.The Deer Who Fell to Earth.

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Sometimes, if I'm bored enough, I create wild stories off the top off my head, writing them down and reading them to a few people who don't know what to expect. This story is one of those. It takes place on an alien planet which is being destroyed by a massive earthquake of unknown cause. On this planet, creatures who slightly resemble deer are forced to make a choice to stay and die, or attempt to protect themselves if they are flung into outer space from the force of this earthquake.
I think I may decide to keep this one for a history (or backstory) for the character of my deer.

Shaking. Everything was shaking on my planet. And everyone knew what was happening but me.
Many took to the tedious, yet mandatory process of covering themselves with molten rock, while others just stood where they were, jaws askew, in disbelief.
My confusion, though, was short-lived when I heard someone shout, "TerraQuake!!" My eyes grew wide with fear and I began to tremble.
I knew what was happening now. I knew what this meant.
Pulling myself together, I looked around for my siblings in the commotion. Trilling, chittering and clacking filled the air.
This was how my people communicated to each other, although this particular day there was a terror and sorrow to it.
Inhabitants disturbed by the event were scattered everywhere, and I felt disoriented and scared.
The ground beneath my hooves was groaning, splitting into deep, deadly trenches.
My heart beat too quickly and bioluminescent tears threatened to spill from my eyes.
I gave up trying to find them, instead, resorting to what I had been taught as a young one in an event such as this.
The inevitable fate which my planet was facing forced me to consider what everyone else had been doing.
Shoving a path through inhabitants toward a mound of molten rock, I started breaking chunks of it off using my telekinetic ability.
Closely, I watched others doing this same thing, and plastering the rock onto their bodies until they were completely sealed up with it.
I copied what I saw and soon I, too, was incased within steaming hot, rock walls. The sounds from outside were muffled in here.
I had accommodated a pocket of Linoptian atmosphere to surround my chest when I made the rocky cocoon, so I'd have enough to breath while in space.
The ground continued to shake and creak, and suddenly began to disintegrate with a mighty force. Why do bad things always happen to this planet?
Squeezing my eyes shut, I thought of the ones who cared about my wellbeing. Leaving them all behind never occurred to me, or crossed my mind as a possibility.
I felt myself being thrust from where my rock was sitting only a minute ago. It felt as if my whole body were spinning quickly, head over heels. This made me feel a bit sick until I realized it was slowing down. I could only hear myself inhaling and exhaling through the slits on my chest cavity. Maybe I'm in space now? All at once, I dreaded being unaware of the external environment, but also felt excited to be somewhere I assumed was unexplored territory.

I was floating aimlessly for what seemed like years until a pulling sensation woke me from my doze.
I blinked once, twice. Nothing but blackness in front of me. I felt panic rising, but fought it down when I remembered I was encased in protective rock. The pulling sensation grew stronger, and stronger still, when (little to my knowledge) the side of my rock that was being pulled caught fire. The descent was very fast already and gaining speed. I had no clue where I was headed, but I guessed maybe a moon or another planet. My race doubted the existence of there being life forms on other planets with certainty. Maybe I will discover what they said was true or false if I do happen to land on a planet.
As my falling progressed, I braced for an impact that never came. I didn't know what to expect then; I was confused. A terrifying question entered my mind: What if I'm being pulled into a black hole?!
But I didn't have time to think it over as my body hit the surface of something with so much force that I had blacked out.

When I regained consciousness, there was a horrible throbbing pain all over me. How did I manage to survive? Or was I dead? I could not hear a thing, could not smell or see a thing until I fought the pain and willed my eyelids open. Blurry figures towered over me. Then I realized I was breathing fine. The atmosphere had not killed me yet, so I waited for a slow death. Why aren't my slits chafing, or my chest burning? I gratefully assumed the atmosphere wherever I had landed was safe to breath, or was just like the one on my home planet. Blinking multiple times, my vision cleared and became sharp again. The figures were quite startling - instead of smooth, hairless skin, theirs was covered in a thick layer of it. All different kinds of colors, too. The figures had hooves, like mine, but were darker. I tried to move my head, but a sharp pain stopped me. I laid there helplessly until I felt myself being nudged by something fuzzy. The nudging increased, and was the result of the upright position I found myself in. My neck drooped. I was physically and emotionally tired, but it wasn't too long before I could hear again. The noises were so many that they came flooding to my ears all at once. I cringed at the strange, atrocious sounds I heard. Looking around, first at the unfamiliar, spiky green turf, I noticed my molten covering had shattered into many pieces. The ones I knew to be there, but could not see, were very far from the crash scene. I also noticed I had been sitting in a small crater. And I was suddenly aware of a large figure crouching beside me; I could feel its presence. The thing did not appear to be afraid of me, or seemed to be aggressive. Only curious. It was likely the same thing that had nudged my body... The creature uttered something, looking directly towards me. I glanced over at what I thought was its face, but did not know how to answer. Their language was like nothing I'd know how to respond to.
I did not know what to think. But one thing did occur to me: They were wrong. My people were. There is life beyond us, probably even within our own solar system.
Later I learned where I was, and that the inhabitants of this world are friendly. It took a very long time for me to understand the language that is spoken here, especially since my anatomy does not allow for much of the guttural pronunciations that they use.
I cannot tell how long it has been since that day, but I can tell you I've adapted to my new environment well. Often I miss my home and relatives, but that is nothing compared to the relief that I'm alive.


Never have I fathomed something like this would ever happen to me in my happy days on the now obliterated planet I once called home.
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Wow...that was a pretty good

Wow...that was a pretty good story! Is .Ru. from that planet, and did she crash here, in the Endless Forest? I like how you added details about the alien deer!
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Why, thank you ever so much!

Why, thank you ever so much! I'm glad you enjoyed my story (:
My deer's name has been decided upon as Xan (pronounced Zan), and is of unknown gender.
You are correct about my deer crashing in the Endless Forest. I thought this particular story might interest people who like deer and/or aliens and space, like myself.

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Enjoyed this, the

Enjoyed this, the first-person view with all the details given.
Perfect coincidence, too, having techno in the bg while reading.
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That was so awesome! I love

That was so awesome! I love the way you described everything.
Damn, this could be a book Laughing out loud

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"I didn't say you couldn't, it's just highly unrecommended."
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Thank you for reading! I'm

Thank you for reading! I'm glad you enjoyed the story Shocked Sticking out tongue *smiles uncontrollably*

"If your eyes could speak, what would they say?" -Max

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Oh I did more than enjoy it,

Oh I did more than enjoy it, I felt immersed in it Smiling

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"I didn't say you couldn't, it's just highly unrecommended."