Gift gallery (new wonderful art, from Light this time --> Thanks Light ! *big mega kiss* huhu ^^)

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This is the little gallery where I'm going to put all the gifts from my TEF friends (hope it will be a loooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggg gallery ^^). The most recent is on top.

An absolutly wonderful piece of art from Light Laughing out loud

I makes me dreaming... ^^

Now Bambi's one : mini Ocelo !

He's so cute like that ! Smiling

An art gift, from Seele this time Eye

Don't watch it for too long or you'll fall in love Laughing out loud

The first one I get, the marvelous gift I get from Fincayra : a portrait of my silly Ocelo. ^^

Isn't it simply great ?! ^^
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*blush* <333

*blush* <333
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It captures the smexyness of

It captures the smexyness
of the your Hot sexy smexy beast deer!
I love how she/ he did the antlers.
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Omg, that picture is just

Omg, that picture is just love ^^

For an idea that does not first seem insane, there is no hope -Albert Einstein
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I got a kiihiiiss! ..Waaait,

I got a kiihiiiss!
..Waaait, Ocelo got the hots for Seele?
Just kidding just kidding XD!! But I'm glad you like it. I absolutely lovelovelove Fincayra's work though, it makes mine look so awfull XD I hope you'll get a nice, long gallery of artwork for you ^^

--Stays a lonely Seele

*slaps Seele* D; D; Don't

*slaps Seele* D; D;
Don't say that! Your artwork is so beautiful! Mine couldn't compare.
(Fincayra by the way, in case you didn't know. I tend to just post on whatever account I'm on at the time, which happens to be Stella's. xD)
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Don't worry Seele, it was a

Don't worry Seele, it was a friendly kiss Eye

And both drawings are wonderful : they just have a different style ^^.
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Stelmaria: ... *Red hoof on

Stelmaria: ... *Red hoof on his cheek* .. *Runs off crying*
Stop saying that! Your anatomy is awesome, and so is your style! Damn I only draw the head D:!!

Ocelo: *Kiss on other cheek 8D* And allright, if you say so XD...

--Stays a lonely Seele