.The Deer [Xan] Who Fell to Earth.

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**sigh** ..Ever since I re-considered Ivo's bio page, I was thinking the same nice layout could be done for Xan's. After considering this, I knew it would take some time to adjust the body and some minor codes. its not done yet, still undergoing changes. Must see if I can make it look as close to what I imagined as possible. It would be really great if the same rounded-edge, 1 pixel white border with scrollbar could be done for the javascript tabs, but my brain is fried and my eyes have been straining for awhile... for now I'll leave it as it is
The satisfaction I held for the look of the original faded as I marveled at Unplugged's amazing handiwork with one of his creations. It's an honor to use his layout in both of my character's bio pages..and - just -
thank you....so...much, Unplugged


Thought he might visit the pond for a while. And soon realised that he came at the right moment - his buddy Spartak was there with Kio, a fellow alien of different species who met before, and a few other unfamiliars. Sat beside Spartak. After a time his friend got to his hooves and suddenly placed a random skin gift upon the bewildered, blinking Xan. His face broke into a one-sided grin and he returned the favor, plopped down into the grass once more.


Lazy day. Nothing much happen to him so far. Visit to Nireda's willow, lay down beside its wide trunk and slept lightly, waking up often. Hoping, wishing that his friend would show up. Even had a few scattered thoughts about her, which quickly turned into dreams.
Still waiting. Told himself he would wait for her, even if took a lifetime to see the doe again
Secretly crushes on Nireda. He wishes for the future she would accept him as a love, because of the terrible catastrophe that happened to leave him without a fellow Linoptian creature, but Nireda changed that. Has really loved no deer the same as he loves her. Didn't even fathom he could have feelings for a different species...until she came into his life.

Later, he woke up to the sensation of a presence very close. Lifted an eyelid and peeked around - suddenly the one he was so feverishly dreaming of was right before him!! Ecstatic to see her once again so soon~ Contently got up and sat down beside her, so close that the fur of her rustic brown coat bristled his hairless, sleek skin. A moment after, Jennie doe was spotted sitting with them, and Xan felt okay with that.

More time later, Nireda was gone after he woke from one of his many small dozes, and instead a small 'anomaly' was perched in the grass near the willow. Great interest was built in this stellar being; for he, too, was from another planet. But Xan knew little about this transparent fawn, including that it wasn't from any planet at all! Its capabilities were unknown aswell, so when some deer approached the two and began rearing at its small, golden head, he stepped between them (despite the fact that he ) so he could offer at least some protection.


Today just seemed to be an ideal day for a freaky, lucky coincidence for Xan. Since the last time Nireda and he met, he had wanted to badly to speak with her again...and to keep in touch. But how ever would he accomplish that?
He felt strongly towards ambling across the forest for a sign of his closest [and first] friend on this day of all days.
But - he didn't even need a sign before he heard the longed-for sound of her darling voice! Whipping his head around, his eyes met her and flood of feelings went through him. He ran to her - he knew it was her - didn't doubt it, her picto was exactly as he remembered. Getting closer to Nireda he thrust a head tendril towards her, running it the length of her neck, and back again to caress her aging face.
Together the two walked to the pond, Xan leading her. The place was where Nireda had said she was born, underneath a droopy green willow. He was pleased to hear her speak of things, especially sit with him until she fell asleep at his chest, breathing warm, shallow breaths that warmed his entire body - surprisingly warmer than sun on his back.
They both drifted off....Xan waking again to the empty spot beside him, still a little warm. listened for her and found her with a familiar red-antlered doe. He racked his memorie for a name... Jennie?
That's got to be it. He hasn't seen her in awhile, either.
Xan felt glad - NO, more than glad, ecstatic! - to be with two of the most well-known deer to him, and he showed this by romping with them for a time. Although he wasn't given much of a chance to say goodbye to her. . . Jennie found him later, sitting under an oak. Well appreciated. Keeping the company. =)


Hadn't been active in quite some time. Stretched his stiff, out-of-shape muscles, spreading his four legs on the soft green of the ground. His senses picked up on a small group of deer composed of one adult and three fawns. Made up his mind to stop being so darn shy for just this once and say hi.
He bowed to them, and they to him. Everyone seemed amiable, so he relaxed a little.
There was this one fawn who had dark eyes and stitching around his mouth. He seemed to cower at other deer who passed by and hide under the legs of the adult deer. Xan felt sad for him, for a reason unknown, considering he knew close to nothing about the little guy. But it is lucky that he has a protective figure on his side. Fell asleep at foot of mysterious twin statues. startled awake by the call of a deer right beside his head!

