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Two friends and their dog are sleeping on my couch until further notice after some idiot drove a car into their apartment building. One of said friends has been struggling with really intense depression so I'm going to be focused on helping him find psychiatric care while he's here.
With that being said, don't be surprised if I'm unresponsive/inactive for a bit here.


+ I'm an essential worker
+ no money worries (for the time being)
+ we have food and other essentials like toilet paper and cleaning supplies
+ bus fare is free until further notice
+ husband-to-be is working less at his office to reduce his risk

- husband-to-be is still in the high risk group and I actually would not be able to live with myself if I got him sick
- guess we cannot get married until further notice cause everything is closed
- like I get it that that's kind of selfish of me to be thinking about something as non life essential as marriage but I just want to be done with getting married to this dork I love him a lot
- Seattle is basically just homeless people right now
- my One Actual Team Member has been out for a month now voluntarily
- covid-19 and Tiger King is all that anybody at work talks about and as much as I love talking about that bitch Carole Baskin, shit's tiring af
- my work relies on USPS and they're having funding problems



- I have a new therapist!
- I have C-PTSD! that's a good thing because haha WOW shit makes a lot more sense now
- I start a higher paying, less stressful job on the 16th!
- I'm seeing a psychiatrist later this month so that I can get better meds!
- I'm getting married next month! April 25th, BAYBEE

*pointless tracking comment

*pointless tracking comment ^^*



B'aw D8 Poor Emmy.

lol. she's pretending to be

lol. she's pretending to be a man to give herself an "excuse" to be angry

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you have been tracked

you have been tracked Muhahah lol
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It almost sounded like the

It almost sounded like the skull calls were an argument or something. Laughing out loud


"Look for Friends. Let Love find you."
"If you don't like something, tolerate it."
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/tracking! tehehe ^^ Kita

/tracking! tehehe ^^ Kita enjoyed playing with Fran today, we must do it again someday soon

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lol were you excited or was

lol were you excited or was em excited to lay next to him? XD lol

lol xD that was me. I

lol xD that was me. I personally wet myself with delight every time a deer keeps her company while she snoozes.

Emm is always very appreciative of the attention, even more since she normally doesn't get company when she sleeps

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c: My Deer

Scarecrow: HA. Emmmm. You've

Scarecrow: HA. Emmmm. You've probably have noticed I'm not as active today... Because hangovers do that. Heeeh... And that mini screaming and kicking me in the face is frankly... funny, but also not good for a headache. Try to enjoy yourself nonetheless... Oh, and watch out for landmines. Planted some around area.

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{Click to view Nine's bio}
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YAY for classes cancelled!!

YAY for classes cancelled!! You must message me if Fran goes into the forest ^^ Kita will wake up from her sleep then

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I definitely will x3 first I

I definitely will x3 first I gotta eat some food and then run down to Half Price books to get another book for my Vampire class. woot xD

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Vampire class? Cool ^^ and

Vampire class? Cool ^^ and hurrah!

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Sorry for another post Fish,

Sorry for another post Fish, but I have to go do a lab T-T Hopefully you will be on when I get back so that Kita and Fran can play for alittle while

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"Memory loss there Fran <3

"Memory loss there Fran <3 *nuzzles and trots off to get medications* I remember we played a whole lot and that there was that one giant bounding party with everyone else"

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*frazzled* Really? Oh.. I

*frazzled* Really? Oh.. I kinda remember.. You're gunna have to be my.. official note-taker.. deer.. person.. *nuzzles back and stares off into space*

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*nods chuckling* "Sounds

*nods chuckling* "Sounds good Fran, I'll take care of you"

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-track'd- A charm thats

A charm thats cold, yet hard to resist

Fay still doesn't know that

Fay still doesn't know that Emmy and Yurei had a thing, so I apologize if Fay is a bit too cuddly for you, she likes Em. :c

It's not too late to tell me to butt off, either. >_>; Last thing I wanna do is step on anyone's toes... or hooves. o:

just a btw steele dislikes

just a btw steele dislikes Em now lol he's arrogant so yeah, em ignored him by running away and he's pissed XD

@ MrsMorbid xD Emm has kind

@ MrsMorbid
xD Emm has kind of unofficially declared forfeit. You two are on at the same times, so it was kind of bound to happen that Emm's relationship was doomed. (I'm really really tired. urgh..)

@ Okami
oh poop D8 that's no bueno.

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D8 That doesn't make me feel

D8 That doesn't make me feel any better!

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Hey, what should I put Fran's

Hey, what should I put Fran's status as in Kita's family?
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"Favorite stags"? XD

"Favorite stags"? XD

@Pega lol, yes. in her human

lol, yes. in her human life she was usually surrounded by men, so she almost always has to have a stag around her for her to feel safe/normal. she prefers her faves over just any ol' stag ;D

um... xDDD now that is a good question. maybe put the roll as "protector" or something? since she goes all kung-fu when a stag bothers Kit.
if you mean like Platonic, then.. I dunno xDDD
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Alrighty ^^ *trots off to

Alrighty ^^ *trots off to change that*
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/random/ much love for emmy

much love for emmy <3
Sorry Envy hasn't been in the forest a lot recently, school is such a hassle

-ferocious nuzzling going on-

-ferocious nuzzling going on- !! !! ... !! ! !!!

