paranoia. Have you EVER had and experence like the one above...tell me how that felt..of just comment on the senario in genral PLEASE!?

Paranoia is a thought process heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs concerning a perceived threat towards oneself. Historically, this characterization was used to describe any delusional state

Heres a simpel one...

Im guessing that If you play TEF or anyother game like it, not alot of your friends do also. So You want to talk about cause you find this random picture or rp just AWESMOE!? But you feel like you cant sa one word..or maybe you wont even tell your friends the game EXISTS, cause you would in turn be a ""Geek"" Or a lifelss bum for sitting on a comp for hours...Well. I FEEL LIKE THAT! some times...I want you to message me to say if you ever feel like that!?
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*nodnodnod* I've thought that

*nodnodnod* I've thought that way before. Being a guy I always feel like I'm 'expected' to like guy things like Nascar, Hunting, ect. But instead I love nature and deer so I was drawn to TEF. I never talk about TEF to those people I know because they all like 'killing' games like Halo or WoW and would think there's something wrong with me for liking a game where you are a deer that nuzzles other deer.

But I'm here and I love it, and am getting out of this 'I'm ashamed of myself.' attitude about TEF.

I've never especially cared

I've never especially cared what people think of me.

the only people I consider friends already play TEF.
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Exactly! Im a girl, whos

Exactly! Im a girl, whos expect to want to do girl things!! Like sitting on face book and listening to Justien Bebier!! But I sit on TEF and Deviant Art and Listen to Eminem and looks up fanfics about gay guys and crap like that!! Im not ASHAMBED of TEF or anything like that...I just feel...that I would be less likely to be excepted if I told people!
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@Vadetta..that...not Sonata..any way

I dont care what people think of me! I want to be ACCEPTED as a human, Ive had alot of proablems of people SERIOUSLY thinking Im a Guy when im a girl. Thats all im saying. Stuff like that...Just want to make these people out there who feel like aliens...well bring them down to earth!
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Heh. I was held to similar

Heh. I was held to similar expectations as Quad. Well if you britishified them.

Instead, I find myself drawn to the elemental forces. The classic histories, beauty in the deep analysis of all things, a joining in ways of words that allow the thoughts and feelings of mine to flow much more elegantly than they otherwise could. I find myself as a proud gay man, and I find that the expectations of me, had I achieved them, would have been the greatest failure of them all. Thus, I say to all those who doubt themselves.

The answer to confidence simply lies in this. Look in the mirror, and ask yourself, do you like what you have achieved? Do you have something you wish to achieve.

The answer to confidence lies not in the others. The others working towards the collective good. For I find, one must work to the singular good.

Mick Kreiger: You Know You Love Me XOXO

I've pretty much outgrown

I've pretty much outgrown (experience wise more than age) the urge to be accepted by others. If they can't, they just aren't the right fit. That doesn't mean I hate them, or think anything less of them for it, just that they don't resonate with my particular interests or personality. That makes those few people with who I do form bonds to be all the more special.

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@ShadowsofLight If I eve like sat around and had a conver sation with you in real life would I need to get shakespeer to translate for me!? BUT ITS SO COOL!! I love the way you talk and wright, you have reached a point of life I hope one day to find in this termoil that i modern sivilation and war. I stiil stand around thinking...why..would people attack them that fixxes dosent fixx therown coffidenc or the others. Many things in life anylonger seem pointless and painfull. But..

Life is short...And Death is forever....Take NOTHING granted.
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Willet- Hah, I do ever so

Willet- Hah, I do ever so believe we talked about this is...somewhere. Maybe summer school? Yeahhh, I can't really talk about this with everyone know how that goes. Haha, its good that I have you to!
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@Tera Yeah exactly, I acoivd


Yeah exactly, I acoivd most of these people. But I WILL say I all so deffie my own advice cause it just so happens my BESTFRIEND kinda HATES TEF and actully quite a few things I like...and I HATE alot of things she likes! And we are both quite aware of this. Though I see her EVERYDAY, we have keys to eachother houses and just walk in and say ""IM HOME"" when ever we come over. Its a sterange relation ship, I proabely would become deepressed and morbid with out her hyper ckorkyness and she would proabely have proablems holding onto scoacity with out me.sssooo yeah.
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PSSSHHH I KNOW RIGHT!! Everyone else looks at use like we're crazy then just turns and starts talking to someone else and im like HELLLLLOOOO!!??? -sigh-