Annoyed, Xan got up and left to be alone under a large willow. Some time later the rare happened - NIREDA showed up!!!! God, he was so happy to see her again Laughing out loud He called out in his hoarse, ululating voice as he noticed her standing nearby.
Nuzzling one another's heads and necks, kissing and licking her nose - he obliged to plop down beside her and she didn't mind it when he rested his pale blue head on top of her back. One thing he did noticed was that she seemed different in some way...he could not place it. And her body radiated more heat than he remembered originally. Weird. He hoped she is okay.


Felt like he woke up from a long sleep. First thing he did was listen for his friends as soon as they came to mind. Following the sound of Nireda with Jennie surrounded by a number of other deer. He approached them, and the surprising thing was every one of them were lined up beside each other all with the same red skins and purple flowers in their antlers! All were dancing, as well. Xan contemplated whether or not to join these deer - was it some kind of ritual he did not know about? Or perhaps just for fun..? Either way, he decided to find out for himself if he were to be excluded or welcomed.
Bowed to some who greeted him, then ran off towards the stone fountain to grab a red skin.
Returned to the group and found a place next to the last deer in the line. This lasted for about five minutes, with everyone dancing and being merry. When a few of the deer dispelled from the orderly line dance, he spotted Nireda, her red skin wore off to reveal a light brown skin. Xan remembers her looking differently the last time they met. Settling beside her sleeping body, the alien gently dug his snout under her forearm attempting to wake her. Instead, she became transparent and suddenly disintegrated into the disappointing purple haze. It was saddening to see her go as soon as he met her again.
But then he saw Jennie, his friend, and got a little happier. They exchanged sniffs / greetings, and she even nuzzled him! Boy, was he feeling great - he decided on nuzzling her back and she displayed amazement. They sat down beside one another, and after a while he fell asleep again with good memories of the day past.

Wandered through the forest until he approached a sleeping figure (Vo). Decided, "Ah, what the heck!", and sat down beside her. Fell asleep after much time and awoke to feel more like wandering once again. Settled uncomfortably in a few various places before slow-walking towards the pond for a drink. The alien produced a placid, melancholic expression on his face as he realized he had not actually interacted with anyone for the entire time. And he noticed the few of his friends he knew were nowhere to be seen or heard. "Maybe someone will find me face-down in the shallow end of this water body...", his thoughts trailed off. Then his vision was cloaked in the blackness of slumber.

Woke up to a dimmed forest. So unusual and pretty, but relaxed atmosphere. A familiar figure (Spartak) appeared to him. They greeted each other with happiness of their presences and preceded to rest in the center of a mushroom ring. A few others soon saw them there and joined. The deer sat in the ring, fell asleep, woke up, exchanged spells, laughed about it, and began the process over again. Xan got used to their being close to him, as most were friendly/introduced themselves to him. Later, he decided to himself that he enjoyed twilight atmosphere over any other atmosphere he experienced so far.

Name: Alien name has proven too complex to pronounce; prefers to be called Xan instead
Forest name: x
Day of Birth: unknown
Arrived in the Forest on: August 19, 2013
Age: Over 1,000 years. Supposedly immortal. No one knows how long his species was capable of living, but one can say he'll be sticking around for a while.
Breed: Cosmic deer-like alien.
Scent: metallic - a rather pleasant sweet metallic sensation, which comes from high energy vibrations of ions; comet dust and ice
Orientation: unknown
Gender: unknown; no known way of telling genders apart due to the mystery of the species, but often is referred to as male
Voice: beside from the usual trilling, chittering and clacking noises he makes, his voice is semi-deep and has a resonating echo about it, which is quite chilling
Speaks in: Alien; color #ADD8E6
Height: around 26.
Set: (changeable with time) Zombie mask + space beluga skin + monarch antennae
Original Concept: x
History: x



The body is sleek, and made for running. His build is very nimble and thin, which helps him escape quickly if there is danger.

