Questions for your Characters

A little something that came to me last night, something for character development, I guess. All it is a series of hypothetical questions for you to answer as if you were your character. For example, I will be answering as my deer Awilda.

There will be some random ones, and some cliched ones. I may add more at any time. Feel free to suggest your own. If a you think you need a name, you can use stars. If you have any questions about the situation, you can ask. And don't feel you need to answer them all ^^
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1. A friend arrives drunk at your home and pukes on the doorstep. Your reaction?
Give **** some herbs that prevent vomiting, then give them something that will send them to sleep. Provide them food, water and a bed, and then in the morning, give them something to help a hangover.

2. Someone confesses their love to you. You don't feel the same way about them. Your reaction?
Freeze, while staring them. Then gently tell them that you don't return the emotions.

3. You're in a very posh restaurant. Your friend tells a hillarious joke just as you take a drink. Wine spews from your nose. Your reaction?
Immediately adopt a calm face and offer to pay for the table cloth before leaving.

4. You're taking a walk through the forest. Suddenly a hole opens up in front of you and your most prized possesion falls down it (if your character doesn't have a possesion, just imagine they do). You look down it. It goes right to the other side of the Earth! A face appears at the other end of the hole and tells you you can't have# your possesion back. Your reaction?
Tell them in a voice of steel that if they don't give it back, I will poison them and take it back. And they musn't worry, of course it will be excruciating.

5. Your friend tells you that they've discovered the cure for the common cold - But they want to sell it for a ridiculous price. Your reaction?
Tell **** that I'm ashamed of them and then persuade them to lower it to a reasonable price. If they won't, I'll be they're ex-friend and create my own cure. Of course, my will be better.

6. You're asleep, and you hear a noise. Your reaction?
Immediately go and investigate - But I'd be extremely careful; you never know what it could be.

7. ^ It turns out the noise is your future self come to warn you of something terrible that's going to happen to you! Your reaction?
Ask them if they'd like something to eat/drink before asking them what they wanted to tell me.

8. You wake up and look around. You're still in the forest but it's night. You feel parched and go to the pond; night's not unusual - you've seen it before. But, when you get to the pond, the Idol is crying blood instead of water. Your reaction?
Freeze in horror before investigating. I'd try and find another deer to see if they know anything.

9. You get stuck in the Deermuda Triangle. Your reaction?
Try and get out on my own, first. Physically, magically, etc. And only then, once I've exhausted myself, I'd call for help.

10. You stumble into a convention of rainbow unicorns that are plotting to take over the world. Your reaction?
I... erm... What??

11. You and a friend are partaking in a quiz. The prize is something that you really, really want. Just before you start, you find otu your friend has ALL the answers on a piece of paper. Thay're cheating! Your reaction?
Ask them to bin the piece of paper before competing with them. If they don't I'll report them and then win the prize on my own.

12. You need to get revenge on someone. How would you go about this?
Slip them an excrutiating but slow poison, bind them and leave the antidote just out of reach. If they manage to get the antidote, I wouldn't mind. They went through pain at least.

13. A shop refuses to serve you. Your reaction?
Ask for the manager to sort it out. If they refuse, walk out and find another shop.

14. You are walking through the forest, lost in your own world. Suddenly (and very un expectedly) you find yourself at the top of the Old Oak. Your reaction?
First, I'd yell from the top. Isn't it everyone's dream to do that? Then I'd work on getting down. Hopping from branch to branch seems like a good way to get down.

15. You're seriously injured but no one is nearby. Suddenly someome appears. You can't see them properly and you don't recognise the voice when they tell you they can heal you - but at a price. Your reaction?
Tell them to go away. I can heal myself thank you very much! By the way, if there wasn't a price on ti, I probably would ask them to heal me.
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Azura's ideas about this. She

Azura's ideas about this. She loves to answer things. xD

"1: I'd get surprised a bit and put my friend to sleep. Then, at morning, would give my friend some herbs that ease horrible need to vomit at hangover. Then I'd wait my friend to get sober and send him/her back to the actions my friend needed to tend to.

2: I'd get embarrassed a bit, but say politely I don't feel the same way about them.

3: I'd laugh a bit at this funny thing, but try to be calm and then wipe it out with a napkin, perhaps?

4: I'd get furious and poof a hoof at their face if they would stole my collectibles!!!

5: I'd persuade to be normal selling the cure with a normal price, and if my friend doesn't, I leave him/her at his/her own opinion.

6: I'd get scared, but I would go and investigate.

7: I'd get horrified, but I'd try to be brave and persuade them to tell me what excatly would happen.

8: I'd get very very scared and run away. Far.

9: I would get confused, but try by any means to get out.

10: I'd be very confused... WHAT? What unicorns??!!"
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Deerth: I really don't think they'll me any other reaction to no. 10 xD