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Introductions are probably unnecessary for someone like 21, a figure of the common folklore.

The Mother of the forest, the first female to walk among the stags, and a gentle guardian of the children and strangers to this world.

Her demeanour is generally friendly and accommodating; endlessly patient and boundlessly loving, tempered with a stubborn inquisitiveness and a certain degree of pride. A living archetype... mostly.

She is inexplicably distant at times and tends not to confide in others. Neither will she speak too much at once, especially about herself.

Strangest of all, she firmly refuses to take a lover or bear fawns of her own...

The childless Mother. A funny old spinster, 21.

Name •
She carries at least two: "21" being a colloquial transliteration of her pictogram, and her true name Ephra.

Age •
(Jan. 21, 2006)
At 4 real years of age, she may well be the oldest deer around. Besides the twin gods, anyway.

Appearance •
A regular white-tailed deer, brown and long-limbed.

Voice •
I think something like Tilda Swinton, who narrates throughout this music playlist. In text, a dull green.

Old Haunts •
A few of her favourite places.

More •
I’m not good at writing so if there's more you'd like to know, feel free to go a little deeper into the woods and leave a message for 21 herself.

Updated May 16 - I suppose a year is long enough to update this. :b
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I agree with this too, such a

I agree with this too, such a nice surprise to see you/ 21 in the game <3

Glad you're still out there.

Glad you're still out there.
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definitely a magical feeling

definitely a magical feeling seeing that picto floating around again



If you're ever on Discord:

If you're ever on Discord: Ravyn#6261
I hope you are well, and happy 15th!
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Quote:Hello, Ephra! Please

Hello, Ephra!
Please make sure you're not using any special symbols in your comment, like non-latin letters, smileys, etc.
You've gotta use html code for those, otherwise it won't let you post the comment.

Clearing your Display Name field might help too (normally it won't let you post comments if the display name is different from your username: it has to be either the same, or just empty. In your case it looks the same, so I'm not sure it'd help, but I'd still give it a shot).

Finally, if none of that helps, I'd strongly recommend contacting M&A about the issue (the email is ), because a number of old accounts have been hacked recently.

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Lovely profile and art.

Lovely profile and art. Congratulations on the 15 forest years.