Zerash's Diary ~ Day 2

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I never liked to go to slep at day time!
So stil having nothing to do, i desided to make a new character!
His name is Redgie.
I had a hard time to deside how his pelt shuld lok like! +_+
And just about 3 pm, i finely desided to ask someone els how they thot he shuld lok like!
I'v never had soch problem with desiding pelts to my two charecters!
I wish i culd do enything spetial!
But it's imposeble to just do magic or enything els! xD
I mean just *POF* and every thing is done!
I'm borde!
I'l go to try to finde some new codes!

some codes? O.o nise!xD

some codes? O.o