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Seed's Poetry Corner: Glitch-Magic (For Sluggs)

According to the trees, there are a lot of people saying things they feel they need to say. In the spirit of this, and of Forest Magic, I'd like to give a poem to my dear old pal Sluggs, who I saw today: the true sorceror of the strange, without compare.


It’s a laughing sort of magic
Where the sky’s where you stand
And you fall up from the ground;
Where you sit beneath the water
and watch the outer-space of air.

It’s a twisting sort of magic,
Twirling Mobius shapes with your bones;
Becoming the size of a blade of grass,
And curl in the air, swimming in a drop of rain.

It’s a wild sort of magic
In your stuttering summersault laugh
Your dance rising endlessly from your knees
Your birdsong singing from the tops of trees.

It’s an amazing magic
That I’m so very glad I’ve met:
The smile you pull out from bits of data
Strung in double-helix Christmas lights,
Switching places with the dull grey day
That was there just a moment ago.

((This has been a visit to Seed's Poetry Corner that happened when I should have been working on essays.))
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Well, almost. I've still got finals left...
But a lot of the big-time demands of the semester are off my shoulders now, so I'll actually be able to come back and work on being active now!
I've missed y'all so much! What's up?
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I've been here HOW LONG?

...It's Seed's birthday today. He's 4 years old.
What the heck, Time? when did this happen? Well, it's been a fun 4 years, so let's make this one even better than the last! I'll be popping Seed in and out today if you'd like to wish him a happy 4th birthday!
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Seed's Poetry Corner: Star Flakes

The title comes from Sage's comment on the snow, after we ran around in it for a while last night. My thanks. I hope you all enjoy.

Star Flakes

Against the blackness of the woods
the fading blue midnight of the horizon
the wafting snowflakes are stars:
And so the deer, running in the night
is a burning supergiant, a short-lived
firework supernova, a crimson figure
for the stars to tumble
onto as she rushes to meet them
and fade into oblivion,
leaving a chill scent
of comets in her fur.

((I'm doing homework, so I'll link this to the index later.))
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The Diary of Seed, 2-11-12

Why didn't I explain it to her? I'm not sure I could. Once, I saw Walter and 21 dancing, so beautifully through the flowers, moving not just in place but through space, leaving their paths where the flowers bowed in respect, getting closer and then farther away, never fully leaving the dance and somehow not so low as to be as normal dancing...
From time to time, I've dreamt about that night. I thought if anyone could understand the dream of that dance, slow and faceful through the flowers, like fish under the water and natural as birds to air, it'd be Sage.

So I told her only that there was something I wanted to do, and led her to a more isolated patch of flowers. And I began to move, letting her follow after me. Step and dance, step and dance. Twirl. A twirl. I'd turn to face her, and judge her reactions -- I wasn't sure what she was thinking of this. And so I let her take the lead, and let myself match my movements to compliment hers.

And I thought she must have thought me such a fool, but lead she did. We crossed paths and moved side-by-side, pulling ourselves together and apart. Neither of us exactly knew what we were doing -- and I think that was the point. We were trying to make something different, out of our thoughts and our motions... I tried my best, to decide to be her mirror or her companion, which probably didn't help her very much... But there was something of an art to matching her from a distance, and something to trail ahead or behind, or just move so carefully beside her. To watch her slender red legs turning the flowerpatch into a sunset sky, the purple clouds hiding the brillain suns of her fur... Her eyes the color of a bird in flight, darting at me with increasing confidence to see what I was doing, if I was still with her.

And, after a while, we just fell to dancing beside one another, thinking about that rhythm, of the images drawn by our bodies in the flowers. And talking about it, too...
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Deer Relationship Inventory

I don't really know how to go about talking about this... But sometimes, a lot recently with Seed, I've been feeling lonely and disconnected from people. And I don't like it. So I'm gonna fix it, or else just retire Seed.

So, to help me out a little, I thought I'd see what sort of friends or other stuff Seed has to start with.
So, how does your deer think of Seed? Are they friends? Do they like to hang out or would they like to hang out more often? Heck, even if they've never met -- would you and/or your deer like to become friends?
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Not Quite A Bio Yet {Nimbus} Q&A

This picto belongs to a little ...entity... named Nimbus. And while I'm working on getting a bio up, in the meanwhile, Nimbus will just be called upon to tell you a little about itself. Right, Nimbus?

"...It's kinda more left...I suppose..."

Uhhh....What isn't, Nimbus?

"My 'self.' I'm left-hoofed. So I can't be 'right.'"

...Alright...So, are you like a TEF deer, Nimbus?

"...For now. I guess I may change my mind later...Being the feeling you get when you wake up and you saw the meaning of life in a dream... But then you forgot it... I may want to do that, next. I've been a cloud, before. That was alright."

You do that...Wait, you used to be a cloud?

"And then... I wanted to be a deer... So I found one... And was it."

Well, are you a boy or a girl?

"...Maybe. I'll think about it."

Your favorite things?

"...The feeling of silk. Lighter-than-air travel. Mamihlapinatapai, if I'm watching. The wave nature of light. Auroras. The feeling of being so high up that nothing can hurt me but getting back down. Sitting on clouds, even when I'm the cloud I'm sitting on.... Naps."

Well, that's some special stuff....I....Yeah, I'm about of ideas of things you'd be willing to tell our lovely audience. I promise I'll get to work on your bio soon. Maybe try some CSS: anyone want to help me with that?

Nimbus is still young, so feel free to ask Nimbus questions as well; I'm building Nimbus as I go, so questions help a lot!
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The Great Poetry Scavenger Hunt (Complete!)

The green stag finished his missive. He had been wandering and writing for over a week now, focused intently. When he was with his friends, he had been thinking only of the poems. When he was alone, he was pondering the poems. And now, at last, he was ready.

He stood from his sunning spot at the river mouth and climbed the hill to the Twin Gods' statue, where he left it. He had, with some care, made an ink to apply onto a sheet of peeled-off birch bark. He left the note there, unsigned, to preserve some mystery to it.

[center]To All Dear Forest-Dwellers:

In the interest of letting poetry be as it was meant -- a surprise look at the world, a delight to reach and understand, and a part of the community -- I have gone forth and spread some of my poems throughout the forest, with each poem tied to its location. I will release them gradually, so that I will be able to preserve them for my collection in case no one decides to hunt them out. Each wave of poetry will get, ideally, harder to find: you who can find the last poem will, without question, truly know the forest.
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Seed Poetry Corner: A Time for Reflection

Oh, how lovely...Today, the forest is just such a lovely New Year's moment that I had to say something while I danced.

A Time for Reflection

The overlapping spheres hang in the dusky sky,

an irradescant aurora of bubbles
reflect the forest distorted:

reflect the spotted mushrooms
and flashing fireflies,

reflect the blazing candles
that push the bubbles even further,

reflecting in their glossy skins
the shining lights of deer who prayed

them up, up into the cool night air
to see the world in the twilight of a year,

trembling like the encroaching stars.

((Want to read more Seed Poems? Check out The Poetry Corner Collection))
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