Funny sunday :)

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Today Ocelo has been able to enjoy much more time in the forest because it was sunday (and on sundays his mom have less RL stuff to do ^^).

He met a very nice doe with whom he had a good time.

Then he joined some deers near the ruin for Sluggs' (fake) funerals... a very sad moment.

But Ocelo's pray has been heard, and a miracle happened !

Sluggs came back to life (a little bit weakened, but he came back x'D).

(Find the error on the picture : 5 nuzzles to win ^^.)

Ocelo sat down because he was a little bit tired (too much emotion xD), but some deer thought he was a chair ! O_O (Ouch, my back x'D)

So he decided to find a more peacefull place, and he tried to communicate with butterflies...

... it works better if you put flowers on your antlers Smiling

Flicka came in the forest and they played for a while.

As usually, it made Ocelo very happy ^^.

They discovered together that they had submarin skills xD :

A good sunday, indeed Eye
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Mwahaha, you look like Igor

Mwahaha, you look like Igor in that last screenie >:3
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Nooooooooooooo! x'D lol

Nooooooooooooo! x'D lol
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Too bad you weren't here

Too bad you weren't here last night/earlier today...somehow, some deer saw me <<; It was odd. I couldn't see them ;-;

I wish I could be a seat <<;
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Oh, so you still have this

Oh, so you still have this glitch on your computer ?
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Well, in my game, yeah.

Well, in my game, yeah. Though recently...*pokes the live forest map* I've been showing up.

It's odd.

It's never happened before <<;
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Someone must have been

Someone must have been casting a spell on you... do you have enemies ? xD
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I dunno. Do I? The birds

I dunno. Do I?

The birds seem to hate me.

They kind-of dive-bombed the area above my head o_o; EBIL BIRDS.
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Birds ! Like in Hitchcock's

Birds ! Like in Hitchcock's movie ?!
God, you should hide xD (they're going to eat you) !
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*hides in oak tree*

*hides in oak tree*
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Anzel wrote:somehow, some

Anzel wrote:
somehow, some deer saw me

That was probably me! I stood in front of you, shouted at you, and even followed you, but you couldn't see me! Sad

Ocelo, I like how you personalize your screenshots, with a border and picto. Eye (I post far too many, to be doing things like that!)
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Wow. Anzel looks pwnsome in

Wow. Anzel looks pwnsome in that. *grins*

Yep, that's me. I must have been glitching bad today <<; Which is odd, since my connection is ultra fast today.

... I sat on you. xD Vipz

... I sat on you. xD

Vipz couldn't resist. 80
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@Sluggs : Why am I not

@Sluggs : Why am I not surprised that you were the only one able to see Anzel... ? You must have some obscur power, yeah xD
I like to personnalise my screens, but it's right that if I had as many pictures as you to post, I certainly would not do this ! ^^

@Anzel : You're pretty lovely in white Eye lol

@SarieBearie : So it was you ! Ocelo's not a chair xD (but it was a really funny pic to take, thanks Smiling ).
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I see Barwick and his clone

I see Barwick and his clone in the 5th picture Sticking out tongue
But one doesn't seem to have a pictogram...odd.
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Yes, the one on the right

Yes, the one on the right didn't have a picto. It happen sometime, I don't know why. ^^