Ayal's Diary Thread

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So as not to make his bio epic long -

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2nd June 2010 Feat Jack

17th May 2010 Feat Stella, Vala and a new friend
31st May 2010
14th May 2010
9th May 2010
22nd Dec 09 - feat Vala and Swan
17th Dec 09 feat. Collector and Saosin

16th Dec 2009


I do not know what is wrong with me these past few days, maybe it is that I have not seen anyone familiar for a time excepting Vala who seems more and more lively every time I see her. I had a fair bif of exercise chasing that doe around this evening as she went too and fro from sleeping deer to fauns in order to change their pelts into a plethora of colours. Though I find her picto easy to recognise in the vast sea of symbols that swirl round the forest like stray leaves. As I sit recording today's events a small Vala shaped bunny is casting spells on me without pause, though I do not mind the change to my body so much as I can always return to myself. I found a great deal of amusement in joining her in the red pelt that comes from walking through the crying idol. While I fear the water I can stand the trickles of the water fall if I pretend its raining just long enough to acquire that pelt.

There are so many pictos that seem to look familiar these days and I run up to their owners only to find a strange deer in a place of a friend, I cannot seem to make friends these days any more than i can keep my attention from slipping but now i find some peace in the shadows of the ruins. Alone. My energy and willingness to play and dance is unreachable at this time and I find myself craving more sedate company, maybe even that of a mate whom I can guard and be there for, a mate that will run to me. I do not know what I want it seems, but for now maybe solitary company will suffice.

I was tired today and no one seemed to want to play, so I fell asleep in a tree.


Sorry I had so little time today, but i have had a long day elsewhere but I could not resist joining the forest for a few precious relaxing moments to dance and play. We goofed around in one of the thick trunk trees and danced in circles and had a lovely time. The two butterfly pelted does were really quite pretty, I know one of them was Dehy Light; and the skull masked stag that joined us was good fun. Forgive me if you have told me your names before, my memory is terrible.


I had a great time in the forest this evening, the grass was green and the trees whispered in the slight breeze, I didn't see any deer I recognised at first but soon made some friends. I found two deer by as mask tree dressed in night pelts - Maia and Sithrim, I changed my mask a few times before letting the pair be, I got the impression they were doe and stag and would probably like some time alone, eventually I spotted another deer with a skull mask like myself. I was instantly drawn to him finding his name to be Vier and we played for a time, dancing and somersaulting all around the graveyard. We did dance on a fair few graves, I do hope that we did not offend any of the eternal sleepers, that would not do, not at all.

Though it seemed on this day that the sleepers rather enjoyed our company because it wasn't long before the two night pelted deer joined us and we enjoyed a long game of simon says until our simon Sithrim had to go. I went then to the pond after saying tata to my companions, I ran around for a short time until happening upon a small group of deer and my night pelted and skull masked friends Vier, Sithrim and Maia once again. This is indeed a fun filled day the forest seems full of life today and everyone wants to play, which is just how i like it. Even my old silliness partner Dag showed up though he seemed tired today and did not follow me in my running around like usual, so instead I joined him and the others in their sitting. I think Saosin showed up for a while though I do not know that stag very well, i do greet him sometimes but they often go unnoticed or perhaps even ignored, it is no matter. Merely a trifle of courtesy that is of no consequence in the long run.

The dance line dispersed after a time, Dag didn't join in, perhaps he is getting too old for such playing about. I do rather hope not, he is lots of fun to gambol with after all, if I can use such a term for grown deer. I hope I can identify the deer that joined me in my gambolling today so i might find them again. Dag has fallen asleep and I watched over him as I recorded today's intricacies eventually dropping off myself. It is so peaceful here and safe that I really cant help myself sometimes. Until the next time my friends.


Time was that I would run around the forest like a headless raven if you will excuse the gory imagery, I saw deer I had met before but my memory is not what it should be. I am much more concerned with other things, having fun for instance. Life is too short for dreary details. I have however made a friend in recent days, known to me as Dag he shares my love of merely fooling around without a care. I found him rather by accident today and indeed the few days before then followed him all the way to the crying idol and that dratted stream. I hate the water.

I backed away a little and found myself surrounded by orange pelted deer, taking a deep breath I braved the aweful wet stuff and joined them in the orange fest. Though I love my magpie pelt it was a nice change for an evening to be orange. I hope the deer that I beckoned into the dancing line enjoyed themselves. I don't like to see people left out, there is no space for shyness when fun is involved.

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shall track.
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