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Just a few bits and bobs I do between client work Laughing out loud

(Also my Fb page has daily updates - https://www.facebook.com/KovahsArt )

Took one of them a little further -

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Just popping in

Sorry I keep disappearing, been like uber busy recently trying to get a job as well as improve myself artwise and networking and other internet stuff not had time for the nice quiet forest. I reckon some of you will remember Ayal. I think it was Vala and friend I played with in the forest today. I recognise your circle picto but your name escapes me. ^^;

Dunno how many of you will remember Ayal - http://endlessforest.org/community/ayal-biography but he might be seen bouncing round the forest every now and then during the holiday season Laughing out loud If you do see him he is friendly even if he looks a little scary and will just want to play!

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Cheap art for DA Sub


I'm offering full coloured pictures with simple bg's in return for a 3 month DA sub which is about $9 just thought I would see if anyone here wants one.

I've got 3 slots left.

See my journal for more information and examples of what I am offering - http://kovah.deviantart.com/journal/35808698/

Please send me a note via DA if you are interested Smiling

Thankyou x

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Help please (sorted TY ALL)


I'm having trouble logging in with my 'extra' deer, my first one Ayal logs in fine but when i put either of the other username and passwords in i get random letters under login and while it does seem to login i dont get a picto over my head.

I'm running windows 7 home premium and not having any other problems with the game.
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How much would you pay...

for someone to draw or paint your character?

I'm just curious, I'm trying to get little commissions on some of the sites I frequent and I've not had much luck. I don't know whether the prices I'm charging are too high or people just don't like my style. Here are some examples and prices: http://fav.me/d2rilsg

Thoughts? Feelings?
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Taking requests (rare offer) limited slots (closed)

I need to practice my people.

So i will do a picture of your deer in HUMAN form.

They will probably be sketches, might only be headshots.

Please fill in the following or risk being ignored:

Name of deer:
Rough human age:
Human appearance (rough description):
Quick personality:
Link to deer bio:

1. Kiowa
2. Flame
3. Murr
4. Tuhka
5. SilentOrosco
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I need your imput (over ty all)

Could everyone just pick their 3 faves and let me know.

I'm going to be submitting them into an art festival but i need to choose 3 and I need some outside input.

Sorry for the links not images but i dont have all the jpegs uploaded to photobucket

Dreamweaver: http://fav.me/d2hzjqy

Fish: http://fav.me/d29vb6b

Deer: http://fav.me/d29xve2

Blue dragon: http://fav.me/d1b3dkx

Green dragon: http://fav.me/d1b8q5f

Red dragon: http://fav.me/d1nof09

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You will not like me {Lucyfer's Diary} 10th June 2010

I met a brown doe today that seemed almost suitable to be the mother of my heir a little scrawny but possibly she will have to do, I returned her affections with a nuzzle and perhaps things would have been perfect lest a little faun kept interrupting us. The female seemed to care for it which was unfortunate. The mother of my faun should only care for it, not others pathetic little beasts. Then the little thing DARED to lower its nubby little head at me when I refused to acknowledge it's right to be on this planet, never the less after rearing and bellowing it seemed to get the picture and leave...or so I thought as it cowered before me.

Though it didn't leave completely and I left the pair when I realised I was not going to get any where with this doe and with the rage threatening to get the better of me, the last thing I need is another body on my hooves and went for a drink. Only for them to follow me.

The little creature bellowed at me again from the edge of the water and the doe tried to entice it into the shallows with us, apparently she didn't get that I wanted us to be alone Then another worthless faun joined the first and danced around me. I had had enough and ran to the rocks in the playground and lay in the shade, it seemed I had lost them.

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You will not like me {Lucyfer's Diary} 7th June 2010

My quiet walk in the forest was interrupted by a magpie pelted mini deer and her normal sized brown spotted companion, neither was a threat to me of course though one can never be to careful in this place where some deer keep spells that will turn you into animals of all things or mess with your appearance, these spells hurt me terribly. I am not meant to shift and change like the other denizens of the forest, but I digress so back to the now. I have no interest in friends, but one day I will have to produce an heir and unfortunatly I need a female for me to be able to do that which is a most depressing state of affairs really. To have to rely on someone else, perhaps I will find a weak little doe to serve my needs...

The little mini deer was not a suitable candidate though. Not at all, prancing around the way she did. Far too hyperactive.


I need a weakling.

Then the faun, the stupid little creature didn't get the hint when I bellowed at it to go away...you would think it would get the picture when I reared almost landing on the pathetic thing. It reared back, you would think its parents would have killed such a dumb creature off before it could run.


When it didn't get the picture and bowed its stubby little head at me only the brown deer saved its life from being speared by my antlers which I've rubbed to points of course when i charged at it. I had no fight with the brown and when its mini companion joined in protecting the silly little creature I backed off. I will find a doe elsewhere...

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