"But Just [Zergarikiaka] Call Me Zerg."

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Drawn by Chickenwhite:

Forest Presence: In and out of Forest
Mental: 100%
Physical: 100%
Mood: Restless, hyper.
Recently: Found a Kaoori, Wesker, and Quad. Danced with Kaoori and Wesker until they all chose to sit. Stuck around a little while before getting restless and heading off. Played with a fawn. Later found a Ravenflight and Rowan, and a few more fawns to play with until they grew too quiet. Did some water walking and greeted a few more deer before stopping to just talk to the koi.
Thinking: Omg, I haven't seen you guys in ages!
Saying: Hey, where's Midnight?


Name: Zergarikiaka
For Short: Zerg (Much easier to say, no?)

Gender: Doe
Usual Pelt: Orca set (may wear magpie antlers)
Alternate Pelt: Magpie Antlers, Long Mask, DotD pelt. (often seen during endless night, sunset, or in fog/dust)
Age: Adult
Family: Mar Sart (little brother), Oisin (adoptive son), Midnight (Daughter).
Mate: Scape <3
Font: black text.

By ShanoL <3

Personality: Random, hyperactive, and spontanious and difficult to predict most of the time, though at other times, very quiet and nature-observant. In a way, she could be seen as a deer on too much coffee, even if there isn't any in the forest. She's typically nice, and friendly to anyone. She's something of a pasifist, so she doesn't like to fight, but if someone insists on fighting her she might prove herself to be tougher than she looks. If someone lowers their horns to her, she'll typically back up then run away. She'll only turn back and fight if persued.

When it comes to people she likes, usually friends, she'll run up to them and nuzzle as a greeting. She loves to goof around, randomly emoting and making use of trees for humors sake. On more serious days, she'll hang around the lake, staring at the fish or walking in that little passage to the lake from the crying idol. She'll usually sleep on the slope leading into the depths of the lake, near the koi, suggesting she might be able to breathe water while in her orca set. She has a sence of mystery toward the forest, and will also be often found investigating the deermuda triangle. She also tends to be very curious of the forest's oddities. Overall she can be described as the lovechild of randomness and hyperactivity, and that's how she likes to be. Lately she's been noticibly calmer, but she's easilly pushed back into her hyper-random nature.

Likes: Being around friends, dancing, initiating mass dancing, line dancing, racing, running aimlessly, skipping, flying and water walking, spellspamming, being in crowded areas, games of 'run around jumping', 'carosel deer', 'fawn collecting', 'deer deer wolf', and dancing in the playground. Also likes to randomly emote and roflspasm.

Dislikes: Sleeping, staying still too long, being alone, growing bored, deer using the scared or angery emote at her outside of goofing off, sitting too long.

Usual locations: The playground, the lake, or the church yard.

Background: She simply woke up in the forest one day, with no memory of her past. She does not mind much and has a feeling it's better not to know. It was several months of living in the forest before she found out about having a little brother, who similarly just appeared. She has been in the forest for years now and has made several friends and acquaintances. Not long after having appeared, she met Scape and Seed, who became her best friends. Over time, she came to fall in love with Scape and eventually became his mate. The two adopted a fawn named Oisin before having their own fawn, Midnight.

Relations: (In Progress. Please let me know if you've met my doe at any point as I can't possibly remember.)

<3: Scape
<3: Oisin
<3: Midnight
++: Seed
++: Kaoori
++: Quad
++: Cirrus
+: Rowan
+: Ravenflight
+: Wesker

Quirks -
-If someone head tilts at her, the only thing she can think of to do is head tilt back.
-Will start dancing randomly when she thinks she's alone, such dancing sometimes never even touching the 'dance' action, but all others instead.
-She doesn't seem to like to moo too often... (She thinks she sounds too masculine.)
-She understands the 'language' of the fish, and will often join them in the water, often running on top of the water, or swimming under it.
-Will bow to the fish upon entry to the forest, then the dragonflies. Will then bow to the both before leaving.
-On days where she's not feeling like herself, she'll switch to her alternate pelt and sit around at the ruins. Her "emo spots" are among the tall gravestones, and sitting on the one large grave that looks like a bed.
-She HATES when deer start using the scared emote in combination with the no emote when she approaches them (usually in her alternate pelt.). If someone starts doing that she'll go emo and run away, repeatedly sighing (sad+head tilt, walk) untill she reaches her emo spot, then avoiding contact with others for a while. She claims that it bugs to no end her when deer look at her differently when she switches to her favorite pelt.
-She might sneeze off her long mask and go for the 'no mask' look when she's near her emo spot, just to show her mood isn't as uppity as otherwise.
-Typically unspeakably hyper.
-Almost always in a good mood.
-Has trouble expressing her thoughts in words. Will usually either say one or two words to express an idea, or may over-explain on rare occasion. Don't be fooled though - she's darned smart, even if her randomness makes it hard to get points across.

