Thanks everybody ^^

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End of the drama x'D, thanks to all the deers who helped me take my set back Laughing out loud

A nice deer helped me to take back my antlers, and it was Ocelo's twin ! ^^
Who are you ? Come and let me a message Eye

Then I met two other very nice deers, and I took back my pelt and mask.

And Draak came but Ocelo had already recovered his set, so we played a little together Smiling .

Thanks guys (and I think I'm going to make a copy of my user data, just in case xD).
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Well sure, Draak can help

Well sure, Draak can help you Laughing out loud he's always willing to help other's if they have pelt/set dramas XD
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Thank you very much Draak (I

Thank you very much Draak (I know you came too late, but I'm happy that you wanted to help me ^^).
I had to leave, that's why I didn't stay long, sorry.

See you next time Eye
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Thats ok (yeah XD) Thats

Thats ok Laughing out loud (yeah XD)
Thats understandable, can't constantly play TEF forever XDD
Yeah hope to catch you next time too X)