I saw your.. uh.. little thing about that.. somewhere.. I forgot where xDD BUT I read that school was being a bitch for yuh.

(just a btw steele is extra

(just a btw steele is extra nuzzly to females tonight so don't nuzzle him more than three times or he'll keep doing it XD it's in updates as to why if you need to know Laughing out loud)
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that was epic nuzzling xD and

that was epic nuzzling xD and thats saying something, Envy isn't much for nuzzling but he was happy to be back with Em. c:

rawr school is school, thankfully just 1 more year and im free xD

@Okami lol yeah, I read that

lol yeah, I read that xD the failfish was all "the buck stops here, Emm -blocks-"

@KönigEnvy (or.. lol. pretty sure that isn't grammatically correct)
I was thinking of making it more epic by making 'er go all like "WHERE THE FRUIT HAVE YOU BEEN? -scratch taunt headtilt-" but I decided to avoid that confusion xDDD

keep that thought in your head and you WILL be able to survive.
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xD Well that's lovely Emm for

Well that's lovely Emm for ya. Envy would understand, he would be all 'lolwut? -nuzzlenuzzle-'

{König? lolwhut? xD
edit- harhar never mind, same thing c:}

i rofl'd at "TRIED to help

i rofl'd at "TRIED to help stop aegle fight" more like didn't do a damn thing XD

I FREAKING WANNA KNOW WHO HER CRUSH IS!!!!!DSADASDADDADADFFA i'm guessing everyone already has one clue that mystery man has a deer face lulz XD

@DER KONIG (yay for not being

@DER KONIG (yay for not being able to type umlauts)
lol "lovely" x3 yes
rofl rofl

it went something like this
"beeeeyotch, gtfo! ... G.T.F.O! ... I'm warning you! ... um.. okay -has no fighting skills to back her up- ;; kthxbai -flee-"

YES -awards one win-
I should change crush to "stag currently being focused on" since she has multiple uh.. prospects, but always has one above the rest.
idk I phrased that funny. GUH ;;

"technical difficulties//

"technical difficulties// still failing really hard at installing 3.3"

WHOA I must be so slow. I only just realized what that meant days after reading it. So you're not able to hop on 3.3?

lol, s'alright xDDD yeah =/

lol, s'alright xDDD

yeah =/ I'm sure I'm not doing something right; I download it, but after downloading, it says "open" "open file" and "cancel" I think. If I hit open, it says OMG CANNOT UNZIP (so I guess I have to download like.. winzip or something?) but what's weird is after downloading the files, I cannot find them at all 0_o

I use WinRAR to unzip my

I use WinRAR to unzip my files. Try downloading and using that. It will tell you it's only a free trial, but apparently the programmar didn't think of make it disable after the trial was over; You're still able to use it to unzip files. -THUMBSUP-

Yeah, I was wondering where Emm was yesterday. I kicked in Scare to wait for her (because that little thought of hers from a while ago wondering where he along with some other characters were made me go "FFFFFF D8"). But I was on 3.3 so it didn't work SDFSD.

I remember using that when I

I remember using that when I had mah Sims! 8D

D'awwwwr D8 that sucks ;; She was starting to wear her "favorite stags"'s sets as a way to cope with missing them, but then I got kind of creeped out by that and stopped |D

I'm thirsty for something

I'm thirsty for something other than water.........
Takes that the wrong way more than once LOL

My first thought when reading

My first thought when reading that was Norman Bates. -SLAP'D-
Actually, if Scarecrow had seen her doing that, he would have been entertained as hell. |D

lol i agree with firedance,

lol i agree with firedance, it sounds wrong to me XD....


OMG NORMAN <333 now I have to watch that FFFFFFFFF

@all (lol)
glad everybody got der dirty-ness of that ;D
... but also she's bummed out that the only thing they have to drink is water. and she hasn't mentioned this, but she's had a craving for meat lately *dramatic music*
Emm doesn't like being a vegetarian.


I got 3.3 to work and Emm turned into a massive bunny lol

lol i didn't mean to be dirty

lol i didn't mean to be dirty i just couldn't help saying XD and steele is all carnivore he eats mushrooms for a meat subsitute =0and maybe a squirrel or two...XD

Oh GAWD @ meat craving. lol

Oh GAWD @ meat craving. lol

-stomps on a squirrel and

-stomps on a squirrel and roasts it in the tiny flame at the ruins- >___>;;

there's a flame at the ruins?

there's a flame at the ruins? XD...


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harhar, that flame's name is

harhar, that flame's name is bob c:

massive bunny attacks xD

and yay for meat diets c: Envy eats dead deer and birds xD

/insert comments to the right places pfft

@Okami THERE IS =o it's by


it's by the pit o' death. it's very tiny and hardly noticeable, but if your deer goes through it, they turn red just like at the idol.