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Introductions are probably unnecessary for someone like 21, a figure of the common folklore.

The Mother of the forest, the first female to walk among the stags, and a gentle guardian of the children and strangers to this world.

Her demeanour is generally friendly and accommodating; endlessly patient and boundlessly loving, tempered with a stubborn inquisitiveness and a certain degree of pride. A living archetype... mostly.

She is inexplicably distant at times and tends not to confide in others. Neither will she speak too much at once, especially about herself.

Strangest of all, she firmly refuses to take a lover or bear fawns of her own...

The childless Mother. A funny old spinster, 21.

Name •
She carries at least two: "21" being a colloquial transliteration of her pictogram, and her true name Ephra.

Age •
(Jan. 21, 2006)
At 4 real years of age, she may well be the oldest deer around. Besides the twin gods, anyway.

Appearance •
A regular white-tailed deer, brown and long-limbed.

Voice •
I think something like Tilda Swinton, who narrates throughout this music playlist. In text, a dull green.

Old Haunts •
A few of her favourite places.

More •
I’m not good at writing so if there's more you'd like to know, feel free to go a little deeper into the woods and leave a message for 21 herself.

Updated May 16 - I suppose a year is long enough to update this. :b
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Ephra? Emiva: ...


Emiva: ...
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"Soon! I'm going to make this

"Soon! I'm going to make this place look beautiful. Just don't go peeking around in the bushes yet, I'm not ready!"

The image, it's so simple yet

The image, it's so simple yet so breathtaking <3
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Gowrsh, don't mind me, but

Gowrsh, don't mind me, but when I saw that line I thought 21 was expecting a fawn! It's the way it was said, I think...

XD I'm so excited to see this!
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Lol there is way too much

Lol there is way too much hype for what is actually going to happen. I mean I'm just rewriting the thing, there will be some nice little pictures and nice music. xD I just didn't want to look at the old one anymore.
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*peeks in*

*peeks in*
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Oh, I have a feeling this new

Oh, I have a feeling this new biography is going to be out of this world! I'm excited to see how it'll end up. (I'm working on beautify-ing up Emiva's biography as well)

I decided to be a creeper

I decided to be a creeper again and comment here :U Hi, dear <3 Rutilus sends 21 many nuzzles.
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edit: nevermind

edit: nevermind Smiling
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You probably don't remember

You probably don't remember Tally but as a fawn so long ago, 21 was a good friend of hers.

I was so happy to see you again tonight. <3

ooh *tracks*

ooh *tracks*
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So much bumping! I don't know

So much bumping! I don't know what to do, I feel like I need to make things super extravagant because of all the interest I've accidentally generated. Sticking out tongue Hope I can figure out some funky css coding within the next couple weeks!

- No peeking Kaoori! It looks so ugly right now, you don't wanna see it yet
- Nuzzles for Rut and the rest of your deer Smiling
- Hmm I don't know if I remember Tally as a fawn, not sure how long ago that was. But I do remember her, anyway, and it was fun to play with her for a little while. I was really making the rounds tonight, going around to say hello to as many deer as I could. Phew!
- An empty page, very intriguing eh Laughing out loud
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It was about 5 months ago,

It was about 5 months ago, haha. I played with a many deer as possible too. C:
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Woah... Ephra, this is

Ephra, this is beautiful!

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Thanks, I'm glad I don't have

Thanks, I'm glad I don't have to look at it so much anymore. Sticking out tongue There are some weird little things going on so this might get bumped a few times while I try to fix them.
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Very pretty biography, I love

Very pretty biography, I love it!
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This is probably one of the

Shocked This is probably one of the most appealing biographies I've seen.
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Ephra, I'm stunned,

Ephra, I'm stunned, entranced, and awed :'D This is beautiful.
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This is... so beautiful in so

This is... so beautiful in so many ways. Not just the art and the layout, but the character herself. I've seen your picto around the forest a lot but I'm not sure my fawn has run into 21 yet...
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I am so jealous of your

I am so jealous of your creativity Ephra, you always amaze me in everything you do. Smiling
Absolutely beautiful biography. I would love to see something that changed with every refresh, that would be very cool!

I have to ask, where do you find some lovely music? I'll be coming back here a lot to listen to it!
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Aahh Beauty itself

Aahh Beauty itself <3 No words to describe how amazing this is...
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OMG JAMI SIEBER. Did you find

Did you find her through Bellamy? I love that CD so much.
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I'm not sure who I found her

I'm not sure who I found her from but it was definitely through the TEF forums. Laughing out loud Fell in love with her music! Now I fall asleep to it every night.

The rest of my music, I have no idea. Some of it's obscure movie soundtracks, some is stuff I found while looking for other things, and some I've heard on the radio. I'm glad there is at least one person who doesn't mind me imposing my musical tastes on whoever comes looking here Sticking out tongue

Edit- If the Swan of Tuonela track was screwing up for you I think it's fixed now. Probably the weird accents in the file name or something
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Haha, I'm pretty sure it was

Haha, I'm pretty sure it was on that music forum we used to have. :3 I found her whole CD very inspiring (I wrote a poem based on A Common Music), I have it on my iPod!

