10 Years

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How I've managed to hang around this long I'll never know lol

An old user by the name of Hal/Halogen showed me this game all those years ago, I think it was the old story of "they posted their art of their character on DA and so on".

TEF has been a rollercoaster with it's ups and downs throughout the years:
From nooby beginnings, thinking that players with the skull mask were staff or ingame moderators or something. When finding more than 10 players online was a huge crowd, having a minor coronary at a sudden weather change and then running around to try to find Michael ingame. Being disappointed when discovering that the BAN pelt doesn't stick...

Peacocking unsuspecting sleeping deer..and eventually turning the whole forest into peacocks cos there used to be so few on.

When everyone suddenly went on an anthro design craze for about a week or two back in like 08...09 or around there.

iScribble I still have that huge crackrpthing that happened on there all those years ago.

Screenshot edits and screenshot dumps (why did these die???????)

The Yikes years of Ren being inforest. That's gotten to the point where I look back on it and cringe, there are a lot of things that I could have done better, even though I recognise this now I'd still never bring him back.

Taking a looooong break for a few years before hesitantly stepping back into the game because this game is the hotel california of games; you can log out but you can never leave

A huge thing was making amends with Vee after the Yikes Ren years, I was so nervous at first but I'm glad we did.

And finally I've made some of my closest and longest running friendships thanks to this game. Some have come and gone over the years but to those people (they know who they are B) ) I can't get over that it's been that long.
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Wow, that's a long time.

Wow, that's a long time. Happy 10 Years on TEF!
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"You can log out but you can

"You can log out but you can never leave" - omg that is so well said. Whatever happens in real life we just keep coming back to this game. We are all possessed by it lol xD
Happy 10 tef years! Laughing out loud
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ha ha ur old. But no

ha ha ur old.

But no seriously I've only been here half as long (not including my giga-newb years but "i" wasn't really "here" then) but you're such a calming and welcomed presence here, because of our timezones we've never really interacted but I like to admire your chars from afar.


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B) C>

(BUT GENUINELY this post is so sweet and you're absolutely right about the Hotel California, I still can't leave help me.)
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♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥
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Happy 10 friend! I'm not far

Happy 10 friend!

I'm not far behind you. >_>
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wow fren u old af jk happy

wow fren u old af

jk happy ten years <3
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Happy 10 my friend !!!

Happy 10 my friend !!! ♥ ♥ Shouldn't we start an "old ""oldies"" Club we have a lot of "old ooooooooooooldies " Smiling
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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*slaps a "YER OLD" sticker

*slaps a "YER OLD" sticker on* 8D
And of course I completely neglected to post my own 10 year thing. |D

And you mean THIS MONSTROSITY?? >8D
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Gosh Raz you are so

Gosh Raz you are so old.

Happy ten years! Grats. <3

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I suposse on tef years, youre

I suposse on tef years, youre a grandpa now Smiling
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And another "oldie" ...10

And another "oldie" ...10 years !
Congratulations !
And old memories line these lol
Yea ...skull mask ...I thought they were very special players lol .
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@LowLights lol yeah, it makes

lol yeah, it makes me feel old
Thanks Laughing out loud

We really are, those that have managed to escape TEF's grasp entirely must be magic or something lol
Thanks Laughing out loud

now im a resident tef grandma 8(

asdfasdfa I really appreciate hearing that, AND YEAH timezones suck


Laughing out loud

Thanks Laughing out loud

O: this place is turning into a retirement village LOL

TEFgrandmas at

Thanks Laughing out loud

We should lol, there's gotta be a bunch of us hitting the double digits now.

hobbles around with sticker

GHNLKDF that's a relic that is, also kinda sad cos most of those players are gone 8(

zimmerframes at

Thanks Laughing out loud

lol yeah

opens a TEF seniors club

Thanks Laughing out loud

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that about the skull mask lol those were the days

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Speaking of the skullmasks. I

Speaking of the skullmasks.
I ought that the people with the real deer sets were elites or somehing, i stated that somewhere else on a questionlist..heh!
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^ same with the Zombie

^ same with the Zombie antlers.

More on newbie thoughts: I first thought the BAN pelt was only obtainable from Abios (which it is) but instead of vanishing like the Idol pelt it'd stay around. Kinda like how the luchador masks work.
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That is awesome and yes

That is awesome and yes you're right, this place is cursed in a good way haha. YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE!! haha

Now I have that song stuck in

Now I have that song stuck in my head, THANKS

Happy ten years! That's quite an accomplishment and I'm glad that you're still around and handing out chuckles and awe all these years in this very niche community c:
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@HoneyBean It really does,

It really does, you "leave" but then you keep thinking about your characters


Thanks Laughing out loud
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ur so old : ( I remember

ur so old : (

I remember always thinking you were really cool but Chime used to scare me for some reason, I think cos she was overprotective or something. And I was just a dorky kid who wanted to be friends with everyone LOL

Happy 10 years, Raz!
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8( I think she did get a tad


I think she did get a tad overprotective way back @past self pls no these days I think she's mellowed out a whole lot, she's still motherly to bits though LOL
I still remember your ancient deer Custard and the "04" picto asdgasd

Thanks Laughing out loud