The speed in miles per hour that he can get up to when running averages eighty miles. He does not tire quickly of running, or doing anything physical, since his race did activities that require extraneous muscle movement all the time on their planet.

Skin is the color #F0F8FF (Alice Blue) and smooth to the touch. Not a single hair can be found. On some days when it is wet, or even humid, the skin will appear slightly translucent.

Possesses a powerful whip-like structure that has assumed to be a tail. It is roughly 7 feet long, ending in a light blue, arrow-head shaped lobe. This structure significantly aids him with hunting and grabbing objects, and is often used as an arm of some sort.

Xan possesses bioluminescence over the span of his body in places such as the eyes, lobes, and hooves. The light results from a chemical reaction involving enzymes and specialized phosphorus-containing molecules. Xan can control this chemical process, limiting his body to glow primarily when it is dark.

One feature that sets this specimen apart from others is that he respires through slits on the chest.
There are eight of these total. The slits in the skin dilate when he inhales, bringing oxygen and a mixture of other toxic gases straight to his lungs. Exhaling, the slits contract again, expelling mostly hydrogen.

For the hind legs, there is a spike composed of cartilage and flesh which rests on each joint. The purpose of these two spikes is unknown, though most likely they are just part of his anatomy.

He does not appear to show aging through appearance. Likely to reveal small signs near the 2,000 year mark, though. No one knows how long his species was capable of living, but one can say he'll be sticking around for a while. (:


There is one small divot on each side of the head behind the eyes, assumed to be ears.

The eyes sit a tad deep in the skull, and give off a bluish glow at night. He appears to lack irises and pupils, but somehow can see everything clearly.

Mouth is the color of his skin, having no pigment of its own. Inside there are four rows of solid bone, curved and slanting inward to fit the interior structure. Two on the roof of the mouth, two on the jaw bone, and are considered to be teeth.

When Xan feels an emotion such as sadness or anger, it becomes evident through bioluminescent tears which leak from a gland in his eyelid. The liquid product of these glands (one on each eyelid) his not so different from that of a deer or human tear. Although the same substance that causes this light blueish glow in bioluminescence is toxic to anyone or thing that happens to come into contact with, except his own kind; they are immune to it.

There are two tendrils attached to the base of his head which also end in the same lobes. The tendrils can be moved, but are always in sync with each other.
During the day, the lobes on the end of the tail and tendrils are faint #99b3cc. When night falls, they glow a very bright #ADD8E6. It appears as if the lobes are sharp from a distance, but when you take a closer look the texture is that of cartilage. The function of these lobes has not yet been discovered.

Xan has mini-tendrils attached to his neck, close to the back of his head. They move independently and without Xan's awareness.
These probably aid him in gaining energy for the use of telekinesis or maybe function as whiskers of some sort.

His mind is still young, unlike his age, and has thought patterns like an adolescent.


Before Xan came to the forest, he ate the seeds and fruit that were available on his planet.
He is considered to be an opportunistic scavenger/hunter-gatherer, like many of his people.
Now, he is having much trouble finding anything edible, but has managed to survive off of a type of seed found in the birch forest. Another type of food (thanks to the help of a doe called Nireda) has been found to be edible, with minimal damage to his body when eaten. A plausible reason why he can eat tree mushrooms may reside in the fact that there is a bacterial culture in the species which he has been able to eat in other foods on his own home planet.
And the water from the pond is safe to ingest for him; meaning he won't die from it luckily. This is probably due to his naturally resilient immune system.