You are a soundtrack fan as well? I love soundtracks! My most recent is the UP soundtrack and I want to buy the Avatar one next. Smiling

Sorry, I don't mean to spam your comments!
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Ahh I'm just as guilty of

Ahh I'm just as guilty of spamming the page up. But hey it's not every day you find someone who shares your taste in music. I remember you writing that poem! I've got the soundtrack for Avatar and although I haven't seen UP since it was in theatres, I remember liking the score for it too. Laughing out loud
If you liked the music I've stuck in here by Max Richter (I think most of my other picture-diaries featured music of his as well) you might want to check out the soundtrack he made for Waltz with Bashir. Or any of his albums really, they all have a cinematic sound to them.
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Oh its lovely! :'3 Congrtats

Oh its lovely! :'3 Congrtats on being a member of the community site for 2 years! Sticking out tongue /creepcreeper

Wow, this is really cool what

Wow, this is really cool what you've done with her bio here!
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Very nice! Love the layout.

Very nice!
Love the layout. ^^
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This is so

This is so beautiful..
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Beautiful. I love the way

I love the way your draw!
*wants your skills*

Oh Ephra this is so

Oh Ephra this is so beautiful. I love the gold and the blue together. (:
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You are so beautiful as a

You are so beautiful as a person.

Sometimes when I listen to your music and look at your art I remember how beautiful everything really is and I lose myself.

Ephra this is breath

Ephra this is breath taking...
This is wonderful...
This is beautiful...
I love how you edited her biography I just love how you did it ^^
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Tracking~~~ <33
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This is such an amazing bio.

This is such an amazing bio. The setup is just like an own website! I could never create such a thing, I praise you for your patience! C:
f l y r a b l o g avatar by tinkee, sig by Quamar
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We finally meet, Ms. 21~

We finally meet, Ms. 21~

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Oh, that's your deer? I

Oh, that's your deer? Laughing out loud I didn't realize it, which is kind of silly seeing as your pictogram's right in your icon and all, lol. These other deer seem nice too, whoever they are.

And a thank-you to everyone who's left these kind comments above me! Flyra, it's not as hard as it looks really! The coding isn't so bad, it was just figuring out how I wanted it to look in the first place that left me stumped for so long.
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The doe with the Peacock

The doe with the Peacock antlers, Skull mask, and Zombie pelt was Joro <3

Not sure who the others are though.
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This is by far a beautiful

This is by far a beautiful layout.

Furthermore, what a lovely girl she is! Definitely the type we all would love to see more of.

Kudos, love.

And brava. <3
Icon Art © Beloved
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I'm not begging for anything,

I'm not begging for anything, but it would be amazing if you ever did a quick colouring tutorial some day. Your art is just amazing~ :'D
Ephra's picture

Interesting! You're the

Interesting! You're the second person recently who's asked about that. I've never really made a tutorial before, but I'll see if I can help you with your colouring. Smiling The first thing I can think of is that I tend to paint with the same techniques you'd use in real-life painting: building up layers, going from big simple shapes to small details, that sort of thing. Lately I've mostly been doing my art on a single layer just because that's what I've gotten used to in class. I'll see if I can think of any particular colouring techniques I use, I don't really pay attention to that while I draw. =p

-- Well I did just think of something that's important to any artwork, and that is ambient light! The entire atmosphere of the drawing. Lighting and colours should be kept consistent.
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Lighting has always been

Lighting has always been something I've wanted to include, I've noticed that on a few of your paintings and it gives a really nice effect. Simple colouring can be nice too, it just seems mine never really is, hahah. My work seems very scruffy with colouring, and I've never really enojoyed it simply because I'm just not good at it. I'll take what you've said in mind though, even if you don't manage to paint out a tutorial or anything, the small tips you've given me has already got my mind flowing with idea's, I should experiment. Thankyou (:
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Are you having trouble with

Are you having trouble with getting strong contrast in your art? If you are, I would start out with monochromatic drawings first, just to get the values sorted out. Then, if you like, you can 'glaze' transparent colour over top and build up a colour version. That's the technique the old masters used in their paintings. I haven't done a lot of it, and I don't know how great it works digitally, but I'm messing around with that technique right now so maybe it'll suit you.
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Awesome, thankyou! I'm

Awesome, thankyou! I'm testing some stuff out now in Photoshop, the tips are helping (:

Thanks for letting my doe

Thanks for letting my doe Willow play with 21. She had a great time with her and Mistic.
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It was great! Normally deer

It was great! Normally deer seem much more subdued in the fog, but I'm glad I found a playful bunch to hang out with today. Laughing out loud

I've heard about 21 many

I've heard about 21 many times and I believe I saw her pictogram yesterday in the Forest (; I personally think it's really nice that she was the first antlerless doe though I'm not sure if it's "safe" now to walk with a bald head as there are many users who don't know her. But I have nothing against it.
Anyway, just wanted to say you have a wonderful profile here! I saw it yesterday and it really inspired me to make one for my own character (I don't know why I've been torturing myself with CSS as I am quite good in HTML). And I do love your art. You're really good at drawing deers (especially does)!

Well, that's all I have to say now, so... Track! 8D
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I've gone back to wearing the

I've gone back to wearing the stubby antlers again. Sticking out tongue When I say first doe though, I mean first female character created in this community. I actually wasn't the first to run around without antlers.
Good luck with the CSS, it's not so bad but it's pretty tedious when you have to get everything lined up correctly.
Thank you for the nice comment and the track! I only update this thing like two or three times a year, so this shouldn't clog up your track page too often.