In Art -
She has a very thin build, on top of particularly long legs which are well structured for speed. Her neck is also slightly longer than average, making her look even taller. She has a dark silvery colored mane which progressively lightens as it gets close to winter and darkens over the summer. Her eyes are a sort of reddish brown color. She has a tendancy to squint a bit in brighter areas, as she's more active at night and theirfore has light sensitive eyes, though her vision is perfect - much unlike her brother. Her pelt is mainly black, with a white splotch on her back and a white strip along her sides. Both of her forelegs have a white 'sleeve' that ends before reaching her shoulders, and her hind legs have white 'socks' that end at the knees and continue on the back of her legs to her tail. She also has a white underbelly. She usually wears the orca mask, and can be alternately drawn with a real-deer face or a human face. Her horns are curved like the dorsal fin of female orcas and have a black velvet over them threw the spring and early summer. In late summer to winter the velvet comes off and releases three feathers on either side, with a subtle green color that looks silver in bright light.

Easy way to remember picto: It's really only something a starcraft player would remember. ^_^; A hydralisk in a box. Another way to see it is a pushcart rolling into a tree.

Added note: Zergarikiaka's player's laptop is a VERY GOOD one, so she's a very fast runner! That might be why she loves to run around. However, she lacks a mouse, so her actions beside running may be delayed compaired to others. She also is prone to suddenly sprinting away accidentally or using the wrong emote due to innacuracy of lacking a mouse. Game is slower while in windowed mode.

Humandeer appearance - dependant on pelt: Currently, orca pelt.

She appears to be in her early twenties, and is particularly tall, possably about 5'10". She has slightly long, dark silver hair which darkens into black as it goes closer to her scalp, reddish brown eyes, and fair skin. She wears a black T-shirt under a black and white suade jacket, and blue jeenes. She also has a single gold earring in her right ear.

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Zergarikiaka seems like a

Zergarikiaka seems like a very nice doe :3

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Oh, I'm glad to know your

Oh, I'm glad to know your name. Zerg is a very kind doe. Smiling
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She sounds so much like

She sounds so much like Scape, it scares me. XD;

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8D I think her and Cirrus


I think her and Cirrus would be good friends, they're a lot alike XD

hehe xD IthinkIknowthecrushlolz


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X3 They probably will be!

X3 They probably will be!

hehe,shemakesitalittleobviousIthink. X3
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8D xD



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I know who the crush is

I know who the crush is C:
I've known for ages xD

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XD I'm sure everyone's

XD I'm sure everyone's figured it out by now.

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Fenkovan: Congrats on your

Fenkovan: Congrats on your relationship with Scape! <3 One doe in the world less for me, but I'm still happy for you Eye

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul
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I just found out how to

I just found out how to pronounce Zergarikiaka without tripping over any letters. I just divide it in two parts, Zergari and kiaka. It works xDD

-shot for total randomness-

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul
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XD yay random post. X'D and

XD yay random post.
X'D and isn't her name fun to say once you figure out how to say it?

She'd definitely get along

She'd definitely get along with Amary. :3

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...... -lick- x3 Edit: Holy


-lick- x3

Edit: Holy mother of jeebuz 1 1/2 years?
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*sluuuuuuuuurp* XD Yep.


XD Yep. She's been around the forest quite a while. XD
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I would miss Zerg being in.

I would miss Zerg being in. XD;
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She will be back. |D

She will be back. |D
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Sorry for bumping this up but

Sorry for bumping this up but I wanted to leave this here so it didn't get buried. XD