Possesses telekinetic abilities which everyone on his planet had.
Can move objects or animals first by staring at a chosen target with all of his concentration, directing a special kind of energy towards it, and lastly making a path of travel for it.
Using telekinesis for even a short time wears him out; it drains him of his special energy. So he only uses this ability if an opportunity arises in the case of an emergency.

Xan cannot growl, bark, or hiss. What he does to warn you when he feels threatened is squint his eyes, square is shoulders and back away slowly with his tail between legs.

The clacking, chittering and trilling sounds that he creates are produced within the throat and a special cavity in the head for this purpose. When Xan inhales, he traps excess air in a hidden pouch on his neck. He moves certain muscles to squeeze the air out of the pouch and up into the cavity behind his brain. Using air pressure to help, the trapped air creates a sound which reverberates throughout the cavity, moves down toward his throat, and out his mouth. If he wishes to create a variation of a sound, all he does is either change the pitch of vocal chords as the air moves over them or shifts his tongue around. The noises he create sound similar to dolphins' communication.

Xan is unable to detect odors and scents due to the fact that he has no nostrils. This is called being 'Anosmic'. The tendrils on the back of his neck and head make up for this, though, sharpening his sense of awareness by picking up vibrations or disturbances in the air and water.

Xan is a nomadic kind of creature, and always will be because his species tends to cling to a certain behavior and stick to it if the certain behavior is the first that one sees. Xan mimics the behaviors of others on rare occasions, but normally keeps within the boundaries of the original one he knows. Xan does not have much of a self defense system, but his tail can be used as a weapon of some sort.
Raised as a hunter-gatherer, he used to venture into dense areas of alien woods to listen for and stalk small life forms. He will become so quiet as to listen to the sounds that if you did not see him, you'd never knew he was even there. If Xan picks up a sound which he recognizes, the first thing he does is become even quieter. When he confirms that the sound belongs to his prey, his hind leg muscles twitch; an instinct that tells him to pounce. Once in the air, Xan scans the area below him within milliseconds. If there is a life form , he moves his tail toward it in either a sweeping or snake-like motion. He can choose to knock the prey off its feet and attack when target is down or slingshot his tail at the prey, wrapping it around tightly. His tail crushes small animals' rib cages with a mighty force. He uses his tail for many other things, and considers himself defenseless if he did not have it.


Family - deceased
Close Friends - Spartak, Nireda
Crush - Nireda
Familiar - Jennie, Kio, Ben
Offspring - none
Neutral - Maxwell, Calder, Nine, NGC 0004
Disliked - any who tried to hurt fawns or dear friends
Enemies - none

Xan's actions are his own, don't represent me, and shouldn't be taken personally. If you wish to speak with me about anything, I highly suggest the use of commenting...because I'm not giving out my email to just anyone. If you request to Rp with Xan, I'll see what I can do.
The appropriate atmosphere for this bio page wouldn't be possible without the CSS © Unplugged, javascript © AlisonRobin, image found on Google, deer size chart © Apeldille, song © Ratatat & Yppah, and excellent top art courtesy of viktes.

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So, finally this guy's bio is

So, finally this guy's bio is official ^^ Hope you like it

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Are you kidding!? I love this

Are you kidding!? I love this guy! he's so interesting... re-track!
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Hahah thanks (:

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Track! rather interesting biography!))
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thanks _lioness_!

thanks _lioness_!

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track, beautiful bio ;-;

track, beautiful bio ;-;
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thank you Smiling

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I think Kio would love to meet this gorgeous being ^^
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Oh, Xan has met Kio a few

Oh, Xan has met Kio a few times before. She is a sweet one Eye

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Hello! Aivilo suggested that I draw your character and I did, I hope I did okay. Smiling
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I - I..I don't know what to say!! This is more than a pleasant surprise! It's an unexpected kindness Shocked
Aivilo suggested? And you drew? So kind of both you two Ooh You made him look amazing and mystical - better than anything I could have ever done. Much thanks!! ^^
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A visit here is happiness ...Lovely bio ... <3
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